Rooting & Carving the Volcanic Force of Vitality ~ Molten Alchemy Pulsing Through My Veins

Hello my friends and happy Spring! It feels good to be back and to touch in with you all again. My time away has been wonderful and insightful – the tiny tendrils of fresh new life within are indeed stretching with open arms to the golden rays of sunshine.

Continuing in the vein of less posts, but more content when I do actually share, today’s return review will encapsulate layers of take-aways spanning over the last 17 days. I may not draw full conclusions or tie in every single detail I mention, as I do enjoy sharing/weaving stories more than detailing what I feel the reader can extract and receive on their own, relative to what speaks to you. But I will highlight standouts and some of the things gleaned that feel of value to share because of collective connection.

If you don’t want to read the whole share, but are a crystal cocreator, like me, you can scroll to the end for the current Spring surprise offering and upcoming one. There’s also links to online workshops, as I’ve noticed an upswing in questions and registering, likely due to the current wave of energies everyone’s riding.

As you know, I was away for ten days and also took time before and after our journey to create space for that experience, personal breaths, and anything needing to integrate as bookends.

Some really significant things took place before we headed out and around my birthday. This included snow levels breaking all historical numbers since record-keeping began in the 1950s for the Southern Sierra just the weekend before we left, standing at 283% of normal. The Central Sierra is at 231% of normal and may also reach historical high after this current atmospheric river storm we’re experiencing, and Tahoe is closing in on the 1952 record at just 135 inches below it. Although this present storm could bring another 48 inches and close the gap between first and second some more. There are a couple of ski resorts reporting they’ll be open through July and most others including the one we frequent is staying open until beginning of May. That’s a LOT of water energy for this Year of the Water Rabbit.

AND then there was the complete flipping of Lake Tahoe taking place on February 27th – just the day after my birthday. This means that the water filling the lake, fully mixed from top to bottom of its 1640 foot depth and was the same temperature throughout, which is a rare occurrence. The last time was during the 2018-2019 Winter. This feels significant like a total reset-refresh, and in fact it does create the best conditions for aquatic plants and animals in terms of oxygenation, nutrient redistribution, and cooling the bottom during geothermal heating. It also provides much greater clarity to farther depths overall – so of course I’m looking at that water element symbolism I feel is such a key/challenging energy for us to process and integrate. I think you can connect the dots on other take-aways.

And while that was happening, Dave and I continued to immerse in major shoveling work around and above the house, clearing paths, jacuzzi, gas lines, and roof. We also got a crew to do most of the heavy work on areas Dave hadn’t done on the roof – he was focused on the perimeter where ice dams form and putting up heat tape – as there’d been too many stories of establishments (including 2 of the grocery stores we frequent) and homes all having their roofs collapse or compromised. The amount of snow that came off of the roof ended up creating more work to remove areas we’d cleared and also created a Tania-friendly way to get on the roof if desired, as the level meeting the pile-up already on the side of the garage now made a level walkway from bank to roof LOL!

We all know of my height fear I’ve been working through, and climbing ladders fall into that category, especially that first big step from ladder to roof, which is why Dave did the upper work and I stuck to the ground like a rabbit. I was only ever able to make it to the second to top step of the ladder, but froze and could not let go even with Dave there to help. I embraced my limitation without judgment and this ladder fear would end up coming full circle, as you’ll see near the end of today’s share. Needless to say, we got everything accomplished before heading out that put our minds at rest. We wanted to leave our home in the hands of our house/animal sitters without stress.

We did have snow mixed with rain storms the days leading up to our departure and that made for another epic journey for our sitters who were driving up from Southern California and had to get over the pass. Without going into details, they arrived at 11pm the night before we left and said they’d never been on such a wild adventure before that had their senses on all-time high and them using all their energy work and prayers. What troupers they were, arriving all smiles, starry-eyed, and hearts open. They were just like Desiree with all she went through to get here for my birthday. The fur babies immediately warmed up to these faery souls and we all knew divine alignment struck again!

It poured rain the whole way down the mountain and to the airport the next morning, but the roads were completely clear and our flight was on time and departure went smoothly.

We had three connections to our destination – the first being to LAX. It just so happened that the same day we were flying into Los Angeles – 3/14 – was the same day the President was. Air Force One had just arrived right before we did, so there was a backup of planes waiting to get to gates. It didn’t affect us, as we had time before our next plane, but I did find that intersecting dynamic of interest.

All was well and our next flight was on time and we took off with ease. Of course, you can bet I did energy work for all the travels – especially given weather and events of late around travels for people – so we were grateful. And while we didn’t have any flight challenges, there was a challenge that took place on our flight for a woman sitting two rows ahead, but diagonally to the right, three seats. This woman started having seizures about half way through the flight and they continued over and over. There was a lot going on and flight attendants on phones to ER and running around, as well as passenger nurses and cardiologist that just happened to be on the plane, coming to her assistance. I did my best to send energy from where I was and they managed to get her through. Emergency personnel came to get her when we landed and we were all just grateful she made it.

We arrived on time and waited for our last flight. It was a little late due to wind issues, so we did arrive 30 minutes later than scheduled. We had to circle once and retry the landing – a new perspective was successful! All-in-all, quite seamless in terms of three connecting flights. I looked out the window just before our last landing and the sky was just stunning and lit up in gold – the recurring theme these days. I noticed that an eye appeared in the water just below the clouds on the right. To me it was an immediate Eye of Horus and I could actually see the whole falcon. Can you?

Touchdown, Big Island of Hawaii. And this would begin a huge contrast and harmonizing balance to all of the snow experiences I shared – from snow and ice enchantment to tropical paradise. One form of water to another.

