A Slow Start to Spring, but a Rich Landscape of Reflections

While the outdoor landscape here is taking a while to transform into the new season, the indoor landscapes provide an imaginarium for the senses and a base to dream from and envision what’s ahead. The warming temperatures are now more rapidly melting away the snow around our house, but it will still be a little while before I can get in the yard and garden to start doing things – I’m thinking May. It is quite a mess though, as the in between always seems. All part of the journey and an illustration of the illusion we see. There is peace within chaos.

I’m loving seeing the forest animals all come around again. The warmer temperatures also beckoned them out and over the last several days there’s been a lot of little chipmunks, squirrels, and birds running about. The cats are enjoying seeing them zip by the windows and tease them. And Astrid is happy her friends are awake again to commune with. We’re looking forward to the first wild rabbit sightings.

I always watch the animals as signs of seasonal changes and weather shifts. Their behavior has always been foretelling to me and help me accurately predict what’s upcoming. Tuning in with Nature really can be a compass to help navigate and understand the movement of energy and cycles of life.

As the temperatures rise, the sweet spot for skiing narrows. Dave has been hitting the slopes super early to catch that. I’ve been less inclined to do that daily, and only go when I feel it. That said, I sense my ski days for this season are coming to a close. I’m finding myself pulled in other directions and not needing to milk every bit I can from the snow. With 51 skiing days under my belt so far this year, I am grateful for all that this season brought, which included leaps and bounds in my skiing evolution and overall courage in the face of fears. What a Winter of transformation it’s been! I am ready to embrace the next phase.

Some of the literal indoor landscapes that have been providing a rich playground for the senses and ways to envision what the outdoor landscape will be like when things root and blossom there, include my ever-evolving sacred space and our Easter celebrations at my parent’s house this past Sunday.

You know how they love their seasonal decorations and this is definitely a season that Astrid and I give all thumbs and thumpers up to indeed!

The house was decked out in Spring splendor and more budding joy and sweetness than I even captured in these window peeks.

It was lovely by the light of day and equally enchanted and lit as evening approached.

I love those little lighted blossoms and was excited my parents gifted me my own set of my favorite – sunflowers!

And mom and dad both added their culinary gifts for all of our tummies to enjoy! I forgot to snap photos of mom’s creations, but she spoiled us with a dee-lish spread of stuffed Italian squash and a zesty bean, spinach pasta dish, with olive focaccia.

Dad went all out too, and made a four layer marshmallow pineapple cake! Look how cute he decorated the top with little bunnies, chicks, chickens and eggs!

All vegan, of course, and we were happy to receive containers full of leftovers to continue to enjoy at home.

After our shared meals we like to take walks, so Dave, my dad, and I did so in their neighborhood, which was a nice way to infuse that sunshine vitality into the mix since it was in the 70’s that day. I loved how the three of us were in the blue zone together, so we snapped some outdoor photos on our way back.

Any time we spend together is very special and I love how my parents love to make things memorable, as these sweet things will stay in our hearts as cherished time we made the most of life together.

With so many continuous stories I am hearing from people very close to me of illness, loss, transitions, and challenge – both in family and our friend circle – it makes each moment more important to Dave and I to live and embrace as fully as possible.

We truly don’t know what tomorrow brings, so breathing in this moment and deepening into our gratitude practice is key to us.

I’m grateful for parents who love us very much and share their hearts the best way they each know how. I’m also grateful that the best of each of them lives within me.

As we approach the second Aries New Moon of the year and Solar Eclipse of April 19th for us here on PST – 20th for you EST folks, this may be a great time for assessing the parts of ourselves we would like to strengthen and carry forth into the next phase of things. Looking at where that balance between independent and shared time and experiences plays out in your life and ways to strengthen your inner guide to create your own life map may be prominent themes. How to harmonize your inner fire in ways that honor the new you need, but also considers the heart voice of compassion could also be key energies.

There are new opportunities, paths, and doors opening that might look surprising to others from the outside, but are merely manifestations of all that you’ve been working toward on the inside.

So many of us have been in process of shifting into something so new, but integrated. So even when we start looking different, the layers are all and always have been there.

