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A New Art Exhibit Kicks Off May 3rd – Universal ARKitecture at the Animal Advocacy Museum, Woodland Hills, CA

Universal ARKitecture

4 of the 7 paintings that will be exhibited from the last gallery 1-month exhibit, “Ménage MIXED” at Long Beach’s “The Liberty Art Gallery”


It’s been a while since the last art event, especially since I’ve taken an indefinite painting sabbatical, but I’m happy to announce an upcoming exhibit where you’ll be able to see some of my work, as well as purchase them through first-hand viewing.

The last art event I, and my artwork attended, was September’s “A Night of Creative Compassion” held at the original Pasadena, CA location of The Animal Advocacy Museum. I donated 5 original-sized canvas giclees of my series, “In Lak’ech” to the silent auction of this event to help raise funds for Farm Sanctuary.

And now, to be hosted at the brand new, much larger Animal Advocacy Museum space in Woodland Hills, CA (which just recently opened), will be my newest and beloved series, “Universal ARKitecture“.

Seven of the 9 pieces will be exhibiting there beginning April 30th and will be available for viewing and purchase through July 5th.

All seven paintings are the ORIGINALS and not prints or giclees. The reason only 7 of the 9 pieces will be exhibited is that one of the pieces was already purchased and one is housed in my personal home office.

You can still purchase any of these seven originals, or giclees on canvas or fine art paper of any of the 9, at my website, until or unless they are sold while exhibiting at the AAM.

Saturday, May 3rd will be the official launch of the Universal ARKitecture exhibit, which will coincide with the fun event – “A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum” hosted by L.A. Vegan Drinks and the Animal Advocacy Museum. This is a vegan cheese and wine event at the spacious new Museum location located in a beautiful building in Woodland Hills. Everyone who attends will get to sample the vegan cheeses and wines and vote on the cheese that is their favorite.

“We Make a Difference” photos taken at North Central Animal Shelter by Debbie Zeitman will launch on May 10th, sharing the space with my exhibit, and on July 5th “The Work of Scotlund Haisley” will launch, at which time my exhibit may end, but will keep you posted on that.


Saturday, May 3rd 7pm – 11pm

A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum

Animal Advocacy Museum

19855 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Cheeses to taste and vote on include: Treeline, Heidi Ho, Teese, Organic Gourmet, Tree Nut Dr. Cow, Vtopian Artisan Cheese, Daiya, Tofuti, Follow Your Heart, Parmella Creamery, Nut Milk Cheese, Punk Rock Labs

Miss Kitchen Witch will be catering this event.

Musicians will be serenading us with a piano concert.

This event will coincide with the launch of Tania Marie’s exhibit, so bring your checkbooks and be ready to buy some beautiful art.


Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased by April 30th.

You can purchase your tickets here:

A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum


For more information on upcoming museum events go to

The Animal Advocacy Museum hosts local vegan artists and sales support both the artists and the museum with 50% of art sales going to the Animal Advocacy Museum.


If you can’t make it to The Animal Advocacy Museum, but would like to view or purchase any of the originals or giclees of Universal ARKitecture please visit:

Universal ARKitecture


You can contact me at with any questions.

In the Spirit of In Lak’ech – The Series Process, All 5 Donated To “A Night Of Creative Compassion”, Plus 25% of Sales to Farm Sanctuary

Fire in process Indianola

Fire begins to birth – Mom and I having fun in my art studio in Indianola, WA

This morning I ran across some old photos taken back in 2006 at the onset of starting my first and very important series, “In Lak’ech“. Interestingly, these are the only photos I’ve ever taken of my work in progress (and there aren’t many of it at that). They happen to be of the very first painting in this series, which really kicked off the next generation of creative channeling, as well as shifted my life profoundly and the energy of things on bigger picture levels.

I had been creating paintings previous to this, each having their own door-opening significance in my life, but in 2006 life took a very different turn for me and this series, which has been a favorite for many, was a huge part of an enormous tapestry that began to un-weave and then re-weave itself anew.

All of that could be its own book, but for now I found it synchronous to find these since this series is a focal point of the upcoming “A Night of Creative Compassion“. More on that in a moment.

