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July 2015 Energy Forecast ~ Lee Harris

A very resonating share from Lee Harris again this month. I find much reiteration in it for some of the specifics I’ve been moving through and the reasons for my taking a personal sabbatical.

Lee also talks about the importance of our lower chakras and that moving the energy through them is the next wave of evolution for everyone collectively now, for integrative wholeness. This is something I and others have also been writing about and focusing on so much in our own shares and teaching during workshops over the months and recent years. Nice to hear the energy is anchoring in for all at this time.

Here’s Lee on a month and time period that includes themes on a collective exhale, consolidation to remedy chaos and to manifest, manifesting both for self and for all, increased speed of release isn’t regression, kundalini rising in all, relationships, change, and success in collaboration, bringing freedom to the fear mind, you are in charge of the volume dial in your experiences, and awareness of self-judgement as part of the release.

You can watch the video or read the transcript below.

Hello and welcome to the Energy Forecast for July 2015.

I’m filming today in Mill Valley, Marin County, among the redwood trees. And redwoods, if you ever have the chance to experience them, are incredible, incredible beings. They’re like guardians. They’re so ancient and so powerful. So being down here among them feels perfect for today.

Collective Exhale to build Strength

Part of the reason I wanted to come here is because when I tuned in on this coming month,  the words “collective exhale” came up as an energy theme. Collective exhale meaning, the intensity of the first six months of the year have now been powered through and for all of us this month there is an opportunity to just (Lee exhales) – experience the out breath. And while you’re in the out breath, you will get to integrate and consolidate everything that has gone before, every part of you that has changed as a result and been influenced ready for where we are going next. Because new reserves of inner strength and the fire inside you are going to be very big themes for the second half of the year. So I’ll touch on that in a moment.

But first to come back to this idea of consolidation.

Consolidation as a remedy for Chaos

This message is especially for those of you who are pulling your hair out at me right now, and saying “there is NO WAY I can take an out breath, there is no way I can consolidate anything.” You’re the very people who really need to take space, slow down, stop answering the phone to everybody, do whatever it is that you need to do to calm down.

Because this first six months of this year have been faster and more intense than ever before. There is a mass awakening going on and an activation of our kundalini energy in all of us, which I’ll speak of more in a moment.

So within all of that energy going on around and within you, you absolutely have to take the time to calm your own nervous system down, when and wherever you can. So that it and you can get used to going in and out of this new speed we’re all in.

For those of you who are actually either doing quite well within yourselves or are beginning to feel that natural slowing down happening in yourself and your activities, July really represents an opportunity to consolidate everywhere you have been and everything you’ve been going through.

Many of you have spoken in recent months about the acceleration of intense and meaningful dreams, or the experience of old friends/partners/lovers from the past popping up in your life. All for clearing yes, and for you to experience a new relationship with your past.

July is the month where the stimulus and impetus of that clearing can calm down, and you can get to open out your heart, open out your mind and see how do you feel now and think about these old things now. Because life has really changed for everybody on Earth in the last six months.

So even if you tried to remember how you felt last December, it will be hard for you to actually get in touch with how last December felt, because so much is shifted.

And when we are more unconscious we can be chaotic in our human journeys. As in we can get pushed around by people or events and pulled from pillar to post (as we like to say in England), without really any sense of where we’re going or why anything is happening to us.

Consolidate to Manifest Clearly

But the more you wake up to the reality that energy is dictating everything that is happening to you and start to open up your senses so that you can feel that energy moving through you, and the energy coming toward you, the more you open up to energy being a part of every moment. And with that awareness, the more you can start to consciously direct what it is you’re doing, where it is you’re going and what it is you would like to manifest next. This is a foreign concept to people who’ve never thought that way before, but to more and more people on Earth now, this understanding is becoming normal. You see it being normalized in everyday conversations.

So how do you know you’re a clear manifester? That what you wish to intend for can come to you easily? First, you need to consolidate what’s already inside you.

So by consolidation and July being a great month for that, I mean;

  • Sit and reflect on everything that’s happened for you in the past 6 months or more.
  • Journal and intend for where you would like your life and your journey to go next.

Take some time to consolidate where you’ve been, so that you can then very clearly decide where you would like to go next, rather than dragging the debris of the past into your future manifestations.

Manifesting for Self and for ALL

And remember, when intending or visioning, there is no such thing as a ‘wrong’ goal.

Sometimes people will say to me, “Oh, well I’d like to manifest xxxx for myself, but when the world is suffering and others are worse off than me, I’m challenged by manifesting this for myself.” And the point is that the two things can coexist in you.

For example, if you want to manifest something that makes you feel more secure in life, but you feel bad about that desire because you recognize other people are in more insecure positions than you, let BOTH of those energies be true for you.

It means you would like to be humanitarian and help others as much as you can, yes, but you’re also going to still have this energy or desire that you want to feel a little more secure, whatever that means for you.

So you can work on manifesting or visioning for both at the same time (manifest for ‘world improvements’ as well as ‘self-improvements’).

