First Bloom ~ The Hope & Creative Potential Rises

To say I was excited to see our first blossom arrive, is an understatement. We were headed out on what felt like our first true Spring adventure here on Friday when this vibrant, little one caught my eye. Yay!

A happy little crocus.

You could feel her joy to be alive. She wasn’t afraid to be the first and try her hand at being her best version of authenticity.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a leadership role and when you do, try not to forget that you came here for just exactly who you are – a rising star of unique vibrational frequency.

It may just be that we came here with different paths and yours could be simply to embody the best version of you. It’s just possible that we make things more complicated than they are.

This little crocus demonstrates grace and ease of being.

Happy birthday little one! Welcome!

I love that it was a yellow one that burst through first this year, as previous years it’s been my purple birthday irises.

Yellow/gold and purple have been ongoing color and energy themes lately – including in the form of crystal beings – citrines, smoky citrines, golden healers, pyrite, and amethyst to name a few – that surround Astrid and me (and even many of our crystal offerings, which were updated with info recently that I forgot).

These color themes also happen to be part of our indoor landscape inspiration while the outdoor landscape continues to transform into the new season, as you can see by my purple passion vine and store-bought bouquet of sunflowers and daffodils.

I LOVE my golden vitality bouquet so much, I hope you don’t mind my sharing more of their beauty, to include a couple of the enchanted sunflower lights my parents gave me for Easter. I just can’t get enough of them!

Then I noticed how SO many of my bulbs were pushing through the in between disarray and there were happy little green shoots everywhere across the now-exposed front yard!

You may recall that last Autumn I planted nearly 200 more bulbs, adding to what I already had of daffodil, tulip and iris, along with new additions that added varieties to those groups, as well as hyacinth and crocus for the first time…and then threw around, to my heart’s content, two wildflower variety bags and one bag of just various lupine. So it’s cool that the first bloom to appear was one of the new babies – the crocus!

My faery heart can’t wait!

I haven’t had the heart, though, to fully explore my garden up close, but I can tell that many of my statues didn’t make it and so, alongside all the upcoming cleanup there will be some sweet mourning of friends moving on to make way for the new – mirroring all the life cycle experiences we’re going through on all fronts.

I’m feeling that yard and garden work will commence come beginning of May and that’s when I’ll merge my love with the excitement of new life bursting underground, to cultivate a new garden experience.

Right after welcoming my baby crocus, we headed down to the valley about a half an hour drive away, as we were drawn to do some hiking and the terrain there is snow-free. The high desert and warm sun was welcoming and felt really grounding during this shifting period. Tank top, sunbathing, and miles-of-exploring days are here and already feeling good!

You can see the contrast of the high desert valley floor where we ventured off to and the snow capped mountains where we live in the distance. The hike we do takes you from the valley floor to the foothills and does actually go up into the mountains merging Spring and Winter conditions, but we only did 5 miles of it so as to stay within the Spring quadrant and still have time for some errands that included bringing home those sunflower and daffodil beauties!

You can also see the in between shift of seasons here from our 5 mile walk yesterday along the lake where the beaches are mostly clear of snow except for small patches like you see behind us. The sunshine is warm at high altitude, though, so I’ve already enjoyed my first back deck sunbathing experience.

The water is looking beautiful and we decided to pick up the first of our beach and park passes this weekend too, so Spring feels official.

But back to Friday…we stopped in the outcropping of stones that I love so much – many with unusual shapes. And while Dave climbed up for a snack, my eyes were drawn to this hidden cutie wedged between the cracks of the giant boulders.

Someone had placed a perfect little white gnome holding a bird, into the hands of these stones and of course my faery eyes found him right away.

What a sweet little sign of purity, innocence, and joyous rebirth emerging from the cracks within Earth’s womb. The little bird being such a lovely Spring welcome that mirrors the songs I am increasingly hearing from the tree tops above all that is coming back to life and in fact, a new sound channeling inspiration flowed through me on this morning – perhaps I’ll share it soon.

