Crafting My Days to Be What I Hold Sacred ~ Reframing Relationships Plus New Crystal Release

With the Libra Full Moon illuminating relationships right now on the 5th here PST and 6th for EST folks, today I was guided to share briefly about the sacred relationship you have with yourself, as the doorway to all other relationships. This is not a new concept at all, but like with “self care not being a luxury anymore” it’s increasingly being highlighted in these high energy-shifting times.

I can’t tell you the amount of time in my early years that I used to spend on trying to change others, wishing others could see things as I do, or even feeling sad for others because they didn’t see things the same way. It’s something I’m sure a lot of us have experienced, at some point or another, or maybe still since we’re all works-in-progress. And it makes no difference how much we know in our minds that ultimately we need only to feel, believe, do, or think in certain ways ourselves in order to feel peace – we still can easily get triggered back into that way of framing things toward others, and placing the power of how we feel into their hands, until that “knowing” becomes “being.”

My life shifted dramatically when I took that power back and allowed others to do the same. It doesn’t mean that I come to a place of condoning, but rather, I simply execute personal responsibility and living what I feel, believe, and think to the best ability I can so that the vibration I choose to anchor is a far clearer and more powerful creative force.

“Be the change,” as they say, but I’d go further and say maybe something like “be what you hold sacred or dear,” as even to say “be the change” does in fact imply a judgment and charge toward something we feel we need to change.

Recently I observed a great discussion where people shared about wanting to be more mindful around others different from them so that they respond rather than react. The conversations pointed at what they found wrong about others or triggering and although were originally focused on wanting to figure out a way not to react, the takeaway that jumped out to me is how much time was spent trying to figure out ways to diffuse anger or disappointment with others while still holding onto the judgment – and how much less or no time was spent wondering about the inward reflections where the same mindful and less reactive judgments toward self could be of benefit to support the kind of balanced relationships they said they wanted. I noticed how much those inward struggles were, in some cases, tormenting people.

This is part of the ongoing evolution we are processing and seeing play out on a grand scale, as we explore our relationship to so many themes and to others across the spectrum of being different from us.

And while it’s not necessarily on everyone’s radar, nor are we all in the same place with how this plays out for each of us, a return to knowing thyself can be a sweet spot for better thriving.

Personally, this has increasingly taken me to not only understanding my own inner workings, but learning how to carve out my days in ways that align with and nurture more of that “what I hold sacred and dear.” I find that the more I give myself the things I want to see and experience at large, the less I see any division between micro and macro and the less I wish for change because I’m feeling the wholeness take form from the inside out. An organic unfolding happens that carves out a different experience of things and the fight dissipates into nonexistence.

Our relationship within will directly affect our relationship without. And that also includes how we relate within friendships, business partnerships, family relationships, romantic relationships, and any relating in general.

I’ve seen this work wonders with all layers of my personal relationships and overall has truly created greater alignment with people I find in my life now. Grace replaces force. Being replaces trying.

More and more, this best-friending of myself has increased my desire to craft my days and make them special to me. This has been evolving and is really coming to a personally beautiful place where daily rituals and even routine things I carve into my life become a way to enrich the way I relate to all things, via how I relate to myself.

The more I fill my cup, the less I feel I have to fight for something I think is missing. I learn how to carve out greater vitality because I have more energy from ceasing to leak it out where it isn’t welcome.

Carving out mindful days starts with me and every act I engage in and every way I relate to my feelings about things can be a way of viewing my relationship to life in general. It’s an ever-evolving process, but happens more organically the more we engage it. People, to me, are simply dynamics expressing themselves out that I have access to within, and how I relate to them can be a crafting of my own choosing and ultimately a weaving of life as art. The more I create small moments of intention and presence for me to engage in, the more larger moments and experiences receive the benefit.

And in this way I learn how to reframe relationships so that I understand the heart of where it all begins.

How are you crafting your days?

Are there ways you judge yourself that could use a bit more of your love in place of harsh words?

What special little things could you do right now to make yourself smile?

As promised, I’ve just added a new grouping of 11 incredible crystal beings as offerings that strong guidance spoke to me to release to new heart homes from my own personal collection where they can be of assistance. Included are two amazing skulls that have been an integrated part of my skull collective and other powerhouse beings. These magickal friends I know will speak to their new guardians and cocreators in divine alignment, as the support for things they’re moving through and in process of creating. This is my way of being a bridge at timely windows to help connect people with crystal partners for the next leg of the journey here on Earth. You’ll also find the very last 4 wearable adornments for your energy body from the original 2/22 Crystal Offering that are on a Spring 20% off sale. All of that can be explored here:

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  1. Beautiful post. A appreciate you always sweet T. Love you ❤

  2. I so appreciate reading your thoughts 💗 about non-judgement and greater awareness in relationship. I’m also focusing on how to be in best relationship with myself.

    • Oh that’s so wonderful to hear we’re both in that resonant flow of sacred relationship with self. A beautiful space to be 💙 thank you so much Ka for sharing this and your sweet energy I feel always. 🙏

  3. Kudos Tania. I appreciate how mindfully and intentionally you live. 🙏💕

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