Remember the Light that You Are ~ Christmas Eve & Christmas Eclipse Wishes of Hope & Manifestation


Christmas Eve is one of my most favorite times of the year and it doubles as my sweet rabbit’s birthday (Joy) whom is now a sparkly star in the Cosmos. She was white and silvery gray, just as the coloring of this ballet headdress I’m wearing. This was the only gift I got myself while away on our holiday travels because it was so meaningful for me.

I’ve written before that during my childhood I very much wore my essence on my sleeves until around Kindergarten, when it started to take a backseat into the shadows. I loved singing and dancing and ballet was a natural expression for me. Being uninhibited with my creative self expression came easy then and I wasn’t shy about being me or performing. I was fortunate enough to play Clara in the Nutcracker and would not only be given ballet solos and got to perform at elderly homes too, but was given singing solos in the large church we were welcomed to be a part of the choir in, despite not being church members.



So, when I saw this headdress at the Royal Opera House in London, I immediately knew it was the special thing I wanted from this trip and would be a full circle way of honoring, celebrating, and empowering that part of me even more. It would also be a reminder to continue following my dreams.

This is The Sleeping Beauty Rabbit Headdress that is part of their Animalesque bespoke collection created with fabric from the Royal Opera House costume archives. To have this from costume fabric of the classical ballet performance, is a way to honor that dream in me and a parallel timeline and reality where I believe I went on to be a classical ballerina – it’s one of the only things I often envision and wonder about how my life would have been different if that part of me had continued on.

It is a welcome centerpiece to my Wonderland office and Queen Astrid’s Faery realm – reminding me, every time I enter, to keep my dreams nurtured, alive, take action on them, and to dream even bigger. This is part of the reason I am taking my personal sabbatical, in order to fulfill a dream and promise, whereas becoming a classical ballerina I’ll have to leave to the parallel reality me.


I share it for today because it embodies the magick of this time of year for me that sparks my inner child in very big ways. It also speaks to that “rebirthing of the light” that Winter Solstice ignites and the New Year offers as potential. And with Christmas night’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, there is an added energy of hope and new beginnings with strong manifestation energy available. A wonderful time to be aware of messages and signs that call to your heart to invest in following.

Christmas Eve is so full of sparkly enchantment and it’s the lights that are a big source of inspiration to me. Seeing them shine amidst the dark is not only reflective of the stars in the Cosmos, but of the sparks of light we each as a collective embody amidst the abyss of experience here on Earth.

We all have the opportunity to courageously be born again like a seed of light, as we deepen into the stillness of the dark.

There is much hope and promise within remembering the heart of who I am and what was alive within me as a child. Some of what I/we may have forgotten.

There’s an integration that takes place and frees me even more when I reclaim those parts of my essence.

What this means to me is that what ever it is I do take action to bring forth in my life, the little girl within me will be dancing her heart out while doing it, as the dream is the reality I choose to live and nothing less than that.

May your courage deepen and the creative impetus of transformation shine brightly within you.

Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas! I wish you all a wondrous holiday filled with the spirit of love, hope, kindness, inspiration, and unlimited possibilities.



I leave you with this poem found and shared with me by a sweet friend one year that I’ve always loved and kept:


“Celebrate life, laugh and sing;

Dance with me in a faerie ring!

Sing for the elfin, the little folk all:

If your heart be pure they will heed the call.


If your soul be gentle and peaceful within,

You will be accepted as faerie kin.

For you the woods will glitter and shine,

And worlds of magic will always be thine.


For you every valley and mountain and moor,

Will lead to another faerie door.

You’ll walk with the fey folk hand in hand,

And the Earth will become an enchanted land.”


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    May you have much magic in your Range of Light this winter season!

  2. I love your friend’s poem and your sparkly joy in your new headdress. Thanks for the merry wishes and reminders to feed my soul and dreams in solitude. To a new year of bringing dreams alive.

  3. Desiree Bergeron

    Thank you so much for this amazing share Tania!!
    It touched me so deeply when I first read it the other evening, stirring in me the resolution to keep close to my inner child, her powerful dreams, and to always honor her perfect wisdom!!
    I got chills EVERYWHERE when reading about the part of how you believe you went on to become a classical ballerina in a parallel timeline reality. So powerful and beautiful!!! For some reason, even as I write this, it still brings me to tears. I think it’s because I know as a society we’ve been deeply conditioned to confine ourselves to a shallower reality when in truth, there’s soooooo SO much more going on…. and how grateful I feel to be aware of those ‘other’ (hard to explain but you know what I mean….) experiences etc; I too, have had similar feelings/experiences that I am in other places doing/experiencing ‘other things’ parallel to my life unfolding here and now on earth! Really special stuff this is….was so so happy to read and re-read this one!! Truly a treasure. xx

    • oh sweet desiree you are most welcome, but truly thank you for sharing your feelings from reading this. i love how deeply things move you because of your sensitive, pure heart. i am so happy that this was supportive to you and that promise you’ve made to your inner child as well. ❤ i do fully believe in parallel worlds, timelines, realities, and us's. 🙂 there is so much more than meets the eye going on, as you know and i truly feel it is becoming more and more accessible and seen by people now, as well as accepted. it really is a gift to even just be open to possibility and to explore with our imagination, as that openness, meeting curiosity, meeting creative energy is enriching to growth in exponential ways. it's so fun to share with you! thank you for your insights and love ❤ xoox

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