The bird also highlights, to me, the value of singing my own song.

Claiming my authentic embodiment and path is one of those simple, but potent things my heart gravitates toward and has guided my days.

When I am uniquely being myself in the most naturally authentic way as possible, I naturally feel the wholeness and vitality within, fill me up. And the more this fulfillment manifests, the less I feel triggered by others and outside events, and the less I feel the need to change, or even “save” others.

There aren’t spaces within that are fighting to get my attention or struggling to shift an insecurity into strength. Alchemy takes form from the inside out and then harmony and peace anchor.

It’s all about perspective and our perspectives shape our experiences indeed.

Another incredible find of alignment on that hike came when nature called – literally. 🤭

As we stopped off-trail behind some boulders, I was amazed at what sat directly in front of where I was led.

This perfect wild rabbit, long leg and thumper! Wow!

I believe it belongs to the White-Tailed Jackrabbit, which is actually a hare and not a rabbit. They are of the largest species of hare and become nearly entirely white during the Wintertime. Dave saw one of these while skiing once with his white fur blending into the snow – it was amazing that he even saw him and quite rare.

But talk about potent energies – I’ll leave details around that up to you to explore if you feel so led, as I have received my own messages from this. There was no blood or anything else around. Just the perfect and powerful hind, left leg of the White-Tailed Jackrabbit.

I knew this was no random find and it just so happened that we had finished a snack Dave was carrying in the exact size baggy the leg would fit in. I understood that I was to bring it home to honor it in the way it reveals to me. It may find its way into our garden where I’ve buried many dear forest animals and parts that have come to me, when I bury the little mouse I saved from earlier in Winter until the ground thawed.

This harbinger of rebirth, creative inspiration for facilitation and manifestation, continuous abundance, good fortune, bounty, blessing, protection, generative energy, strength, navigation of the liminal space, swiftness, cleverness, and powerful transformation is very special to me to receive at this time.

Astrid gave me the eye, ear, and silver-tipped thumper confirmation.

“Hop to it.”

And to add to that incredible find, there was this rare, giant white feather (some of the top and part of the right is missing and the quill is long and thick) Can you guess who it’s from?

Great Spirit blessings indeed.

And that’s it for now.

We didn’t intend to have an update, but the reflections of things showing up guided us to share given the New Moon up ahead, so we popped in.

“Keep your senses alert and your feet grounded,” Astrid says and demonstrates, as she holds onto her giant golden healer Tahoe quartz mothership…”then hold onto your hats, glasses, cotton tails, and thumpers folks, as we’re heading on a blast-off of creative potential!”


Pre-Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse wishes for goal breakthroughs, expansion, and embodiment.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. So happy to see your post on these breakthroughs. Seemingly happened so fast but all going on behind the scenes. ❤ very happy peekaboo sweet T. Thank you for sharing all your newly presented gifts, I get giddy when you share them. And I want to thank you for giving sacred do and resting places in your blessed and magickal garden to those sweet beings that cross your path. Heres to what is about to unfold. Dear Astrid is preparing full bore for what is about to take place. Her pictures are so fun to see in her various stages of work and playfulness. Love you both. ❤

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Oooooo that beautiful golden crocus!!! xx
    The joy this post has bubbling out from it, contagious…..and makes me so happy to feel the connection energy//shared excitement of the return of spring, rebirth, dancing in our sacred authenticity! THAT FEATHER! 😱. And the potent power of the rabbit leg!! 👌 Big stuff!
    Sending kisses and snuggles to sweet Astrid and feeling you both in my heart! 😙😚🥰

    • She’s a beauty and still holding the role of leader here while the others prepare to pop on the scene. Even though things are quite a mess, these vibrant new life and creation essences are emerging everywhere.. much like the rest of the world.
      Super grateful for these powerful messengers that also help confirm things are in divine alignment.
      Warm snuggles and love from us to yous!! So sweet to see you here this morning 🌄

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