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Personal Empowerment Mandala/Visionary Dream Catcher Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo Design

It’s been quite the energetic week and continues to be so. I’ve been immersed in a bunch of creative projects, as well as new things for 2014 and all I can say is that I’m grateful to have learned balance and flow in my life.

Today I would like to share one of the several new sacred tattoo designs I’ve been working on. Creating this piece was like weaving a tapestry. It required a piece at a time, and it revealed itself in much the same way – never something to rush.

Working with these sacred tattoo designs reminds me of the abundant and infinite creative energy in the Universe and how truly unique each soul is, even though sharing the collective energetic themes. The way an individual’s frequency comes through will always have it’s own unique shine.

This piece is quite a large one and will be complimenting an already beautiful design that my client has on her back. Her current piece is also quite large extending from lower back, up half way and then flowing up to the right and across the left of lower back.

This piece will be at the upper back center and flowing down to the left in the open space she has and will tie in with her gorgeous large peacock that sits in front of a cherry blossom tree which extends up to the right, and that has a lotus sitting at the peacock’s feet, center.

I was given ability not only to create purely from channeling, but to tune in to any other area, besides the back she was thinking of, that may have been calling forth for a design. But, indeed the back was coming in clear for this piece of her journey. It was also very clear that the Higher Heart area, with synergy of Throat and Heart Chakras, was the place of power to ignite. All of these to help express her creative self through love and to be and speak truth with clarity, and always from the heart. The Higher Heart is the area where intent originates. It supports speaking your heart’s whispers and it connects the emotions of divine love, truth, compassion and forgiveness with your way of expression. This area is the etheric heart and helps in releasing fear so you can come into that divine love and way of being. It is the bridge between your emotions and intellect and makes a connection between your soul and physical body.

That being said, this design will be sitting at the top of her back/just under neck, in that Higher Heart area, with some of the design extending onto the back of Throat/neck and the rest flowing into Heart and then flowing into integration of drawing energy down and balancing her more “right focused” piece that flows up with “left focused” energy.

The new piece helps to emanate and move energy in all directions and will balance and integrate, while empowering the specific energies embodied in its symbolism.

Being that this piece is going to be part of what she already beautifully had on her back, it needed to have a tie-in and flow, which revealed near the end. The current piece has a mix of very organic energy and also a symmetrical flow right now and I wanted to compliment that, as well as add some new elements, yet keep with the integrity of her current design style.

What came to me was to create a Personal Empowerment Mandala, but it is simultaneously an organic version of a visionary Dream Catcher as well. I wanted it to be extremely potent, but to also be delicate and graceful, and to include Nature elements to convey her connection with it, an organic feel, but also a little subtle sacred geometry aspect.

The layers of the personal Mandala came through in vision, as I don’t think about the energies, until later. Below I will share some of the energy each element has. The bottom blossom/feather flowy extensions tie in with her current cherry blossom tree. I call them cherry blossom feathers, as instead of creating the feathers you normally see at the bottom of a Dream Catcher, I felt that the lightness and grace of the cherry blossoms appearing as if they are flowing on the breeze, felt more appropriate and not to mention perfectly compliment the more grounded and rooted full cherry blossom tree with a nice integrating element.

For people who like to know about symbolism, here are the individual elements and their energetic messages:

Hummingbird: The hummingbird symbolizes timeless joy and the Nectar of Life, as well as a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible and will teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own life circumstances. They also symbolize energy, vitality, renewal, sincerity, healing, persistence, peace, infinity, agility, playfulness, loyalty, and affection. They are also messengers of hope and remind us to be persistent with the pursuit of our dreams. Apparently, a not-so-known fact is that their wing flutters move in the pattern of an infinity symbol, which then embodies the symbolism of eternity and continuity of infinite cycles. They are seen as being tireless, always seeking the good and beauty of each moment and day – and yet let us know that the sweetest nectar is found within. Since hummingbirds call our attention to how we expend our energy, when they appear it heralds us to honestly look at how we are managing our energy – are we wasting it on needless things like fears, worry, or unimportant details and things to avoid something? Or, are we staying well-balanced and efficiently honing in on productive use of our energy? (I created the hummingbird in a mix of organic and ethereal, with wings and tail that end in flowing spirals)

Spiral: symbol of creation, movement, fluidity, surrender/releasing, holistic growth, and awareness of the one within the context of the whole. It reveals the cyclical nature of life, the consciousness of nature from core center expanding outward, and the relationship between unity and multiplicity. It is the limitless spirals that move both “inward towards the Source of creation and eternally outward with Source’s continual self-creation.” In this way, the spiral reflects the contiguous journey home to who you really are and the journey to be one with Source.

