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6 Days & 2 Spots Remain for Upcoming Crystal Workshop – Plus Last Day for September’s Special




There are only 2 more spots (maybe 1) left for the upcoming intimate workshop experience: Crystal Magick & the Journey Within to be held on 10/11 in Costa Mesa, California.

You can register up until October 6th, given there’s space remaining.

Manual, Crystal & Crystal Pendulum Included with Registration (you will get to choose your own new friends during the workshop).

You can still take advantage of $75 per person savings when registering with a friend.

You can find all the details of this workshop here:

Crystal Magick & the Journey Within



Through the end of today you can continue to enjoy these offerings:

  • Reiki Distant Enhanced 20-Minute Sessions: 2 Sessions for Only $99 (Regular Price of each is $75 = Savings of $51 or 75% off 1 Session) 
  • Reiki Certification Training: Receive $75 off any level of training – Reiki 1, 2, or 3. Receive $100 off all three levels if purchased together. For Regular pricing please visit:  (local or distant training available) 

And while this special will continue until mid-November, it was inspired as part of September’s Reiki offerings:

  • Reiki Retreat in BC: Receive $100 off if you register by 11/11/14. Payment plans for as little as $84/month available with a deposit this month. For all information and retreat pricing please visit:


You can contact me at with questions or to schedule and register for any of the above.

“Distant Reiki Sessions Only” is Now In Effect – How I Manifested a Reflection for Trusting My Truth

distant reiki - remote healingI mentioned at the beginning of this year that one of the shifts with my work is that I would no longer be offering in-person Reiki sessions and that these would only be offered as part of workshops, retreats, and special events. Instead, I had been guided that I would only focus on remote sessions, which means providing the same Reiki experience and support, but via distance – not being in the same place as the recipient. Reiki provides the ability to transcend time and space, which makes this possible.

What I would be offering instead is different options of enhanced and condensed distant sessions, and not the regular 1-Hour sessions you have been accustomed to in-person. This seemed aligned with me naturally, as I mostly do distant sessions anyway.

When I first posted this change, I was going to still offer in-person sessions until March 20th, as a way to phase it out gradually, however, I received the message today that the change will simply go into effect now, without the transition.

Originally, I had felt to offer the transitional period so as not to be such a sudden change, but this went against my personal intuitive nudges.

Today, the Universe decided to provide the message that aligned with my original nudge, and so I am now following it.

I love how the Universe works and reiterates ALWAYS to follow your intuition, even if you think and feel that you are aligning with the intention, but are diverting from the way in which it purely wants to be enacted. And that includes, even if you “think” you’re doing what is best for others, but in actuality you aren’t since we know that when we honor our truth, that will always be what is in the highest and most responsible good for everyone.

It reminds me again,  just how important it is, especially now, that we trust what we are feeling, and that if we are following our truth and joy, then it is always going to be aligned with the highest good for everyone.

So, in order to demonstrate what I mean, I’ll share what I experienced.

I had already completed all sessions with the current local clients I have, and then I had received a request from a new client for an in-person. Naturally, because I had stated I would honor these until March 20th, I went ahead in scheduling the session, but I had the sense something was off. And that “off” feeling manifested into a direct experience that reflected my truth out loud so that I would recognize it instantly.

So, this morning, a couple of hours before our scheduled session, I received an email from my client stating she was feeling nervous about the session and wondered if we could do it remotely, and if she really needed to be here with me.

Light bulb! Ding, ding, ding! Of course the answer was, no you don’t (while I smiled thinking, and in fact that’s exactly what my intention was). And so the message to me was confirmation of my original intuitive guidance and demonstrated the power of manifesting what is aligned with your truth if you are vibrating at that frequency.

This was to be her first experience with Reiki, and the distant aspect felt more comforting and safe for her – part of the convenience and ease of doing Distant Sessions. So it made sense that the experience turned into this and that I attracted the perfect client to reflect my truth I was to honor.

I immediately knew this was the reiteration I was needing and so the session was changed to the Distant Enhanced Reiki Sessions I offer and there was a sense of harmony again, where energetic discord had been felt.

It may seem small, yet it’s experiences like this where we are being clearly messaged things we already knew, but it’s simply our willingness to fully embrace the message NOW, rather than later, that is needed. It doesn’t have to come in profound ways, but can be in tiny nudges and signs that feel slightly off or on.

I like sharing these kinds of things and my processes, to demonstrate the importance of trusting what we first feel. When I allowed my projections to step in of how it “might” affect others, rather than simply doing what felt most aligned with “my” truth (which in essence would be collectively in tune), I stepped out of my personal frequency, and therefore created a situation that would feel off and need realigning – which it did beautifully for itself.

I knew something had shifted in me after my last session with a client, like that click that takes place, feeling I was done even though I’d stated I would honor these sessions until March 20th. So, while I was honoring my word with accepting the new in-person client, the “off” feeling was that I almost felt it wasn’t really possible it would happen. Obviously I had stepped into my true frequency more, which is why I manifested an easy flowing reflection, but if I had still been allowing myself to be out of alignment with what feels natural, I may not have received the same reflected ease of experience.

The ease in which this played out may not always be the case, if we aren’t willing to receive the message, or are needing a louder message to drive it home, in which case it could turn into a more charged trigger or experience.

I understood the message the instant I received the email asking if the change was possible and said to myself, there it is! Time to make the change now, not later.

So, that was my way of sharing that I will not be extending the in-person sessions until March 20th, and beginning today, only Distant Reiki sessions will be available.

I’m happy to share that my client had a peaceful and pleasurable experience, providing the comfort and security she needed, which is one of the reasons why I like Distant Sessions and highly recommend them. They can be done in the comfort and convenience of your own home or sacred space at a time that works for you, can be condensed, are laser-focused, and still provide the exact same results with perhaps an added element of magickal quality when you feel sensations and have experiences without the practitioner being present.

The new Distant Reiki Sessions and packages will be available at my website soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in this, or would like to experience one for the first time, you can simply message me at to schedule a time for your session.

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