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Transmutational Empowerment ~ Ancient Symbolism Weaving a Sacred Tattoo Design

Edward Sacred Tattoo Design


With such a full schedule in the last few months, I’ve been quite back-logged on work and even posting work. So much so, the Universe even supported me in providing time while on my way to Peru to work on a design when it had me missing my flight (more on that with my upcoming trip share). I somehow knew on some level, as I had brought my work along with me – something I never do. ūüėČ

As I settle back in, I’m getting caught up on things now and able to share some of the pieces. I’m so grateful to all of my clients who have been in flow with timing on things and for your patience. It truly always IS in Divine order and without the rushing, makes for some really lovely aligned channeling.

Today’s share, a piece I did a while back, is for one of my male clients where we were creating a piece to sit at the top, back portion of lower neck and upper back. Egyptian energy was abound, infused with a little stylized Native American Indian symbolism and Sacred Geometry.

What came through was more of a powerful emanation, if that makes sense. He has a strong energy and that is definitely the essence in the symbolism involved, but I felt that we could radiate the energy so that it softens a bit…since he mentioned how people seem threatened by his rougher appearance and was wanting to shift that

So while this symbolism is powerful, it is also feels like a balance of Divine and Sacred Male and Female with some harder lines and sharper edges, including sacred geometry, mixed also with circular flow and pulsating from within energy.

I also got that ‚Äúless is more‚ÄĚ for him, as it didn‚Äôt feel right to keep layering a bunch of things and symbolism in excess. He/the design sort of speak for themselves and create a portal that draws you in, as well as is a portal for creation, transformation, focus, clarity, balance, creativity, awakening, flow…

The design is 9 ¬Ĺ‚ÄĚ length and 6‚ÄĚ at the widest point. The way it‚Äôs created, it leaves room and ability to add on to more back pieces that can integrate with it easily with the softer edges.

The design includes a giant Ankh at center that everything stems from and is integrated into, but it is stylized and at top the Flower of Life, with Scarab holding the Flower of Life energy, just like it usually holds the Sun disk (and there is still that hint of design that doubles in the Flower of Life/Sun energy here. The Scarab’s wings are in full expansion, creating a flame-like quality that is lighting the Cosmic essence within, integrated with the flesh and body.

It then emanates out and creates the Web of Life holding everything within the two arms of the Ankh that merge into a Dream Catcher.

The idea is that the top would sit at the top center of his upper back, with the point/top of Ankh and Flower of Life stretching slightly/flowing up into the very bottom portion of the neck/throat chakra. The rest would flow down over the higher heart and drawing energy to the heart.

Energy is also moving both up and down, left and right.

Here is some information on some of the universal symbolism, which I’ve shared before:

Scarab:¬†¬†Beetles symbolize progress, simplicity, persistence, stability, methodical, contemplative, practical, grounded, potential, security, protection, solidarity energy. They move with bellies always close to the earth, and so their wisdom is sacred and deep. They are connected to the core of earth, and so they are rooted in their knowledge about the way of life and nature. Beetles also talk to us about steady, gradual progress.¬† Observing them, they do nothing without pragmatic, methodical movement. Beetles also remind us of the simple things in life, and point our attention to the magic in the small.¬† Beetles can tame us because of their simple, unassuming presence. The symbolic meaning of beetles in countless cultures, also offers protection.¬† Their own hard shells do more than just convey glimmering beauty ‚Äď they protect.

Beetles impart messages such as:

‚ÄúGet to the root of your desire‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúBe practical in your expectations of progress‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúFind stability in simplicity‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúAnchor yourself in honest, true, natural ways‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúAllow yourself to be tamed by the small and gentle.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúScarabs are a symbol of resurrection/rebirth, transformation and protection. This is especially true in Egypt, where symbols were much more than simple drawings, they were reminders of men‚Äôs true nature ‚Äď the spiritual life.

It is clear that the symbolism of the scarab refers to transformation ‚Äď the transformation of the soul from physical to non-physical, from ignorant of its nature to wise. Egyptian represented the concept of immortality and resurrection (resurrection of the soul, not the flesh) through the image of the scarab beetle, and therefore, they created seals, amulets and talismans, which served as tools to inform those who carried them about these concepts.

It is important to point out that the real ‚Äúpower‚ÄĚ of the talismans and amulets was never the object itself, but rather, the knowledge it contained. A person who is imbued with the spirit of immortality and transformation does not fear death (or fear itself). Since fear is one of things that prevent people from achieving their ideals, those who do not fear are the ones who make history, so it is the knowledge that protects, the amulets and talismans are mere instruments through which the knowledge is revealed.

