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White Turkey and a Dream ~ The White Theme Continues & Pairs Up with Rabbits

This morning I was reminded of my dream from the night before last, which felt important and followed in the theme of “white” that has shown up QUITE A BIT, as you’ll see below – this time being a huge white turkey. Dream time has been rich and layered again and although I dream all the time (well we all do even if we don’t remember), the ones that linger with me usually hold significance I feel that I’m meant to know and/or continue to process and bring forth into the light of day.

Sometimes I remember every detail and sometimes just the main parts or essence that are significant.

This is just a brief share of the simple part that stood out most of that dream.

I found myself at a sanctuary – a rabbit and turkey sanctuary, that is. They were all running around loose and free together and I was walking among them.

The turkeys were all white. They were all beautiful, large, and plumply healthy.

They intermingled with the roaming rabbits and it was such a wonderful, ethereal, and magickal sight to see in these open fields, much of which was like golden oat or something and the rabbits seemed to blend well with the fields.

The next thing I remember was one of the turkeys stepped forward to me. He or she was HUGE! The turkey was about my height and round and plump with perfect soft white feathers and fanned tail.

The turkey opened its wings and drew me in, our chests and hearts connected, as it then wrapped its wings around me and hugged me close and snug, sinking me softly into its thick plumage.

I felt an energetic exchange and igniting or activation take place in that embrace – heart to heart.

And that’s all I remember.

I have since made the connections to the meaning for me personally about this, which takes into account the new journey that I’m on and the creative projects I’ve begun down the path of, so it may not all fully be clear to others what that would be.

If you do have your own insights, I’d be more than happy to hear what this visual brings up for you in connection with turkey symbolism the white turkey, or any of it. It IS fun to interpret dreams or explore different perspectives!

It is also very interesting how many white animals and symbols have shown up in dreams, meditations, and waking life at significant periods of time.

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Standing in the Light of Who You Are ~ Winter Solstice & The Holiday Season “Light” Inspirations & Updates

For those of you who do not receive my monthly newsletters, I felt inspired again to share this month’s thoughts to close out 2014, given the response. If you’d like to sign up to receive newsletters, you can do so here: Join Mailing List

tania marieStanding in the Light of Who You Are

I am not a big holiday celebrator, as I believe every day should be special and celebrated. However, as an eternal child-at-heart, I do love the sparkly magick, crisp air, white winter wonderlands, smell of pine needles, holiday spices, and wood fireplaces burning, as well as childhood tales of flying reindeer, elves, Santa, and talking woodland creatures that are as alive and real in my heart now as they were then.

I find beauty and enchantment in every season and in every daily experience.

Christmas, in particular, calls to mind colorful twinkling lights that remind me of the bright stars in the Cosmos, pixie dust, crystalline beings, and of course the sparkle of light that dwells within each of us and patiently awaits our igniting into full, glowing, embodiment.

As we welcome another new cycle of changing seasons with the approaching Winter Solstice (for the Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice for the Southern Hemisphere), we find another year’s cycle coming to closure and a new world of possibilities available. This provides a supportive time for making those leaps in consciousness by moving within to shine your own light, as the outer light lessens on this upcoming shortest day/longest night of the year.

There is so much openness available to each of you and it is up to each individual how you choose to embrace this or not. It’s an opportunity to completely reinvent yourself and your life and to do things more differently than ever before, which will take the courage of being willing to shine your light even if no one else around you is.

I remember how much I shied away from myself in my earlier years growing up and through college. I was afraid to fully shine my light, although was aware that I was different – I guess I just didn’t want to increase that. This was something that was learned through conditioning and “past” triggers, as when I was a very young child (up until age 6), I stood in my light whole-heartedly.

But despite my efforts, people recognized my differences regardless of how much I diminished my light in hopes of not wanting to stand out. On a soul-level, it was impossible for me to fully shut down, as like it or not, I knew better. I just tried not to know.