We were the very last flight into this little airport that shuts everything down at 9pm. We were unable to pick up our rental car and even the courtesy taxi phone had gone to bed. But divine timing can always be our friend, if we stay in alignment. It was obvious we wouldn’t make it to our destination about an hour and 20 minutes away, so Dave immediately looked for a hotel room by the airport on his cell phone. Dave wasn’t coming up with anything really close, but what he did find was hugely expensive just for one night – upwards of $400-500. So, I jumped on my cell phone just in case something else popped up and the first thing I saw was just under two miles away for only $163. There was ONLY ONE room left. I booked it immediately. I called to ask if they had a shuttle or something and they didn’t. The woman said she’d be there until 10:30pm if we could get there, otherwise she’d leave the key with security. It was 10pm.

While Dave started looking up potential car services – none were available including Uber – and said maybe we’d have to walk. I decided to try the taxi phone again and while I walked there I noticed two women who were in the same boat as us and talked to them. Then a couple walked up. They were waiting for their taxi that they’d arranged earlier.

The taxi driver shows up and I was taken back by how much he looked and acted like a sweet friend of mine who passed just months ago. We talked to him and the couple and they both said we could join them and he’d take us to our hotel first because it was on the way to theirs. He promised to return for the two women who couldn’t fit in with us all and we promised to remind him.

And so we arrived, just minutes before the woman left to check us in, and all was well for a good night’s rest. Upon waking we’d head back to the airport to get our rental car. Although we didn’t make it that night to our place, we were well taken care of and felt like divine intervention may have prevented us from an accident or some other unknown event on the dark road to get there.

It ended up being a great unfolding because being in Hilo from the start of the day gave us time to do things in the area before heading to our destination. Our morning taxi driver gave us good tips and we hit a great vegan spot for breakfast after picking up our convertible jeep. Originally we had a different car booked, but we decided to have some more fun and the choice did make for extra enjoyment, constant, warm sunshine on our skin, fresh air to breathe in deeply and whisk through our hair, as well as overall weeeeee freedom.

This whole trip was meant to be recharging, peaceful, and celebratory – basically a no-agenda vacation. Lately, we just want to create our own little world and experience around things, needing personal time on our own, so no one really knew where we were going except family. In my life I’ve spent a lot of time focused on others, so I really cherish and carve out my own time now. This ultimately helps me show up with an overflowing cup when I do immerse with others.

Other than knowing where we were going to stay, our trip was unplanned for the day-to-day. It was all about flow – in this case think lava flow. The Big Island is the only Hawaiian island I’ve had a draw to visit, as I’ve been to Maui and Oahu three times each, before, and Kauai once. I never got around to visiting Hawaii, but as always the timing was perfect for it to align with my 50th and where that’s brought me to in my life energetically. Each of the Hawaiian Islands are connected to chakras and the Big Island of Hawaii is linked to the Root Chakra, which is exactly the energy I am currently focused on.

Everyone is on a different trajectory and layer of their journey. For me, my focus in recent years has been on grounding, integrating, manifesting and merging all the more etheric energies into embodiment and Earthly living. Balance and harmony are my intentions and for me, the Root Chakra is a portal to harnessing our vitality, life force, and to repattern the core foundations we’ve been operating on that is held within our DNA – that to include ancestral lineage and collective restructuring from the core up and through. It’s also a way that we can bring all that good stuff we’ve mentally and intuitively attained and absorbed to bring visionary into being, imagination into creation, and feeling into experience.

Hawaii, the largest of the islands, is the home of four active volcanoes that I see as the blood of the Earth pulsing with creative force and reflective of the blood pulsing through our human veins. Hence the island is continually growing, as lava releases and turns to rock – creating more Earth/the element of the Root Chakra – and the island is full of life force and vitality. Mauna Loa is the largest, active volcano on Earth so being there was a way to literally dive into these most primal depths. I was connecting a lot with Pele who is both a destroyer and creator (in this way being somewhat similar to Kali), embodying the fire as an elemental force of nature and Goddess. Also known as Pelehonuamea, “She who shapes the sacred land,” her presence felt like a sacred sister to me while on the island and I couldn’t help but recognize her most intimately.

The beautiful thing I recognized and took away from our time on Hawaii, was just how much my processes have changed, how much work I have already done, and how quickly things can take root. I’ll explain that more as I continue, but even in contrast to what I felt as a relatively gentle process last year, considering my Chiron Return in motion and the things I was encountering to help me move the old energy through during our time by the ocean in Oregon, this took things to an even more fluid-with-ease place. You may recall my calling up those sealion and other animal death experiences to help process emotional integration. But just as with my 50th birthday’s sound healing ceremony recognition that I didn’t have any kind of emotional release or high from what was hugely powerful during that, the days on the Big Island proved to continue in that steady and even vein. No heavy stuff or triggers – just pure peace and flow, just as I sensed this trip and new time for me would be.

Pele is the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, dance and volcanoes, and I certainly felt like this reclaiming of Root energy in a new way was all of that wrapped up in a graceful hula – one of my favorite forms of visual dance that tells a story and moves a thousand energies like a picture paints a thousand words. I still recall my very first grass skirt, flowered bikini top and lei my parents brought back for me when they first visited the islands during my childhood and how I loved dancing in it for guests who visited. For me, the experience of Root integration was like liquid alchemy, transmuting Pele’s energy into golden flames of cold, frosty fire. This was actually something that came through in a meditation I’ll share later, but in the form of white flames that blurred the lines between hot and cold – you know that feeling of your hands feeling frozen and you run really hot water on them and you can’t tell if you’re burning or if you’re feeling the oddly soothing bite of liquid ice?

Anyway, our first day was a wonderful immersion to ignite our senses and get a feel for the days ahead. We ended up exploring a black sand beach as a way to set the tone for the days ahead after a nurturing, late breakfast – in fact every single beach we were drawn to on this trip was a black volcanic sand one.

That felt more than perfect, given the energies I sensed we’d come to soak in and integrate. And yes, that’s snow capping the peak of Mauna Kea behind me – a perfect linking integration between home and here.

I’ve been on black sand beaches in Tahiti and Iceland, but during this journey we nestled our feet and bodies into this rich, cleansing energy on a regular basis, which made one feel like a luxuriating dragon nesting on her sacred and potent ground.