Butterfly: Butterfly medicine symbolizes transformation, celebration, transition, lightness, soul, time, grace, elegance, freedom, joy and bliss, miracles, flexibility, cycles of life, creativity, gentleness, preciousness of life, as well as the medicine the ability and clarity of mind needed before self-transformation. This Butterfly also represents the more feminine aspects with her gracefulness and curved wings and design, and that connection with understanding both the strength and fragility simultaneously in life. (the butterfly is integrated over the center of the Mandala design, emerging from it)

Heart Chakra Symbolism: In the human energy system, the source of powerful and creative, unconditional love energy lies at the center of your chest in the Heart Chakra, or “Anahata,” in Sanskrit. From its middle position as fourth in a system of seven chakras, it is the balancing integrator of opposites (between body and spirit, male and female, persona and shadow, ego and unity) and acts as an energetic “bridge” between lower and upper chakras. It is symbolized by a lotus of twelve petals and the color green, with emerald as one of its associated gemstones. (the Heart Chakra symbolism was created by the twelve petaled Mandala with inner layers of another 12 petals and then double 6 petaled or pointed stars at the core – representing the depths of integrative healing and core activation)

Six Pointed Star: (or hexagon/hexagram. Here is a post I did on the energy of this: Hexagons and Healings

Maple Leaves: Just as the sweet rich sap produces Maple syrup, so too does the Maple leaves serve as a love symbol, as they depict the sweetness and wonder of love in everyday life. (there are two at both bottom sides of the Mandala)

Cherry Blossoms: The breathtaking but brief beauty of the cherry blossoms, according to Buddhist tradition, symbolizes the transient nature of life. They also reflect, in traditional Japanese values, that of purity and simplicity. The cherry blossom is also tied with the samurai culture, representing the fleeting nature of the samurai’s life and symbolic of drops of blood. They also represent the arrival of Spring, end of Winter, end of difficult/challenging periods, joy, beauty, freshness, new generation, life cycle, feminine principle, beauty and sexuality, love in a language of herbs, promise of fruit to come – fruits of your labor revealing in abundance. (there just so happened to end up being 12 cherry blossoms, which was not consciously intentional – this mirrors the 12 petaled lotus Mandala, as well as 12 being symbolic of the creation of the universe, but combinations and repetitions of 1 and 2 together share that our thoughts are like seeds that are beginning to sprout and a sign that things will and are growing in terms of our intents. It also breaks down to the number 3 which is the Trinity, Union of Divine plus Human, Manifestation, Positive, Negative and Neutral, Expression, Subconscious Mind/Imagination, Creativity, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Expressiveness, Humor, Fun)

Dream Catcher: The dream catcher can also be a medicine wheel and with specific intention, with all the parts of the dream catcher having meaning.  To begin, the web represent the spider forever repairing the eternal web of life.  Thus weaving your life dreams and energy in the universe when you dream.  The ring represents the earth mother and the humble walk we do upon her. As we believe that we are related to all things and that all things are part of us then the Dream Catcher and medicine wheel is a representation of such sacred belief. The ring and the woven web represent love, honesty and purity.  All of the elements of the dream catcher together represent the earth, fire and water. Things we need to live. It represents the ability to be love and to love, to take the risk and get out of the nest and fly on your own, the ability to live beyond your shadows. The web is from the spider whose web represents the cycles of life – in each time of life there are many forces that can help or can interfere with the harmony of Nature. The web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center, to be used to help yourself and others reach their goals, making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions. If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will filter your good ideas and the bad ones will be trapped and will not pass. The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits and filters them. Protecting us from evil and letting through only the good dreams.  It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web and disappear by perishing with the first light of the morning sun. The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down the sacred feather. Dream Catchers are believed to bless the “sleeping ones” with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. It is how lessons  were remembered and where visions were received. It is said that when you get a good night sleep you can remember when the spirit has talked to you.

Personal Empowerment Mandala: Mandalas are geometric figures representing the universe. In this case, she IS the universe and this empowerment mandala is a reflection of the very “fabric” (my client actually loves fabric) of her You-niverse – the core of her being and aspects of her higher self to help her to move more gracefully into expressing that. This mandala will help her to focus her energy in a way that is connected to her authentic self.

In totality, and not limited to, this sacred design will help her to embody:

  • more of her authenticity
  • help remind her to flow and let go
  • embodies that joy of life and will penetrate that integration through to her heart
  • help her to have more courage and step out and into her expression
  • will help to integratively heal old emotions and help her step more into the freedom of who she truly is
  • will support her through the changes in life with continued promise of renewal and light at the end of each dark tunnel
  • reflects her inner spark, connection with self, and the rhythms of nature with her animal totems
  • help draw out her passions and come into her fullness more
  • feel more peace with each step of transition knowing she is beautiful and loved as she is
  • has a regal quality in its design almost like a personal soul crest
  • will help create a powerful sense of boundaries when needed

The design as you can see at top and bottom and all sides, keeps the energy flowing and moving through and extends that centered energy it resides in at Higher Heart through all that she does through the journey of her life.

I was honored to be able to create this for her, as I am with each piece I help to co-create. My only hope ever, is that each design will touch the soul it is intended for, as each soul touches me.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

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