Some Easter Wishes & In Between Tidbits

Hoppy Easter friends!

Today is just a fun share, but there’s always layers and reflective tidbits to things – even fun!

While snow melts and day time temperatures rise here, it’s still going to be quite a while before we see Spring in full gear. That’s okay, as we have Spring in our hearts and definitely a spring in our steps embracing with full gratitude every single day we are alive.

I’d gotten used to receiving birthday irises in February the last few years, as they would pop through the bits of snow to gift me. This year is much different, but potentially may be quite a prolific year for blossoms with all the moisture. So, there’s always hidden surprise gifts around every shift and turn.

Luckily, because we get such great sun exposure at our house, the snow is melting much quicker than most of our neighbors’ yards so that I can see my garden friends peeking through and the mounds shrinking by the day. That said, it’s also that in between stage right now where things start to look pretty messy (especially this year from the storms) and there will in fact be quite a bit of clean up to do once the snow melts away into a memory. I’ll have my exercise cut out for me indeed, on top of the usual daily routines we have. I’m sad that many smaller trees got hit hard with broken branches all around, but I know they are resilient and will renew themselves once again. This seems to have happened everywhere around town.

We are getting a beautiful Easter today, though, with 60 degree weather that will roll over into Monday too, and then it’s looking like 50’s temps there on out for a while with our signature all-season sunshine here in our alpine home. We’re headed off to my family’s home for some Easter celebrations where of course we’ll be immersed in a faery house filled with Spring decorations and bunnies galore!

Speaking of bunnies, Astrid has been crafting her own days alongside mom – each of us creating new daily rituals for the seasons ahead. She’s been enjoying sunshine afternoons watching her garden melt, which will soon bring back her forest friends.

Astrid’s also been enjoying her maze a lot the last few weeks, immersing in the energies of our crystal realm, hanging out in the light of the night’s moon streaming through the windows, and downloading what’s to come.

We’ll both be keeping an eye out for Frith and who ever else might show up, once Spring gets in full swing here. It may be a short season though, as snow at even higher altitudes than our 6600 home will be hanging out quite a while – likely well into Summer.

In any case, we’re embracing what is here and now and that has included a lot of Spring skiing for mom and dad since the ski resorts have extended their season due to all the great snow we had this Winter, as you can see.

Check out the name of the chair lifts I just had to stop and snap as I traversed through.

The bunny one being perfect for Easter today (and me) and even the TC one syncing with it is cool, since those are my birth initials, with C standing for my family name.

Anyway, this means that mom’s been able to continue being a snow bunny, dawning her now-full-of-stickers helmet that of course has many a bunny on it and other potent symbolism.

I even have a lot of constellations, cosmic stuff, astrological compass, mushrooms, mountains, dreamcatcher, Wonderland tea time, Capricorn, Pisces, and mermaid power that sits on my crown. Weeeee!

Dave likes to tease that I’m a 12 year old 50 year old, and I like that quite a LOT! I love that people can’t tell who’s skiing next to them out there, as they don’t need to know. It’s simply wonderly!

Can you hear me giggling?

But back to our home base, our Wonderland realm has been pulsing like crazy with all the energy movement going on. For sensitive ears you’d hear a lot of crystal chatter happening indeed and the pitter patter of faery feet running all over.

I’m amazed our house hasn’t blasted off with everything going on energetically, but then there’s a reason I focus on bringing all that energy down and through – ground, integrate, harmonize, and embody I say!

Dave and I do a lot of physical exercise, nature immersing, and good ol’ grounded eating! We may or may not have eaten both of these vegan pizzas after a day of skiing…what do you think?

If you guessed yes, you’re right! T was hungry!

We even added a rowing machine to our daily repertoire here recently, which we’ve both been wanting and is my favorite piece of equipment for indoors. Astrid loves to watch and then gets in her own exercise with runs up and down the stairs and zoomies around the rooms.

Astrid agrees with body integration and grounding, as she knows the importance, as a big presence within a more fragile rabbit body, of balance. She especially needs to with all the crystal and ethereal work she does so that she doesn’t blow out her physical vehicle.

You can see her here with her giant Herkimer friend, doing what she does best.

Dreamtime has been an interesting mix of things, as I’m sure others continue to experience. I sometimes like to share them, as I know many like dreamwork and even though some are just personal they can also sometimes be collective. They can also just be creative ways we weave energy integration during sleep.

There’s recently been some new animals spirit messengers to visit in the land of no boundaries, as well as an interesting Egyptian connection.

One involved a goose, but not a Canadian goose like we have here. It looked more like a Greylag goose. In brief, this goose came to me and was just so deeply connected to me. She snuggled her head and neck over my arm and cuddled right into my side so that there was no space between us. There was a lot that transmitted during that and she didn’t want to leave me. So when she did have to part, she separated from her body into two versions of herself. She left one behind and the ethereal one went off. The word “electromagnetic” came through. The experience was so important that a second dream right after it, recounted it. In that one, at one point I was talking to a man as part of the very involved dream and I was telling him about the dream I had just had with the goose.

The next night I was with another man named Pippin. He was taking me through a sacred outdoor space that felt connected to ancient indigenous people where at each corner there was a pile of large, exquisite feathers I did not recognize, that were placed in a fan shape to grid the area. As I passed one, I noticed two feathers had fallen, so I fixed them. The man led me into a tented area to commence what he’d taken me there for. Not long after these gazelle-like animals ran around us. They were not gazelle, but similar and larger and they had these horns that were like those giant big horn bulls where they extend out several feet to each side and then curve up.

