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Joyful Earth Crystals! – New Crystal Companions to Lovingly Support You and the Earth

Reverence and use of crystals goes back to the dawning of civilization and have been
used for centuries for their healing powers. Their connection with specific
parts of the body and its organs come from traditional Western and Eastern
Astrology. 5000+ year old ancient text formulas from India’s Ayurvedic records
and traditional Chinese Medicine claim healing with the use of crystals that
are now used in modern medical prescriptions. The Christian Bible refers to
crystals over 200 times, crystalline structures have been found in the ruins of
Babylonia and in the ancient Egyptian and Chinese tombs of rulers, and many of
the early civilizations of the Earth (Mayan, Aztec, American Indian, African,
Celtic) utilized quartz crystals in sacred ceremonies. These electromagnetic
synthesizers that were once only a royal and priestly experience, are now
a gift available to us all.

Joyful Earth Crystals are pendants created in honor
of Mother Earth and our partnership with her. The name
“Joyful Earth” came from my two dear friends, a Mini Lop-Eared Rabbit
named Joy and a Russian Tortoise named Gaia – Gaia being the Goddess and
embodiment of the Earth. They possess the symbolic and meaningful message
of “The Hare and The Tortoise,” conveying that life is about balance
and recognizing the beauty in everything and integrating opposites to create
harmony. Each possess a different kind of strength we can learn much from by
embracing. As a vegan raw foodist and explorer of ancient and cosmic mysteries,
I celebrate all life and unity consciousness, and convey this love of organic
nature fused with the Cosmos in all that I create. It is important to me
to understand our past in order to create the future in the now, which includes
compassion for our Earth and Universal connection. So in honor of these two
very precious and amazing beings in my life and to celebrate and
embrace a return to natural harmony with the Earth, Joyful Earth Crystals were created.

I intuitively hand-select each crystal and stone for its unique elemental properties, its
“essence” and its empowering ability to help the wearer embrace
and integrate deeper connection with that desired energy, cultivating more of
this energy and drawing it more fully into one’s life and experience. The focus
being on the energies of compassionate embracing and empowered regeneration.
Each piece is lovingly crafted and the designs are channeled
inspirations and visions from the Heart and Spirit. No two pieces are alike and
each is intended to embody a specific energy and designed with the individual (crystal’s keeper/steward) in mind.

Joyful Earth Crystals are beautiful embodiments of raw Earth and Cosmos and make extremely memorable and unique gifts, can be used in meditation, worn as beautiful,
stand-out adornments for that special occasion, or simply worn as
energetic support to help cultivate harmonic balance. To the depth of
one’s choosing, they are meditative and supportive tools that can help one to
harness and discover what lies in the heart and step into empowerment and
better clarity while journeying their path.

Each piece is given a name upon it’s creation, embodies an alchemical process that
blends their energies harmoniously with the divine message they each uniquely
have to share through the visions and hands of their designer and will receive an infusion of Reiki, Love and Intentions upon their initiation into being.

Yes, Joyful Earth Crystal Pendants are back! Four new designs are now available. These are the first of 18 total that will be unveiled as they are birthed. Will post each one separately to give them their own featured space. All of the new designs are unique and one-of-a-kind and will use different metals, as well as design techniques. I work with different metal workers to bring about the visions and energies needed. These four that will be featured in their own posts were a magic fusion of my own and Tracy Partridge Johnson’s energies together. So, they are unique from the last batch of pendants created, as will be the next batch. I love to mix up the energies, mirroring what the crystals and the now call for. Some crystals are in their raw form and others polished. I am guided to work with both and to mix them together for that harmonious balance, as well as to bring together unique combinations that enhance and compliment the energies of the crystals. I ask each crystal what partnership they are drawn to and for them to reveal their name once the solidfying of their energy is complete.

Abundant Love and Magic!


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