Or, focus on your desire for you, and when it manifests you will get to a place where your openness will be that much more present as a result. Because you’ve manifested an element for yourself that you recognized would support you. Which then allows you from your feeling of support, to go out there and be more humanitarian towards others.

Speed of Release = You are not Regressing (even though it seems that way)

We live in a dualistic world and dualistic thoughts are very high at the moment, more so than ever before. Again, if you’re an aware or an awake person it won’t surprise you to notice how quickly you’re going through feelings or perceptions on a daily basis now, such is the speed of awakening.

And remember, you’re not regressing if you go backwards in your own perception. The idea you can have that you’re going over an old issue can be depressing for many, but this is part of the journey of evolution that we all go through. I released a new A to Z of Energyvideo this month called You Are Not Regressing, You’re Evolving, so you might want to check that out if you are worried you’re going backwards. We can put a link to that here for you so that you can check it out.

So as much as you can, take July to create space to consolidate and exhale. Take this space to decide where you would like to go in your personal life in the next six months, and also what would you like to see changing for and in the world for the next six months.

I spoke last month about one step forward, one step back (and occasionally) one step sideways being the energy of June for people in their lives. And we did see that playing out on the global stage too. There were some acts of progression, there were some acts of regression and there were some sideways energies that none of us saw coming.

July will be a lot more spacious because energy can only remain intense for a certain amount of time before it either fizzles out or explodes.

Kundalini Rising in ALL

And the space of July is important because of a strong message that I keep receiving about a more mainstream kundalini activation now happening in the collective.

Kundalini energy is essentially our life force energy. And the base or the root chakra is where it roots – the energy center in which we have the foundation our creative, sexual and life force energy. In our current society, we tend to be comfortable living more up here (Lee demonstrates heart center area of the body up to crown chakra) than down here in our lower chakras. With spiritually developed people there can be a tendency to be open in areas of heart, throat chakra (communication), third eye (vision and intuition) and crown chakra (connection to spirit).

But in a predominantly ‘mental’ society, even spiritually-developed souls often don’t go down below and balance the lower chakras, as these are the more dense and muddy energies in our current society. This level of clearing and activation is the next phase in general for the world in its awakening.

A lot has been done, if you like, over the last 10 years also to rapidly develop expression of communication, understanding of senses and intuition and the opening of the heart. That’s becoming much more prevalent everywhere. But the next phase is to go down and purify through the stomach and activate that base.

Relationships and Change and Success in Collaboration

The stomach is where our human relationships are, so many of you will have a sensitivity around or a withdrawal from many relationships in the next few months while you go through this kundalini activation. Because you won’t want to play it out through fighting with others.

Creative partnerships, sexual partnerships and anything that feels like a potent tribal energy will thrive during the coming months. Whether you’re dancing with a group, anything group-focused that has a wildness in the body and expression in the body, there will be truly cosmic experiences to be had in the next few months due to the Kundalini energy around us. Some of you will go through windows that you’ve never opened for yourself through and in the body. But coupled with that, the ultimate aim of the life force awakening that is kundalini, is to get you to a place where all systems are go and allsystems are open.

So it’s pretty big stuff and it’s not something that you want to go into naively or in any great hurry.

Bringing freedom to the ‘Fear’ Mind

Because it takes time for the body to learn to withstand having such an open, vital life force and it also takes time for you as a human being with your thoughts and fears about;

“How safe am I to be me the world?”

“Will I be judged?”

“Will people attack me?”

“Will people not like me as much?”

To burn through all of that inner-programming, and to allow yourself to become who you want to be or are to be next, is why you are here. Regardless of all of the people around you and how they may or may not react to it.

So this awakening in the base chakra will show up for you in very potent ways. In creativity and also acts around physical action, exercise, sexuality there will be an awakening of an energy and the life force in you that you will be able to privately explore, most of you. Some of you will explore it in partnership.

But there is a message here too that from September onwards, this energy (that the mainstream are now opening to over the summer) many of you will start to go out into the world and be a part of this wave of change. A coming period in which we see yet another rise of innovations and creativity to bring positive changes in the world.

Creators are Waking

So it’s nothing to be afraid of, but a little like pregnancy, the pregnant mother (and also the father) tend to be very protective of the mother’s body and sensitivity during that phase. In order to make sure that the baby and mother are protected in a way they can both safely transform.

So think of it that way. You’re giving birth to:

  •     Your creative fire
  •     Your sexual fire
  •     Your life force

All of these areas will rise in and through you in the coming months, opening new energies and catalyzing old blocks and limitations to release.

Traditionally when people are unconscious of Kundalini energy rising inside them, or they don’t really know what’s going on with their inner body, they will project it outwards. They might fight each other, argue with each other, or let that energy run into their outer life in ways that can be destructive or chaotic.

It’s the kind of person who walks into a room and everyone knows they’re there, not only because of the way they hold themselves, but because they move around that room and impact everybody and perhaps even the furniture. That’s a kind of life-force energy that is not centered, and not flowing in a balanced way through the body. Instead it’s playing out in a destructive or invasive way in the outside world.

