Love Day 40% Off Special – A Timeless Creation From the Heart

Reflections by Tania Marie

Happy Love Day to everyone! It’s a conscious reminder day that if every day isn’t a love-filled day, to make it so! Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe.

“Love is a force that connects us to every strand of the universe, an unconditional state that characterizes human nature, a form of knowledge that is always there for us if only we can open ourselves to it.”

Emily H. Sell

“The heart is the only constant and sure beam to follow ones cosmic door of understanding.”

Mentor, Agartha

In honor of this love-filled day, I am sharing a love and passion of mine, as well as a love gift special. Some of my most favorite paintings I’ve created have been the animal companion portraits I have supported clients with. I have featured some of them in this blog to share, for those who haven’t seen them on my website.

Animals are beloved friends that I am deeply connected with and it is my joy to bring their essence to life in a very unique way for others, so that the depth of their soul is brought into the light. I make a deep connection with each animal companion that I am honored to capture on canvas in order to embody their uniqueness and divinity. I have been honored to work with some really lovely souls, both animal and human in bringing these creations about.

Animals demonstrate unconditional love in the purest of ways. They also help support us to learn to love ourselves in our authenticity and to connect to our beautiful Earth Mother and nature. Their essence is a mirror of love and they hold healing messages for us to embrace and integrate.

Discoveries by Tania Marie

The first painting pictured here is called “Reflections” and was a wedding gift for a new bride and groom of their beloved animal companion, Rufus, that also reflected their love of the ocean and beach and captured the energy of the life they are embarking upon.

“Discoveries” not only was created for a family’s love of their dear little Lucy, but to capture the essence of Lucy’s spirit and love for discovery of life.

“Everyday Miracles” was a birthday gift to capture the qualities of finding joy and transformative opportunities in life that dear little Madison displays for her human companion.

“Sanctuary” captures Fidel and Potato, two very different personalities in their feline sanctum, as a Christmas gift from brother to sister.  A complimentary match of feline friends comfortable in the presence of “being,” each as they are.

“Nestor” was created of my beloved when she was a baby to capture her magickal innocence and the tenderness of her child at heart radiance she embodies and instills within me.

Sanctuary by Tania Marie

Each piece has not only reflected the soul of the companion, but carries a message through that animal companion to its human companion to help embrace the energy they have to share and the support they impart as inspiration daily. There are always many layers to the paintings I create and these animal portraits are no exception.

If you are interested in a truly timeless piece of art that will touch your heart always, please contact me with your requests. I am offering through this blog, a 40% discount on my animal companion portraits in honor of the love I share for all of creation. This special is good through May 31st, 2012. 

Here are a couple of testimonials from happy human companions:

“We love, love, love the painting. The colors used for the sunset are breathtaking and the way they mesh together shows true talent on your part. Rufus looks adorable too! He looks just like the picture Dave sent you when Rufus was a puppy, but with a slightly more mature look to him. Rufus sitting in the water symbolizes to us, our deep sense of spirituality, which we share with each other and with Rufus. Rufus, the beach and the ocean are very meaningful to us and to our relationship. All three are great sources of inspiration, spirituality and positivity for Jim and I. The beach, coupled with Rufus, is like hitting the jackpot for us, and then add the bond that Jim and I share, and the feeling is beyond compare; beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for artistically tying the beach and Rufus together to create a beautiful painting that Jim and I will cherish forever.”

Amanda, Jim & Rufus Flanagan
Long Beach, NY

Everyday Miracles by Tania Marie

“Tania, I wanted to write a testimonial on your site about how much I loved the painting you did of Madison. I wake up to it every morning and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me. I received this painting as a surprise birthday gift from my dear friend. I was speechless when I first laid eyes on it. The colors, so bright and majestic, immediately catch the eye and slowly begin to unveil a story; Madison’s story. Tania is articulate and captured Madison’s true beauty and essence in this painting. I am extremely impressed by her work and can officially say I received the gift of a lifetime. I will cherish it forever. Tania is extremely talented and I am so fortunate to have received a piece of her work.
Thank you again for creating the gift of a lifetime,”

Nikki Del Plato, NY

Nestor by Tania Marie

For more information about custom Animal Companion Portrait commissions please visit:

To see larger image of the paintings in this blog please visit:

~ May this day and always be a day you reach to the depths of your heart and live the fullness of love that you are. ~

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