After our volcanic beach exploration, we shifted gears to taking a drive up to visit some of the most known waterfalls in the area, Akaka Falls – a 442 foot tall fall.

The short and beautiful hike also passes a 300 foot tall waterfall and several smaller cascades in a lush rainforest setting. What made the day a beautiful mix of lovely surprises and reflections of flowing in alignment was the drive between the beach and falls. Our directions had us going one way, but we opted to take the sign that said “scenic drive” which wound through beautiful lushness, lovely vistas, and brought us to some hidden botanical gardens.

Originally we were going to see some gardens past our waterfall destination, but we felt we’d been guided to these ones instead so we embraced the grounds’ invitation that felt like a way the deities of the land were welcoming us.

And not only did we learn from some locals that this one was preferred, but they did end up being quite incredible and the grounds had a really great energy, providing us with more time to merge with our new and very dramatically contrasting landscape to our home we left behind.

It was also like Earth’s way of adorning us with a welcoming of all of her grace and beauty, as every turn of the path we wandered gifted us with a tropical ballroom of dancing faery blossoms, rich verdant drapery, and flowing waters full of effervescent energy.

Back home we love our crystalline alpine water inhabited by the Elementals of the region and here the warmer waters shared their own crystalline properties and whispering Devic realm.

I marveled at how of all of the photos we took on this trip, the ones Dave snapped of me by the “Ku” Tiki statue were the only ones that came out like a completely blurred vision you might see off in the distance through a portal that hasn’t fully crystallized into clarity because of its in between space. Not one of the four snaps were clear.

By choosing the scenic route, we also landed upon an out-of-the-way snack shack that had vegan options and where I immediately connected with the bohemian woman at the window wearing a gorgeous Ganesh bracelet and dawning sacred tattoos of her own. We complimented one another and shared a sweet resonance. Here we hydrated – Dave got a fresh coconut to sip on and I opted for the vegan piña colada before we continued on to Akaka Falls and the surrounding wonders around them.

After returning to Hilo we filled our tummies with vegan pizza in town and then headed off to our home away from home for the next 7 nights and 8 days – Kirpal Meditation and Ecological Center.

We ended up feeling called to stay in the south east and east side of the island our whole trip, as we didn’t feel drawn to venture to the much more touristy areas, nor did we feel like spending our time driving long hours when we could immerse ourselves and relax instead. This also meant we were staying on the wet side of the island. The further west you traveled, the dryer part of the island could be found. That said, the people of KMEC said Gaia and the Gods and Goddesses must like us, as we did not have one day of rain while there, which they said was quite a gift. Right before we arrived there had been rain, and the day we were leaving, a huge downpour bookended the trip. We enjoyed sunshine and warmth, jeep top down, and beach recharge every single day. It felt SO good to dig in my feet and wiggle my toes through all of that good ol’ black volcanic sand.

A blessing indeed to experience the window that opened and our aligning with things to enhance our experience in ways we desired. We were filled with extreme gratitude. And my Pisces toes and feet were feeling the extra healing nourishment indeed. It was actually fun to reflect on the dramatic contrasts of our moving from wearing thumper skis on the mountains to glide through the powder like a bunny to flippers to glide through the water like a mermaid and then bare foot it rather than layer up in cozies. Then of course dip right back into the former, although returning with sun kissed golden skin and revitalized embodiment.

Upon arrival to our all-vegan retreat we were greeted warmly and felt a big Aloha welcome of arriving home. After a little orientation to our new 10 acres of organic orchard, off-grid land to stretch our bodies and soul in, we settled into our little cabin named perfectly – Butterfly – then ventured off on an evening walk to our neighboring volcanic beach to catch our first sunset.

The area is remote and access takes you down mystical old growth mangoes and across volcanic moonscapes left behind from the 2018 eruption that missed taking out KMEC – it’s thought that Pele protected this sacred area because of the uplifting things happening there.

The long tree-laced roads to get there were incredibly mysterious and full of energies whispering day and night. We walked or drove down them at all hours and each time was as magickal as the next.

We enjoyed long, restful, deep sleeps with lullabies by frogs and other tropical musicians, stunning star-lit diamond-clear night skies, illuminated moon vistas, fragrant, cooling trade winds, long walks to nearby beaches and thermal warm ponds, yoga, sunrise and sunset meditations, fresh, nourishing meals made with love, and wonderful talks with community staff and founders. We were the only guests during our stay, so it was the perfect backdrop for serenity carved out in divine personal reflection.

It was so much fun to be surrounded by new creatures we don’t have back home and having these spirit messengers enveloping us with love made us feel extra welcome.

Colorful and curious geckos surrounded us daily, bold mongooses frolicked across our path, wild pigs grunted mysteriously in the night and surrounded our cabin, infusing guttural chants as ritual, core awakening, jungle cats enchanted us with their cosmic eyes and nestled warmly into our touch, roosters reminded us that a new day awaited, and feral cows mooed divine mother hums that stirred the fertile soils within. All of these and more were our new companions for our time away.

My favorite were the saffron finches, reminding me of our chickadees back home. Their vibrant yellow feathers just lit me up each time they fluttered and sang about. One evening’s walk even gifted us a whole tree of them!

The founder’s wife said she only ever sees them in pairs, so this was quite a gift. It reminded me of an abundant and vernal tree of life, oozing with golden goodness.

And we of course were mesmerized by our sea turtle brothers and sisters. We were blessed with three sea turtle encounters in a row that increased by the day. The first took place at the end of our first full day after having reached our destination.

We sat above a magickally lit ocean cliff on volcanic rock overlooking the water and watching the sun set, when we both at the same time noticed a sea turtle swimming toward us, below.

A second appeared a bit to the left, but the first one kept dancing in the water and we both felt immediately that we’d been guided right there so that this soul could connect with and welcome us back – I say back, as I know I have “roots” here.

