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Quiet Days ~ Loud Reflections


Love this shot Dave took that really reflects the depth of meaning and energy right now for me. He did it as a panoramic shot from one end of inside of Longbow Arch to the other where I stood (the arch actually extends from both sides of the ground up and around me like a rainbow). The result is expansive – stretching beyond what is known and comfortable that change is asking of me/us.

It’s been an internal weekend, which is why I’ve been mostly offline and also more quiet, both not writing or speaking that much. Sometimes that’s just needed especially when processing changes in life.

We also decided to spend time on the Colorado River this weekend, so we took two tours – one on Saturday night called Canyonlands by Night and one yesterday afternoon white water rafting with Canyon Voyages Adventure Co.

These lazy river days provided relaxation, refreshing energy – as we’ve been in the high desert for nearly six weeks, so getting on the water felt invigorating – and mirrored just being and flowing with the changes that we’ve so rapidly and powerfully been experiencing.

Saturday we had huge winds roaring through like crazy. So much so that it took down the power for a while – so we had no electric or water for a couple of hours.

That felt pretty symbolic after the Full Moon energy – a complete unplug and recharge – and it also is when I started feeling quiet.

We started the day with a mountain bike ride, but when we first started I immediately didn’t feel like I did a couple of days ago where I was looking like a seasoned mountain bike rider.

Something was off and the winds were making me feel unstable, as they were pushing me around and sand was coming at me. Due to the instability, I fell, no more than two minutes in – my left elbow hitting the slickrock (major change blasting through my life) – and I immediately knew I was not to bike that day and told Dave to go ahead while I went back to the car and waited.

This older man showed up right when I did out of no where, with a walking staff of sorts, silvery white hair and beard, and an accent I couldn’t make out. The words exchanged solidified my choice to not continue and then he disappeared quite quickly. I hadn’t waited but two or three minutes while telling Dave to go on before I went back on the trail to the car.

He wasn’t on the trail, nor in the parking lot.

Odd, as he appeared like a Druid out of nowhere and was gone.

Nobody else was hiking the trail, as it’s mostly mountain bike riders.

20160423_152710_001.jpgAnyway, we later did a short hike after lunch (still in my biking wear) on a newer two and a half mile roundtrip trail to a rarely visited arch.


This trail was established in late 2015 so it’s only been around a short time and we found ourselves alone on it, which mirrored the quiet internalized feeling running through.

This freshly-minted trail goes to Longbow Arch and starts at Poison Spider 4×4 trailhead.


At the beginning of the trail you come to the amazing Potash Road dinosaur tracks and petroglyph walls and rocks. The best we’ve seen.


They seem to depict perhaps a hunting scene rock art panel…lots of animals and interesting figures – some not looking human.


Then you continue to Longbow Arch climbing a steeper pour-off opening into a high desert landscape, through dirt, sand, and slickrock, as you skirt a series of Navajo sandstone fins and domes, and then into a side canyon where you climb up and under the arch itself where you get a view of the canyon.


You also have a view of the Colorado River at the start and end of the trail, which mirrored the rest of our River time.


Longbow Arch itself and its hidden, less traveled location, was quite an experience, as it felt very expansive, opening, and revealing of what can come when you take the road less traveled and face your fears.


After we enjoyed dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town we headed to our night trip on the jetboat.


This tour takes you along the river, as you learn about the geology and history, get to see the unique formations that our guide Dee pointed out (like E.T. below), and just take in the sights and feelings of the river and the canyons.


We got to see a Beaver as we made our way down and a lovely sunset behind us.


And once it gets dark the light show begins where they illuminate the canyon walls and you listen to stories and music that accompanies your float back.


We got “lucky” we had front row seats some how. It was quite chilly so the blankets they provided made it a cozy, snuggle up experience that is really unique and beautiful.

I only took one photo during the light and sound show, as the light illuminated a unicorn on the rock wall of the canyon. Very hard to depict in this photo, but it was clear as if it were day, in person – well to me. đŸ˜‰


If you let yourself immerse in just being with everything around you, you will feel yourself become one with the mystery and magnificence. And more and more reveals itself to you.

Yesterday we did our half day water rafting trip, which included a stop at one of the sandy beaches along the river for lunch. No photos to share, as we wanted to be without any gadgets.

This was our day exploration of the river, both floating down and enjoying the fun of the whitewater rapids. We saw Great Blue Heron and River Otters along the way, which was cool.

There are a lot of ways you can experience nature’s beauty here, which mirror your own journey and processes.

Serenity and flow filled our time and I’m still feeling the need for quiet, although it doesn’t feel quiet on the inside at all, nor in terms of the reflections that are constantly in front of me.

Some things came to me to reflect on and review my feelings about. I’m  listening and will be making the adjustments necessary.

It’s so interesting, as although I’ve taken off from the services I once offered, I feel like I’m doing so much more life work right now and it’s become evident why I had to take a break..

Energetically I’m fully immersed and constantly involved in processes and channeling – in wake and dream time. My path has become life simply unfolding.


Living in constant presence (stopping to smell the flowers of life) and awareness IS astoundingly rich, hugely demanding, and deeply rewarding.

Not always easy, but then it wouldn’t be as incredible if it were.

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