The Days Are Getting Shorter as Life is Getting Fuller

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting crisper, and the year is edging closer to end. Life is cycling through more rapidly than ever and I find my days fuller, but moving like the blink of an eye. I hardly get through things I intend to do, so it reminds me that only that which is important gets done. The rest can be let go of, which includes ideas about any of it.

Magick happens when you let go and surrender to the natural process.

Most of the time people hold tightly to things until it gets too painful to hold on anymore and/or they hit rock bottom and are then forced to let go. When the pain of this hanging on becomes bigger than the fear you have of letting go, you finally let go and allow yourself to be carried along the river of life… safely (to your surprise).

The key is in learning to let go before this happens and doing it on your own terms because you have come to trust that things have a way of working themselves out in even better ways than when you try controlling, manipulating, micro-managing, and over-analyzing them.

When you come to trust the process of life and walk that fine line of detached, unconditional intention for the highest good – without push, force, or attachment to a specific way that “must” be – then you begin to understand and experience a return to natural harmony.

Even just taking small steps of letting go will make a huge difference. When you feel you have a block or fear with this, be mindful of what part of you is afraid and ask yourself what you are afraid to let go of. There is a little boy or girl inside of each of us that just wants to be assured of knowing they are safe, loved, and that they are free to come forth in their truth because everything will be okay. It’s a process of reteaching trust.

Learning to let go to the Universe/Source/God/Goddess/Spirit/All That Is and allowing the highest good to move through you as One, really helps bring greater peace and sense of well being to your life. Your whole body relaxes and hence, stress falls away.

You can still guide yourself consciously toward an intention while you go with the flow of “what is,” simultaneously.


By taking responsibility for the life you are creating while embracing the perfection of the journey, and all the experiences that are assisting you in bigger ways than you know to bring you more fully to your wholeness.

Greater surrender and aligning with what shows up have been some of the guiding forces for me, even more these days.

And that’s been true with all of my projects, especially right now. The next couple of weeks are crunch time here, so posts will be sporadic, but I do hope to share the coming months’ and 2021 line-up of classes and gatherings soon. I’m excited about the fun in store and hope you will be too!

Interestingly, Fall and Winter has been and will be a very busy time for me. There’s a feeling of internal instinct to keep reaching for the sunlight, like a plant excited to unfurl its leaves and blooms and take advantage of every bit of daylight possible.

This translates to me as alignment. Not a contrived drive, but a sense of internal aligning being guided by that synergy of relationship to all energies and factors presenting themselves.

Life, more and more, is unfolding in a way that makes sense without needing to. It feels good.

And what also feels good is that we’ve been back to daily nature exercise. The smoke-free air supports heavier activity, so my body is happy and nights are filled with deep sleep. Although my to-do lists incrementally decrease, I still manage to get a lot done.

I’m so enjoying the garden right now – maybe even more so than Summer. It’s been exceptionally beautiful with all of the late wildflower blooms that seem to be taking us right up to the door of Winter, as the plants and buds continue to reach for the light.

This feels to mirror all of the added energy and momentum bubbling and flowing from me when this could have been an otherwise quiet time.

After our big outdoor activities this weekend I managed to plant all 150 tulip and daffodil bulbs on Saturday (11 in the side garden and 139 in the front yard) and cleared away all the current old growth on Sunday, to prep for the seasons – all preceded and concluded by some online work and organizing around the house. I’ll have to do another round of yard/garden clearing when everything else finishes its cycle, but I wanted to get a head start. Long days in the garden after exercising made for some good muscle toning and grounded balance for all that is going on and percolating on the other fronts.

Grounding helps us to stay balanced and supports manifestation. If you’re focused a lot on expansion, making changes, and doing amplified spiritual or visualization work, grounding yourself will help to actualize things and to stay healthy without blowing out your energy. If you feel spacey, distracted, unable to concentrate, have anxiety, or are caught up in a lot of external drama, you may in fact be in need of and benefit from grounding. 

On Thursday, sweet Hope made another reappearance and while she sat under the bushes, we hung out together in conversation for about fifteen minutes.

Her both grounded and other worldly presence right now feels very supportive and with the sun streaming through to her, lighting her eye aglow, there was a cosmic essence to our connection.

This continued with seeing Astrid, not long after, with rainbow light highlighting her face and ear.

The way it was drawn from the corner of her eye reminded me of Egyptian energy, and I loved her ears and nose getting a rainbow boost too.

Egyptian frequencies have been flickering in the background, speaking to some ancient rooting emerging through the now and creating a bird-crumb path to follow.

Cosmic energy has been on high, and I just remembered a dream last night that involved a large, human-sized, crystal skull. In the dream I was in a foreign place surrounded by water where the crystal skull (very cosmic, animated and illuminated in blue light) had arrived via some people that currently had her. My sense was that she didn’t resonate with the people and they had taken her temporarily from others to try to extract something. She proceeded to converse with me telepathically and what I remember her saying is that she had birthed two children/beings. These beings were twin energy and that I was one of them. That’s all that is clear right now. I’m ruminating on that.