This experience took place after quite a magickal beach day snorkeling and recharging, and our unusual, but synchronous lunch experience in the local town. Both Dave and I had forgotten our wallets back in our cabin. We didn’t realize this until we were about to head into the restaurant. We weren’t sure what to do, or if we’d have to drive back the half an hour both ways to get money. Lunch had already been served back at our place and we don’t eat dinner, so we weren’t going to wait for that meal. Dave got the idea to go ask the restaurant if they might take some other form of payment like Venmo or Paypal.

While he went in, I waited in the car, noticed the “Hawaiian Fairy” sign on a neighboring store, and asked for some help. I then see Dave come out and waves me over. I then learn what unfolded.

No one was in the restaurant, but one man who was just paying his own bill. Apparently he overheard Dave’s conversation with the server and when the restaurant shared they didn’t have a way that worked for what we had, the man offered to help. He handed Dave $100 cash (saying that way we’d have some extra cash as well as lunch money) and told him he could Venmo him instead. So that’s what went down. Dave wanted to give him extra as a thank you and he said, “No, that’s okay. This is my good deed for the day. I’m happy to help. Just pay it forward.”

So we enjoyed a wonderful Thai lunch, gifted by this man, all because of divine alignment and open hearts meeting together in the flow of kindness and a little faery dust.

It was after that, that the sea turtles swam to us. We were grateful for the blessings surrounding us.

We finished the day off with a private meditation on our own in the on-site, custom-designed Balinese Meditation Pavilion – the perfect space for sunrise and sunset meetings of the spirit and body.

In fact the grounds and our cabin were all infused in the sacred energy of this land and the love and devotion that has been nurtured here. This was the view from our home away from home where our new jeep friend awaited us each morning for the next adventure.

From the gardens, orchards and eco built community, to the jungle and horizon where Cosmos meets Earth – you are surrounded in beauty and depth that await the embrace of open heart meeting intention.

We then started the next day with a 6am meditation there again. This was a great spot to watch the gorgeous sunrises rise above the Pavilion and catch glimpse of the sky portals inviting us into a new day’s experience.

I began to notice a theme happening with my meditations. No matter how I tried to clear my mind or do my usual inner guidance for any intentions or receiving of messages, I just kept noticing a flow of old experiences circulating through. At first I tried to shift that, but I immediately noticed that THIS was what was naturally and organically needing to happen – a fluid releasing flow of letting them go. I instinctively called upon Pele and the spirits of the land to help take these experiences – what felt like the remnant remaining pieces – and to smolder and melt them away into the molten lava so they could transmute like the volcanic elements destroy and create anew.

Everything was moving and integrating smoothly, organically, and easily. There wasn’t any hard work to do with it, but allow, surrender, ask, and let go. Moments replacing years. In part that is because of already doing years of work in the past, but in part it is a reflection of the now. Things CAN be more simple and fluid when we step into that space of potential. It really depends on our individual journey and what we are both here to experience and here to offer the collective as part of that experience. Crafting our lives can shift like the ebbs and flows of ocean waves. There’s no judgment where we find ourselves. There’s simply an offering that we have various ways available and unlimited opportunities to recreate experiences to mirror ourselves in each moment.

Our second sea turtle experience brought us even closer, as we decided to return to some of the black sand beaches back in Hilo to snorkel and enjoy the sunshine, sand, and water. We decided to try one beach first and explored there, before heading back to the first beach we surveyed on the day after our arrival. By choosing to stop at the first one instead of going straight to the beach on our trajectory, this created the alignment for an up close encounter. Here is the sea turtle at water’s edge that greeted us before descending the lava rock into the water.

The second beach we went to had incredible underwater coral forests with a huge variety of vibrant colorful fishes that swam around like water butterflies. Giant sea urchins of black and red peeked out from rocks like battle axes mirroring the fiery volcanic energies surrounding us.

We enjoyed many deliciously vibrant vegan meals and even a full vegan bakery, which we frequented every time we passed it. I had to giggle at its name given the running joke I have with my laughing-to-tears banana bud, Lynne.

There were equally a lot of beautifully vibrant murals reflecting the perfect scenes and messengers for us.

Every day was a new experience for the senses to take in diverse and perfectly balancing contrasts to our life back home. We never drove more than 2 hours to a destination, but even that was just a one-time thing, as I mentioned we were wanting to relax and immerse in what was already accessible around us, rather than work for or hunt down things.

Ease and flow.

Peace and slow.

We were happy we did make that 2 hour drive on the day we did, as it gifted us our third sea turtle experience consecutively following the other two. We found ourselves the largest of black sand beaches and spent the day snorkeling and luxuriating in the tropical bliss.

It was here that our encounters took us closer with the third time being the charm that the other two were prepping us for. First, sea turtle swam to us from below our cliff-top perch. Second, sea turtle greeted us at water’s edge. Here they are in the collage below – the circle highlights the first sea turtle we saw from the cliff.

And third, we found ourselves swimming with sea turtles in a beautiful underwater dance. Gliding along, but maintaining our distance, the beauty of our mirroring was impressed in our hearts.

The day before Spring Equinox we started and ended our day with a 6am and 5pm meditation that framed another lovely beach and snorkeling immersion. The later hour-long meditation was the only one that was joined by three others to include the founder and his wife.

The founder led us briefly in sharing some readings and a very short prompt to support the meditation time to follow, if desired. This was the meditation that shifted everything from my previous meditations so far, although all of them were very fluid and peaceful because of my surrendering without judgment, as well as copartnering in the teamwork being offered.

Up until then, as mentioned, my meditations were transmutational with Pele assisting the process. This time, I was led to inwardly chant OM throughout the 50 minutes or so of silence. I won’t go into all that took place, but I was back to accessing my usual visual journey that began with Buddha appearing, a close-up elephant’s eye, then tall robed light beings, gateways upon gateways opening that were lined in white flames of frosty fire (you may recall my mentioning this at the start) blurring the lines between hot and cold, more beings, a close-up turtle’s eye that morphed into an interdimensional being and then a dragon’s eye, and throughout there was a movement from first violet color showing up, then red, and then green.