As mentioned, “Fire” was the first painting in the series, “In Lak’ech”, and the birthing of it began when I was living on the Kitsap Peninsula in Indianola, WA. You can see a photo here of my mom and I wrapped in a blanket having fun with “Fire” behind us in its very first stage, set with the backdrop of Puget Sound.

Fire-in-processI find it interesting to see how I used to draw out in fine detail, the whole foundation of the painting before painting it, whereas now I just go straight into painting. Albeit, these paintings were REALLY fine detailed and had to be mapped out, so it did actually make sense at the time. These paintings are definitely where “seeing it in person” is a whole other experience.

My home at the time of creating “Fire” was right on the water’s edge with a full view of the city of Seattle. It is interesting to see this photo, as I see remnants of Nestor – her toys and water bottle – as well as my 2nd of 3 times I had chopped all of my hair off to mirror change in my life – all integral parts that were supporting the process.

Anyway, the watery essence of little Indianola, WA presented the perfect opening to access creative flow from a very deep-seeded place. And I had many interesting and magical experiences with Nestor while creating this piece and living there.

Fire-in-process-closeupInterestingly, this is the only piece that was created in WA, as not long after it was completed, we moved to the high altitude area of Lake Tahoe, NV. I went from sea level to about 6500 elevation overnight and found myself thriving at the high altitudes much more so. “Fire” was actually wrapped and strapped to the front grill of the large moving truck for the journey, which is pretty interesting when you think about it.

Lake Tahoe was my next and most magical watery domain where the next two pieces in the series unfolded and the fourth began – along with Nestor’s passing on, my marriage at the time coming to an end, and my becoming a Reiki Master Teacher. But the fourth and fifth came to closure when I moved down to Reno from the lake – still in the vortex energy of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Tahoe and at 4500 elevation, but where some new grounding energy for closure took place.

Each of these five pieces took me a year to create because of everything going on in my life and due to the enormity of what was being channeled on collective levels – not just personal. All things have a Fire-Scan-for-webDivine timing to them and I have learned well that you can’t rush the bigger picture and what the collective is ready for. This was also a time period of immense traveling that took place in my life, huge flourishing of my gifts, and very deep uncovering and integrative work. Much of my travels were specifically connected to each of the pieces I was painting in order to directly do healing work at the sacred sites, lands and vortexes for both self and others.

I see everything I do as part of the collective web and is how I intentfully choose, create, and live.

The last two pieces in the series were much quicker and were carried out in the same year, 2009, mirroring how processes were speeding up on all levels.

Earth-Scan-for-webSince then my work has shifted, mirroring the speeding up of things, the ease at which things can shift and are accessed because of the work already done, and even in terms of working with less dense energies, as those were heavier and more involved to work with while transferring through. I have learned how to consciously channel things in different ways, but also now have access to a whole different level of experience because of the process and what took place through the creation of these five collectively important pieces.

There is a new lightness of heart and flow available to us now because of the work we have all done.

And yet these five paintings are rich in encoded messages and integrative healing, that I have seen morph and shift, as we have. There has been a resurgence of their energy in a new way that people airlargewebare becoming more ready for now, than they were when they were created. It feels like people are embracing what they can assist, with greater ease than they were before, which involves very deep DNA-shifting, and soul and subconscious integration.

These paintings are my interpretations and newly expansive perspectives of each element as seen through different astrological signs in their highest potential (Divine Male and Female aspects). They incorporate Mayan glyphs and act as portals that bridge time and come through an ancient story that weaves Sumerian and Babylonian, Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Druid and Celtic Ireland, Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Cosmic Earth.

Water-Scan-for-webA little background on the series, “In Lak’ech”:

A mystical experience of awakening, as the Ancients and Power Beings of the Five (elements) bring forth their messages of integrative healing. “In Lak’ech” is the Mayan principle of Universal Love that is similar to Namaste. As an expression of honoring when greeting each other, this profound realization means “I am another yourself” or “I am another you”. And when shared as “In Lak’ech Ala K’in” – “Ala K’in” is responsive and mirrors that back with “you are another myself” – “I am you and you are me.” The Maya priest-shamans recognized that we are one global human being. It is about dissolving the ego into complete unconditional love; “dissolving until you are ‘NOT’, then the World enters you.” 

