The Novel-Writing Process: Throwing the Door Open and Facing your Writer Fears

I thought this would be a great post for today’s Monday Musings from The Writer’s Corner. K. J. Aiello shares about her novel writing process and what she learned along the way. Writing is a journey that goes through many many stages and can be daunting along the way. For me it’s been about keeping the door closed in the beginning, while I put together my first draft and then decided to jump right in by exposing myself to an incredible developmental editor directly after that. While I did go through my own editing before that, I felt that no one would be able to help me more than someone with the professional eye for every hole I or peers wouldn’t be able to see. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to take that vulnerable leap and although I am far from the light at the end of the tunnel, I am so grateful I jumped. There are times I want to relinquish it altogether, times I wonder what I got myself into, times I’m not sure when this novel will see the light of day, but I’ve committed to seeing it through, however long it takes and whatever the outcome. I can also say that taking a long step away from it to come back to it with fresh perspective, was also another valuable thing I did because now reading the notes from my editor from a different place I’ve come to, I can see how things are going to change and evolve in new and greater ways, which would not have been the case before. I likely would have been more attached to the direction it first was taking, where as now I’m fully open to the journey the story’s purity will take me instead. If you feel you have a story to share, I think the story deserves being told in the best possible way. Writing is a deep journey for sure and everyone has different paths with it that will speak to them. I think it’s helpful to know your options and find what fits your intentions with your project, as some people may opt for self-publishing versus traditional publishing. What ever you choose, taking the plunge with a great editor I believe is invaluable. Thank you K.J. for sharing your experiences.

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Today I welcome the lovely K. J. Aiello onto my blog, who shares with us her novel-writing process.

The Novel Writing Process: Throwing the door open and facing your writer fears. Image from Pixabay

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