I knew something had shifted from the previous meditational journeys.

That evening we enjoyed some tea and conversation that followed an interesting dynamic play out that held some really powerful takeaways.

We made some beautiful connections during our stay, but the special one for me was with the founder’s wife. She and I had an instant rapport and synergy. We later discovered that not only were we both Pisces souls (she’s actually very Pisces with 3 planets in the sign and has an identical twin), but in fact our birthdays were just a day apart. Hers is February 25th and mine is the 26th.

I looked forward to our chats with Mara and immediately missed her upon returning home, but we feel we’ll see each other again. Although separated by a generation, we felt like sisters. There’s potential for something fun in the near future to be in the works that was briefly discussed and put on the table.

The day of Spring Equinox couldn’t have been more perfect to me. This was the day we were guided to go visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Hello Pele!

We began this day with an early morning walk at 5:30am to greet the sunrise.

The beach we thought we might go to to watch it was closed and there was an attendant who said we’d have to come back at 9am. I felt immediately there was reason that we would discover later.

So, rather than be discouraged and walk back, we turned down the perpendicular road and walked to where I saw a clearing in the field.

There was a black lava rock bridge wall on both sides. We sat on the one facing the opening and the colors started to dance as the sun welcomed a new day.

As I looked to the right where we were originally headed, I saw that the sky there was muted and none of the splashes of color were present.

It was all going down on the stage in front of us and the stone wall was our seat for the show, as you can see.

We followed this new season’s greeting with a spectacular vegan breakfast in town at the cutest, artsy, vibrant little place that mirrored our morning Spring Equinox sunrise.

Just look at this gorgeous yumminess in every color of the rainbow!

Then with nourished, happy tummies, we made our way to the wonderful experiences that awaited us.

Our explorations spanned 6 miles of walking and 40 minutes drive of stunning landscapes, with stops along the way that included shorter and longer immersions.

We walked the Kilauea Iki Crater.

Explored the Thurston Lava Tube.

Traversed the dense tropical forested ridges in between.

Drove the Chain of Craters Road upon which we stopped at each crater to experience them.

Saw many steaming hot spots emerging from the cracked open volcanic rock from the Earth below.

Took in the Holei Sea Arch at the end of the Chain of Craters Road, which the guide we spoke to at onset of our day said to make sure not to miss as it’s thought it may not be around for more than 2 more years.

And hiked out to breathe in the ancient energies at Pu’uloa Petroglyphs site where there’s a gallery of 23,000 etchings in the volcanic rocks surrounding the area, which is one of the most extensive petroglyph fields in Hawaii. These document the life and culture of the native Hawaiian people.

It was all incredibly fascinating and richly nourishing with landscapes that were enlivening and richly expanding from the inside out.

And although all of it was incredible there were definitely highlighted moments and experiences where I felt a LOT.

One of these was while we walked through Kilauea Iki Crater. Dave and I were together for the first half and then he got ahead, while I was exploring some of the incredible lava rock and hidden nook areas. I’m often a little behind him, as my hawk eyes and faery senses draw me in, but then I always catch up. I noted an invigorating, raw, and large energy fill the space within me and it was merging animal, human, mineral, and star altogether. Pele was close and also within.

This was also dragon essence, but it was not just deep, primal earth, but the spaces in between and the expanse of All and Nothing. I can only think alchemy where elements mix and become all of their origins and more – golden, but also diamond clear as the pristine essence of molten lava stars bursting through a black hole into their own unified conception of creation anew. It’s like digging for a treasure so deep into the ground that you pierce through to another world. Words fail.

The standout to both of us was the petroglyphs. We were so grateful for our timing with things, as this day followed in suit of things just being extra peaceful and not feeling like we were consumed by tourists. In fact, we had so much space that we were able to sit and meditate for a short while near the petroglyph site to just “be” with the energy.

I loved this whole area and the walk to the site. You could feel the sacredness seeping forth from the ground and wrapping you from all around. I especially was moved by the sound of pods rattling in the wind on the flowering plants that surrounded us. At first I couldn’t figure out what was making that sound, and was instantly taken away to visions of sacred ceremonies taking place in the present moment and as if we were walking in a procession where ancients were shaking their rattles in mutual respect and honor as we passed. It was like a giant ceremony was taking place and their rattles were bathing us in energetic cleansing and activation. I discovered the pod when we sat down to tune into the Earth here and the energies. I picked one up and shook it in amazement. It was indeed a mini rattle.

Although I now knew what was making the sound it didn’t take away from the sacredness of the experience, but in fact enhanced it. Everything felt alive and infused with spirit. The way the pods shook in the wind sounded deliberate and had a cadence and rhythm to it that felt intentional. At times brisk like sweeping the air. And other times it was longer while it worked with the energy.

I sat with my hands on the volcanic rock and asked if there was a message they wanted to give me.

I saw a white mountain goat appear and then the word “Akua” immediately followed. I also saw the face of a female indigenous figure who felt to have lived there before.

I thought I made the word up and didn’t know that it was an actual word until we returned to the car and I researched to see if it meant anything.

The first thing that popped up was this definition:

a god

  1. Formerly, among Hawaiians, the name of any supernatural being, the object of fear or worship; a god.

Then I found this:

Ancient Hawaiians worshipped a vast number of deities, of which there were two main categories. Akua represented nature’s elements—they were the personifications of great natural forces. The ‘aumakua were the familiar ancestral protective gods.


Akua has many meanings, but none more common in today’s Hawaiian than God. In Hawaiian, there are many different kinds of gods, and akua can mean goddess, spirit, ghost, devil, image, idol, divine, even a corpse.

