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End of Year Reminders As You Breathe Into Closure of 2015 & Welcome in 2016

I’m sure that everyone has their days full right now with holiday festivities and end of the year closure to things.

I’m in the midst of my own long list of to-do’s too, but making it as fun and peaceful as possible. I have my music playing, as I dance in my chair and sing while I work and go about things. 🙂

Since the rest of this week and weekend is quite full here – finishing up lots of work, tons of errands, lots of Christmas food prep for our quiet, but decadent Christmas Eve dinner, a Christmas day family gathering, quiet Full Moon Christmas evening ritual to ourselves, and workshop prep for Sunday’s full day of Crystal Magick – I’m putting out these last reminders on a few things winding down here and coming up!

Remember that I’m only here another 18 more days! That’s less than 3 weeks!

So while you’re breathing your way through your own end-of-year festivities and to-do’s, here are some things that might be an empowering and inspiring part of the new energy you’re intending to embody and activate for the year ahead!


  • If you’re local or in the area and still want to join the Crystal Magick Workshop on Sunday the 27th you can still do so. This is a full day workshop and includes manual, pendulum, and crystal with registration. Any past students who want to come for free review I’m also opening this day to, since it’s the last in the area. Please message and register with me before Christmas. Still hoping the weather is nice for an outdoor experience. But come rain or shine this will still be held in my new sacred space.



  • I am going to be offering a BIG gift giveaway in 2016 to my courageous and committed clients who have partnered with me, and do partner with me, on a Five-Week Intensive of Intuitive Energy Guidance – spiritual coaching sessions. This also to be announced in my next newsletter. Very exciting! For now, remember that if you book this commitment to yourself (perhaps a way to honor the intents you have for the New Year) by 12/31 you’ll receive a free 1/2 hour session. Plus, you’ll automatically be in on the giveaway to be announced.


  • And lastly, Sunday, January 3rd will be the last Reiki workshop before I leave. This is a Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop and can be attended by both past students (for free) and new students. I have room for only one more person however.


Happy Winter and “wintering” to everyone!

December Reminders

I’ll make this brief, as I’m focused on completing projects and winding things down for 2015, along with my time left here in Southern California.

Here are the last workshops available for those of you in the area, along with other important shifts to keep in mind:

  • I’ll be teaching the last Crystal Magick Workshop here on Sunday, December 27th. This will be held outdoors on the beach, weather permitting. Only 2 spots left.


  • I’ll be teaching the last Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop here on Sunday, January 3rd here in Newport Beach. Only 1 spot left.


  • Beginning January 1st, 2016 my sacred tattoo design rate will be increasing, as a reflection of the work/energy involved with these continuing to increase and my time/energy available continues to lessen. I am still offering this service, for now, as there’s been a huge influx of clients over the last couple of years really needing the support with this and so as long as Spirit guides my place being here to help with this, I will. However, there may soon come a point that I might only work with past clients and referrals. That said, I know a lot of you have expressed wanting to co-create a design with me and these are things to keep in mind if you actually do feel this is your calling that would assist in empowering your path.


  • While we’re traveling for the indefinite period of time we will be in the RV, you’ll be able to receive any training or support desired by requesting and booking a Private Immersion Retreat with me in the area I am in. Please visit this link to understand the scope of this and all the benefits and options available to you: Private Immersion Retreats


  • If none of the above works for you, but you are looking for that one-on-one support in one or various areas of your life needing clarity, healing, empowerment, and support then you can at any time book sessions with me over the phone to receive exactly what you’re looking for. This will be the best way to work with me and available to anyone, anywhere, as it can be done via phone or Skype. Again, please visit this link to understand the full scope of what I can offer to you, who this is good for, the benefits, and options available to you: Intuitive Energy Guidance/Coaching If anything is unclear or you’d like to discuss how I can assist you and aren’t sure where to start or what to focus on, but are resonating with and drawn to work with me, please contact me so we can shine some light on this for you and create a direction/plan of action that will best support immediate needs and overall benefit: Contact Tania – Remember that if you book one of the packages with me this month, you’ll receive a free 1/2 hour session as a gift for your commitment.


I think I covered things, but if you have any questions please message me so I may assist you.

Crystal Elixirs Available

crystal elixirIf you’re interested in a special Crystal Elixir, message me.

I have enough of my potent and magickal batch I made Winter Solstice/New Moon for just 2 more people in a dropper form, as seen in photo, and 1 in a spray form.