Spirit Scan for webThis series represents the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit that speak to the mind, body, heart, and soul both personally and collectively from a new and integrative perspective of Divinity within the union of Divine Male and Female. They contain within them Mayan Sacred Glyphs as a connective thread through which a message of healing was revealed. These encoded “Healing Portals” mirror a journey of integration and healing, as you embrace a return to natural harmony. They are layered with energetic symbolism that can help shift things on a DNA level by simply viewing them. They imbue the beauty and value known by the Ancients into the now from pivotal Ancient times/civilizations that provide healing opportunity from the challenging elements that no longer serve us. Ancient wisdom has much to teach by taking what was learned and creating an integrative new reality in the now. 

Mother Earth is calling us to remember. The Universe is reminding us to believe. The healing revealed is as unique as the individual experiencing it.

And this leads me back, full circle, to how “In Lak’ech” is tied into the upcoming event, “A Night of Creative Compassion”.

Next Saturday, September 7th, 2013 here in Los Angeles, there is going to be a spectacularly inspiring and heart-filled night of creative energy. This is a fundraising event for Farm Sanctuary, as well as a fun and engaging night of music, song, film, poetry, photography, painting, and more. It will be like a concert, exhibition, screening, and party all rolled into one. Most of all I love the focal point of compassionate and collective synergy in service.

When I was asked to be a part of this event I immediately felt I would be bringing all five pieces of “In Lak’ech” into the light. Reproductions of this series have been exhibited before, but never all at once. And actually, to this day, all five originals have yet to ever be in public together (only one made it out to Raw Spirit festival and that was potent to say the least). So I still foresee there is a time and place they will be one day soon. I’m always listening to that guidance.

But for now, I have felt guided to donate high quality reproductions – Giclee on Canvas – of all five in their original size of 48″ x 48″. These pieces will be part of the Silent Auction taking place during the night to help raise funds for Farm Sanctuary.

The silent auction will also include famous horror writer (Hellraiser), director, and artist, Clive Barker’s paintings, as he is also donating 6 of his pieces to the event.

I will also be donating a smaller print to the raffle – “A Walk Between Worlds” – and will have some smaller prints of In Lak’ech and other goodies available for purchase at the event as well.

A theme of “a return to natural harmony within and without” is the breadth of work I have chosen for this event, which includes our relationship to the Earth and Cosmos, the animals, all of Creation, and to ourselves and each other. 

And there will be more wonderful creations and items in the auction and raffle that you will have the chance to take home with you at unbelievable bargains, while giving from your heart in support of the animals and to show your value for creative energy.

Other things to look forward to during this event that is getting close to selling out:

The Premiere of “Frances: Compassion Through the Eyes of a Child” (written/directed by Steven Todd Smith & Lindsay Wolf; filmed & edited by Brian Leahy; featuring Frances Fricke & the wonderful animals of Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres)

The joyous music of Avasa & Matty Love

The spectacular artwork of Tania Marie

The engaging Yogatography of Cameron O’Steen

The dynamic elegance of Trio Azure, the string trio feat. Chrysanthe Tan, Kiara Ana Perico, and April Guthrie

The potent poetry of Robb Curtis

The soulful songs of Lindsay Wolf

The tenacious rock duo of Kitten Kuroi & Damon Valley

The raw passion of singer Christy Paige

Featuring special clips from UNITY, The Ghosts in Our Machine, and Speciesism: The Movie

*Special Guest Speakers Debra Wilson (MADtv, Scary Movie 4) & Nikki Benoit (The Capeless Compassionator, formerly w/Vegan Outreach)!!!*

Food from Southern Fried Vegan and Gwendolyn “Miss Kitchen Witch” Mathers (for purchase)

Beverages will also be available for purchase at the event

– $20 (purchase online), First 25 people to purchase receive 5 raffle tickets!;
– $25 (at the door, cash or credit);
Receive one raffle ticket upon entry!

Eventbrite Ticket Page:

Saturday, September 7th, 2013 from 6:00 – 10pm, is “A Night Of Creative Compassion” at The Animal Advocacy Museum (Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser)

This event will be held at the Animal Advocacy Museum:

S. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

And if you’re on facebook, you can visit the event page here to RSVP: A Night of Creative Compassion

If you can’t make the event, but would like to donate to Farm Sanctuary, you can do so at their website: Farm Sanctuary and if you’d like a print or are interested an original of In Lak’ech for a sacred space or healing center, you can contact me with inquiries at and I will donate 25% to Farm Sanctuary of any sales that come through this post.

