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Flower of the Sea Faeries – Sea Anemone Wisdom For Entering New Doorways

sea-anemone6You might have noticed that I spend a lot of time by the ocean and walking along the beach just receiving its gifts and exploring the magick she has to offer. Why? Some of that has to do with it being native to the Pisces in me and the rest is because of its ability to rebalance, inspire, and renew.

I love feeling the sand between my toes and find the beach to be an Earthly mirror of the starry night skies, as each sand crystal glimmers in the reflection of the sun. So when I am walking upon these “Earth Stars” and feeling the watery liquid love of the ocean, from which all things in the Universe are comprised of, come from, and will return to, I am reminded of the miracle of life and what a gift every great and small thing is.

sea-anemone5I so enjoy exploring the tide pools when I visit the beach and am excited by all of the amazing little beings I find, never knowing what will reveal itself that day. They each always have a wonderful message to reveal as well.

I love photographing the beauty and mystery of nature and when at the beach there is always so much natural art to capture.

I’ve written a lot of posts that touch on the ocean and symbolism of the creatures I find there. I also use many of my beach-time photos as demonstrative of the inspiration I am writing about. I’ve shared on the beach22symbolism of some of the beings because their messages have been especially resonating and timing-aligned. Some of these include:

Starfish Symbolism – Exploring the Magick of These “Star People”

Sea Horse Wisdom in my post, Dance of the Twin Flames

Sea Cucumber Symbolism as part of Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries Post

And today, after spending time on Saturday along the ocean’s edge, I continue to have our beautiful sea anemone friends on my mind and in my heart. So I thought I would share their wisdom and symbolism, as perhaps you may also find their messages to speak to you.


Dance of the Twin Flames by Tania Marie

Maybe they are an animal totem for you, they have appeared in dreams, or you have a special resonance with them. For whatever reason, I hope you will enjoy learning about these angelic, star-like flowers of the sea that captured my heart so much they were a main feature of the ethereal, underwater cosmos of my painting, Dance of the Twin Flames.

To me, sea anemones are enchanting in their array of beautiful colors that dance in the water like a garden of blossoms in the wind. Their tentacles resemble petals of a flower, which is why they are known as the “flower of the sea faeries”. I actually didn’t know this, although felt this in their energy every time I was pulled into a gaze of their magnificence. So it was a beautiful reminder of my faery friends always being near.

sea-anemone7And the Faery Realm they indeed provide a portal to. Sea anemones live in tidepools, which are areas that the water separates from the ocean and are doorways to the Faery Realm. They are messengers of new doorways of experience appearing and opening, but they caution you not to rush through them and to be very keen at feeling out for hidden dangers. In this way they teach you the power and strength of patience and cautious observation, before taking action.

sea-anemoneYou indeed have an opportunity, but not all opportunities are ones to take. So, it is in your best interest and the highest good, not to make rash assumptions upon first impression. Not everything is as it initially seems. This is a time for being extra observant to your feelings and to use your intuition to interpret the situation. Sea anemones also share the message of your need to be in your essence always and then letting people and opportunities come to you in reflection to that, rather than going after them. They herald new and unusual relationships entering your life, which includes beings from the Faery Realm. 😉

sea-anemone4Key words of wisdom conveyed from our friends the sea anemones include beauty, graceful movement, use of color, and patience. They teach you to embrace the natural rhythm of you in harmony with the flow of life and teach you how to also dance with that graceful balance between anxiousness and temperance. It is important to keep aware of the ebb and flow of experiences, especially communication and all forms of relationships.

sea anemoneAs a meat-eating creature, they also demonstrate the power to seize and obtain ideas, but this comes with great patience and trust in receiving what it needs to survive. Sea anemones are messengers of keeping your center and deepening your faith in Spirit’s timing. In this way you are using both mind and heart, as you keep aware and cautious with wise discernment, but also are dancing in partnership with your intuitive nudges and deep feelings.

sea-anemone-2When you do this, you are shown how to discover new doorways of opportunities that are in alignment with you and worthy of your taking active steps through.