So you’ll certainly see some of that behaviour flying around within people who’re more unconscious of themselves, but we’ve seen that flying around for quite a while, because of course this energy has been growing for quite some time.

But the good news is that July gives you an invitation to have much more space aroundhow you bring that life-force energy into your life and also, for the very intuitive among you, to start to recognize and feel that your inner body is feeling very different.

There is a reason that the inner body is feeling different. We can develop the upper chakras and it will sustain us so far. It will give us more open relationships, more open communication and feelings of well-being than we knew before, and that’s all well and good. But the next level of awakening comes when we extend this openness down to the base and root chakras, inviting the awakening to reach full alignment. When this happens, miraculous changes happen in our outer world.

And miraculous changes are what we’re needing right now on the planet as a whole. We are  going through these changes as individuals, in order for us to help create those miraculous changes as a whole.

So we’re coming into the second half of 2015 where kundalini energy is going to be an increasingly strong presence, and many people will experience spontaneous awakenings.

Work with the volume dial in your experiences

So if you do have any sudden strange experiences in your garden or in your house, that are epiphany like or suddenly open you to see or feel something you hadn’t anticipated, just sit and breathe through it when it happens. (Lee takes a deep breath in and out) Tell yourself, “I am safe. I can receive this energy.”

Remember you’re in charge of the volume dial. Often with spirituality, we can feel that we are the unwilling participant or even victim of a spiritual or psychic experience that happens to us. And what we must remember is that you can collaborate with spirit. You can say words like, “I ask that this calm down now. I ask that this intensity slows down. I ask for a few days of peace.”

Remember to ask that of your personal experiences in life as well as when asking for help from angels or guidance or guides, whatever name you give it.

So we’re still here everybody. We’re still here on Planet Earth, one day at a time, one step at a time. But there is a very strong sense of an opening and a peace energy that is stronger than ever before, that if you make sure you are not being overstimulated and being a guardian of giving yourself to peace and stillness moments in your life, you will feel it deeply. It will infuse you. It will magnetically connect you to the right people at the right time.

And in the interim periods (for the hedonists among you, and I can relate to that ), yes it’s fun to always be in joy and bliss, but those times will probably be peppered with interim times where you need to perhaps power down for a while, or you find yourself spontaneously recalling a difficult situation or emotion.

For example, you may have a great career opportunity that presents itself to you, and you’re really amazed that’s happening. And yet, a few hours later, you might suddenly recall the time that you had your biggest career heartbreak that you’ve been working through the layers of. This is deeply connected to the success moment. When you open in a higher direction, the lower part of you that closed down in the past, gets stretched and it rises up for release. And the more aware and awake we become, the more we consciously feel and see these things.

Self-Judgment can be part of the release

Don’t go to self-judgment if it seems you are in a ‘backward’ step. Catch yourself if you self-judge. Seeing your own self-judgment is just great awareness. Think of it that way.

If you catch yourself being self-judging, remember that in the past you would have been unconscious about that self-judgment. Instead of just hearing the voice, you would’ve stopped yourself doing something because you felt that self-judgment.

If your reality now is that you’re just disappointed that you caught yourself self-judging, you’re absolutely heading in the right direction. Hold the awareness of the judgment. Laugh at it. Let it go. There’s no need to judge yourself just like there’s no need to judge anyone else. Everyone, including you, is doing your absolute best.

That’s July folks!

I have a couple of events coming up. In London I will be doing an Energy Tune-up evening and a meet and greet and that’s on Wednesday, August 12. So to check that out you can click here. And in September, and I will be at a channelers’ conference, channeling as one of eight channelers and that’s in Los Angeles. Click here to check that out.

So until next month everybody, you can check out all my offerings in The Portal, which we just redesigned and relaunched, so if you’d like to check The Portal out there will be a clickable link to it on the next screen. (Transcript readers click here.)

Lots of love to all.



Julian Rose ~ Third Density Embrace — Are the Gods Jealous?

This is a great article that combines humor and seriousness around important topics for reflection. It goes along with things both Laura and I have shared about the importance of balance, not forgetting our parts, shadow work value, grounding, and the physical being as key as the spiritual, so integrating lower chakra work with the upper chakras is what will bring us wholeness..not escapism and denial, which is the either/or syndrome.

Laura Bruno's Blog

Thank you, Julian, for articulating these very important topics and considerations! A note from Julian’s reply to a commenter on

OK – I’ll admit – this article combines tongue in cheek humour and serious reflection..
‘To posit’ (see beginning) is not ‘to know’ – it means to put forward a suggestion. I do not know.

So I am stimulating our thinking process here – getting it to look around at elements that it may not have engaged with before – and digging at the ‘purist spiritual’ outlook that seems not to be able to integrate sexuality into spirituality because they think it degrades it.. Likewise – those of this opinion also refrain from taking actions to do something practical to improve life on this planet..