I remember silly things like not wanting to wear heels because my friends were shorter and it would make me tower above them. I would even hunch myself a bit to fit in. I remember never raising my hand with answers in my college courses, as I didn’t want to appear like I knew everything when there were blank stares from others who really didn’t know. So, I stayed silent, looked away, and pretended I didn’t know either.

I purposefully kept myself smaller, afraid of my own power and afraid to shine.

I didn’t realize then what a disservice this was to others, let alone to myself.

But one of my very intuitive college professors caught on to this immediately when I was 18 and 19. He knew I knew and started calling me out on it, asking me the questions directly after both the class and I would sit in dumbified silence. And I of course, replied with the answers.

He wrote me a personal note on one of my term papers that I kept to this day. This is one section of a full page that he wrote me:

…”Do not let your peers keep you from always doing your best. Don’t listen to those who would try to pull you down to their level of performance. You have been given talents and abilities and along with those, the responsibility to encourage and inspire others to do more and reach heights of excellence they never thought possible.”… 

“REMEMBER: Compete only with yourself, avoid critical comparison with others’ achievements. Discover your God-given gifts and develop them for service to others.”

I think his words carry a lot more weight than I even realized then, although I obviously saved that paper because they cut to the heart of me. He was setting the tone for what was to come in my life.

I never forgot his words or him. Thank you Mr. Cufflin, wherever you are.

I believe his words speak to each of us and are reminders to never diminish yourself for any reason and to have the courage to shine your light, which in turn will inspire others to do the same simply by your embodiment of it.

Although different hurdles to shining my light more and more would come up after that, I began to realize it was about committing to a greater responsibility and vulnerability that would release me from the worse challenges, confinement, discomforts, and pains that actually came from trying to hold myself back – consciously or unconsciously. And so, I embrace change with love in the face of fear, with fear becoming my strongest ally.

Through this Winter Solstice “gateway” you can be mindful of this turn of seasons to be more soul driven and truly embody the source of light that you are. You may feel called to go within more, be in silence, or take some moments to honor this flowing change of life cycles in whatever way speaks to you.

This may seem challenging when the calendar fills with holiday invites, things to do, places to go, and people to see. But it’s increasingly important that you honor and celebrate yourself and do things in the name of your truth so that you can continue to be an inspiration for others. Perhaps creating a sacred space or ritual act to honor the remembrance of light that you are, reflected by this Solstice.

This is a time to “see the light” even when things get dark and you’re unsure of what to do, where to go, or even how to think or feel. The promise of increased and expansive light is always just ahead. Welcome your inner illumination to throw the light of understanding and compassion onto the rich gifts all around you and within you. They are not always the obvious and may be in the form of things you’ve come to fear, turn away or hide from, and want nothing to do with.

What scares you most? Now breathe into that fear with your heart and explore the perspective that the fear is your most loving teacher that knows your purest potentials that you’ve forgotten. Yes, you ARE that powerful.

BE the Christmas Star that guides the way on your journey and lights the crown of your human temple with the infinite source from within your fertile and abundant existence.

However you choose to celebrate this Solstice and the holiday season, I hope you will (if you haven’t already) start celebrating your soul truth by standing in the light of who you are.

I’ve had a lot of symbolic white showing up for me in the past few months through dreams and visions. This is the reason I was drawn to choose this particular newsletter template, although I have been more focused on the clear light.

White symbolizes purity, cleansing, innocence, clarity, new beginnings, wholeness, truth, enlightenment, awakening, and protection.

This is the place I find myself immersed in, as I shed my own light on all things seen and unseen, which may also feel symbolic of this Winter season for many of you.

However, it is actually “clear” light that is the highest vibratory state. All frequencies of light have their place, but clear light (without coloration and diamond-like in essence) is the “innate vibratory expression of the most elevated consciousness”.

It is this clear light that embodies All That Is without definition.

It is Everything and Nothing. As are we each, Everything and Nothing.

In Infinite Love

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