When sea anemone reflects your taking notice of it, it is to your benefit to trust in the water of emotions and be still in the knowledge you possess. 

Thank you my beautiful sea anemone friends. Your messages are gently embraced with much gratitude.

How does sea anemone speak to you today in terms of what you are experiencing?

Dance of the Twin Flames – Painting #8 Glides into Being

Dance of the Twin Flames by Tania Marie

I am excited to share painting #8 titled, “Dance of the Twin Flames.” I have a strong connection to sea horses and was so happy when they came through as the next animal spirits for this painting in the series, Universal ARKitecure. I was also ecstatic that they would be representing the Twin Flame energy and that made the essence of this one very special – the two sea horses being sacred keys.

Dance of the Twin Flames honors the beautiful sea horses (known as hummingbirds of the sea) in a magical and ethereal underwater cosmos of angelic and star-like sea anemones. The two sea horses symbolize the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in harmony as they unite with their Twin Flame.

Sea horse wisdom shares the messages of  joy, understanding the importance of the courtship dance, stability in emotional waters, ceremony, bonding monogamously for life, great keepers of secrets, keen vision, psychic energy, analysis, strategy, independence, etiquette, sharing and mixing up of gender roles (as the male sea horse carries the young and births them), the water element, and connection with Poseidon.

Sea horses are graceful and almost mythological creatures that are one of those rare species that don’t seem to fit with any others in their category. They possess so many different qualities, similar to a platypus, and have been around since ancient times (40 million years ago). They can even change their color and pattern to match the environment they are in. And although they are known as “hummingbirds of the sea,” having dorsal fins that flutter as much as 35 times per second, they are built more for maneuverability than speed and actually don’t move around all that much. They prefer to wrap their tails around sea vegetation for stability. They are able to hover just as hummingbirds, however their dorsal fin flapping speed is amazing since it takes place under water.

Remarkable and ethereal, these sea horses were a joy to create and I hope you can feel their energy, and that of the painting, through the image. This is definitely one of my favorites. Channeling this painting seemed a perfect way to jump start my vacation on the island of Grenada, where I will be spending much time in the Caribbean Sea.

This painting, along with the other 7 in my series will be at the upcoming art exhibit mentioned below where all originals will be available for purchase. Prints of “Dance of the Twin Flames” will be available shortly. Prints and originals can also be purchased of any in the series at the link above.

I just finished this painting last night and realized what an amazing experience of creation it was. It was the first time in I can’t remember when, that I stayed up late painting through the evening and night only. This used to be my usual protocol, but had switched to day time hours the last couple of years. It also was the quickest creation that literally felt like it was created magically in my mind and then projected quickly through my hands. (I’ve been intending this for a long time!)

In general my painting process is super fast compared to the time it used to take me. Part of that had to do with the heavy subject matter, the healing work I was facilitating, journeys I literally took to travel to energy spots all over to support their creation, the size of the canvases, the minute details woven into each, and my personal process. However, this painting, which I’ve been saying I’d paint for like the last three weeks, didn’t happen until the very last minute when I had to get my series to the gallery before my vacation, for the upcoming art exhibit opening reception on the 10th, while I am away. It literally percolated in the background and I kept seeing it done and knowing it would get done somehow, some way, regardless of the small window of time I knew I would have. It was all about trust.

As always, when we go with the flow of our intuition, things naturally and supportively come together very easily. I never force-painted it during any other day of the last three weeks, always being guided to other work I needed to do instead.  This painting was completed in some of the hours of the remaining last couple of days before I head out. With some of the other paintings I have had to wait for timing and things to come together a certain way, in the midst of their process, which was this layering of painting or waiting that would take place. But this one was like poof! I discovered just how to create the vision in my head, instantly, and the timing I was told it would take, it did.

I also had received the title before the painting, which was another indicator that acceleration was in order, as usually the title comes after or in the midst of painting.

Things continually get more interesting! I look forward to #9 when I return.

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