Oceans of Transformation ~ Early Spring Wishes for Your Creative Potential

This is just a quick, last post until likely end of March or beginning of April some time. I’ll be away for 10 days soon and we’re immersed in house snow remediation and overall preparation before heading out, so my windows are few and far between for spare moments.

Currently snow levels just surpassed 1970’s records here and we’re closing in on 1952 and they’re saying we could be on track to set a new single-season snowfall record. We HAVE experienced the coldest Winter, though, outdoing that latter year and this has created challenges since ice is forming – especially on rooves and many establishments have seen collapses. In fact, our famous Emerald Bay (one of the most photographed spots around the lake and in the world) has frozen over for the first time in decades due to the atmospheric river!

Indeed a LOT of firsts are happening here and this year – I’m still in awe of my 50th aligning with all of this.

Anyway, all of our neighbors are staying proactive and you can daily find everyone out on the rooftops shoveling, or clearing something – us included. So, we’ve definitely been getting tons of exercise here (moving huge fire energy, which is so good to channel it effectively like this). We’re grateful we have the physical ability and stamina to handle it all. It’s made for deep, restorative sleep indeed!

And you can bet I’m focusing on how all of this ties into collective dynamics and the way I can best do my threaded part in that tapestry.

I thought I’d lace the beautiful and dramatic sunset views throughout this share that I got to witness a few days ago because of being out back for hours shoveling away. There’s always a silver lining to things and seeing these colors painted across the sky gave me extra hope and inspiration about what’s growing beneath the surface of it all.

I only get small snippets of time here and there for things outside the scope of what I’m immersed in, but don’t really have the band-width anyway to focus deeply on things that aren’t immediately calling…part of the importance of staying in alignment right now that I feel, and drawing strong boundaries.

Perhaps some of you might be in that same energetic space?

I keep feeling profound changes taking place and form for a lot of people and Earth is definitely giving us a grand show in mirror to that. I’m floored by the 180 leaps many are taking and the resiliency demonstrated – the kind of stories you don’t hear as much about, but ARE happening. The messier things seem, the more transformation is happening.

I imagine the next time I touch in there’ll be more to dive into and share, including some more fun firsts hehe! For now, here’s some added things I’ve both been celebrating and feeling to bring through:

  • Today marks my 22nd year anniversary of legally changing my name to Tania Marie – making my middle name my last name. I always love that it falls during Pisces season and today is actually Daylight Savings Time, so that’s kind of “shine your light” and “be authentically bold” fun to add to that energy, since we Spring forward with more light now
  • A certain sweet friend and “spiritual skin” sacred tattoo client just ignited her FULL back piece I designed for her two years ago, getting the nearly full line work done on it a few days ago and it’s epic – can’t wait to hopefully share a photo when it’s completed this Spring – quite activating and full circle for us both and even collectively!
  • We added a potent little triad group of crystals to our offerings that came to us through a CA source a couple of months ago that we thought a particular “someone” would love out there – FYI I won’t be able to ship anything out until the week of March 27th (I had this group ready to go, but hadn’t time to put the claim button on them yet) – see Creations & Crystals Closet for them and the remaining, now-energy aligned beauties (more still to come as I have time!)
  • Hoping to have some sweet seasonal and inspirational rabbit ornaments available come later Spring and onward. Some pieces came to me that I look forward to painting in my off-time for fun – I always like to have a tiny side channel while I’m working away, as various creative channels are healthy for moving all that energy
  • A fun surprise collaboration that’s been written in the stars is upcoming! Stay tuned!

I’ll be away for the Spring Equinox of March 20th and the Aries New Moon on the 21st directly after.

This upcoming trip I sense will be drawing a line for me, so I’m looking forward to life changes on so many levels I haven’t even shared (every step we take is bringing our dreams and intentions closer, but Uni loves to support us when WE support us).

Usually, by this time we’re seeing melt and hints of sprouts pushing through. You might remember me having irises pop up through the snow for my birthday the last few years. This year we’re deeply immersed in a white womb – very literally – and although things are moving on a different time schedule, it feels aligned with the collective evolution. Things are definitely at work behind the scenes, and the pieces are finding their position on the game board of life. The generative powers of Spring always emerge, but Nature knows the time she needs and doesn’t rush or judge the process. I feel the more we flow with what shows up and calls upon us for recognition, the more we experience fluidity and grace – like a cetacean gliding through the watery depths.

As Laura shares in her recent “Magical New Moon in Aries” video and Preparing for Equinox 2023 post (see link), there’s a magickal selkie energy around this fresh cycle – think mermaids, seals, and ocean energy. This reminds me of our Oregon coast time that was deeply integrative, and even our time in Playa Del Carmen just preceding that – both felt foreshadowing of this upcoming trip of my return to the tropical beach and ocean, but being able to have a new relationship and experience now after moving through the Chiron stuff peacefully.

