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Winter Solstice White Rainbow

white rainbow

Photo © 2014 Faye Skyes, all rights reserved.


So many things keep coming up white these days in symbolism – will share on another one tomorrow – although last night was all about the black “seahorses”.

I love the mystical purity of this beautiful image captured by Faye Skyes (perfect name for the photographer who brings us this photo) and shared by Great Smoky Mountains National Park on their Facebook page.

As they share:

“Winter solstice brought a white rainbow to Cades Cove yesterday. The white rainbow, more commonly known as a fog bow, is similar to a rainbow, but appears in fog rather than rain. Because of the very small size of water droplets in fog, a fog bow has only very weak colors. If the water droplets are especially small, and the fog bow appears totally white, then it is called a white rainbow.”

Thank you to another of my sweet friends, William, for sharing this.


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