New Moon News for Equinox & 2021

Sparkly New Moon Magick is brewing at the Forest Portal as pink Amethyst Star & Unicorn, grey Amethyst Witch’s Broom, Aladdin’s Lamp, White Owl, and Tahoe natural Quartz whip together some potent alchemy

Wishing you a clarifying Virgo Super New Moon. May it bring to light the ways in which you’d like to ground new goals, commune more deeply with the “Nature” of you, and fortify your self-care rituals for maximum highest good benefit.

While I wind down some projects here this week I just wanted to briefly update you on a few things upcoming for Autumn Equinox and percolating for 2021.

I mentioned in Sunday’s blog, Changing Worlds & New Openings, that I’d likely share a little sneak peak of what’s brewing. So here we go.

First off, I reopened our Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop, although we don’t have any new items at present – just the last two journal notebooks, greeting card sets, and a few prints remain. We have only 1-3 of each left, with the exception of the greeting card set, which has 6 sets of 5 cards left. I can see that several of the items are in people’s carts already and Bedtime Stories just got snatched up and is down to the last print now, so I’m not sure how long these will last. I intend to add a few fun items in the next week or so to include several vintage, one-of-a-kind, discontinued, or simply whimsical rabbit clothing items that I procured just for this or thought would be fun to pass along. These will be available at discounted prices. I may open a couple of custom listings as well, and if time allows, some sweet, seasonal treats and surprises. So please check back between now and end of the month.

Second, I also reopened sessions again and the Intuitive Energy Guide One-on-One Sessions page just received a big refresh, which includes an Autumn Equinox Special. You’ll find that some of the changes include no longer offering stand-alone email sessions anymore, nor package bundles of phone and email sessions combined. What you will find is that there are now two phone session options – a One Hour Phone Session without Reiki and a One Hour Optimizing Phone Session with a Reiki Healing Attunement (these will continue to include follow-up emails – I’m just not doing sessions as emails at this time). Single sessions, or a 3, 5, and 8 pack of sessions within each of these options are also available along with a stand-alone Reiki Healing Attunement. Although I have a few people sending me some new testimonials, I wanted to get these up and out there, as I was already receiving requests again and getting sessions on the calendar. I won’t be scheduling new sessions until after Autumn Equinox, but you can purchase and set up these beginning now. The Autumn Equinox Special is a 4 for 3 special, which gives you a full month of sessions with one being free. Details at the link above. Again, these can be purchased now, but sessions won’t be scheduled until after Equinox.

Now on to 2021.

These are some of the things I’m working on and exploring more.

Beginning of the year, I’ll likely offer two short online Advanced Reiki classes for the first time – to include Reiki & Intuition and Reiki & Crystals, or some version of these. This would commence after December’s Reiki 3 Master Teacher training is complete and well-integrated.

I’m seeing that there’s a need to delve further and outside just the scope of regular Reiki training, as people are accelerating quickly and they need ways to learn to trust and deepen with their work, as they develop their gifts, passions and skills. I’m also seeing that the need for more creative freedom with approaches to your practice would be timely and supportive. We delve into these a little in classes, but there’s so much to get through that these deserve a class of their own. These would branch out more unconventionally to support greater flow and organic approaches with your work. Plus, I constantly hear from people who doubt their intuitive abilities or don’t know how to keep honing them, and who are so drawn to and love our crystal friend, Earth healing companions.

And speaking of Reiki. Our Reiki Level 1 online training, as you know, was completed in August and Reiki Level 2 begins the first two weeks of October, as we are splitting into two group sessions for one full day of training. Reiki 2 is full with the same beautiful group of 15 moving on together. Reiki 3 Master Teacher will be in December and currently we have 13 registered. I’m not sure who else yet will continue on, but if you’ve taken levels 1 & 2 before with me and were thinking of furthering and concluding your training, please let me know as soon as you can as this class isn’t one I can provide unlimited spaces for without creating multiple class dates – and I’m not equipped to do that for the month of December.

Next up….I received a lot of interest in and positive feedback about a mentoring program, so I’m getting more serious about looking at putting that together or seeing where the tentacles of this leads. I will update you how that’s going and if it transforms and branches off into a different version, but it wouldn’t be until later in 2021. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

As I mentioned before, this would be a more intensive and exclusive one-on-one offering, to support a comprehensive approach to manifesting a new path that turns your purpose and passions into your career, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now.

And last, I’m considering starting a Podcast or Video Podcast. This isn’t a new idea, but it’s the first time I’m allowing myself to entertain the cosmic invitation more seriously. So, I’m being more open than I would have in the past and am letting guidance through. This also wouldn’t be until later in 2021, but who knows!

I have some other things percolating in terms of online support in shorter formats, and offshoots of things I’m currently involved in that may take some twists and turns, but I’m waiting to get more clarity on those too. And who knows what else! But I thought it would be fun to share some of the brainstorming in motion during the energy of this Virgo Super New Moon and to express that I’m having a good time letting things unfold organically without putting up a fight. 🙂

I’m still committed to completing my novel and it remains my driving passion, but by letting go of any ideas around it, time restraints, etc. it’s becoming what I know it was meant to be and not what I originally tried to make it. It’s been a process of completely undoing myself in order to surrender to ITS creation.

Drop me a comment on what’s new in your world and what ideas and new seeds you’re planting. This is a great time to state intentions, courageously say something out loud to anchor in deeper commitment, brainstorm, explore, and be open to the unlimited possibilities knocking at your door. I can feel so many people reinventing themselves and making leaps. It’s fantastic!!

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