Third Density Embrace — Are the Gods Jealous?

by  Julian Rose

‘Is sexuality to be dispensed with – as the price…

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Sacred Sexual Alchemy ~ The Root of Creative Magick

I’ve been wanting to share about this topic for a while, but hadn’t the time to put together my thoughts. I was prompted again the other day, to bring it to light, as I heard some rap songs playing somewhere that I was, which made me shake my head at how degrading they were about women, the female body, and sex in general. I was sad and also upset thinking about how people go around singing along with these songs on a daily basis, creating chants and affirmations that are completely conditioning them into more unconscious and blind acts and feelings that are harmful to themselves, others, and the collective at large – this being just ONE way this continues to take place.

It hit a deep chord, to say the least, that stirred my lower Chakras into unrest over the ways we are continually bombarding ourselves with conditioning that destroys our potentials to be all-empowered.

This is not a new topic for me, although I may not have shared yet about it, however since we also discussed this in depth while on our sacred journey in Peru – how priestesses and priests used sexual alchemy in spiritually empowering ways – and I’ve been feeling another surge of lower Chakra energy waves coming through personally and collectively in the vein of this theme, I felt to share it in more depth.

Sexual alchemy was something practiced amongst the high priests and priestesses of the ancient civilizations, who held this sexual knowledge and utilized it for transmutation, divinity of union, sexual rituals of spiritual initiation and activation, healing and enlightenment, Earth communion to create harmony and abundance through harvests, and more. Being that I remember myself practicing this in many of my other lives, it is not simply an idea, but a personal reality embodied in my DNA.

We then have the churches and patriarchal societies that destroyed and ensured this knowledge would be hidden, and anyone involved in it, to be punished, tortured, condemned to “hell”, and even killed. And then from this repression, guilt, fear, and hidden suppression we then get things like degradation of women, sex becoming something done secretly or held as “dirty”, and pent up energies that violently abuse the beauty, power, and spirituality it once was revered to embody.

The nature of sacred, sexual magick and alchemy hasn’t changed, as that knowledge and power always has been and could be accessed whenever we want, as it is the root of our existence.

It is the conditioned beliefs and fears that have distorted these sacred acts of creation, once again in effort to suppress our ability to be empowered, whole, and consciously sovereign co-creators of life.

Charlotte Szivak does such a wonderful job shedding a little light on this subject of sexual alchemy and magick, that I am going to share her insightful article on this topic. And perhaps you’ll be inspired to explore this topic more, as well as dig deeper into your own experience to explore just how this energy may be suppressed in your own life, as we are all collectively affected by this.

As Charlotte shares:

“The sacred actually lives within your body. By engaging in conscious acts of sex, it can lead to transcendent experiences of bliss and self-realization. Many of these sacred sex leaders would teach how to direct desire and raise emotional vibration in order to achieve one’s goal. They don’t speak, however ‘to the power of sexual desire used as fuel to have our wildest dreams come true. This is the secret beyond the secret: sex magic’.

When we engage with intent, we do so by remembering that sacred sex is so much more than just the mere physical joining of our bodies in orgasmic delight. It releases the pain of the unexpressed anger suffered in silence for a millennium in shame and perversion carried around, and sexuality is transformed. We become vulnerable, authentic, transparent and powerful. Igniting our souls and awakening our hearts in become the sacred door or gateway to expanded experiences of orgasmic ecstasy. Remember, it is love that invokes the divine.”

To read Charlotte Szivak’s full article, please visit:

Sex Magic Alchemy

Kundalini Awakening – Sacred Tattoo Design

Kundalini Sacred Tattoo DesignThere’s been a powerful flow of creative energy continuously flowing and with that comes the birthing of another sacred tattoo design – and a perfect reflection of that creative life force energy.

This piece channeled through for the sacrum area, which both my client and I had sensed, with current shifts for her, was most empowering given her experiences. She was open to any inspiration that presented itself, as well as the size, so this is what has come through our connected energy waves.

The design is fairly large at about 10 ¼” long from very tip to tip and 5 ¾” at its widest point. It will begin at the very “tail end” and then from sacrum, work its way up a couple of Chakras.

There were a few things my client was drawn to energetically, but how that translated, was left up to divine channeling. Two of those things were Sacred Geometry and Kundalini serpent energy. These can sometimes carry with them a more male energy in the way they are depicted, as well as since sacred geometry has a left-brained energy to it, but I was feeling very strongly the Divine Feminine wanting to be integrated and empowered. So, while I used these image themes, I took care in presenting them with a very feminine flow and grace, while still maintaining their integrity of power.

The essence of this piece not only carries the ignited and awakened Kundalini life force flowing from cosmic power source through this sacrum portal, but it has many aspects of flowing grace, gentle power, balance, and expansion. I created it all to have a continuous flow throughout  and to add some organic movement along with the balance.

In many ways it depicts a celebration of life itself, as well as containing the totality of creative potential of every human being, awakening and regenerating, seen through my client’s sacred vehicle of life.

For some interesting information about the sacrum as a cosmic portal you may enjoy my post: Sacred Bone, Tattoos and Stones: Mayan Portal Mysteries Unraveling.