Egyptians observed how the young scarabs emerge from a ball of dung until mysteriously, the scarab becomes aware of a pair of wings which had always been there, and they courageously fly away to explore life outside the dung. When they discover they have wings they then fly away towards their true nature… The Egyptian tradition taught that everything that happens in nature is a microcosm of universal truths, like imprints of the divine reflected in the physical world; therefore, they used the natural phenomena to understand spiritual phenomena.

The brief life of the scarab, then, reveals a beautiful message ‚Äď just like the scarab beetle lives among the feces until it discovers its hidden wings. The human soul is also trapped in the physical world (symbolized by the dung ball) until it discovers its ability to fly.

Rebirth is symbolized in this moment in which the scarab finally abandons the dung ball to be born in another reality and into its true essence. Egyptian scarabs are all about building our best, most incredible opportunities from the ‚Äúpoop‚ÄĚ around us. The sun was a big deal to ancient Egyptians, with the ability to yield bumper crops, or bear down so brightly as to blight growth entirely. Scarabs utilize the power of the sun by rolling up their eggs in mud or dung. The hot sun bakes the little mud balls ‚Äď essentially incubating their eggs. Pretty resourceful way to hatch babies. The Egyptian scarab also specifically represents luck in the form of solar power. And so, not only is the scarab lucky because of its own ingenuity, it‚Äôs also symbolic of rebirthing into a new dawn of life.

The scarab beetle was also associated to god Khepri, who was regarded as an aspect of the sun god Ra. Sun gods embody the role of the sun in a solar system; like the sun, which makes all the flowers in the planet blossom, sun gods make all wisdom emerge among humans in periods of intellectual darkness (they are considered humans who have reached the human ideal through many incarnations).‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Excerpts from The Symbolic Meaning of the Scarab Beetle ‚Äď Egyptian Symbolism by Thais Campos

And ANKH: The deeper we look into Nature, the more we come to the realization that there is an invisible life force which permeates all realms of creation. This mysterious life force, or Key of Life, was acknowledged, honored and respected by the Ancient Egyptians and was depicted in their artwork and hieroglyphs by way of the Symbol of the Ankh.

The Ankh, which  represents the eternal process of creating, consists of a T-Shaped Cross surmounted by a Loop.

The T-Shaped Cross Symbolizes the masculine active Seed. The Loop Symbolizes the feminine receptive Womb.

These two principles, when united, bring forth creation, birth and Events throughout all of the seen and unseen realms of the universe.

The ‚ÄúT‚ÄĚ, as the the masculine aspect of creation, is similar¬†to the Symbolism of the Tau cross, the double-headed Axe¬†and the hammer of Thor. All of these Symbols contain Three¬†extremities. Three is the first masculine number. Three also¬†represents the Trinity¬†of Creation.

The Loop, as the feminine aspect of creation, is Symbolic of the birth passageway from which all created, or manifested, life emerges.

When the Tau Cross and the Loop are combined they form the image of a key; a key which the Egyptian Neters, the Divine Principles of Nature, hold in their hands.

The Ankh, or Key of Life, therefore Symbolizes the eternal process of continual creation and perpetual manifestation by way of the union of masculine and feminine aspects of Divinity.

In this respect the Ankh is the Breath of Life, the Hermetic Logos and the Aether of the Alchemists which instills life (the soul), into all living matter. Therefore it also represents the Spiritual DNA which stands forever ready to manifest life  throughout all of the visible and invisible realms of the cosmos.

This ever-present and ever-active life force, Symbolized by the¬†Ankh, is eternally and perpetually alive and available throughout¬†all realms of the cosmos. It is a Power which exists¬†whether or not¬†mental or physical ‚Äúlife‚ÄĚ is currently being manifested at any specific¬†point in the universe.

In Egyptian artwork we often see one of the Neters holding the¬†Ankh to the nostrils of a person. This gesture, on behalf of a¬†specific Neter, is the bestowing of the ‚Äúbreath of life‚ÄĚ to that¬†particular person. This is Symbolic of the ‚Äúbreath of life‚ÄĚ, or soul,¬†which enters into our body at birth and which will eventually leave¬†our body when our Current Incarnation¬†comes to its end.