And this:

1. vs. God, goddess, spirit, ghost, devil, image, idol, corpse; divine, supernatural, godly. Akua might mate with humans and give birth to normal humans, moʻo, or kupua

Since I don’t know anything about this word, nor did I even know if it was an actual word or thing, and it’s the first time I’m seeing it, I’ll just leave those meanings there for now and my takeaways held in heart.

Before we returned home we stopped to eat and I picked up 3 small items that spoke to me at the Hawaiian Fairy – the only store I ever entered and was drawn to. It took me only minutes to find them, as I had intention around it, and everything was really inexpensive.

A lava rock bracelet jumped out right away – it was the ONLY one with interspersed golden beads and a center one with OM on it (perfect given my chant in the meditation that shifted things into ease of moving energy and unified alignment with All That Is/Universe).

A sea turtle pendant with howlite shell – divine because the sea turtle brothers and sisters ignited key vibrational frequencies in my heart and held direct connection with my dear tortoise Gaia who once was a giant sea turtle in ancient times and who works with ley lines, sound frequencies, and Earth gridding.

Red (lava and blood reflecting) Balinese harem style pants with black (volcanic rock and deep Earth/shadow reflecting) Egyptian figures at the ankles, waist, and waist pocket – mirroring Horus and the Eye of Horus I saw upon landing and ancient roots. Both the red and black also reflecting Pele, Root Chakra integration, and the transmutation I experienced.

These symbolized the standouts to me on this trip that gifted me layers of richness.

The next day of the Aries New Moon we continued to flow with what the morning’s inspiration was and rather than explore more hikes, since the island spirits were showering us with sunshine blessings, we opted for a last day of black sand beach bliss and snorkeling. We really felt the day of our departure that rain would definitely hit, so soaking in all the ocean and relaxing we could into our skin, felt in order. Before heading back to our nearby spot, we first explored another area of interest just minutes from our retreat where a collapsed lava tube remains. You can’t really see it as clearly as others, since it had new growth, but the area is caved in like a half tube and the cliffs there offer incredible vistas and crashing waves.

It was a beautiful and equally relaxing and activating day, with the largest waves coming to shore that we’d seen so far – reflecting to us the weather was getting ready to shift and the energy in the air was potent and fertile.

We enjoyed some rest, fun, snorkeling and swimming, and just some good ol’ being.

Time moves fast, but we don’t need to. Fully luxuriating in the moment with all of our senses has been the guiding force of our lives. And this time away accentuated that.

We felt cradled in Earth’s nourishment while dragon energy rested behind us in the cliff walls, Pele’s vitality enveloped us all around, and the vast ocean rolled in new energy with each cleansing sweep at our feet.

We put in one more stop along the way back to our cabin to take in day’s end on the open lawn overlooking the ocean where many locals loved to hang out at sunset.

There we nestled into the cool grass in silence and just breathed in the expanse of our time shared on the island. I smiled at the beauty of it all and with gratitude filling my heart for so much I can’t begin to explain, I could feel everything more deeply than ever.

How much life has changed. Richer than the words we teach ourselves to say. It’s an act of being that no story could ever be told in the way only one knows and experiences.

That last evening we decided to close things out in the meditation pavilion and it was another beautiful visionary journey I won’t go into except for the last message I received upon asking if there was something wanting to be shared. The words “deserve” and “reprieve” came through right away and a download of what this meant.

In part, I knew this was a framing of what this trip was about for me, as well as the next leg of my journey.

I’ve been on many sacred travels over my years that have taken me to high energy spots on Earth, vortex areas, and sites of ancient civilizations. My usual experience in the past has been about moving through a lot of stuff that I access by being there and doing integrative healing work individually and collectively.

I would have emotional clearing or heightened emotions flow through. The same has been with much of my spiritual growth work over my life – that felt like work and took time and effort. But more recently things have been shifting and especially since my birthday, this has transformed and dissipated into a new ease and grace that encompasses layers of feelings that instead come through as expanse rather than individualizing each frequency. It’s this new smooth space of everything and nothing that is both powerful and soft.

This journey proved the same…fluid and undefined. Like the breath of life or the wave of the ocean that moves in and out and doesn’t think twice about it. It just is.

My takeaway from this trip, like with my birthday sound healing ceremony, was ease and flow. And this put the message of “deserve” and “reprieve” into perspective.

Another layer to my meditation on that last New Moon evening was a clear download for channeling a language fluidly through sound and crystals. I saw, heard, and felt myself, during the meditation, inwardly expressing this star/ancient language that I could easily have started chanting out loud, but refrained so as not to disturb Dave’s silent meditation.

This added richness to that expansive feeling newly rooting.

That last night we met a new guest that just arrived – the only other since we’d been there. I thought it was fun to learn that she was a rabbit mom, too, and that was a sweet synergy and reflection of more alignment and continuation of resonance as we were slipping out and she was slipping in.

I mentioned that throughout our journey we had rain-free days – such a blessing given we’d come from snow storms and rain with intention to have a tropical retreat infusion of warmth and beach time. The goddesses and gods were shining upon us, as it wasn’t until our day of departure that rain graced us. It was as if they’d been holding it all back the entire trip and then released it with a downpour on that last day. It began the night before and continued until we left.

No worries, as we had already taken advantage of every day of sunshine provided us, soaking in all the good snorkeling and ocean energy, as well as immersions that we desired. It was interesting, because each day we’d check weather forecasts and rain was said to be coming on half of the days, but never did. It seemed more evident this last day would actually release wetness, so we thought ahead and made reservations for a special tour before departing that would take advantage of a rainy day.

So on our last morning, in the fresh energies that the New Moon ignited, we made our way to Kazumura Cave – lava tube on the island of Hawaii. This couldn’t have been a more perfect closure to our trip and really encapsulated so much of the energy I felt we were downloading and integrating while being here. It also provided opportunity for me to experience a shift in my relationship to things that once unnerved me or were challenging in earlier years, as well as helped me move through that height fear I mentioned at the start with climbing ladders.