Alongside Sacred Geometry and Kundalini energy, my client is also drawn to Mayan teachings and because of this I did a subtle depiction of the Mayan feathered serpent for the design (you can see the feathers at top coming from both sides of the serpent). I was getting that subtle rather than very poignant Mayan symbolism was powerful for this particular soul and piece, and to keep things more within the Divine Feminine flow as well.

You can see that the serpent winds itself up and at center creates an infinity symbol, but also continuously flows throughout the energy of this piece, where everything merges and crosses over, together as creating a distinct image, but also is all part of a whole woven and very fluid tapestry, simultaneously.

There is a subtle six pointed star (hexagon) at the bottom that ignites the opening of the portal.  As mentioned, the bottom point would lie at the very tail end possible and then the design flows up the sacrum and will go up the lower portion of the back, also supporting all of the lower Chakras, which are just as integral and important for integrating the expression and manifestation of our Divinity.

Then there is the continuous flow felt from the Kundalini energy rising and activating all Chakras, along with the energy of fully opening one’s wings and blossoming into wholeness – reminder of staying grounded while continuing the evolutionary journey in balanced flow.

I feel this piece speaks volumes for itself. It has so many different things that it brings up when I see it, from the organic nature of it that can look like so many various images. I hope you enjoy the energy activation it emanates.

As always, I am honored to be a part of these amazing soul journey partnerships.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at Remember that there is currently a waiting list and price changes are going to be in effect at start of 2014. 

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle format here: Spiritual Skin

Sacred Bone, Tattoos and Stones: Mayan Portal Mysteries Unraveling

My sacred tattoos, including Hunab Ku (Galactic Butterfly) on my sacrum at bottom

I’ve been receiving a lot of intuitive nudges on the sacrum and coccyx, both literally and energetically. With my own experiences in having sudden pains over the last several months in that area (physically due to a fracture of the tailbone I had about 11 years ago, but energetically linked to much more), hearing from a few others on issues or focus on this area, and even clients and friends getting sacred tattoos on their sacrum, it all started to hit me again, as to the significance of this region. I then was reminded about the connections that had taken place for me about 8 years ago and how it all is energetically linked with the now.

March 5, 2004 I got my second sacred tattoo. It was the Hunab Ku symbol (or Galactic Butterfly, as it’s also known).

This symbol is called the Galactic Butterfly which is said to represent all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy. This is all of our physical ancestors both human, animal, reptile, fish, shell fish, plants as well as the consciousness which organized all of the raw material from a whirling disk into stars then planets and solar systems. Big Meaning. So big that the original Maya had no symbol for this. In their civilization it was like having no name for God. Just knowing the concept was good enough. Later this pattern was devised by Toltec or Zapatec weavers as a pattern for blankets and this is where Jose Arguelles came across it. He called it Hunab Ku. The indigenous peoples call it “The Galactic Butterfly”. Butterflies are seen as ancestors returning for a visit to physicality. Wearing one of these symbols is very powerful as it broadcasts your reaching to actively join the consciousness of our galaxy. ~ Ian Xel Lungold

I was intuitively drawn to place this Galactic Butterfly on my sacrum. At that time in my life, everything was just intuitive for me in what I did. I would then come to see later, the significance and reiteration of why I would be drawn to certain things. And right after I got this tattoo, a whole unraveling started to take place, as I also got my first computer and was able to do research and uncovered deeper meanings to so many things that were emerging in my life at the time, including this tattoo, the placement and the paintings that started to channel. I had opened a doorway that created a flood of energy , experiences, and information into my life in new ways from that point on. The symbol itself, Hunab Ku, had come to me while I was in a bookstore with my brother after getting my first butterfly tattoo, by just being drawn to a book where it was in and I had always had in back of mind that if I ever got another tattoo that that would be it. That was like somewhere near 1998-2000. And then several years later it emerged, after staying with me all that time.

What I discovered, alongside the meaning of this symbol, was also the significance to my own life and soul history and path, as well as the connection with the sacrum bone.

As I shared in my book, Spiritual Skin:

Brian Stross’ “The Mesoamerican Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld,” addresses in great depth some of what I came to realize about the potency of my placing the Mayan Hunab Ku (otherwise known as the Galactic Butterfly) on my sacrum. He states:

The sacrum bone has been viewed by some cultures as a “sacred” bone, and been seen as related to reproduction, fertility, and reincarnation. … “in Mesoamerica the sacrum represented one index of the more generalized but variously manifested ‘portals’ or doorways permitting translocation of shamans, spirits, and deities between worlds or levels of the cosmos.”

Brian Stross continues to share:

In Mesoamerica the sacrum, along with closely associated bones, is apparently seen as sacred in some Indigenous societies even today, though surely less so now than in earlier times. The name “sacrum,” designating the more or less flat bone with eight holes located at the base of the spine, comes directly from Latin os sacrum, meaning ‘sacred bone’.  Sugar points out that while most bone names readily reveal their origins, it has long been a mystery why the sacrum bone (os sacrum) should be called the “holy bone.”  “That it is a translation from the Greek hieron osteon merely pushes the inquiry back from the first Latin use in about 400 AD to the time of Hippocrates (about 400 BC)” (1987:2061).  Following the trail through several explanatory hypotheses about the origins of the name sacrum, Sugar introduces evidence that the sacrum in tradition was the bone necessary for resurrection, identifying it as the “almond” or luz of the Hebrews and the ajb of the Arabs, and ultimately deriving its conceptual underpinnings from the ancient Egyptians (1987:2062‑2063).

