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Celebrating the Full Moon – Lunar Eclipse Super Moon in Sagitarrius


Avalon, Catalina Island

I had a really beautiful day yesterday in the port city of Avalon, Catalina Island. It was a great way to kick off the Sagitarrius Full Moon Energy (I happen to have my Moon in Sagitarrius) and tonight we’re planning dinner and a Full Moon hike with a group we put together (to continue with the energy) and today, heading down to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano for outdoor explorations. Can’t think of better ways right now that feel energetically enlivening to me.

Yesterday was so perfect, as the weather couldn’t have been more made-to-order. The boat ride to and from was full of young kids who were full of laughter, fun, and high energy, which mirrored the exuberant, inner child energy of this Sagittarius Moon and a good approach to seeing things lightly, humorously, and through the eyes of unlimited, imaginative possiblities.

cat32We decided to roam and relax, take in the city, check out some cool shops – our favorite was Bay of Seven Moons that had beautiful crystal and stone jewelry, teak Buddha statues, and more eclectic sacred fun. We walked and sat by the water. We even discovered Cafe Metropole, which was a wonderful vegan gem find where we enjoyed homemade creations – the soup being our favorite – Curried Lentil with Lemon Zest. Wow! And a woman in the courtyard saw us admiring and unable to take our hands off this velvety plant (which we’re still trying to figure out the name of) told us we could go ahead and take one home to plant, which we did. And the day ended with a greeting from a huge pod of about a hundred dolphins on the way back home.

catalinaNeedless to say, I’m feeling refreshed and is exactly what felt supportive to the work I’m engaged in right now.

Briefly, as promised, wanted to just highlight a few things with the Full Moon energy for you. It is a Lunar Eclipse Super Moon in Sagitarrius, as astrologers call it. Sagitarrius is a fire sign and is a mutable way of expression, represents to us the things that motivate and passionately drive us to meaning in our life – the fuel to our fire. And is an expansive, integrative, higher mind and wisdom, belief, vision and optimistic energy to our consciousness that brings these things to light and the forefront of our attention.

Any false or limiting beliefs, old ideas and visions, anything no longer serving your greatest growth and path, are being brought into focus during this Full Moon. Transformation is necessary to achieve those passions. Things may seem distorted and exaggerated, so you will have to utilize your ability to see through to the core of things so as not to get caught up in the chatter. All unresolved emotional issues and things not yet integratively healed get illuminated.

cat3The Sun is also in Gemini and Neptune is in Pisces (interestingly again, I have Neptune in Pisces). This all lets us know to slow down and take heed of things so you can become clear in what you are actually feeling and thinking before taking action, making decisions, and even allowing triggers to incite you. Neptune in Pisces has the ability to distort your way of seeing things because it is such a mutable, flowy, imaginary energy..however it is also the energy of a visionary and so you can “see” your way through, if you embrace the energy and not fight it. That may mean to just be patient and relax, and wait for clarity and things to settle.

Take some conscious time off to just receive, like I am, and you will regain more connective focus.

Try not to take things personally, as this is a sensitive time period as well and conflicts can erupt if you aren’t staying present and mindful of the energy that is just moving through.

cat30The Sun in Gemini asks us to look at both sides and to now integrate things with our higher mind from that place of detached, unconditional love and compassion for self and others. It is an air element, so the mind comes into play a lot here and the tendency to over-analyze. Don’t get lost in the mind chatter and the word games or tit for tat . Listen well with your heart before you reply and respond.

Take note of things coming into closure and cycles of completion. Celebrate the symbolic doors opening and closing and doing so in harmony. Be ready to let go and to be ready for new, expansive opportunities in the process. Dream big and don’t lose sight of who you are at heart. Keep on your path, as things are shifting, and take care of yourself inside and out to keep enlivened through the process. Be open for change in all forms!

Mystic Mamma always has some great thoughts from astrologers that are highlighted. You can find more insightful information on the Full Moon energy here:

Lunar Eclipse SuperMoon in Sagitarrius May 24th-25th, 2013 from Mystic Mamma

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