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November Thoughts ~ Becoming a Butterfly


Photo I captured of an enchanting butterfly in Key West


Wow, I received such a deeply touching and beautiful outpouring of messages from so many people yesterday that receive my monthly updates via newsletter on this month’s share, that I felt guided to post it here for those of you that follow along via blog solely and don’t receive my newsletter. It seems I touched a chord with a lot of souls that shared in the experience of what I was inspired to write about my own.

I’m really grateful for all of the beautiful expressions shared with me, the loving support, and the amazingly courageous hearts you are all embracing on your own journeys.

Below you’ll find the introductory thoughts to November’s newsletter. If you would like to receive these monthly, you can sign up here: Newsletter


We’re already almost a week into November.

The eternal moment is continuously catching up to us.

It has never been more evident to me how time simply does not exist in any way that might have at once felt comforting to try to measure.

Although I might speak about past, present, and future, it is merely to help demonstrate an understanding of things in a more collectively accepted way.

That said, it is not my way.

Nor are many things.

What is my way?

This is an important question I find myself always asking, and increasingly at present.

How about you?

I am often checking in with who I am right now, what I want, what is of value to me, what I can’t live without, what my heart is sharing and wants me to hear, where this all leads, and what I must do to remain true and reflect the things most soulfully vital and dear to my essence that I know.

It is often a solo journey that takes multi-dimensional twists, sometimes dark, many times scary, can be quite challenging and take time to explore with integrity, is mixed with pains and joys, and yet is the most enriching experience I know…that of knowing and loving myself fully.

As all things change, so must I, but the way in which I shift is simply in reflection to who I most am that I’ve learned in that moment to release and accept into being.

Every day someone new may seem to emerge from the self-imposed cocoon, but at the core it is always just me…perhaps someone you haven’t yet known because she reveals herself like a slowly unfolding blossom, with each new layer discovered.

And every moment I have the ability to decide to become a butterfly, again and again.

Sometimes that takes me on a journey through the void, like now, where faith, trust, courage, and strength are the only friends I may commune with in order to cultivate soul preservation and truest reflections of responsible service, collectively.hope for the flowers

One of my favorite books, so happens to be one that my dear friend, Cliff, who recently transitioned, had gifted me. It is titled, “Hope for the Flowers.”

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am, and always will be a child at heart. I find enchantment in all things, especially the uncomplicated and pure, and this book I feel so beautifully speaks to the fundamentals we face in discovering what is truly of value in life in the most simple of ways anyone can grasp, without need for fancy words, hidden meanings, and challenging concepts.

One of my favorite passages is this:


“How does one become a butterfly?” she asked pensively.

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

“You mean to die?” asked Yellow, remembering the three who fell out of the sky.

“Yes and No,” he answered. “What looks like you will die but what’s really you will still live. Life is changed, not taken away. Isn’t that different from those who die without ever becoming butterflies?”

“And if I decide to become a butterfly,” said Yellow hesitantly. “What do I do?”

“Watch me. I’m making a cocoon. It looks like I’m hiding, I know, but a cocoon is no escape. It’s an in-between house where the change takes place. It’s a big step since you can never return to caterpillar life. During the change, it will seem to you or to anyone who might peek that nothing is happening – but the butterfly is already becoming. It just takes time! And there’s something else! Once you are a butterfly, you can really love – the kind of love that makes new life. It’s better than all the hugging caterpillars can do.”


Do you find yourself in the void, cocooning, and in process of emerging anew? If so, you are definitely not alone.

While the holiday season is fast approaching, and thoughts turn to the hustle and bustle of parties, gifts, friends, family, and gatherings…creating anxiety or short-tempered stress to do it all right and to provide what we think abundance means, perhaps it’s a time to approach the season in a new way.

A way that honors who you are and the lasting values and innate abundance already available in the love of your heart.

Love yourself and all others as the reflection of that love, responding to others as you would want, and have wished, to be responded to.

It’s not the “things” in life that make it worth living. It’s not what we “need” from others that creates lasting wholeness. It’s the love for your life and all that you are, that is what brought you here in the first place and will create the experiences you most cherish.