You can explore the series here: In Lak’ech

September Art Events – Artists Needed Plus A Night of Creative Compassion Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser

laguna woods village art affair logo

Laguna Woods Village Art Affair Logo

I’m excited to share a couple of art events coming up that I’ve been asked to be a part of. Both events will be taking place in September, just two days apart, and in the Southern California area – Orange County and Los Angeles. They will both be collaborations of visionary artists that channel creativity in a variety of mediums.

The first event is Laguna Woods Village Art Affair taking place on Thursday, September 5th, 2013 from 5 – 9pm.

This event is being hosted by Laguna Woods Village and will be their first annual Art Affair. It is a rare opportunity to share creations and gain exposure in their private, gated community of over 18,000 resident seniors. So, while it is not a public event, it is quite an extravagant event that will be visited by more people than most events of this type may draw in.

It will be an evening of musical performances, food and beverages, and experiencing the masterpieces of artistic expression. I am really looking forward to this event to be able to share the energy of my creations with the residents there, as I feel it will be inspiring and have a healing effect through the connections made while viewing the work. I’m honored to have been asked to be a part of this and look forward to sharing my art with everyone at Laguna Woods Village.

They just shared with me that they are still looking to secure a few more artists for this event. So if you are interested, and are a local artist to the Southern California area, here is the contact info they provided me, where you can share your interest and submit your art for acceptance:

Laguna Woods Village Recreation Division Office at 949.597.4273 or email

A Night of Creative CompassionThe other event that will be taking place just two days after this on Saturday, September 7th, 2013 from 6:00 – 10pm, is “A Night Of Creative Compassion” at The Animal Advocacy Museum (Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser).

This one is open to the public and I do hope you will come out, join, and support these amazing creative visionaries, while helping to raise money to help support Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to end farm animal abuse through investigative, legislative and legal actions; public awareness and humane education projects and direct rescue and shelter of farm animals.

I have worked twice before with Farm Sanctuary to support them with large Fund Raising events by donating my work and services, so when Steven Todd Smith invited me to be a part of this event, I immediately said yes. I was not only grateful and honored, but happy to help raise money for Farm Sanctuary again. I truly love the vision he and his wife, Lindsay Wolf, have in bringing together a collaborative and cocreative event that celebrates artists of all genres in combined focus of compassionate and collective support. Something that speaks to my heart and is a focal point in my own life.

I will be exhibiting select pieces of my work at this event, of which will also be available for sale, and am donating pieces to the raffle that will be held. So, this is a chance not only to see my work and meet up in person, but a chance to own a piece of art created from the heart. More TBA!

Here are the details of this event:

We’re tapping into our massive well of creativity and compassion to bring you a fun & engaging night of music, song, film, poetry, photography, painting and more – a night of entertainment and deep love & connection. A Night of Creative Compassion is like a concert, exhibition, screening, and party all rolled into one. Come have fun with us and unleash your compassionate artist within!

***The night’s proceeds will go to Farm Sanctuary.***

You can purchase your tickets here:

PERFORMERS & PRESENTERS (TBA) – Here’s a little taste in the meantime:

The Premiere of “Frances: Compassion Through the Eyes of a Child” (written/directed by Steven Todd Smith & Lindsay Wolf; filmed & edited by Brian Leahy; featuring Frances Fricke & the wonderful animals of Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres)

The joyous music of Avasa & Matty Love

The spectacular artwork of Tania Marie

The engaging Yogatography of Cameron O’Steen

The potent poetry of Robb Curtis

The soulful songs of Lindsay Wolf

and much, much, and many, many more… (to be revealed over the next couple of weeks!)

Food & beverages will be available for purchase at the event. Raffle items TBA. Keep an eye out for updates!

Tickets: $15 Early Bird Discount thru 8/21; $20 (purchase online); $25 (at the door); Receive a raffle ticket upon entry!

Eventbrite Ticket Page:

This event will be held at the Animal Advocacy Museum:

S. Los Robles Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

And if you’re on facebook, you can visit the event page here to RSVP: A Night of Creative Compassion

Looking forward to these fun events. In the meantime, I’ll be working on some new pieces for them. Hope to see you on Saturday, September 7th!

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