Happy October & Harvest Aries Full Moon ~ An Energy Forecast for the Month

Astrid and I would like to send our heartfelt wishes to you all. We can feel the continued rise of tensions out there and in any way that we, or this blog and posts where we express inspirations, thoughts and our experiences, can act as a bridge…it is for these reasons we share.

Astrid received a special little surprise gift from mom, which we were going to wait until Halloween to share. However, she wanted me to go ahead now, since she’ll be wearing this hat all month and beyond. A way to let you see not only her royal essence (as her sunflower crown has revealed), but her cosmic wizardry and faery rabbit witchy essence.

I found her the perfect little sparkly purple wizard/witch hat with moon and star on it and she loves it. She is a hat lover in general, always sitting still for me to place them on her and doesn’t shake them off.

I love these photos of her with her hat next to a bouquet of five sunflowers with sparkly gold centers – felt so perfect for this Harvest Full Moon. And after she stuck her nose in them (first photo above), she even got a little gold sparkle kiss on her nose, as you can see in the second photo below.

Her sparkly purple hat matches my new cosmic sparkly readers I got after my eye appointment last week – I’ll share them another time perhaps. Her hat also compliments my own Halloween fun, but we’ll share that also for our official, upcoming Halloween/Samhain post with more fun captures.

Astrid doesn’t want to hide who she is anymore and encourages each of us to do the same, as the authenticity that is you at a soul level, is SO needed in the world.

The smaller picture: Full Moon and White Rabbit Magick

This moon is an invitation of awareness and acceptance around our wounds and vulnerabilities, support for speaking our truth and express our uniqueness and sharing of these without blame. Aggressive, defensive, or argumentative behaviors can easily be triggered right now, but if we work with balance in mind, which includes honoring our individuality and expression as well as that of others, we can more harmoniously work together toward creating something new.

If you recall the rainbow light energy on Astrid from two posts back, The Days are Getting Shorter, as Life is Getting Fuller, I found her displaying a touch of dramatic (Egyptian at times) energy especially interesting in accordance with the energies abound. The rainbow energy mirroring this description from Tanaaz on Forever Conscious:

“Even though we have this dramatic energy being stirred on this Full Moon, there is a strong healing presence on offer to us too, and this is where we should put our focus.

This healing presence is given to us by the asteroid Chiron, which will be conjunct the Full Moon.

Chiron is known as the wounded healer but also the rainbow bridge. Its energy represents the process of awakening. As we awaken, we are able to take our wounds and turn them into powerful portals of strength, wisdom, and compassion.

When we channel Chiron’s energy, we are also able to walk the bridge into higher states of consciousness.

We are able to see that all that ever happens and unfolds in our lives is for our highest good. We are able to see that even though tragedy and awful things happen in this life, there is always a bigger picture.”

The bigger picture: Full Moon Magick Tapestry with five illuminated butterflies and a Full Moon LED light that hangs from the center of my room

On Tuesday I found this hawk feather.

Magick was definitely afoot as our tree frog, who lives on our deck, was croaking, a coyote walked by the back of the house, and I found this hawk feather – all taking place at nearly the same time or within minutes of each other.

Hawk speaks to having wide awareness/big picture vision, seeing with clarity and discernment, trusting intuition, expanded psychic awareness, and attuned and successful alignment.

So much is weaving in experience right now. My dreams are bridging timelines and messaging me profoundly, things are piercing through the veils, intuition is on high, and energy feels like it’s whirling yet centered.

I keep seeing things take care of themselves, as long as I stay aligned. Clear paths open and others close by staying centered.

And while this has been a very busy time and continues to be, I feel like that is also helping to keep balanced, centered and grounded so that I don’t get caught up in what’s “out there” and I stay focused on anchoring in my own contribution of energetic embodiment. I’ll not post again until maybe next week some time, or potentially even the week after depending on how things go, as I have a lot to get done in the next few days and a Reiki 2 class to teach this Sunday before leaving on a road trip Monday for the week. Then another Reiki 2 class the Sunday after I return. So the week of the 12th will be a bit more open until I head off again on the 24th on another week-long road trip. But I do have some fun new stuff to share for November, December and 2021, so I’ll get those up as soon as timing aligns.

How are you all experiencing things lately? Are you also feeling like your days are extra full?

Once again, Lee has a great Energy Update for this month that I think you’ll find supportive.

There are so many good morsels of insights in it. A couple of things that stood out for me that Lee talks about include these paraphrased shares:

Energy activism is supportive right now – having awareness of your own stuff makes you more useful and effective to the collective and supports building bridges of compassion with others rather than destructive behaviors toward others. Staying unconscious and asleep out of comfort and safety, creates the division and fight energy. People desperately cling to what they want to believe or do believe is true about life.

