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The Creative Power of Water

rain and ocean

“Rain showers my spirit and waters my soul.”  ~Emily Logan Decens


Last night, while asleep, the rain began and continues.

It is such a gift to hear the sacred water dance between Mother Ocean’s powerful rhythmic waves and Father Sky’s raindrop drumming that keep tempo with one another.

At times soft and gentle.

At times with penetrating force.

All the while soothing my watery soul.

Even Great Blue Heron joined in the dance at water’s edge this morning, within view from our cozy little home.

geat blue heron

I dreamed last night of my French grandmother who passed several years back.

In the dream I gifted her two things.

A small Buddhist trinket and a red spray bottle vial.

I remember in the dream thinking oh boy she’s going to flip over the first, as she was very religious, but she didn’t freak and accepted the gift.

The red vial I explained was to bring her courage and that she could use it to mist her face with her favorite rose water she always liked to use, as a way of refreshing and renewing.

Besides the time I’ve spent here in Avila Beach in my early thirties, we’ve spent a lot of time up and down the coast with my immediate family and family from France and the East Coast.

Seems not only am I continuing to retrieve parts of myself, but am helping healing down the ancestral lines as well, as my grandparents have been coming to mind recently and of course Nestor is here assisting.

All of this watery energy feels so good and perfect.

There is no sadness, only embrace and gratitude for the perfection of it all.

Native American Indians know the importance of water in all of its forms as being the “water of life” and a most vital, life-giving element.

Rain symbolizes renewal, cleansing, change, abundance, fertility, rebirth, nourishment, rejoice, and forgiveness.

Rain clouds are considered a magickal symbol of good future prospects.

And yet for some, rain can be depressing, frustrating, and dark.

Water is the unconscious so it isn’t a mystery why it would be felt as such, because it is symbolic of the mystery within the depths of you – a place not many want to venture, or can only manage dipping in, but not fully submerging.

It can feel like drowning to experience that darkness until you understand its potential for you to learn to navigate the waters and become adept like our cetacean friends and our primal shark family.

And yet that darker experience is also where the deepest cleansing takes place that supports you to rise again.

Cathartic purging, which the rain symbolizes so flowingly, will take you through a period of release as things rise to the surface to be washed away. It then may feel like hitting rock bottom, or a dark night of the soul. But this is where the inspiration sparks and the new awareness shines for renewal.

This is why rain symbolically embodies rebirth, as with that release comes water’s supportive energy for you to powerfully recreate yourself in a new and more empowered way.

You understand creative power, which is a dual process of deepening and releasing alongside inspiration and expression.

As I said that two dolphins appeared RIGHT where the waves break to shore (closer even than the photo I captured). Incredible! Seemed almost too close, but then they were making themselves known and bringing their joyous and playful energy to the watery domain many fear…inviting and beckoning us deeper to experience the release and freedom.


The rain and water carries abundant fertile potentials.

It fuels imagination from the source of your feelings bursting forth into creative sparks.

It’s the energy of flow and perpetual change – the constant creative source of expression that purifies the soul.

I welcome this watery day and energy for which I’ll be reflecting in, painting in, strolling in, and cozying up surrounded in.

I’m accepting dolphin’s invite and seeing where they lead.

Neptune – God of the Sea – beckons too, as the RV next to us just left and all I caught was its name in the side window “Neptune”.

Will you accept the invitation deeper?

What might you discover that could bring greatest fulfillment and possibilities to your life if you do?

“Remember that every drop of rain that falls bears into the bosom of the earth a quality of beautiful fertility.”  ~George Henry Lewes

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