In Love and Creative Magick


The Silly, the Simple, and the Sweet – Two of My Favorite Books that Can “Lighten” Your Life

Today, through personal experiences and hearing from others, I was lovingly reminded of several things I find to be of importance. Two, of which, are the ever-valuable energy of laughter and lightness.
I can’t reiterate enough how much laughing, sillyness, giggles, and pure, unbridled, mischievous fun is! I giggle my way through much of my day and put on quite the show here at home. Who needs tv? (I actually don’t watch any). My brother and I are two of the masters of goof – much more masterful at it together, however.
I cherish the friends and people in my life who know how to let out a hardy laugh and be goofy, and that are amused by my being able to make myself do the same. 🙂
I have learned to remind myself to take everything in lightness, which has assisted quick turnarounds in the heat of things.   What once would have weighed on me, now quickly shifts, because I choose differently. I am always grateful for the messages that help me to let it all go and find the humor.
I’m just a big child at heart who spews cartoons, animated films, silly songs and tales from my childhood as the undercurrents of my teachings, even though there exists seriousness and responsibility in the way I am committed to the journey. I feel that everything can be simplified and everything really isn’t that hard. Life is what I make it to be and life CAN be light and fun.
At least that’s the way I plan to continue to consciously stay on top of creating mine as, no matter what happens. I’ve gone through enough experiences to know that hardships don’t last, because the silver lining is always in my hands to unwrap, and that it just is completely non-productive and destructive when I let things override this inner truth I know.
Yes, you can still hold this energy even when you’re doing your quarterly taxes, as I was today and laughed my butt off at some crazy way I had concocted calculating them all year, which made no sense (and still can’t figure out how the heck it happened), but totally ended up producing the right result. Thank goodness for my intuitive guidance, even if I didn’t “know” what I was doing, and for my catching myself in humor to save the day. No cause for alarm, as laughter and trust always sees me through, if I remember to harness it. It’s when I don’t that I”m in trouble. Luckily this doesn’t happen much anymore.

The humor in life is all around us, waiting for us to “get the joke.”

I also cherish and value the simple and sweet in life and strive to help make things that way for others as well. I love the innocence, purity, and rawness of things, as well as can’t help but believe. Likely I would be called corny, a little kid, naive, or idealistic, and to these I say, “If you wanted to say something insulting you may want to try again.” 😉

As I was going through my shelves and drawers to find things I needed today, I was guided to two of my books that seemed to jump out at me.I wanted to share them because they carry this lightness and simplicity of sweet energy I am sharing about and because they are special to me and perhaps might be to you too!In “light” of the energy of child-like wonder, joyous fun, and heart-warming sweetness, here are two wonderful stories that are great for adults and kids alike! They take the really heavy stuff and make it all just so dang lovely and easy to understand and embrace that you can’t help but smile in your heart.

Both books were interestingly, and synchronously, sent to me in the mail as beautiful and unexpected gifts from one person I met only once, but distantly knew through someone else, and another whom I’ve never met in person, and know only online. In each case, both very dear and both “knew” me very well, nonetheless, in light of what they were guided to send. They also tapped into two very poignant animal symbolisms in my life: the rabbit and the butterfly.

They soon became cherished stories that remain in my heart, as do the people remain a part of me (although one I don’t have any contact with anymore).


The first is “Ramar, The Rabbit with Rainbow Wings” by Darrell T. Hare holds a resonance with my dear Nestor (because I see her as the rabbit with rainbow wings and much more!) and shares a simply expressed, beautiful and powerful message. Being a child at heart, simplicity, as I shared, is always of most resonance to me and this book is so sweet in that way.

Here is a book review of it, in case you feel called to it one day:

Every generation or so a story comes along, one of such enduring resonance and poignancy that it transcends time and space–Ramar is just such a story. It is a tale of soaring spiritual power–sometimes magical, sometimes profound–and always, at its heart, a celebration of life and the limitless potential of the human spirit. — The unforgettable story of a rabbit with a beautiful soul and a pair of rainbow wings.

The second is “Hope for the Flowers” by Trina Paulus. It shares a touching story of change, and supports the process of evolutionary transformation, facing fears and the unknown, death, mourning, disillusionment, and finally discovering the heart of hearts – who you really are when you dare to risk to find out. It offers support with courage, explorations, and change in all areas of life.

Both perfect for the child within and at heart, as well as the child in your life.

Today, I felt a surge of lightness around me in both love, support, and flowing laughter…the kind that comes when you realize the miracle of life and of you. This carried me through several heavy things today that could have gone another way, but I changed the course of the experiences in embracing the nectar of life and seeing it through the eyes of a cosmic-hearted, earth-bound child. LOL!

Make a promise to yourself today to take yourself and things less seriously, laugh, love and have fun a little bit more, simplify your life, and try not to over-analyze and think your brain to death like those cartoon characters whose heads explode with over-use! Laughter and flow are some of the main ingredients of good health and longevity.

Life is sweet and so are you.

I honor, love and recognize the rainbow-winged rabbit and butterfly in each of you!

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