Upon finding that some Mesoamerican Indian languages also named this bone with words referring to sacredness and deity, one may well ask why societies distant from one another refer to the sacrum as a “sacred” or “holy” bone.   Presumably such naming practices reflect independently, rather than through diffusion, the cultural importance of this bone, and one can suggest plausible explanations, based on observational logic, for its being termed “sacred.”  The word “sacred” for our purposes can be defined as “worthy of veneration, reverence, and respect on the one hand, and protected by tradition and ritual against symbolic or actual abuse on the other.”

The sacrum bone is, among other things, the fulcrum of support for the human torso, and as such is well designed to take great physical stress.  It is what we sit on, and by sitting we place ourselves at rest in a position that can be maintained without significant movement for long periods of time.  Perhaps more importantly from perspectives of symbolism and cultural importance, it is located next to the reproductive organs, which are of utmost significance for the species as well as the individual, and are surely of great significance in most if not all societies.  In its proximal location, the sacrum could well be thought to share significant qualities with the reproductive organs, and even to transport material from the brain to those organs.

Several cultures around the world assume that the sacrum participates directly in procreation by channeling seminal fluid through the spinal column to the penis, most notably ancient Egyptians and some cultures of India.  Its location on the body and the formal similarity of spinal fluid to semen provide an observational basis for these conclusions.  Even Leonardo da Vinci, with such a fine grasp of human anatomy, must have made a similar assumption, for he placed in his drawing of a human male a seminal duct leading from the sacrum at the bottom of the spinal cord to the penis (Huxley 1974:64).

Sacredness of this bone is also related to a belief found in various parts of the globe that the sacrum is the “resurrection bone” from which residual raw material remaining after death a person will be reborn, presumably by attracting the spirit residing within.   This notion may spring from the observation that as an especially hard bone, the sacrum resists disintegration through time, and is often among the very last visible remains of a body that has been left on the ground or that has been unearthed long after burial.  A rational basis for attaching importance to the sacrum bone can thus be constructed from empirical observations and conclusions underlain by a kind of observational logic.

Stross goes on to share some fascinating insights and research presenting the ritual and symbolic significance of the sacrum in Mesoamerica  and its place in conjunction with a shamanic world view. His findings also present things pointing to the fact that:

…the sacrum as a focal part of the pelvic girdle represents a metaphor for the cosmic portal linking this world with the Otherworld while emphasizing the generative or (pro)creative aspect of the life cycle, just as the jawbone as a focal part of the skull represents another metaphor for the cosmic portal, but one emphasizing the analytical or destructive aspect of the cosmic cycle.

He then continues with a discussion of the human pelvis in shamanic worldview:

A pillar of five fused sacral vertebrae within the pelvic girdle supports and balances the human torso.  This pillar, the sacrum, is attached to four more fused vertebral bones together called the coccyx, but otherwise known as the tailbone.  The sacrum (or the sacrum and the coccyx together) is a pivot, a support, and a focal center in the human body….Some Mayan names for pelvic bones or for the rump region suggest that the procreative area of the human body was in the past identified by Mayans as a figurative “fire” composed of the coccyx surrounded by figurative pelvic “hearthstones,” three being the traditional number of stones in the Mesoamerican hearth.  Two of the pelvic “hearthstones,” the hipbones, are similar in form, like mirror images, while the third, the sacrum, is different.  The pelvis, so closely connected to the creation of new life, somewhat resembles a skull and shares other features with the skull…

Dictionaries of Indigenous Mesoamerican languages do not often include words for sacrum or coccyx for understandable reasons, but there are a few that do, and related concepts such as Spanish rabadilla ‘coccyx, lower extremity of vertebral column (including that of a bird)’ and rabo ‘tail, hind end’ can sometimes be found when the more explicit form are not available.   In those Mayan languages for which we have translations of sacrum and coccyx, the words usually relate the sacrum to notions of ‘god’ and ‘sacred’, while the coccyx is related to ‘fire’.  For example, Yucatec Maya has a word for sacrum, k’ul, which also means ‘sacred’ and ‘holy’ (Barrera Vasquez 1980).   Itzá Maya has the word k’uul ‘hip, tail bone’ (Hoffling and Tesucún 1997:402), which surely derives from the Itzá root k’u ‘sacred, holy’.

The Tojolabal Maya word for sacrum s‑bah h‑wawtik (literally “sacred image, sacred self”) is based on the verb wawtikan ‘to worship, deify,’ and ultimately derives from the root waw ‘man’ (Lenkersdorf 1979 (2):666; (1):395).