Dave found this cave experience and I’m so glad he did. It’s a journey that takes you through the world’s longest known continuous lava tube that is virtually unknown, but a national treasure indeed. It’s considered the most important of several lava tubes that formed in the Aila’au eruption that is carbon dated as happening between 1410 and 1470, although oral accounts place it in the 1600’s. Geologically, it’s considered a master lava tube that embodies nearly every type of feature found in lava tubes. It has at least 101 known entrances spanning its 42.5 miles and is the deepest known continuous cave in the U.S. at 3613 feet.

The guardian of this entrance to the cave, Harry, is a special soul indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed his energy and the massive amount of knowledge, enthusiasm, and respect he has about and for the cave/tube is incredible – he’s explored 24ish of the nearly 43 miles of the cave. The divine manifestation story of how he came to be the guardian, finding the entrance behind his home, and learning more about the unusual gifts he has were truly a wonder to hear about. He spends most of his life underground with his companion cave whom you can feel her vitality and breath upon entering.

What an experience! Without detailing it all, I’ll cut to my transformations inside, which included my relationship to claustrophobia and childhood “darkness” fears. I had none of this while inside the cave as we journeyed about 3/4 of a mile down and in. We took a moment near the end where we shut off all of our lamps and sat in silence in the dark. There were just 5 of us – a grandmother and daughter, Dave and I, and Harry. Harry had just finished telling some incredible stories of his experiences in life about seeing beings slip through dimensions, some were what would be considered scary, and also about a child spirit he once encountered in the cave. My childhood and growing up would have had me feeling quite scared sitting in utter darkness with our backs to the depths of Earth’s abyss. This due in part to the ongoing experiences I had since I was a child, and for many years, of presences, sightings, and encounters that at the time I didn’t know how to process. Coupled with a brother who liked to scare me, since he knew I had a very fine line between realms and what one deemed fake and real, and it all added up.

And yet I felt nothing but expanse and complete serenity in the absolute dark, but very alive and potently fertile underground chamber. In fact, it all felt welcoming and familiar. My fears did not exist in this space, but instead turned into possibility and wonder.

The silence, stillness, and complete dark/shadow energy was my friend and I was being cradled in her womb. I felt the power of this inner harmonizing and it was empowering and humbling. As I sat in the dark abyss, with my hands touching the volcanic rock below me, I received more messaging of the downloads happening.

I was claiming my force – life force – with the knowledge of being able to carve and shape it, just like the lava had with creating the tube, for creative life birthing and vitality. The cave was a living, breathing being sharing her secrets of renewal through the natural process of destruction and creation that reimagines and then reforms itself again and again.

It was all full circle – this gentle power and vulnerable strength merging as one in the moment where you feel all of it without separation until you try to name it.

My inner dragon, Pele, ancient turtle/Gaia energy, was all swirling within me in this void of creation at my core. It was so peaceful and potent.

Dave later shared that he’d actually felt unnerved at the end and after the stories was looking behind us to see if he’d see anything – partly wanting to and not wanting to lol! I said, I’d never felt more peace with the darkness and all of the vast energies one might encounter within it. This was a huge shift and transmutation. And it happened organically here.

The other transformation was my relationship to heights and ladders. I didn’t know we’d be climbing tall ladders up and down inside the cave or using a rope to climb up at one point. It was likely better I didn’t, as I then had to be in the moment with it. It definitely challenged my feelings around it, but I decided to face and embrace it.

So each time I had to climb a ladder, I got very present in body and took deliberate, slow and steady turtle steps and arm reaches up and down each rung. I stayed focused right in front me, just like I taught myself with skiing, and not trying to take in everything around me. And I did it! It did call up my inner resiliency and strength, but fear didn’t run the show…my conscious awareness and guidance directed things so that fear had a firm and fatherly hand, while also feeling the motherly encouragement, nurturing and understanding. I didn’t try to ignore feelings or judge them. I merely parented and supported myself through it.

Not only did I feel so much energetically download while down there, but another layer of strength and courage took form.

Once again, demonstrating and reiterating what is possible and available to us all in our own timing.

Harry had mentioned to us upon arrival that they had officially announced that morning that Kīlauea volcano had ceased erupting and lava is no longer flowing within Halemaʻumaʻu Crater. This pause in its flow aligning with our last day leaving was an interesting synchronicity and alignment.

The roots of this time away run deep, but wash over and through me like the sweet fragrance of budding Spring blossoms.

Every bit of richness was received with arms of gratitude and the ancient wisdom of the core elements were absorbed in ways I feel words can’t explain. You just know.

Primal depths, expansive void of creation, foundational support, manifestation alchemy, molten solidity, body wisdom, life force crafting, and grounded resiliency through life’s ebbs and flow, but also innocence, purity, childlike wisdom, sense of direction, and strong Earth/life connection…all of that and then some.

I can feel the molten alchemy pulsing through my veins, as the volcanic force of vitality roots within me and I learn to carve from the void of creation…

Blessings upon blessings I receive, understand, and I am grateful.

And just like that, our tropical paradise morphs dramatically back into the white mountain oasis where the gem of the Sierras, Lake Tahoe, resides. From one mother body of water and dramatic landscape to another sharing much wisdom within each to glean. In place of the golden sunset of our landing at onset of our trip, we were greeted with an expanse of white and blue.

We did make it to one of our favorite beaches here in the warm days following our return, just before our current storm blew in. This made for another seamless transition, just as our first day on Hawaii had gifted us a snow capped mountain behind our first beach touchdown.

Upon returning home I found Astrid dawning her Aries New Moon energy – quite literally. ♈️

You can see her new morphing in the photos above and below.

You may recall how she displayed a Full Moon perfect circle on her fur for the previous Virgo Full Moon (she’s a Virgo) and now she’s mirroring the double Aries New Moon energies, as we had one on March 21st while I was in Pele’s volcanic cave womb, and will again on April 19th PST, combining with a Solar Eclipse. You can also see the patch of silver highlighting her third eye at the symbol’s base.