We also see artwork of Neters gazing into Mirrors¬†which are¬†in the shape of the Ankh through which they can view the¬†reflections, results and Consequences¬†of the persons, places,¬†things and Events¬†into which they have temporarily instilled¬†the ‚Äúbreath of life‚ÄĚ.

Egyptian men and women wore amulets in the shape of the¬†Ankh in honor of this Divine Creative Process and also to serve¬†as a reminder to be cautious of the Consequences which can¬†result from Thoughts, deeds, Words¬†and Actions¬†which they¬†are responsible for ‚Äúgiving life to‚ÄĚ.

Dream Catcher:¬†The dream catcher can also be a medicine wheel and with specific intention, with all the parts of the dream catcher having meaning. ¬†To begin, the web represent the spider forever repairing the eternal web of life.¬† Thus weaving your life dreams and energy in the universe when you dream. ¬†The ring represents the earth mother and the humble walk we do upon her. As we believe that we are related to all things and that all things are part of us then the Dream Catcher and medicine wheel is a representation of such sacred belief. The ring and the woven web represent love, honesty and purity.¬† All of the elements of the dream catcher together represent the earth, fire and water. Things we need to live. It represents the ability to be love and to love, to take the risk and get out of the nest and fly on your own, the ability to live beyond your shadows. The web is from the spider whose web represents the cycles of life ‚Äď in each time of life there are many forces that can help or can interfere with the harmony of Nature. The web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center, to be used to help yourself and others reach their goals, making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions. If you believe in the Great Spirit, the web will filter your good ideas and the bad ones will be trapped and will not pass. The legend of the Dream Catcher is that it captures the bad Spirits and filters them. Protecting us from evil and letting through only the good dreams. ¬†It is believed that each carefully woven web will catch bad spirit dreams in the web and disappear by perishing with the first light of the morning sun. The good spirit dreams will find their way to the center and float down the sacred feather. Dream Catchers are believed to bless the ‚Äúsleeping ones‚ÄĚ with pleasant dreams, good luck, and harmony throughout their lives. It is how lessons ¬†were remembered and where visions were received. It is said that when you get a good night sleep you can remember when the spirit has talked to you.

Flower of Life: a sacred geometry symbol embodying ancient fundamental essences of space and time, the life connection woven through all sentient beings, and the foundations of all living things Рa template from which all life springs.


If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred visionary piece of artwork or tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

There is currently a waiting list, but you can easily make your deposit at the link provided below to embark on this journey in partnership with me. I’m currently booked out until June.

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: Life Changing Tattoos

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

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Spiritual Skin Holiday Gift Ideas & 20% Off Sacred Designs – A New Paradigm of You is Here!

As we edge closer to the completion of 2012, thoughts turn to the seeds we are each planting to create the evolutionary leaps of transformation we desire, both personally and collectively. A new paradigm of experience knocks at the door for our embracing. And what lies beyond the threshold is a new realm of conscious creation.

Sacred tattoos have increasingly been on the rise with the shifts taking place, especially this year of 2012. I have seen both myself and many clients experience huge transformations, openings, empowerment, and freedom through the birthing of their “Spiritual Skin.”

I’ve been so proud of the courageous embracing these beautiful souls have gone through and LOVE the stories they share of how their lives have changed in powerful ways for the better after getting their sacred tattoos. SO BEAUTIFUL!

I got two very powerful portal/gateway beacon tattoos of my own this year and had some out-of-this-world experiences take place within and without, including even in tandem with direct Earth shifts at the time of their birthing. And I’ve continued to have amazing experiences with direct channeling and manifestations linked with the integration of their energies with mine.

2012 has really been an awakening and transmuting for many and I’ve been able to directly observe how the tattoo scene has evolved back into the sacred art form it originated as. I also have had direct experience of hearing how people’s ideas and judgments have been transformed. Big stuff and I LOVE this!

Everything is energy and the energy is what comes through intent-fully chosen tattoos. They simply embody magick. Not separate, not defining, and not altering of who you are at the core, but are an extension of your energy expressed through you so that others can feel who you are and see with new eyes a whole picture that exists. They also help to activate and empower more of who you are at the core with the power of their intentful symbolism.

This has the ability to assist in DNA shifting/aligning and accessing portal experiences, which in turn collectively has healing benefits and openings – VERY MUCH aligned with the December Gateways we are approaching and what 2012 has been focused on preparing us for.

