Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Taking Some Down Time

Astrid doesn’t have a big message today except to share that while I’m away she intends to also take some down time. We both know the importance of rest, recharge, and review and this is what she intends to do while I mirror much of the same on my first vacation in a while.

While a lot of hiking, biking, good food, fun, and friends are in store for me, mostly I’ll be tuning into Sedona’s energy and receiving inspiration and activation for what’s to come, along with some good ol’ rest.

Astrid intends to use this time away to prep for my return and our shared work ahead, but also to tune in with me and receive some of that inspiration herself through the vortexes I’ll be visiting.

She, like myself, see this as a reset and perfect recharge for what we foresee as busy times ahead.

I took Astrid to the vet for a check up yesterday before leaving so I could leave with relief, and she received a healthy green light. This is still very stressful for her to be probed and travel, so she’s resting and rebalancing from the experience while preparing for her new faery sitter to arrive.

She knows not to push things and so she’s been resting since I brought her home, eating well, and hanging low in her tunnels and corners so that she can recharge.

And that’s what she wants to remind others of is how important it is to rest and listen to your needs so that you can return balance and harmony to your life and be ready for all that new creative energy that you want to bring through.

It will provide greater clarity and energy, without blowing yourself out or feeling unmotivated.

Take time for you and advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

Astrid is doing that right now and so am I.

Sometimes doing nothing is the best and most productive choice.

Astrid will back in two weeks from now, as we both take advantage of this down time.


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  2. I hope you both have a good recharge.

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