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A New Art Exhibit Kicks Off May 3rd – Universal ARKitecture at the Animal Advocacy Museum, Woodland Hills, CA

Universal ARKitecture

4 of the 7 paintings that will be exhibited from the last gallery 1-month exhibit, “Ménage MIXED” at Long Beach’s “The Liberty Art Gallery”


It’s been a while since the last art event, especially since I’ve taken an indefinite painting sabbatical, but I’m happy to announce an upcoming exhibit where you’ll be able to see some of my work, as well as purchase them through first-hand viewing.

The last art event I, and my artwork attended, was September’s “A Night of Creative Compassion” held at the original Pasadena, CA location of The Animal Advocacy Museum. I donated 5 original-sized canvas giclees of my series, “In Lak’ech” to the silent auction of this event to help raise funds for Farm Sanctuary.

And now, to be hosted at the brand new, much larger Animal Advocacy Museum space in Woodland Hills, CA (which just recently opened), will be my newest and beloved series, “Universal ARKitecture“.

Seven of the 9 pieces will be exhibiting there beginning April 30th and will be available for viewing and purchase through July 5th.

All seven paintings are the ORIGINALS and not prints or giclees. The reason only 7 of the 9 pieces will be exhibited is that one of the pieces was already purchased and one is housed in my personal home office.

You can still purchase any of these seven originals, or giclees on canvas or fine art paper of any of the 9, at my website, until or unless they are sold while exhibiting at the AAM.

Saturday, May 3rd will be the official launch of the Universal ARKitecture exhibit, which will coincide with the fun event – “A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum” hosted by L.A. Vegan Drinks and the Animal Advocacy Museum. This is a vegan cheese and wine event at the spacious new Museum location located in a beautiful building in Woodland Hills. Everyone who attends will get to sample the vegan cheeses and wines and vote on the cheese that is their favorite.

“We Make a Difference” photos taken at North Central Animal Shelter by Debbie Zeitman will launch on May 10th, sharing the space with my exhibit, and on July 5th “The Work of Scotlund Haisley” will launch, at which time my exhibit may end, but will keep you posted on that.


Saturday, May 3rd 7pm – 11pm

A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum

Animal Advocacy Museum

19855 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Cheeses to taste and vote on include: Treeline, Heidi Ho, Teese, Organic Gourmet, Tree Nut Dr. Cow, Vtopian Artisan Cheese, Daiya, Tofuti, Follow Your Heart, Parmella Creamery, Nut Milk Cheese, Punk Rock Labs

Miss Kitchen Witch will be catering this event.

Musicians will be serenading us with a piano concert.

This event will coincide with the launch of Tania Marie’s exhibit, so bring your checkbooks and be ready to buy some beautiful art.


Tickets are $25 per person and must be purchased by April 30th.

You can purchase your tickets here:

A Night @ The Animal Advocacy Museum


For more information on upcoming museum events go to

The Animal Advocacy Museum hosts local vegan artists and sales support both the artists and the museum with 50% of art sales going to the Animal Advocacy Museum.


If you can’t make it to The Animal Advocacy Museum, but would like to view or purchase any of the originals or giclees of Universal ARKitecture please visit:

Universal ARKitecture


You can contact me at with any questions.

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