And, like I shared in my post Some Cool Tattoo Facts & Statistics РTransforming Lives One Tattoo at a Time:

As our inner and outer worlds continue to rapidly change, more and more people are being drawn into the world of body art, especially with the shift in perspective on how tattoos can actually help support a new reality of experience in your life. Sacred tattoos that are consciously and intuitively chosen in a way that most supports the intentions, needs and empowered healing you desire are increasingly becoming the new paradigm of tattoos that mirrors the now.

Several have contacted me about new empowering tattoos they are wanting, as we near the end of 2012. These to mirror their huge transformations and courageous leaps they are making, and to assist with the new they are seeding.

With the approach of 12/12/12 I keep feeling called to be of greater service in the ways I have to give and so I am offering a 20% discount ($25 off) on my sacred tattoo design fees for anyone who would like an empowering spiritual tattoo to embody your intents, as you walk through the last 2012 gateways of the year. You can take advantage of this special until 12/12/12.

For information on the consultation process, my regular fees, and testimonials visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

All of the designs and completed tattoos you see in this post are designs I have channeled and helped to birth. (Click on each to enlarge for detail) To view more examples of sacred tattoo designs I have helped co-create with my clients please visit: Sacred Tattoo Designs

Each design is a custom creation that manifests from the inspiration received through open and vulnerable energetic sharing between myself and my clients. The greater the openness, the greater the flow between us to co-create the mirroring design of your soul.

I will be away facilitating a trip in Bimini from 12/15 until 12/22, so I will not be able to receive requests during that time, having no email or phone access. So if you would like to have the design created before then, keep this in mind. Otherwise, you can utilize your design services upon my return.

A personalized sacred tattoo design is a powerful way to honor yourself and can also be a unique and meaningful gift to someone in your life that is embarking on this journey of sacred body art. Gift certificates available.

And for the tattoo aficionado in your life, or if you are interested in a new paradigm of tattoos that mirrors the collective shifts, Spiritual Skin may be the perfect gift of empowerment.

Many who have been on the path of getting their first tattoo, or wanting to bring more meaning, spirituality, and power into their next tattoo, have read this book. They shared how they found it to be supportive in understanding how much more a tattoo is than they thought and found it helpful to begin their process of an intent-fully designed tattoo.

You can purchase a paperback copy at Amazon with free shipping for the holidays here: Spiritual Skin

Wishing everyone continued support with all of the changes you are making and peace, love, and grace to assist the process beautifully.

If you have any questions, would like to purchase a certificate, or would like to begin your sacred tattoo journey you can email me at 

Egyptian Sacred Tattoo Design – Layers of Symbolism in Elegant Simplicity

Custom Egyptian Sacred Tattoo Design

Symbols work in the most amazing way. They are like codes to speak directly with the divine mind. ~Christopher Penczak

I’ve been in process of designing some empowering sacred tattoos for an amazingly courageous, conscious client who I honor deeply. She has been experiencing the transformative power of her “Spiritual Skin” portals in incredible ways. The soul sisterhood we have reawakened and nurtured in this process has enabled such a beautiful and clear channel of trust, honor, respect and unconditional love to flow. These are the root foundations that not only make for a powerful partnering, but allow for clarity of the energy to manifest beautifully.

“I strongly and passionately believe that Sacred Skin – Tattoos – are a potent, powerful, remarkable, miraculous process of transforming reality.¬† I am so drawn to it, and so moved by it – like nothing else!¬† Working with you is like working with my own heart,” shares my beautiful client. (read her full testimonial below)

In co-creative collaboration with her, and in partnership with her spiritually-attuned tattoo artist, we are supporting her beautiful journey into the heart of her power. I love her enthusiasm, openness and readiness to step up and forward. Each piece we design, she has embodied immediately into her experience and on her skin. Amazing!

This is the third piece we have manifested through our intimate journey together of unveiling the core of her energetic intents. This sacred design came through boldly and with purity and clarity, conveying a¬†simple elegance and powerful grace ‚Äď regal even.

Egyptian imagery is very precise, but embodies layers of symbolism, so this was not a surprise to me.

I was immediately excited when she approached me about this new piece, feeling the energy even before any vision was received or knowing what would come through. And we both embraced the process of patient percolation to allow the perfect symbolism to channel in its own timing. Every sacred tattoo is unique in its own way and carries a vibration relative to the soul who will embody it.

Without going into the personal meanings this tattoo has for its wearer, I will share that in its simplicity it is¬†simultaneously deeply rooted in all of the symbolism of the Egyptian Goddesses Hathor and Ma’at and, in essence, all of the things my client is bringing more into her experience. This is represented through the stylized sun disc and horns of Hathor and the feathers of Ma’at.¬†It combines these¬†powerful symbols with the Egyptian Lotus.