In Choltí Maya data limitations render uncertain what the word xun‑xun means besides ‘coccyx’, but in a near linguistic relative, Chontal Maya, the root xun means ‘trivet, the three stones of the hearth’. For the Yucatec Maya a bird’s coccyx is called the “griddle of the rump” (xamach it), and in Chol Maya the base of a bird’s tail (its rump or coccygeal region) is called simply and literally “fire” (k’ahk) (Aulie et al 1978:21).

And the references continue in different Maya and Aztec languages that all come back to the same referencing to this sacred bone. Stross continues:

Language data of this sort, based on languages of today and the recent past, can tell us about perceptions in earlier times that do not necessarily reflect current understandings of worldview and important concepts as identified by a contemporary speaker, just as many English speakers use the word “secretary” without realizing that it reflects the notion of keeping “secrets,” or the word “sacrum” without thinking that sacredness is or ever was attached to it.  Because language generally lags behind culture change, our language data has here informed us more about past worldview than about the present one.   One might look long and hard at contemporary western culture without finding much evidence outside of books for a concern with the sacrum.  Somewhat more productive would be looking to mythology and other ancient narratives with a practiced interpretive eye, for even in oral narrative meanings are on multiple levels and are not always obvious, as we can see from the Popol Vuh‘s mention of Blood Woman’s impregnation by a “skull.”   However, through information preserved in language and in narrative, particularly when in written form, we are able to determine that some Old World perceptions of the sacrum and pelvic region, if not identical, were at least similar and comparable to those in Mesoamerica, and that data from the Old World links the “holy bone” or sacrum directly to resurrection, which implies passage through at least a figurative cosmic portal or doorway between this world and the other world.

…If the human body can be said to have “portals” or loci of transformative power where the body’s interior is connected with the external world, and perhaps also with the Otherworld, the sacrum in the pelvic girdle is likely one of these, while the jawbone in the skull constitutes the other.

The Coccyx Pendant, another very interesting linking Stross reveals:

A small unprovenanced, but apparently Classic Maya pendant found in the Ahaw collection is in all three dimensions precisely the size and shape of the human coccyx.   On it is carved a representation of a human figure.  This Coccyx Pendant, of apple green kosmochloric jadeite, has a laterally drilled hole for suspension, not visible in a frontal view.   The top half shows a head framed by rolled hair, circular earspools and arms held in the “crab‑claw” position of Maya rulers who usually cradle a serpent bar in this position.  Below this upper head, a second head occupies what should be the hip region, visually illustrating the notion of the body having an upper and a lower “skull”.   The lower head, manifested in the structural position of the sacrum, has a pronounced elongated chin that is simultaneously of the appropriate shape and position to be the coccyx of the “sacrum” (in this case the “sacrum” is the second skull that is visually manifested as a head).  In other words, a little knob at the bottom of the pendant represents a miniature version of the whole pendant, which itself represents a coccyx.  The shape and iconography of the Coccyx Pendant constitute strong evidence for the hypothesis suggesting Mesoamerican concern with the sacrum, and the notion of two “skulls”; and it suggests also the importance of the coccyx to the Maya during the Classic period.

Since Stross was focused on revealing the sacred connection with the sacrum and coccyx in his writings, he didn’t mention how the significance of this Maya coccyx pendant being created in jadeite, also spoke to this sacredness. When I read it I immediately was reminded of the marbled green “Dreamtime” Jade Sphere we have in our Joyful Earth Crystals collection (pictured right) and the link with this sacred bone area and Mayan “sacred stone.” Jade is known as a sacred stone by the ancient and some current primitive tribes. It allows you to access the knowledge used during the Mayan “dreamtime,” as it help you connect with the elders of the Mayan culture. The Mayans revered jade as the “Sovereign of Harmony” facilitating peace with the physical, emotional, and intellectual structures, as well as with the materialistic world. It was said to bring accord to the environment, to transmute negativity and instill resourcefulness. It promotes balancing of your needs with the requirements of the day, allowing you to nurture the things that are of prime importance to well-being.

….Frederick Starr has written of other native Mesoamerican traditions that connect the coccyx with sexuality, noting in this connection that in Mexico the coccyx is sought by prostitutes in the belief that men’s power (sexuality) is lodged therein (1899:100).   It is appropriate here to recall that some of today’s Maya call the coccyx bone the “fire,” recalling another of the Mesoamerican metaphors for the cosmic portal, i.e. fire.   Not to dwell on this metaphor, it is worth mentioning at least that a fire is a superior transformer of materials (making the milpa fertile, creating edible food for people, etc.), that not infrequently individuals referred to in the literature as shamans demonstrate their control over fire in one way or another (as for example by placing hot embers in their mouth), that the three hearthstones characteristic of indigenous Mesoamerican homes enclose the fire and establish the center of the house, and that of course fire is clearly another sort of portal or gatekeeper between worlds.

…If the body can be viewed as a microcosm, then its form is either a template for or a reflection of other cosmic levels, and its form is our only guide to the appearance and operation of these other levels, incomplete as this guidance may be.  The body has two ends regulating the passage between the inside the body and outside of it, and at these two ends are portals.  One end has the mouth; on the other end are the anus and the water producing urethral orifice (and in females there is also the entrance to the birth canal).  Concentration of power is in the bony appurtenances surrounding these portals, and most focally these bones are the lower jaw and the sacrum (sometimes including the coccyx).  On a slightly more inclusive scale, these bones are the upper skull and the lower “inverted skull.”