I’ve been stepping out into this new season with fresh perspective, hope, and newfound inspiration. Since my birthday I’ve felt this immense peace and relief anchor, as well as an incredible creative force and strength root.

Having spent years focused on creating inner shifts, it’s evident that that work was not in vein even if it felt like it was dragging at times. We don’t always realize how far we’ve come with things immediately, but when you stop to explore where you are now and what you got through, it can be almost shocking.

Taking those moments to honor yourself and every step you take, gently encouraging and speaking in loving, non-judgmental words toward yourself, and deepening into gratitude for the things in front of you that you missed because of attachments elsewhere, which includes your beautiful reflection in the mirror…all make a difference. No matter if you’re where you want to be yet or not, you’ve come a long way already.

Slow this moment down to breathe it all in.

That’s something I increasingly do…slow down. Sometimes I just sit in my chair at my desk and look out the window watching my wind spinner slowly turn. I can do that now because the snow around it has completely melted and even though she needs straightening, as the storms did a doozy on everyone out there, she peacefully holds anchor and moves in alignment to the wind’s guidance.

Sometimes I just sit and hold my crystals, one at a time, and get lost in the beauty and energy of all of these friends who surround me and Astrid. There are times we work together on things intentionally and there are times we just enjoy each other’s company and allow the silence to speak volumes about the exchanges happening nonetheless.

As I mentioned in a previous post, crafting my days is evolving into a truly special experience for me and the more I refine that and tweak things to support my vibrational needs, the more rich and peace filled my days become. And this is very valuable to me in a world that often places focus on details that don’t make sense to my heart.

I find things fundamentally simple…it’s all about deep diving into the elemental forces and harmony for me. It’s all about loving everyone no matter what we see and understanding at the root we all suffer when we don’t and in fact don’t because we are internally suffering. I don’t need details or defining, but then that’s my Pisces heart that has no boundaries, despite my personally having to learn boundaries in order to cultivate my vibrational integrity.

I have a lot of personal crafting time upcoming as Dave will be away quite a bit for both family and his own rich, spiritual evolution time and I sense some really profound things to take place for us both and together! It’s wonderful, and I’m grateful for, how we’ve developed such a balanced relationship of sharing so much and also supporting cultivation of individuality within the partnership. Our time living in an RV really accentuated things for us where we realized how much we do enjoy being together every moment in such close space, where others might have driven each other nuts. And we also love our own time too. With him retired we are always together, so it’s healthy we carve time that feels balanced.

It’s kind of like our skiing…we go together and hit the first lift together, but then part ways until we meet up again at the car. Since we’re so connected though, we will often cross paths like waving from a lift as the other is skiing down a run, or end up at the same place, catch up with one another, etc. Once in a while Dave has taken me down a new, challenging run and other times I explore myself. And there’s times we don’t see each other until we come back together at the end, but we each love crafting our time on the mountain and that we are sharing something we both enjoy in our own way.

We all have a natural zone that works for us and will look different than what I just shared. Knowing ourselves helps to understand this.

And speaking of “zones,” the dreamland zone has continued to be interesting. My nights have been an equal mix of very deep sleep where I know stuff is happening that I’m just not needing to bring back consciously and specific dreams I do remember that are layered with insights for myself and about others. Being a Pisces dreamland is where a lot happens and where I journey with many in uncanny ways I learn about later. But many times I don’t share all of them with others, as I’m guided not to interfere with the energy in motion.

Another place I’m not wanting to interfere, and am not allowed to anyway, lol, is with the crystal skull council here. They have given me specific instructions and for now, they are mostly doing their thing, which has included a lot of preparation work. Perhaps they will let me share things down the road, as things develop, but for now I’m on an “as need to know basis” with them and they direct me as to who they need to join and sometimes who is complete with helping them and then may be released. This is what happened with the recent two crystal skulls you may have seen in our offerings, and another one has just been added.

What I HAVE learned is that some are interpreters, guides, and almost like mid-wives for the group to assist certain tasks, communications, and integration of energies or bridge work to birth. Once things anchor, then they restructure as need be. The number of how many was needed has also shifted and I’ll share that down the road if they direct me to and then I learned recently of a new piece of the puzzle that the number was reflecting. The council is almost complete.