Can’t wait to see what I “rediscover” from my Pisces self to infuse into life and creations upon return.

Of course it just so happens that one of the several crystal energies that I’ve been getting a hit on strongly is Ocean Jasper. This beautiful mermaid with open druzy portals recently came to me (not readily seen in the closeup photo above or even in the group one below), along with a couple of other sister Ocean Jasper pieces that sit right in front of me on my desk alongside a beautiful little starfish and seal I was gifted – all part of my animal spirit collective who work with me daily.

Do you see a special “golden” smoky citrine bear anchoring things alongside his little quartz friend with golden solar plexus? The story behind his coming home to me is epic too! They join the gang in this location with rabbits, horse, hawk, and owl oh my!)

“Expansive” was my word from my birthday sound healing ceremony that added to my year word of “breakthrough,” so things continue to feel like a big opening of what I’ve sensed and been strengthening. All this varying water energy – frozen ice, snowflakes, white powder, alpine lakes and soon to be cosmic ocean, waterfalls, warm spring pools, tropical streams, and rainforests – really seems to be speaking to just how key it is to integrate these particular elemental depths.

Our water energy, emotions, feelings, subconscious, and shadow have been nudging and now screaming at us to pay attention, not ignore them, and start integrating these core pieces in an empowered way. It’s about bringing all of our parts together – the seen and unseen, the hidden and visible, and the conscious and subconscious – so we walk forth whole and aware. Alchemy in motion!

Do we want things to continue to feel like they’re happening to us, or would we rather feel like we’re cocreating things?

It’s a choice we each individually get to make.

I had a strong nudge to repost this, so I’m going to leave you with a reshare of my sound channeling, which you can go directly to at this link: Opening the Stargates

It feels particularly aligned with energies even more so right now, and the key codes within it just might add to the watering of seeds within, or the blossoming forth you desire this Spring.

Because WordPress doesn’t show videos through email notifications of posts, I’m linking instead.

I’d love to hear how you experience it if you haven’t heard it before, what you received the first time you did, and/or what it brings up for you differently if you’re listening again.

I discovered from others who tried to comment on the video that the comment section wasn’t enabled when I first posted it. With busy days, I only just got around to fixing that, so please go ahead and comment directly there this time if you do have an experience to share, as well as if you’d like to hear more sound channelings in the future. It will be easier for me to keep it separate to anything messaged here.

I’ll leave you with a question to ponder, if you feel so inclined, and perhaps journal about or just have gentle, nonjudgmental, curiosity around….

What have you wanted to do, feel, create more of, or bring into your life, but felt either too afraid to do it, others told you not to do it or that it was wrong, perhaps you felt not worthy of having it, kept pushing it off UNTIL the ideal situation was in place, or that there was some kind of lack that prevented you from freely stepping into saying, “yes?”

I know my answer…and how I’ll boldly be returning.

Sending oceans of love, magickal flow, and expansive heart blossoms of potential to you!

See you in Spring!

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Loved reading! Sending oceans of love to you as well from me and Indi =^_^=
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. Gorgeous photos and you have such a beautiful perspective on life. Enjoy Tania.

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    You better believe there’s going to be plenty of pictures of your incredible tattoo design for you to post!!! πŸ˜†πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ž It’s soooooo exquisite, everyone I show (and this is just the outline that I have, no shading mind you~) everyone is just blown away by the potency, power, beauty & detail of the piece…..the energy and portals are so alive it deeply grabs peoples attention when they see it!! I’m over the moon excited to have officially embarked on my Spiritual Skin journey!!! πŸ˜±πŸ€—

    It’s soooooo true about the more the mess~the more potential for transformation!! I’m flowing through and with all that big mess, and the expansion is very rapid and feels so right!
    Looooove to you.

  4. I loved catching up with you here, even though I know it’s only the tiniest bit of the whole, and look forward to your return πŸ™‚ Happy Happy Birthday!! What a special time! I am so happy to know you are in good health and just as vibrant as always ❀ We continue to enjoy the bunnies here. We ended up in a home with a bunny house guardian. The den is under a low deck platform and the baby greets us nearly every day. All was foreshadowed for a while! πŸ™‚ Hop HOP πŸ™‚

    • Aw, thank you so much dear Ka! I always love seeing you and feeling your sweet energy. I haven’t been online a ton these days, so I miss a bunch of things and try to get to stuff as I can. So, I’m super grateful you hopped on by hehe! Thank you so much for the sweet birthday wishes and beautiful energy I feel behind your words. I’m so happy to hear about your bunny guardian – that is just so wonderful! Astrid is hoppy too πŸ™‚ What a sweet reflection and messenger. Sending waves of love and bunny binkies your way!! I’m just getting my feet wet on returning and will have an update shortly.

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