A lot of interesting take-aways from these potent dreams.

And the most recent was the interesting Egyptian connection dream. It happened two nights ago and involved me being at a huge parking lot where a giant bus or RV-type of vehicle with two levels, was being loaded. Four new sarcophagus had just been found and were being transported secretly on this vehicle that I was to go on. There was a crew of people protecting them and while we drove, we hit a bump in the road or something fairly large happened or hit the vehicle and it was so strong that all four sarcophagus popped open and the mummies and artifacts inside, all came falling out. The crew was scrambling around and about to try to pick things up when I and the head man firmly told them to stop and not touch anything, as they’d contaminate them.

I love dreams, as they reflect so many things for us, and are glimpses into all that is happening that we aren’t conscious of when we’re awake.

These days life feels extra sweet and flowing. I know it’s not that way for everyone, so I am grateful for this and that we each can be anchors collectively in the ways our vibrations add to the whole. At every spectrum, there is value and each variant provides opportunity and potential.

So much is streaming through and even if one doesn’t know the details, the presence of being in each moment helps one to embrace the most of it. Sometimes it’s as simple as stopping to smell the flowers.

And if you don’t have flowers yet like us, why not feel the inner bloom of your own petals?

While I immerse in what I DO have in front of me, I’m also reminiscing on all the richness I experienced on our trip that I’ve merged within and taken home with me.

Two very different kinds of environments, but I’m equally cradled in Earth’s nourishment as I embrace the “nature” of me.

May the spirit of this season move through you in bountiful ways! There IS so much hope inviting us to embrace.


Update: We have 7 crystal beings and 3 crystal and animal spirit guide pendants remaining. We may have a special offering upcoming so keep a look out here: Creations & Crystals Closet

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Love love love this post. So much magick being shared and related as well as how to support ourselves during these charged yet special and expansive times. Thank you sweet T. I resonate with allot of what you shared. First though I found the looks on Astrids beautiful face not only adorable but playful and rascally. Lol. Also the sign for the gifts, the artic one I noticed a bunny shape at the top of the snow covered tree. Love that. πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡
    Happy Easter to you and all those you love.

    You helped me with some tips you shared on grounding. I’ve been feeling major electricity running through my body, not all the time but definitely allot. I’ve been testing out different ways to feel grounded. Some of my old ways have not worked. So I’ve been experimenting. Your tips I will implement to see how that goes. Thank you sweetie.
    I was with a sweet friend yesterday driving down to Phoenix to take care of a few things. On our drive we had 2 separate instances where there were a huge group of turkey vultures. One had about 30 and the other about 20. It was amazing. I couldnt help feel how the idea of death and rebirth rang thru me and how Easter has that same message. It was super powerful. Love you bunches dawn and miracle

    • Oh thanks so much sweet D! I love that you could feel all of that through the share. These days I’m being led to share stories more than anything else. I also love that you saw that in her face! She’s been extra fun and playful these days. Loving to see more of her fullness come forth.

      Super cool you noticed that tree! I loved it so much I had to stop and capture it. I saw so much in it including a wizard face and now the bunny! Thank you for pointing that out…the way the frozen snow is caught in time is so incredible!

      I’m glad you found some helpful tips in my share. We’re all different so it does make sense to try various things to see what works for us. Interesting about the electrical energy you’re experiencing….I hope that you’ll find something that works well for you.

      I love turkey vultures and that you saw so many right this time period…perfect renewal essence for sure! And in abundance showing up with all those vultures. I really do feel like things are in process of creating some really beautiful realities. Thank you for being part of that creative force!

      Love you both tons – please give Miracle a kiss from both me and Astrid. Happy Easter!! Big hugs from me!

  2. You, Dave, and Astrid seem to be flowing well with life, nature, and the moment. I love looking at your snow-covered mountains and am glad I don’t have to embrace it and shovel it! May we embrace the beautiful bounties around us. Happy Easter/Spring/Renewal/Rebirth! πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸ’•πŸŒŽ

    • Lol! Right!? I was just out shoveling yesterday in order to close our fence that’s been stuck open for a good part of the Winter. It’s icy now, but with the warmer temps, more slushy so I could move it. Still a bunch of work indeed. I don’t blame ya! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the sweet wishes and comment. Wishing you a beautiful and renewing Easter and Spring!!!! Weeeee!

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    I always LOVE hearing about your powerful dreams!!
    And I am quite fond of your sticker embellished helmet-You absolutely rock it!! πŸ‘Œ Lol
    I KNOW how good that vegan pizza is…..and boyee it’s awesome to get so much movement/exercise and also, to be anchoring in so much intense and important energy, that good grounding (delicious) foods are a must!! Yahooooooooo!!
    Seeing Astrid with that giant Herkimer Diamond brought the biggest smile to my face- I’ll never ever forget seeing her in action, activating all those crystals…..she is, and together, you are AMAZING!!

    • Aw thank you! Dream time has been powerful indeed..I know for you too! I had a feeling you’d like the third one especially. I’m so happy you love my sticker filled helmet too! It’s super fun to wear and all the energies are much appreciated from each sticker. Here’s to grounding, moving and integrating with you! Weeeeeee!
      Astrid sends her love and gratitude for all the extra snuggles and sweetness you shared/share with her. We love you! ❀

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