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New Crystal Friends: Golden Selenite Flower, Tibetan Quartz with Water Bubble & Tantric Twin Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystal

I recently was befriended by three new crystal friends that were eager to come home with me. These included two I was already familiar with, but the addition of a third I’d not seen before.

I always like to share about crystals, as I know many of you also have a great love and reverence for them like I do.

strawberry lemurian3The first Crystal is a Tantric Twin Lemurian Seed Crystal with Rainbows and a Timelink to the past (I’m still in exploration on more this powerful beauty has to share). Such a lovely and large Lemurian of this family of crystals. I have already four of these and so this last one rounds out to my favorite number – five.

Twin energy seems to keep coming up for me. Tantric Twin seems to be a metaphysical name these Master Crystals are known by, but they are also simply Twin Crystals.

Twin Crystals help in building relationships of all kinds and can be used in meditation to receive clarity and insight on hidden challenges within relationships and the ways in which you can heal them. They can directly help you to heal things in your relationships or even the relationship with yourself, as well as support relationships build on solid foundations. They can hold space for tough conversations within your relationships, to assist in communicating more from the heart and with compassion, patience, and loving presence.

When rainbows appear in the Tantric Twin Crystals, as with mine, this is very useful to project healing energy into the relationship, infused with lightness, joy, and optimism.strawberry lemurian2

Tantric Twin Crystals are two of the same length (or nearly the same) growing together from a single root/common base and work with the energy of Soul Mates or Soul Partners (people your soul is connected to that assist with mutual soul evolution – these can be friends, romantic, family, co-workers and you can have many), Twin Souls/Flames (two parts of the same soul that split into Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that feel like completion when they come together – not necessarily different genders but more Yin/Yang relationships that complement one another rather than being exact duplicates), and romantic relationships, but also help us attract like-minded people, and to work with that Twin energy within each of us of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in wholeness. They will also bring energy to help strengthen and deepen the relationship we are already currently in and enhance connection within the special bonds we have.strawberry lemurian

There is no separation or true boundary between the Twin Crystals.

To learn more about Strawberry Lemurians please visit my article: Strawberry Lemurian Seed Crystals ~ The Scarlet Temple to the Heart and Beyond

tibetan quartz2The second Crystal to share is one I’ve also written about before – a Tibetan Quartz with Rainbows. I have one other one of these, so now they each have a friend. This particular one is a Self-Healed Crystal (meaning it will assist in healing of the self on all levels since it contains the wisdom of how to do this) and has an alive, moving water bubble inside, which you can’t see in the photos.

I have one other Crystal like this – a Herkimer Diamond. Having the millions of years old trapped water bubble makes it a special healer to work with the emotional body and your deepest essence self. It will help illuminate and stimulate the ability to see in the darker parts within self, face fears, remove emotional and energetic chords, release old emotional patterns, and understand the layers of who you are in a core way.tibetan quartz

This new Tibetan Quartz feels like a mother and child energy and so it mirrors the connection I have with my two bunny loves and even with this aspect of self-nurturing with my own inner child I’m engaging in a new way right now within my self. There is even a very tiny small growth underneath that is beginning to birth from inside the mother – you can actually see the core of it inside the mother and then the outward protrusion stemming out. And another small point that seems to not only have grown at the bottom, but at some point might break off. It’s a very birthing with creation energy crystal and full of nurturing love. All really awesome energetically for new growth, expansion, abundance, fresh opportunities, and rebirthing.

To learn more about Tibetan Quartz please visit my article: “OM” Vibration Tibetan Quartz ~ Perfect Grounding with Expansion Crystal

selenite flower2And the third and last Crystal to share about is my new find (at least new to me). It is a Golden Selenite Flower and is so amazingly Cosmic and magickal, I get chills each time I pick it up and did right away when I saw it. The first one I picked up of the ones I saw was the one that came home with me. It is also known as Golden Ray Selenite. If my memory serves me correct, which I can’t rely on these days, I think I remember the woman I purchased it from sharing that this particular kind comes from Canada.

This is a completely natural formation that will carry the energy of Selenite, but with additional metaphysical properties due to its golden essence.

Golden (Ray) Selenite are powerful, beautiful, and high vibrational Crystals that have come to light calling in the highest frequency of white light and the Golden Ray of Buddha, some say, storing Ancient Priestess teachings and can be used for a variety of metaphysical purposes – making them excellent for any healing environment.

It connects to the Solar Plexus, Third Eye, Heart, and Crown Chakras, helping to integrate, open, and activate them. This supports us in creatively manifesting what is from our heart, directing our will in a loving, joyful manner. We are then able to create our reality based on intention, trust, and joyful wisdom.

It helps you to become attuned to, and harmonized with, your soul purpose for this lifetime.

Focuses are on joy, manifestation, and creation/creative energies and are really good for digestive issues and addictions, as the dis-ease of one’s will.

I’m just so enraptured by this Crystal. There’s something very much like home about it to me. Literally every time I pick it up I’m filled with chills, as mentioned. There’s something both inner Earth and Cosmic about it and no wonder as Selenite is an embodiment of “As Above, So Below”.selenite flower

The first night I slept with it upon arrival home, I had a very interesting dream in Egypt.

I found this particularly interesting information online about Selenite connections to Alabaster that could have some connection to that in a literal way: “…one theory on the origin of the word “Alabaster” links it to the use of the stone to create ritual vessels sacred to the goddess Bast in ancient Egypt. But generally, the name “Selenite” isn’t used to refer to Alabaster, even though they are the same mineral.” ~Selenite by Oraia Helene

I hope you enjoy exploring these Crystals and that perhaps with each piece I share, you might find something that speaks to you and maybe even a Crystal friend that might be calling. I find that once you have the intent to find a particular Crystal, it will find you!

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