I didn’t realize how large the mother batch was that I made, as I have plenty for me and was able to give some to several people already. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. LOL!

I can also make custom elixirs.

All of these are $22 each + shipping.

We have a New Moon coming up this Tuesday, which would be another potent time for creating one.


For more info on Crystal Elixirs and the Winter Solstice/New Moon’s crystal elixir energy please visit:

Creating Alchemy with Crystal Elixirs of Liquid Light

Tomorrow’s Crystal Magick Workshop is going to a blast because one of the things I teach is how to create these lovelies. So perhaps my students will enjoy making some of their own this New Moon!!

Creating Alchemy with Crystal Elixirs of Liquid Light


Herkimer Diamond and Andaras in the light

I shared about crystal elixirs quite a while back, but felt inspired to again.

On the Winter Solstice New Moon of 2014, I was guided to create a new crystal elixir, which I’ve been taking since Christmas Eve. I hadn’t made one for some time now, so I found the intuitive nudge to be important to follow, which came out of the blue.

I’ve made different combinations before, some of which had many crystal essences providing their love. And each of them for different purposes that were aligned with and appropriate for that current time period they were created and my/others’ needs.

But this one I created on the Winter Solstice I knew was to be of a very special essence that would support taking things to another level.

It is a very pure, potent, extremely high vibrational essence, created only from three crystals that communicated to me their desire immediately:

  1. A very powerful, clear-essence Herkimer Diamond with millions of years old, alive water bubble inside of it and tiny rainbows
  2. An Opalescent Pink Andara with rainbow inside of it that embodies the nature of the Sacred Feminine, the highest heart wisdom, great mystery of the Shekina, energy of the dove and rose, wisdom of the inner Sophia, embodiment of the Goddess in form
  3. A Celestial Gold Andara with crystal clear purity that embodies pure light at the atomic level, represents a grand shift from a world of reflections to radiant light


    Herkimer Diamond and Andaras out of direct sunlight reveals rainbow inside Pink Andara

Feels like liquid diamond light essence filled with love.

I did a sacred crystal elixir ritual that day of the Solstice New Moon, leaving the creation out in the garden for 24 hours to work its alchemy under the Moon and Sun light. These crystal elixirs contain the “vibration” of the intent, infusions, and energies present within the crystals, what I infuse, and from the elements, and energies abound that are invited.

I directed energy into the elixir from outside the glass bowl with three other very special and powerful crystals of mine…two healing wands – a Faery and Lemurian/Atlantean one, and one crystal that channels my beloved Nestor, whom not only carries a balanced energy infusing Cosmic and Earth and sacred masculine and feminine, but also is pure, unconditional love and wholeness embodied in the alchemy of our connection and her love for all.

These three crystals were placed in a triangular formation pointing in to the essence mixture, to activate and draw more energy to it, infusing a lot of magick and intention that I programmed and invited.

Three seemed the magickal number, on many levels, including transmutation and the Middle Way.

Crystal elixirs are very powerful and not necessarily for everyone, unless you’re accustomed to the energy or are ready and inviting of the changes they can facilitate. Even how much is used, when to use it, or whether to use it externally, internally, or in your environment, are all things to consider.

I’ve found them to be very aligned for me, as their energy is not dense like other forms we can take (ex: supplements, powders, etc) that may not be as aligned with our bodies anymore, and don’t create results anymore.

But they ARE powerful. The instant I placed one drop on my tongue of this essence, I felt altered. And since taking it, things have been shifting a LOT internally, supporting a recalibration on the inside, that is going to take shape and manifest on the outside eventually. Right now a lot is percolating internally and being cleansed, which is helping to sift through things to the purest alignments only. That is exactly what I intended and welcome, however that needs to manifest or whatever the process is to get there.

But that may not be such a welcome experience for everyone.

This particular elixir is working at a very accelerated vibration that the parts of you will need to catch up to in order to be in harmonious balance and flow at the same level – this may induce what is like a cleansing, detoxing, or reorganization that can be as easy and as graceful as you are ready to embrace or that matches the work you’ve done to prepare for it, but there are other elixirs I’ve created that have been focused on grounding, integrating, or nurturing specific energies only.

Likely, if you’ve been drawn to a crystal elixir like this, then on some level you are ready, even if you find yourself fighting it, and at any moment you can shift the experience of that recalibration and aligning taking place when you fully take accountable responsibility.