Hathor is the Goddess of love, beauty, the arts, music, dance, joy, fertility, motherhood, and divine feminine. She can be fierce and protective in her mother role, as well as is Queen of the Heavens, the night sky and day sky – ¬†along with the Goddess Nut she is associated with the Milky Way¬†during the third millennium B.C. The four legs of the celestial cow representing Hathor could be seen as the pillars on which the sky was supported with the stars on their bellies constituting the Milky Way on which Ra, representing the sun, sailed.¬†At times Hathor is the Eye of Ra¬†and considered his daughter, wife, but also Ra’s mother.¬†Horus the Elder, an early form of Horus – God of light – sometimes was the son, or the husband of Hathor. (the Egyptian pantheon of Gods and Goddesses is in intricate interwoven web.)

Ma’at is the Goddess of truth, justice, morality, harmony, and balance. Her feather represents both love and truth. The hieroglyph that meant “love” is called the feathers of Maat, and features two or three feathers close together. Her feather was also the feather of truth and the measure that determined whether the souls (considered to reside in the heart) of the departed would reach the paradise of afterlife successfully.

I stylized the disc and horns with crossed feathers at top of the disc to represent the weighing of truth and integrative, empowered balance between all duality within and without that create wholeness and unity. The feathers also representing love and the lightness of heart that grace life in flight, sitting atop the sun disc Рor an eye of light. This sits between Hathor’s mothering horns and her celestial pillars to the sky and Milky Way.

The lotus flower is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth. Because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again. According to one creation myth it was a giant lotus which first rose out of the watery chaos at the beginning of time. From this giant lotus the sun itself rose on the first day. It is a symbol of Upper Egypt, but often it was shown with its long stems intertwined with papyrus reeds (a symbol of Lower Egypt), as representation of the unification of the two lands.

All this symbolism (and more) to say how something seemingly simplistic can embody so much potency. These symbols contained in sacred tattoo designs are encoded keys that go directly to the divine heart and soul to activate, awaken, transform… personal portals to empowered experiences.

If interested in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design in partnership with me, you can contact to begin the journey. Visit What is a Tattoo Design Consultation for more information.


About the Sacred Journey of Spiritual Skin Tattoos with Tania Marie:

To me, getting tattoos has always been about the spiritual meaning of them.  I would get to a point in my life when I would want to have a design that would signify an important accomplishment or change in my life. 

I have searched through many different means, ways to transform my life.  I have never experienced anything as powerful and life-altering in a positive way as the experience of tattoos as Sacred and Spiritual. 

I began to try to find out if anyone else had these same experiences, if anyone else cared about the Sacred and Spiritual Energetic shifts that can occur with Tattoos.  In my searching, I found Tania Marie who wrote a beautiful book called Spiritual Skin РSacred Tattoos More Than Skin Deep.  I was drawn to her book by the title, and it enhanced my experience even more.

Eventually, I was compelled to email Tania and discuss the possibility of having her work with me to design some Sacred Tattoos for me. 

It is almost impossible to put into words what this experience has meant and continues to mean to me in my personal life.  The process of co-creating with Tania, Sacred Skin that is meaningful and life-changing, is so much more than just designing a beautiful tattoo.  So much more than mere ink on skin.  Any good artist can create a beautiful design.  But I know of no one who does the kind of work that Tania does. 

Working with Tania is like working with someone on a different plane – someone who takes what you say about who you are, and listens to the energy behind your words.¬† Tania has the beautiful ability and gift of being able to read a client’s energy and also to read the energy that is coming through from the universe that is most needed for the journey of wholeness to be made complete in the sacred tattoo design.

My heart and soul trusts this woman with complete openness and faith in her incredible ability to truly listen.  This is a rare, rare gift, and it shows in the designs she creates for me.

My life has changed, and continues to change, in miraculous ways due to the Spiritual Skin designed by Tania Marie especially for me.  These Sacred Designs are so much more than beautiful ink on skin Рthey truly are portals to different depths of experience of the fullness and wholeness of life.

I am blessed and honored beyond measure to be a part of such a Sacred and Transformative Process Рworking with this beautiful human being to bring in the healing designs that are what I need at that time. 

May you be blessed with your choice to work with this truly gifted and spiritual woman.  You will never regret one second of this choice.

In peace and love,
Mari Braveheart-Dances

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