…A serpentine conduit, the spinal cord being protected by the bony vertebrae, joins the two skulls. The vertebral column, because of its durability, is where the power is presumed to be concentrated.  The soft portals of the body (mouth and anus) are also joined during life by a winding serpent‑like digestive tract composed of soft and perishable parts.  Things come into the body through the mouth portal, where they are transformed in composition (destroyed) by the actions of the jaw.  They pass through the serpent conduits in the body (spinal column, intestinal tract), and they pass out of the body, transformed in the pelvic portal (created) by the more mysterious actions of the sacrum.  The male body creates new life (ultimately delivered from the sacral region, and according to some the sacrum proper).  The new life is then transferred into the female womb (itself backed up by a sacrum).

Much that goes into the body, observational logic would dictate, is crushed into pieces in the mouth, transformed in the stomach and intestine, and exits by way of the anus, which by a continuation of the logic should itself be viewed as a portal, and surely it must be, though that has not been explored in this study, for lack of data.

In the worldview outlined above as “shamanic,” the body’s form and functions can be considered our most basic guide to understanding the appearance and functioning of other cosmic levels, operating thus to generate and/or reflect them.  In that way the metaphors and allegories relating the body to other elements in the world allow these elements and their combinations to be comprehended relatively easily, consistently, and with a plausible logic based on observing nature, and especially our bodies as parts of it.

This speaks to the Kundalini Serpent Energy 

Stross concludes more with:

For example such observational logic treats the earth as a living being, so for the Huasteca Nahuatl speakers the soil comprises its flesh, while stones are its bones and water is its blood (Sandstrom 1991:238).  Vegetation is the earth’s clothing (Alcorn 1984:57). This logic continues in treating the mountain as if it is a person, with analogous anatomy and physiology.  The mountain has a “head” and a “foot”, grass that “clothes” its body, and animals that live in the remote parts of it.  It “drinks” water from the top (as rain) and the water is passed out from lower down (as springs).  Similarly the water is passed down to earth from the bottom part of the heavens, and sometimes likened to urination by the sky deities (Thompson 1970:253).  The earth, if likened to a human or animal body, needs to eat, and sacrificial food is placed at special places or portals [mouths of the earth].  The portals can be sacred places in the natural landscape such as particular caves, springs, mountaintops, and sacred trees. The portals can also be located on human-made miniature representations of the earth (or its parts) within the cosmos, such as altars, wayside crosses, and small temporary pits dug in the earth for placing sacrificed “food” in the center of the cornfield.  Just as some seeds need to pass through a bird’s intestinal tract before they can sprout, so the shaman initiate may see the need to pass through a long cave with two entrances (the earth monster’s intestine) in order to be purified and empowered, as can be observed in a well known long cave in San Luis Potosí when done by Teenek shamans.  This may be conceived as being swallowed by a serpent and passed out the other end.   Things like water, and spirits, etc. have to pass from one level or medium to another by means of the portals or “doorways” which are not always open, just as the animate mouth and anus are not always open.  Sometimes specific activities, times, and / or rituals are required to open them.  Blood appears to be a particularly useful substance in this respect, but music, dance, and chanting are frequently found in portal opening contexts.   Chanting clearly comes from the upper skull (assisted by the chest), but dance can be said to reside prominently in the hips (assisted by the legs and feet).

And here is an interesting table he includes that lays things out clearly:

TABLE 1   Transformation Zones


Portal 1 Jawbone Skull 7 Neck Vertebrae Middleworld
Conduit Spinal Cord Spinal Column 8 + 8 Intermediate Vertebrae Conduit
Portal 2 Sacrum Pelvis (Inverted Skull) 9 Sacral/Coccygeal Vertebrae Underworld

Alongside promising to share this information with someone who was inquiring, I’ve received big nudges of its importance, have had my own personal connections and experiences with this that are coming full circle, and in hearing of many also sharing tailbone and sacrum experiences of late, as well as many feeling compelled to work with the Root Chakra energies for integrative healing (I feel, holding a key to a lot), there is something to this. 

I could draw many conclusions for you, but I think it best to let it percolate and find its own meaning for each. What I know for myself is nothing is arbitrary, everything has meaning and purpose, based on things I’ve been working with, receiving and feeling, combined with my major tailbone issues accompanying this and now subsiding and healing with miracle activations on my visit to Tahoe and working with Root Chakra energies, only to remain as a random bruising feeling at odd times in sacrum (an energetic reminder) and all the things I’m channeling with portal energy, having others activating their own sacrum portals with sacred tattoos (some that I have designed) and starting to connect their own dots with it….needless to say, I do experience the connection. 🙂

If you want to read Brian Stross’ writings in fullness, including many interesting images to accompany you can do so here: The Mesoamerican Sacrum Bone: Doorway to the Otherworld

If interested in support with designing your own “sacred bone” portal tattoo you can contact me at


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