Speak your truth, not to battle or stamp on someone else’s truth, but to add your voice, opinion, and feelings to the mix (not combatively). The more you speak truth you help dilute the planetary energy. If you’ve been silent, it’s time to speak again. Don’t share to be understood, heard, respected, or agreed with. Just speak your truth to offer a perspective, not to win or tell someone else they’re wrong, but to simply add your energy to help dilute division of right and wrong and to offer a middle note. Speaking your perspective adds to the shift of frequency of a conversation when you do so with unattachment and recognition of expressing a feeling moving through with only recognition of the importance in saying it.

Remember that everyone is going through the same energies together, but in different ways. So take care of you and be good to others.

Other key points he shares about:

  • Weird becoming the new normal – Paranormal and Supernatural experiences and the seemingly absurd will be appearing in bigger ways through October for many.
  • Earthquake Energy – rattling what’s on the ground in your life and causing fast rearrangement.
  • For many who are awake, Manifestation has become a new normal ‘superpower’ when it comes to quickly rearranging your life. This affects EVERYONE as it will catch on more and more in the collective. Acknowledge and share your experiences around this with others where appropriate.
  • Heart-quake Energy – Heart Expansions arising through struggle, challenge and shock. If this isn’t you, you may be experiencing greater heart compassion and taking heart based actions for those in such situations.
  • Power + Defense of Power – This theme is ‘up’ in the world right now, so be mindful and aware of it, as it is creating a defensive energy. Defensive energy can trigger anger, fight and avoidance. It’s a sticky and seductive energy so ask yourself, “Is this truly my battle to wade into – or did I just get swept up in the chemical reaction?”
  • The Psychic highways will see a lot of chaos in October – timelines are changing fast and the chaos on the ground will be affecting the psychic highways, so choose your information wisely and update it regularly. If basing your actions on psychic information, triple check before making a move and TRUST your gut.
  • The Body is our strength right now – don’t buy into the fear energy around our bodies, and recognize the innate wisdom and power your body can hold for you, so ‘How are you serving it right now? What does it need?’
  • Ground yourself regularly, to benefit your now and also to be ready for November and December – they will be big months on the planet – so developing grounded practices now, however simple, will be very beneficial for your balance in the months to come.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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    Best Autumn wishes, Tania!

  2. Happy Full Moon, sweet Bunny Goddesses! ❤

  3. Happy sparkles to you and Astrid! 🎉

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    Astrid’s witchy wizardess hat is WAY too cute!
    Oh my gosh!!!!! Gave me the biggest smiles! We do Halloween big here too… the kids talk all year what they want to dress up to be, and then start all over again the day after!! ( Lol) Super fun! Adults dress up too 🙂
    Talk about a super amazing full moon! It was a REALLY good one for me— truly I am thrilled to know about the different correlation of heavenly parallels, because now as I read all the important info you shared, I’m having aha! moments right and left! I felt such supportive energy… and still am riding that wave of what feels so like a rainbow bridge of Light! My dreaming has also been active….vivid, and clear, bringing peaceful clarity and reassurance as well as guidance and direction encouraging me/supporting and preparing me to take deeper steps/action towards healing, which feels truly amazing! Aligning with Reiki at this time in my life (as you well know 😉) has put in motion incredible opportunities to upgrade on ALL levels, and I am embracing them… going deeper more fearlessly than ever before and allowing old patterns to release with gusto and gratitude, while witnessing them with love and not fearing to feel them and honor each release, no matter how big or small! This has been occurring almost daily since receiving Reiki 1 attunements, and continues alongside regular life; rapid— Sometimes intense, however, never more than I can handle… (rocking the whole balance/grounding and flow thing!!! Personally practicing Reiki on myself daily has been huge for this! 👏🏻) Creation energy too, is swirling! Also Lots of beautiful opportunities to serve others in need which has been a joy, and it’s incredible how many opportunities I’ve had arise where I can just quietly share Reiki with others… and seeing the immediate results/benefits that it brings, is truly awe inspiring! I feel so so sooooo blessed and grateful! I love all beings on this planet with all my heart and soul, and cannot wait for level 2 Reiki so I may do my part in supporting all life to receive the healing, peace and reassurance that is so desperately needed!
    Love you! And thank you so much for this amazing blog post! What a treat!!! 💫🌟🌟💫✨

    • isn’t her hat just adorable!!!??? i love it too and so does astrid. 🙂 i got a hat to go with hers so we’ll have some witchy fun for sure. love that your family enjoys dressing up.
      i agree…things do feel supported at least in my experience as well, even though there’s a lot of deepening and at times processing of quite a lot on many levels for self and other. i am always so happy to hear how amazingly well you are doing in keeping yourself balanced with all you have going on in your life. speaks to your commitment and changes you’ve so bravely made.
      i couldn’t be more excited for you and everyone with the reiki right now, as it truly feels like the timing was so cosmically aligned…and even for me on the end of teaching when i wasn’t thinking about it or having that as a focus anymore….it’s been a gift all around and opening up much on my end too.
      i love you too and so glad you found a lot that resonated and guided here…i love your giving heart and that you are so strongly keeping grounded so that you can keep giving in healthy balanced ways ❤

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