Crystal elixirs are one way to assist the integrative journey of shifting that our DNA restructuring has been undergoing. Some people area also drawn to flower essences and essential oils (to name a couple).

Many may be experiencing blow outs or increased healing crises at this time and may find that the old ways that used to work in helping to heal, no longer are, and alternative ways of nurturing support, more aligned with our current energy may be of more benefit now. This is because our bodies are operating at a different frequency and denser things no longer match our new vibrations. The DNA shifts are raising our frequencies and energies into becoming more crystalline and light form.

And our temple bodies need fortifying to match the frequency of our vibrations and to receive the proper rebuilding reflections for the newly created divinity of being we are becoming.

Crystal elixirs, which I like to refer to them as (but many call them gem elixirs) are a means by which we can create essences of the metaphysical properties that the crystals are, through a process that utilizes these as energies in a charged elixir – a liquid mixture created intentionally that can be taken internally, applied or sprayed externally on us or in our immediate environment.

They are infusions of one or more crystals, spring or distilled water (I used the highest level of alkaline/ionized water) combined with the power of the sun, moon and any other special magickal goodies you feel drawn to incorporate into the process. They can be stored for longer durations by placing them in glass bottles (some come with droppers or sprays) and mixed with a very small percentage/ratio of alcohol (usually vodka) or apple cider vinegar – just enough to preserve it only, then stored in dark areas away from direct light and heat.

You can make a mother batch, which I did, and then create smaller bottles to use for different purposes or to share with others.

Since supplements are more dense than my current needs call for, more homeopathic and crystalline essences are much more aligned and of benefit to me right now.

These crystal elixirs are similar to flower essences in the way that they are made so that they contain the “essence” of the vibrations of the chosen crystal and stones that are used. Each crystal and stone holds different metaphysical properties and have energies that work to support and empower different things.

These high quality crystal essences work in harmony with the body by interacting with our bio-sheath and chemical and energetic physiology, and are natural and self-adjusting. When the crystals are activated by natural sun or moonlight they transfer their vibrational signature into water, creating a safe, effective supportive remedy that can be used in conjunction with, and in complement to, all other healing modalities.

They are not meant to replace professional medical advice. They need to be used with care. They need to be made with crystals that are not water-soluble and with only the safest, non-toxic crystals in order to ingest them – meaning they do not contain mercury, arsenic, copper, or other toxic substances. You can look them up in a good mineral guide if in question. They work well with children, plants and animals too.

Externally they can be gently sprayed over the body, in a room, or any space where the energy is needed. They can also be applied to specific body parts or areas needing extra healing or empowerment.

As you consume the elixir over time, the vibrational essences work on the root cause of “dis-ease” to support clearing of the issue that originally created it so that the “dis-ease” can be relieved. They can be made for immediate consumption or can be preserved and used sublingually.

The magick is in the choosing, or being chosen by, the most potent crystals for you and the intents and sacredness created around the process, as it is a VERY sacred process indeed and a very special bonding relationship that is created between the crystals and the person helping to alchemically brew and program them. So, the most important part is the crystals from which the essence will be made and there are different ways, as shared, that you can figure this out, including kinesiology testing.

They can be used singly or in cool combinations. Mixing them can really make for some potent elixir magick! This also makes it easier than having to make a lot of separate ones and taking a number of them for the desired results.

Again, crystal elixirs can be created for immediate consumption, in preserved sublingual form, or into sprays, essential oils, bath, body, or ritual oils, and used for any sacred healing purpose you desire.

I know that crystal elixirs are exactly the right energy vibrations for me to work with right now that reflect and align most optimally at this time, and are most supportive to the integration process I am in. It’s important to trust your intuition for guidance as to what is best for you.

Given my love for and relationship with crystals, this is a natural process for me and one I honor and do not take lightly as a crystal keeper, guardian, and caretaker of the Earth and her children. I feel that it is important to ask the crystals if they want to work in partnership to create an elixir, as afterall, it is their essence that they are sharing with us. And then I like to create a sacredness and reverence around the ritual creation – cleansing, charging, and programming the crystals, at their welcome to do so, and nurturing them through the whole process, since they will be nurturing me from the inside out.

In this way I can ensure having happy crystals and that makes for a beautiful partnership in crystal alchemy elixirs. 🙂


Crystal elixirs are something I teach in the Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy Workshop.

For more details on this workshop, which is being offered on January 18th, please visit: Crystal Magick

Reminders While I’m Away

h3Just a quick reminder I’ll be away starting today through Sunday for an extended Christmas break in the Desert. I’m looking forward to spending my version of the holidays at a remote little retreat spot next to the Pacific Crest Trail.

