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Enchanting Shaman’s Necklace Sacred Tattoo Design ~ Earth, Sea & the Eternal Mystery

Magickal Shaman Necklace Sacred TattooAnother magickal sacred tattoo design journey came to closure while I was away in Utah. As I mentioned recently, there has been a lot of beautiful shamanic and integrative energy of Earth and Cosmos flowing in through the collective hearts. And that means for me, tapping into the energies I really love when creating these powerful and unique reflections.

I love that I was able to work on and complete the full process while I was away in Utah’s nature. It is beautiful country there and being in the enchanting snow, mountains and forests was great energy to immerse in for channeling this piece.

However, the piece channeled through in vision and essence when I visited the beach here at Crystal Cove, right before leaving to Utah, and then came into manifestation on my trip. This combination helped to integrate the perfect blend of energy my client had wanted. It’s always is a treat to see how things unfold when you flow with where you are guided, as my beach walk was a last minute embrace, which proved fruitful in anchoring the energies of both Sea and Earth.

Hence, the energy of this sacred tattoo is an infusion of Sea, Earth and Cosmos into a magickal/shaman blend that has sort of an enchanting, light, graceful, yet potent feel to it. The essence of things my client had expressed came through in imagery that sort of melds into almost an enchantress who has descended from the stars to nurture and seed the earth she loves. So, while connected to that ancient Earth energy, it is also otherworldly and demonstrative of the reason that brought her to Earth to share and support what she loves.

It also integrates light and shadow aspects that meet in harmony through the heart and voice (which is where they will sit on the Heart and Throat Chakra areas). It was an exciting evolution to witness and feel the design unfolding, as well as to experience the transitions of my client from tattoo to tattoo we’ve co-created together. Major shifts indeed that mirror the seasons of change.

This sacred tattoo design is quite large and will drape from left (Wolf) to right (Raven) of neck, cascading down into the décolleté – creating an enchanting, alive shaman’s necklace. From the sides of neck, it will then sort of flow down the skin at the base of neck, and where neck and chest and neck and between the shoulders connects.

In between Raven and Wolf is this flow of Earth, Sea, and Cosmos energy melding together a nautilus shell, hummingbird, flowers, fan shell, watery waves, feathers, cosmic stars, and a butterfly, to represent the Galactic Butterfly (or Hunab Ku) symbolism.

I love how the hummingbird hovers at the Heart Chakra and at center of this shapeshifting tapestry, since legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy, and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation – perfect mirroring essence for my client’s evolutionary and miraculous journey.

Some times I like to refrain from describing too much, as I like the designs to speak for themselves, relative to the viewer and wearer. In this case, I would love to share what my client expressed about it, as she so beautifully expressed the essence of her piece that I had felt channeling through her in energy and visuals. She speaks the language of my visions and I feel that her expression demonstrates how an open channel created between myself and each soul I co-create with, can result in a perfectly reflective connection during the process that does not need to be communicated in words, yet is received in heart and mind, telepathically.

In my client’s own words about her Spiritual Skin:

“It is an amazing piece.  Very much what I am feeling within.   I do love all the symbolism.  I also see a great-bodied snake right under Wolf, going into the nautilus shell.  I love the subtle designs on that part, as well as how it flows into the shell.  The feathers coming down on each side are graceful and flowing.  Wolf and Raven at the top are just as I feel them – Guardians.

As Wolf, I keep my nose close to the ground for the next scent.  I mostly know and am sure of where I am now.  Instinctual, close to the earth – as Wolf, I know I cannot take the next step without knowing where I am now.  And I am learning that that is all that is important – to fully inhabit my place right at this moment.  Wolf sniffs out the Earth-path. As Raven, I am transported away from the earth, and go traveling to seek what I need to know in order to take that next step. This is what Raven does – and knowing this is my answer.  Raven travels in the ethers to retrieve what is hidden and brings it into the light. Their purposes are interwoven, and used in tandem.

I love the fantastical shapes of energy that is changing, not stagnant.  Love Hummingbird drinking of the nectar of life. I love the waves, and the feeling of the sea throughout the piece.  It is very sensual.  The balance is incredible.  Balance of shapes and feel, Sea and Earth. Sky. There is much fire energy elsewhere and here was needed the solid stability of Earth and Water – I will even say that where Hummingbird is drinking her nectar – the area that is a sort of oval – reminds me of the Sacred Vagina.  I love that.  I don’t think it is obvious, but to my mind it is sacred.  It is a perfect blend of Earth, Sea, Sky, and the Eternal Mystery.

This star-space under/a part of Raven – is, to me, the entrance to the Mystery.  The place Raven goes for help and healing and information.  The black hole in the universe that She flies into and back.  It is Her secret and sacred entrance to All that Is.

Oh, I am really uplifted by this piece, Tania!  I mean the energy is rising up into my chest and this is what I needed. It is an honor to work with you, as the energy is so fluid and real between us.  I ride the wave of this Beautiful energy and am thankful beyond words for your channeling.  For listening to me with your heart and with your Inner Eyes of Understanding and Perception.”

Reflecting the gratitude and love right back at you dear one. I am honored to walk this journey with such exquisite souls.

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