Spiraling Cycles of Life & Regeneration

Everything in life goes through cycles of death and rebirth, breaking down and regenerating – basically spiraling through an evolutionary process of wholeness and natural surrender into peaceful being. That is how Nature does it and where we can heed guidance from in terms of returning to the “nature” within us too. Life truly is miraculous when we see it through eyes of surrender, rather than control, and yet also just “is”.

Calls to mind this month’s Energy Update with Lee Harris on that death and birth energy.

I always like to draw upon personal experience to help reflect how things unfold when we apply these ways of embracing life, which at times create those a-ha’s as well.

And I also, for myself, find it fun to see the reiteration of Nature’s cycles in my life. Everything is constantly spiraling, yet always taking us to a new level of experience – not back to the same place from which we started, even if in fact we seem to find ourselves in a similar space with things because it’s always at a different level due to the changes we’ve implemented or have had implemented with our embrace or not.

Since returning back to Tahoe, I’ve found so many cycles in my life come full circle (a ton in fact!), but open and expand into ever-greater spirals of new.

Today, I find myself in a spiral and full circle of it being one year since we moved into this tree house in the sky above Lake Tahoe and we are now in preparation to be moving into our new home just a couple of weeks away – likely to fall on Thanksgiving itself, which is quite the symbolism of gratitude in abundance for sure.

My fractured right foot has also joined my left one in completely healing, as Sunday (yesterday) marked 8 weeks since that incident. I’ve been back to regular shoes the last couple of weeks, driving, and being able to do short hikes, which help strengthen and exercise the new bone structure I’ve rebuilt.

I have found that each time I’ve fractured my feet (this is the third fracture (I had two in a row to my left – just 2 months apart from each other – and this one to the right) that it has always been at a period of huge upgrades in my life in process and restructuring needed for how I would be walking through, anchoring and grounding in, and how my Pisces self (symbolized in feet) would be swimming through the next phase of my journey with these transformations implemented. It’s a whole regeneration process, as I build the new in every way from the ground up!

Always so timely. Always so reflective. Always so aligned.

It brings to mind this old post I shared back in February of 2014 titled Contractions and Expansions – Spiraling Fractures Shedding their Way to the Pearl Within

Spirals are definitely about the mystical creative or creation process and involve Cosmic wisdom in expanding awareness and connective motion. The flow of inner and outer in balance and harmony, as natural progressions of evolutionary, unified, and holistic growth. It’s definitely a “weeeee” process of surrendering into that journey of wholeness and the adventure of initiating ever-new threads of a grand tapestry within the Great Mystery.

I’m sitting here surrounded by my succulent mini gardens and seeing the reflection of this wisdom in the nature of their being, especially in the new little Crassula Buddha’s Temple, spiraling around in perfect sacred geometry tiers, that my sweet friend Dawn brought me as a gift when she visited on her own full circle trip back to Tahoe.

I’ve also just done a big purge of my closet, cleansing out everything old and from a time no longer of the “now me energy,” as I prepare for this new cycle I/we’re about to embark upon and not wanting to be holding on to anything that represents the past and old so that I can move more freely and unencumbered by things holding me back in any way. I’ll be doing the same when I begin setting up everything in the new space, as anything not representative of the new energy is out, out, OUT!

Astrid definitely represents this new spiraling cycle too and I’ve been working on creating a whole new environment for her and I in my upcoming new magickal portal office, Faery/Bunny play world, and creative imagining and manifesting space. Hehe! That was a mouth full.

There’s so much more I could share in how these spiraling cycles are taking effect in my life, but many I already have in the stories expressed along the way, if you’ve been joining me along the journey.

My question to you, is how might you aid your own process of natural regeneration and rebirthing? Where might you let go more? Where might you open more softly to new perspectives and new ways of being?

It’s all happening anyway, and we can make it more gentle and less challenging if we embrace Nature’s gifts of wisdom.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. Your “new magickal portal office, Faery/Bunny play world, and creative imagining and manifesting space” is going to be amazing. How exciting to create your new space. Soooooo excited for you!!!!!!!!!! All love…

    • i feel that too treesa! thank you for sharing the excitement. i feel you right there with us! can’t wait to share it!! so much fun, fun, FUN!! much love! ❤ i especially can't wait for astrid to have her own special room for the first time ever!

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