I will likely be sharing short inspirations while away, but basically won’t be back to things until Monday the 29th.

In the meantime, remember there are a few dates to keep in mind that are coming up. These include:


December 31st – Sacred Journey to Peru –  the last day to receive $200 off your trip – Full Details & Booking can be found at:

January 1st – Crystal Magick Workshop Early Registration – If registered by 1/1/ 2015: $275 (save $50) – After 1/1/2015: $325

January 11th – Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop Early Registration – If registered by 1/11/2015: $575 (save $75) – After 1/11/2015: $650


Love and magickal blessings to you!

Crystalline Enchantment ~ Crystal Guardians Come Together


The crystal guardians and their banana stand-in….our dear friend Lynne Day, whom you’ve met before in an interview I did of her and is also the sweet soul that I announced is gifting Reiki sessions toward the Nature Immersion Challenge, was so sad to not be able to join that I promised my banana (which she shares a pair to) would be center of class and this is the photo we took to send her some love!


What a week and weekend it was. I was immersed in crystalline energy and to say it was potent is an understatement. So many lovely things took place this week that have my heart in overflow.

And in contrast, there have also been some very intense things in the collective, as well as personal fields of experience.


Feather pair from Alaska

On top of that, there has been a lot of “twin energy” around recently alongside the powerful things taking place. This has been showing up a lot actually since my trip to Alaska. I remember there I found these two white feathers side by side that were a perfect matching and mirroring pair.


Shell I found Friday afternoon

The weekend after my return I found a large spiral shell on the beach – one I’ve never seen here before. It had its own symbolism, but took on another layer when Friday at the same beach I found its counterpart. More on that later.

angel feathers

Angelic feather pair from the beach yesterday

And yesterday at the beach I found another pair of twin white feathers, however these were very different. The first pair were more solid, very thick and strong…The second pair are so ethereal, so translucent, literally feel like liquid silk, and not only can you not feel them in your hand or between your fingers, but it is as if they are enchanted and were so sparkly white that it truly was as if they’d fallen from an angel.

With these white feathers it wasn’t as important to me from which bird they came, as it was the appearance of two nearly identical feathers being found as a pair, side by side and their quality that meant something special to me. And there has been more to this “twin energy” in dreams, experiences…all of it pointing to an integration of my own dual parts into greater wholeness, as well as speaking to an experience perhaps taking place that I have been feeling.

All of it is just so magickal to me and framed the magick of this weekend.

crystal workshop

Some of the crystals from workshop

This past Saturday several of us gathered for the Crystal Magick and the Journey Within workshop, which was an incredible experience. All week leading up to it the energy had been building and I could feel myself emanating this fire inside that had me feeling like a furnace, just like with Reiki. I’m usually a cold person except for when I am working with things energetically, downloading, channeling, or in a very high-vibed place. There had been other enhancements to the week, but crystals definitely seemed to be the theme all around.

It was also this week, on the Full Moon Eclipse that a very significant crystal in my life had arrived at its new and dear keeper’s home. I hadn’t planned this, but it happened nonetheless. Love how stuff like that unfolds. It also happens to carry the “twin energy” and so there was the theme again.

But the workshop came together so beautifully. Always the perfect group shows up for each and it’s like a game of energetic chess that plays out to create the perfect fusion of energy. There were 5 other lovely souls that were originally joining in place of some of the people that ended up being there, but as timing and energy needs to align, so it did once again.

I know that these beautiful souls that could not make this workshop, will come together with their perfect soul group in a future workshop.

And for this one, it appears that it was meant to be a reunion of some of the core group we had together at the Reiki Renewal Retreat in March of this year over the Equinox.

Literally, only a couple of days before, I didn’t know that one of these lovelies was coming and then flew in at the last minute to finalize our group energy dynamic.

The way things miraculously worked out, I was able to host her and it all just kept turning into this amazing cohesiveness.

day before workshop

Yasmin (left) and me (right) at beach

I also miraculously finished my work and preparations before she arrived, which enabled us to share another reunion of me taking her to Crystal Cove where we had gone with the group on the March Retreat. I felt this would be the perfect way to ground, refresh, and invigorate for the long and energetic experience of the following day.

On our walk I found the counterpart spiral shell I made mention of before. I’d only seen the very tip – about half an inch – peeking out of the sand, but I just knew what was buried below. I went and dug it up and found my treasure. She was amazed by my “eagle eye”.