But they did want me to share this, about the crystal skull offerings – that they hold a connection to the bigger picture energy they’re putting into place and that means that anyone who does feel their call will share in some of that, which is very special to us. Also, alongside the beautiful new crystal skull, there are two more new “magickal” offerings. I’ll let you explore what they are on your own, if you feel so called: Creations & Crystals Closet

Anyway, I will be playing the next month or so by ear as to when I post next. There’s some things in the works and I’m taking advantage of the potent energies I feel coming through. As always, what we each vibrationally experience, sends a wave through the collective. It’s a beautiful thing!

I want to leave you with this reminder again, that no matter where you find yourself along your journey right now, I hope that you can honor yourself for being here and for how much you’ve made it through already.

And even if you can only find these next words to be all you can see to feel good in this moment, let that feeling sink in.

I love you!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Good morning tania from sunny Spain! Im always in awe how everyone is so different! I’m truly a sun and warm person who shivers at the thought of snow.. but I enjoy hearing how it can be enjoyed! I love your Easter decorations, colourful love you give each other and delicious food! Makes me hungry… even as a non vegan! Love your relationship with your guy, so precious to be together and allow freedom! I will always be grateful for my relationship with tom… we are both complete after our human experience of so much together! We continue to muse together beyond, which is coming closer now and why everything is changing furiously! Here’s to bringing in a wonderful and magical spring and summer to enjoy❤️🌈💃🕺 Thankyou for sharing your magnificent self and life, you are one wise and compassionate rabbit🤣😂 much love x

    • Aw good morning Barbara!! So sweet to see you and hear from your loving heart!! Isn’t it so beautiful how unique we each are!? I love sunny Spain for you.. it reflects your vibrant energy and heart! I didn’t know I’d love snow, as I grew up in Southern California and lived there most of my life, but as I branched out I discovered layers of myself and loves that lived within that I unwrapped. I do love sunshine 🌞 like you which is why this place works because we have sun year round even with the snow and I enjoy immersing in varied terrain getaways. Like you I love seeing through other’s eyes and what moves them! It’s a beautiful experience we share through our collective heart. Thank you for your beautiful reflections and compliment 🐇🤗😘 You and Tom are an inspiration! I love the playful journeys of richness you continue to expand upon. Lots of love and warmth to you!!

  2. Thank you for the insightful and uplifting post Tania. Your parents sure know how to celebrate! I’m glad you have them close by and in your heart. Kudos on this new place of peace and simplicity, bearing the fruits of your inner work. Big hugs! 💕

  3. You guys are the cutest ever! I just love you and your family! ❤
    Thanks for sharing your journey and all the amazing photos! Wow, just wow! Love you!

  4. Such a dear post. Your family celebrates the holidays like a fairytale land. Its enchanting and magickal. So happy to hear all the updates. And much love love to you, Dave, the familys and all the furry.

    • Thank you so much dear D! 😘 Yep, they are definitely the enchanted realm creators! ✨️ I’m so glad you got to meet them 💗 Lots of good stuff percolating these days. I hope that things are going well for you and Mir and the changes you’re integrating too. Love you so much!!

      • They are very special, just like their kiddos. Things are going well, manifestation is happening quickly so I have to make sure I am clear and tweak things right n ow. Kind of appreciate the slow down to be able to really make sure of when and what I want. Mir is doing well. She has gotten very silver tipped all over her sweet face. Love you bunches

      • Thank you ❤ I'm so glad to hear that D! I completely understand what you mean…I've been keeping on my toes too about taking things slow with decisions and refining to make sure of directions as well. Riding that wave with you and Astrid is riding the silver tipping with Mir! Hehe! I'm so happy she's doing well too. I just know she's thrilled to have mom home now. Love and snuggles!

  5. Desiree Bergeron

    So wonderful to see you at your parents and all the beautiful decorations, that gorgeous cake your dad baked….😮🫢 all of it warmed my heart this morning!! 🫶🌞
    I really love hearing about the ongoing work of the crystal council!! Hehe 🙌🏻❤️‍🔥
    Powerful stuff.

    • Thank you so much! It was a “sweet” time and we reflected on your being here too.
      Yep, the crystal council is really in deep dive. So much movement and wild stories … one that is still evolving right now in an interesting way. Excited to see how it lands. 😘

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