I’ve talked about this before, how she (my cocreator and spirit sister) constantly uses her fur as frequency language to reflect and embody energies. Only she and my twin soul in rabbit body, Nestor, of all of my rabbit companions, had the ability to do this through their fur.. each of them speaking to me in what has always felt like cosmic hieroglyphics as a form of their communication. It may just seem like random molting, but I understand their depths from a different perspective.

And I love how her highlighting this Aries underscores much of the freshly ignited energy that I experienced as prevalent in terms of the elements, signs, and planets that the Root Chakra is associated with that interweave and intersect with me personally and my own astrological evolution.

While away, some downloads on energy movement and clear messaging came through, which strongly confirmed it was time to release some more of my special crystal partners to their new homes, which may excite some of you who have messaged me. These will be shared in an upcoming update, but for now the current remaining 8 pieces (5 remain) and bundles are receiving a Spring release with a 20% sale offering, also because of the messaging I received that they need to be with their cocreators. This is a huge discount considering they’re already priced at costs and especially so for the large, incredible Chromafusion pendants. If you follow their creator, Meagan Clark, you know how in demand her work is and she hardly has sales herself. So, if you’ve felt one of these now-key spirit messengers of the Air and Water to transform, flow, harmonize and create calling you, this may be the alignment you were hoping for: Creations & Crystals Closet

As mentioned above, I’ve noticed another upswing in people feeling called to support transformation in their life, further integration of their gifts, and/or take things to the next level. This is likely due to the strong, new energies streaming through that will affect everyone differently. I’ve been seeing more registrations and receiving inquiries as to what online workshops I’m currently offering or if I have any available (if in fact they didn’t know I did). The following links hopefully answer those questions: Empowerment Series and Reiki Certification Training

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  1. “In my life I’ve spent a lot of time focused on others, so I really cherish and carve out my own time now. This ultimately helps me show up with an overflowing cup when I do immerse with others.” Yep! Me, too. Cappy North Node in action.

    Loved the journey and getting more of the backstory to some of the quick photo texts. I noticed that a LOT of the photos with people in them have a blurred look, not just the one, and yet the landscape and seascape photos are clear. That seemed portal-esque, like you’re entering or exiting portals in many of the photos, including on the plane.

    Love you! Glad you had such a restorative and powerful time away.

    • So much Cappy good stuff happening 👏 🙌 and my Mars in Cappy is happy too 😊 happy Cappies unite!

      Thank you so much sweet L! It was a really rich and flowy trip. Cherishing this new space of ease and grace in my life. And also a new kind of empowerment.

      Good eye! Yeah, there is definitely blur going on underground in photos since there’s no natural light and it’s another world lol…portal movement indeed! I noticed a soft not full focus to a few like the plane and of me too, as you said. I only mentioned that one by the tiki god because it is the only nondescript complete blur and Dave had mentioned when taking the photos that the camera lens itself looked off and unclear each time he took one there (unable to change it) and he didn’t have that other times. So it was more obvious of energy shifting there for some reason.

      Love you too! 💖😘

  2. It seems like a wonderful vacation, full of beauty, flow, and connection. So much beauty to enjoy and absorb; I especially enjoyed to sky views, tropical flowers, and turtles. I’m glad you and Dave seem to be in a place of flow and grace. Hugs…💐

  3. Seeing if this comment shows now😄

    • It did!!!! 🥳🤸‍♀️ YAY

    • Thank you sweet D for reaching out when comments don’t work here 🙂 I LOVE knowing our full circle connection with the Big Island since you lived there in the years of my childhood and now I return where you left off in a way. I’m constantly fascinated by our weavings together and love that I could share these memories with you ❤

      • My pleasure sweet T. I ALWAYS try to read your posts whether I can comment or not. Helps me to feel closer to you.

        Isnt that something, lots of connections and overlaps. My husband at the time had been born in Hawaii, as well as both his parents and sisters. We went back for him to help his dad, he lasted a year, he hated living on the island. Didnt matter which one. He was born on Oahu. I actually could have stayed much longer. I loved it there. Kilauea actually erupted quite a bit while we were there. So I found it fascinating to volcano visits and lava tube explorations. Much love sweet t❤

      • Awww!! You are the sweetest 💗 oh wow that’s amazing he and his whole family were born there and that you experienced a lot of eruptions. I can totally see you enjoying life there. Thank you for adding these rich layers to our connections, what we were drawn to, and which island we chose. Letting it all flow through. Lots of love to you dear D!! ❤️

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    This was such an exquisitely written share……so chock full of gentle and powerful flowing energy!!!!! I felt chills and got tears in my eyes especially when seeing the picture of you integrating all those deep powerful energies…. You’ll know which picture I’m referring to!! (BIGGIE STUFFS I knOWS SISTAR!! 🌟🌟) And your experience in the cave…..extremely sacred and special~😌😘🫶 And that deep meditation……😱All so so incredible!! I love your relaxed flow and how so many extra special experiences flowed in because you were aligned with that flowing open~ness rather than a mapped out written in stone agenda!! 👌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    I received so much from this one T!! Always in gratitude for the STUNNING captures of the flora and fauna and skies and sunsets…….AWESTRUCK those sunsets filled my soul and seeing and feeling the Ancient Petroglyphs…..the Lemurian waters…..the Pele energy……all so so sacred and translated through that master story-picture-weaving-art form you are so gifted with to share all the fullness and downloads of energy with us all!!
    THANK YOU xx

    • I had a feeling this would speak to you too! I can’t thank you enough for your understanding and sharing. Your love is always enveloping me through the journeys even without words. And I sure do know which photo you’re speaking of…it’s a very meaningful one to me and speaks so much of the new embodiment. Dave and I really enjoy just being and flowing without agendas…and it truly helps with aligning…that grace vs force, as Lee shares about in his new video. Your words penetrate and are taken to heart. I love sharing stories in this way and it’s a joy to know that you and others enjoy it and receive so much too. Big love and gratitude to you sistar!

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