Male and female shell pair. The left is the one I found upon return from Alaska. Right is from Friday

This shell now sits next to its partner on my altar shelf. Just so beautiful!

The next day the sweet surprise for the others came when they saw her there, as I hadn’t shared with them who was coming from out of town. And so it was a lovely time for all.

Not to mention a fully packed day!! We immersed in crystal magick from 9 am – after 6 pm, then some further discussions taking us through to about 7 pm, followed by dinner to ground all that sweet enchanted and expansive energy.

I can’t even begin to explain how powerful and shifting this day was, or how it all felt and what was taking place in the seen and unseen ways. Not only did we fully discuss 55 pages worth of material etched in my heart to share with each of these beautiful souls, but we journeyed to places that will continue to awaken, activate, and remind each of who they really are, long after our day together. Much of this happens in layered and deep ways, so not all of it is made aware of at onset, will percolate, and continue to evolve.crystals

To top it off, the workshop was co-facilitated by my partner, Joy (my rabbit companion and crystal expert), who made her first return appearance in one of my workshops since over a year! I had a feeling the crystals would call her.

And what a facilitator she was, holding the space, helping to channel with me, supporting everyone, and sending energy to all. She never left the room once. She had actually been in the room all week with me preparing it energetically. And from onset until we left the room for dinner, did she remain. Upon return, during in-depth connecting with my guest, she came to support that as well moving between both of us and then keeping watch, as well as monitoring the energy in the room, following us into my office later and not wanting my guest to go off to bed. 🙂 She was really enjoying her role on this day.

I can’t tell you how grateful and full of reverence I was for her, the crystals, and each of these courageous

During workshop, Steve and I discovered we both had magickal Amethysts with hexagon sacred geometry – his cut into a hexagon and mine with an ethereal hexagon in dimensional layers inside of it. We all received that the two crystals wanted to connect, to create a channel for he and I to communicate, as well as to activate each of the crystals. So I went to get my sphere’s turtle stand and of course it fit perfectly on top of his crystal.

telepathy2We had a chance to do a couple of rounds of telepathic exercises, which alongside crystal meditation, and crystal Reiki attunements, proved to really heat things up and provide some first experiences for several that reiterated their powerful gifts.telepathy

ameythyst hexagon love

The room was filled with Elementals and Cosmic friends. Tons of downloading was taking place. And an alchemical transmutation was taking effect. Everyone was receiving a natural Crystal Attunement and a lot of love.crystal skull

Crystalline energy was abound and in a room full of Crystal Guardians, it made me so soulfully happy and fulfilled to feel the deepening of our relationship with these Crystal Beings, ourselves, with each other, Earth, and Cosmos.

I told each of them how I could see as we talked, their Priest and Priestess selves and how we’d done this before together. I wanted them to see themselves and each other in this light.

And today I was able to spend some time with another beautiful and dear friend of mine taking a walk with her and her sweet dog by the Marina. I had to giggle to myself when I saw that nearly every street around the circular walk of the island was named after a crystal.

Below is a favorite song I’ve been listening to often in the past month. Coupled with the most enchanting images, this truly captures the essence of what our day on Saturday was energetically like and what was all around us.

Feeling full of love and gratitude.

Last Day to Register for Crystal Magick!

quartz2A quick reminder that for those of you who have expressed interest, today is the last day to register for next Saturday’s 10/11 intimate workshop experience: Crystal Magick & the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy in Costa Mesa, California.

All attendees will be receiving a manual and new crystal friend and pendulum for the workshop. And who knows what other gift surprises are in store. You know me 😉

For those of you attending, you’re welcome to join us for a vegan dinner out afterwards.

Also, if anyone from the workshop is interested in exploring the Gem Faire on the 17th, let me know, as I can provide a free pass. Could be a fun time after-our-workshop experience, to explore new friends and the crystal energy fun.

With a Full Blood Moon in Aries and Total Lunar Eclipse this week on the 8th, the energies are sure to be potent and illuminating for our workshop experience.

You can find all the details of this workshop here:

Crystal Magick & the Journey Within

6 Days & 2 Spots Remain for Upcoming Crystal Workshop – Plus Last Day for September’s Special




There are only 2 more spots (maybe 1) left for the upcoming intimate workshop experience: Crystal Magick & the Journey Within to be held on 10/11 in Costa Mesa, California.

