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How Pancakes Changed My Day ~ Let Imagination Into Your Life In Any Small Way


me, rosy-cheeked and feeling fresh, on our hike with a purple flower i found on the trail…a gift from the faeries for playing and being me? it was a loop trail and this flower wasn’t on it when we began (nor are there any around like this), but was there when we looped through to closure


I couldn’t not share these, as I’m just so giddy with delight over them, but I did wait until after returning from a short hike this breakfast fueled, and lunch enjoyment after.

This morning was such a celebratory time and the more I support myself with the things I need and want, the more life reflects the same.

I’m receiving some huge confirmations that are clearing and easing the way for me to do what I know I want to be doing and focused on right now.

And that equates to a happier and lighter me, who then is flying around doing everything with joy.

That joy wanted through this morning in the form of creative cooking, which turned into these nature-emulating, and my love for nature-inspired, pancakes. (And yes, I’d be more than happy to make some for anyone who joins me on a private retreat too)


this morning’s pancakes my imagination created – a flower/starfish, butterfly, full moon (since her magick has been supporting the journey), heart, tree, and bunny!


vegan pancake creation topped with strawberries, mangoes, maple syrup and a sprinkle of fun with tempeh bacon


Be it the expansive, limitless horizon of the Pacific Ocean in front of me, the reinvigoration of getting this adventure rolling, or simply letting the energy expand from the little seed planted by my friend Lynne who said “make me a tree pancake” when I mentioned pancakes were on the menu this morning, I began my day off by taking the first half off to just bask in the light of imagination, nurturing, nature, and slowing down.

And this is what unfolded from there (the photos you see throughout), after this morning’s sunrise with Cosmo.malibu hiking.jpgmalibu hiking2.jpgmalibu hiking3malibu hiking4malibu hiking5

Following the flow of energy I felt wanting through will now support the flow of work I’m putting full focus on after this quick share, now that I feel balanced.

I’m feeling like I’m going to get a lot accomplished this week by continuing in this vein.

It’s an inspiring day on the Magick Bus and I’m helping to sprinkle the magick, immersion, and fun to each of you, as everything I do is always mindful of its trickle effect for the collective.

That’s why I feel it so important to channel the clearest flow of energies we’re each about, as much as possible.

Creativity, imagination, innocence, passion, and play are some of the things I cherish and can help others with opening those portal of experiences too!

Give yourself permission to play and find creative ways to integrate that into your day no matter what’s going on!

The smallest things can make all the difference!

Imagine what a little tree or bunny pancake could do for you. 🙂

It sure tickled the rest of my day, infusing this joyful lightness as I created them, ignited a playfulness for my day, inspired taking a hike that was invigorating and helped move energy, and opened the portal of creativity I now need for my painting project.

The visions are pouring through with ease and when this happens the process will be flowing, quick, and easy – cutting work time because I’m in the zone – which means more play time available!

When I let life flow through me, my life then flows.

Please let life pour through you.

The Value of Silliness

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” ~e. e. cummings

To me, humor, silliness, play, and having fun are key to living a happy, healthy, fulfilling, inspired, and magickal life. It just does your well-being good and when you’re feeling good, you are more invigorated, have more energy, your creative passion erupts, and things just flow with more ease and alignment in your life.

One of the things I value most in all of my relationships whether work, friendship, or romantic is downright silly playfulness.

We’re serious enough in our lives and look where it’s gotten us. Laughter and letting go of inhibitions nurtures vibrancy in your life and cultivates longevity.

I love that raw silliness that doesn’t try or need to be intellectually correct, witty, or sarcastic. It’s just pure and uncensored fun that doesn’t have, nor need a reason other than it wants to channel through you in whatever joyous way the moment calls for.

Playfulness increases happiness, lowers stress, induces more relaxation, and boosts your morale. Not to mention, you’ll find yourself channeling more creativity, being much more productive, being more present with your energy, more grateful, and realizing a “lighter” approach can be experienced at any moment.

When you are more relaxed and vulnerably open with your playfulness, you find yourself connecting more with others, being more accepting, and even more openly communicative in all of your relationships and encounters with others.

Rigidness starts to become flexibility. And this trickles down into all areas of your life.

Not only will you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually reap the benefits, but your body will physically loosen up as a result and start to move with more fluidity that releases the blocked and trapped stresses and tensions you’ve bottled up. You will feel and look younger.

More laugh lines means less age lines, as laughter is one of the best medicines and natural elixirs of life. It increases endorphins, actually lightens your “weight” as it increases oxygen in the blood, feels exhilarating like a natural high, helps to build immunity, while helping to increase peace from the lowered stress levels you’ll experience.

Plus it’s contagious!! That’s the best part.

When you’re in a laughing fit, or having fun being silly, others can’t help but crack a smile, and then soon a laugh, and then it’s an all out laughter fest where you’re stomach hurts so good and your eyes are tearing from the release.

When life is focused all about seriousness it’s inevitably going to create tension, stress, standoffishness, burn out, separation, shut down, hindered communication, and less joy.

Whereas, allowing and embracing more playfulness and silliness in your life will bring out the best in you and others, not to mention will invite your inner child to feel safe once again and that will start pouring magick into your life, as seen through the eyes of her or him.

Knowing how to balance your life with times for serious and times of play is important. Our challenge has been the imbalance where seriousness usually takes over and only tiny bursts of silliness, or none at all, gets to see the light of day in our lives.

Then of course there’s the flip side of constant silliness that becomes it’s own overkill.

I think that ultimately, if we are listening to our energy we will find the perfect balance of both.

But usually we are controlling things, repressing them, or we overcompensate to try to be something rather than naturally relaxing into embodying it.

This is when authenticity comes into play and being present with what is moving through us in the moment naturally, is important.

“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you.” ~ Langston Hughes

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