Yesterday I found a large raven wing feather on the bike path we were traveling. Then, raven physically showed up near the end, guiding me down the path ahead and circling back to stay with me and make sure I followed.

You can see Hope right between the two bunny ear feathers

Lately I’ve been finding owl, hawk, osprey, goose, and smaller bird feathers like Steller’s jay, woodpecker, and robin, but I haven’t found raven for quite some time. Their shamanic gifts are plentiful and indeed speak to cosmic energies afoot. Here are some links about their symbolism:

Raven is a harbinger of cosmic secrets and bearer of magical forces. It is regarded as a divine messenger that reveals omens and foretells the future. It is a keeper as well as a communicator of deep mysteries. The Raven is symbolic of powerful wisdom, vast knowledge, great mental clarity and high energy. 

Also, the Raven totem is the keeper of synchronicity. He is a master of bending and folding time and space. Therefore, you are precisely at the right moment at the right time…Whenever Raven’s meaning appears in your life, fantastic magic is imminent. The Raven symbolism also brings messages of transition, change, and healing because of its ability to cast light into the darkness. When this happens, make sure that you are well-grounded and have faith in your journey. This birds’ magic will guide you through.

And as my dear friend Mari has shared before, “Raven travels in the ethers to retrieve what is hidden and brings it into the light.”

What is coming to light has yet to fully be seen by all of us, yet much is being revealed these days. The interesting thing always to observe is how everyone has their own filtering mechanisms and therefore create many story versions that support what feels comfortable to them – THEIR TRUTH.

The key for me is that there are many versions relative to each and I honor everyone’s choice to express that, and amidst all of it I must find the version that feels most aligned to MY heart and purpose.

Time is an interesting experience right now where it can both seem fleeting and extended. The space between timelines is potent and in any moment we may be jumping them even without knowing, as we switch gears in our lives and amplify new changes. It’s a very alchemical time period where subtle, but profound experiences are plentiful.

Themes seem to keep repeating themselves, which is why guidance has me blogging on them consistently, but spiraling at different degrees of understanding and implementation in order to penetrate the layers.

I still feel that the emotional and subconscious layers are the least traversed, and the mental or physical are clearly being exasperated. I think it’s wonderful to explore the mind and expand thought, as well as to think in visionary ways of all the possibilities. I also think it’s great to act upon things. Yet, I also am wary about how that romance of mental stretching and reactive action can intoxicate and deter from feeling and anchoring more lasting, far-reaching results. Spiritual bypassing feels to still outweigh authentic spirituality, which for me would involve funneling it through all of our senses so that we can live as integrated beings experiencing the richness of our gifts as spirit in body.

What ever the case may be and where ever we find ourselves on the spectrum of experience and timelines, it feels evident that a large-scale collective transformation is in motion of bringing forth exactly what is purposeful.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. I love the feathers. Did I tell you we have a woodpecker on our birch tree? I tried to blog about it, but so far have not been able to get the photos to load, as sometimes happens with that faery portal tree.

    SO much is happening on so many levels right now. A very dramatic event occurred today, will tell you at some point. Overall message was miraculous protection, but it was several layers deep, reminded me of your timeline shift when you and Dave almost died — or did and were reborn. Truly miraculous protection abounds. xoxoxo

    • not sure if you told me about the woodpecker on the birch, but you showed me the woodpecker feather. 🙂

      yeah, i agree. a LOT going on. my crystal skull dream bridges some of those timelines..things are coming through. i’m glad and grateful you’re okay and protection was on high. seems we always have that and i’m grateful for it too.

      • Yes, a little downy headed woodpecker has made a large, perfect circle hole in the dead birth tree, which now has mushrooms making a Faery Stairway to Heaven around it, too, like a spiral staircase. Would love to blog it up, but apparently not allowed to do that yet!

      • cute and magickal! the staircase sounds enchanting. yeah, some things either have their timing/purpose or are never supposed to be shared. 😉 have had that happen too. i remember attempting to reveal something about my tattoos and it was deleted by uni. i got the message never to do. we have a variety of woodpeckers around the house, but there’s a white-headed woodpecker who loves to tease us. will start knocking on the side of the house to get us outside and then flies away and doesn’t do again for a long time until it wants to say something else. lol love all the nature magick we both get to experience

      • Yes! Just saw the little guy again today by our shed. ❤️

  3. I’m grateful for the beautiful fall weather for my time with family. It’s been a perfect blend of service, grounding, yard work, nurturing, and resting. Thanks Tania for the wonderful reminders about letting go and flowing with life. Cosmic bubbles of joy . 🎇

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