You can register up until October 6th, given there’s space remaining.

Manual, Crystal & Crystal Pendulum Included with Registration (you will get to choose your own new friends during the workshop).

You can still take advantage of $75 per person savings when registering with a friend.

You can find all the details of this workshop here:

Crystal Magick & the Journey Within



Through the end of today you can continue to enjoy these offerings:

  • Reiki Distant Enhanced 20-Minute Sessions: 2 Sessions for Only $99 (Regular Price of each is $75 = Savings of $51 or 75% off 1 Session) 
  • Reiki Certification Training: Receive $75 off any level of training – Reiki 1, 2, or 3. Receive $100 off all three levels if purchased together. For Regular pricing please visit:  (local or distant training available) 

And while this special will continue until mid-November, it was inspired as part of September’s Reiki offerings:

  • Reiki Retreat in BC: Receive $100 off if you register by 11/11/14. Payment plans for as little as $84/month available with a deposit this month. For all information and retreat pricing please visit:


You can contact me at with questions or to schedule and register for any of the above.

Crystals, Personal Alchemy, Horses & Reiki – Registration Reminders

A couple of quick reminders on the upcoming workshop in Costa Mesa, in a little less than a week from now, and retreat in British Columbia, in just two and a half weeks.

aquamarineThe last day to register for the Crystal Magick and the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy Workshop is August 20th.

This workshop will be from 9am – 5pm on Sunday, August 24th in Costa Mesa

This workshop is for the creative, imaginative, and inspired free thinkers and integrative visionaries who want to experience the magickal world of the Crystal Kingdom and your Inner Realm for empowered living and activating greater potentials in simple and fun ways. This is done in a flowing way to allow each person’s unique voice to be heard and valued, which allows greater freedom to explore deeper. 

You’ll explore your relationship with Crystals, Crystal Pendulums, Crystal Skulls, and delve into the heart of you in terms of understanding your Chakras, healing abilities, intuition, and more.

For all details please visit: Crystal Magick

Tania and wild mustangsAnd don’t forget the upcoming Horses & Reiki: Living with Vibrational Integrity – A Four Day Certification and Experiential Retreat

This retreat will be offered September 3th – 7th at Epona Rise Retreat Centre in British Columbia

Working with both the Horses & Reiki combined, is a potent, mirroring way to be conscious, and take ownership, of your feelings, recognize the light within you, and live with vibrational integrity.

If you have been wanting to receive your Reiki certification training, this is sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is also the last opportunity to receive Reiki training this year in a retreat format that allows for full immersion and integration of the energy during your extended, nurtured stay.

Explore this offering and register here: Horses & Reiki

Quick July Reminders for Today, Tomorrow & the Rest of the Month

dolphins27Bimini Retreat

If you’d like to dive into the vortex with us (and the dolphins) beginning next weekend Sunday, July 20th, then today (July 11th) is the last opportunity to register, as we will be finalizing arrangements thereafter.

You can message me or email with questions or to register for “Accelerate Your Vibration” Bimini Retreat July 20th – 25th.

I’m so excited to return and welcome anyone who would love to join our intimate gathering of intentful souls. I’m SO ready!


Crystal Workshop

If you’ve been wanting to learn more about crystals and get in touch with your intuition, then you may find the upcoming Crystal Magick & the Journey Within: A Creative Exploration for Personal Alchemy” Workshop to be for you.

Tomorrow, July 12th Full Moon, is the last day to pre-register for this workshop held on Sunday, August 24th 9am – 5pm in Costa Mesa, CA

You can still register for this workshop up until August 20th (given there’s space remaining), but the pre-registration savings are honored through tomorrow only.

The savings include individual and “with a friend” registrations.
gifts of life

July’s Special

We’re almost half way through the month, but don’t forget that all this month of July you can take advantage of the special featured offering specifically focused on this month’s theme of “getting to the root of things.”

All this month I am offering a 15 minute laser-focused, distant Reiki & Crystal Healing Session to help unblock, bring to the surface, and help you to get in touch with the core (perhaps hidden) challenges that may be running the show. These will help to support a return to balance, but are intended to help reveal, get you to feel, and release, providing you the opportunity to make changes with greater awareness.

Then it is up to you to partner in this process and implement the change.

You can purchase one of these for the special July pricing of just $44. 

Two for $77 (savings of $11) 

Or a package of Three for $111  (savings of $21)      


If you have any questions on the above, or would like to register for any of these, you can contact me at for assistance.

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