Tips for Navigating Past Life Bleed Through

Not all of the intense connections we feel with others are meant to play out in this lifetime. We have many soulmates we’ve traversed through “time” with and when that cross over takes place in the present by our coming face to face with them again, it can be very confusing. But there are many reasons for these connections to happen, beyond simply the immediate response of a love connection in the now.

This is a wonderful post by my dear friend Dawn that shares her experience with this and how she so gracefully and powerfully moved through it.

I felt drawn to share it, having gone through this many times in my own life and knowing the challenge firsthand, so that others might find some gems of wisdom in what Dawn has to share that may help with your own experiences.

I’ll share my comment to Dawn and then let you explore her share:

This is so important, relevant, and valuable because this kind of thing happens to a lot of people, but they don’t consciously realize it….not always in the clear and intense way as yours, but I believe this is where many people get disoriented and confused when they meet someone and think that that is the person they need to be with because they are picking off from a past life bleed through where they left off and don’t realize that it’s not necessarily about their needing to be together in this life. It is just a recognition and way to embrace our wholeness for the most part. Such a strong resonance and trigger takes us out of the present and into another time, creating a romanticized version that isn’t grounded in this reality. I’ve experienced this myself…in varying ways of just the intense feelings and remembrance, and a few times with more of the actual “past” connection details like you mentioned and it WAS very challenging, especially given the timing of it in my life…throwing me off track. Something definitely to cherish and recognize, but what you share about the choice to be here and now in the present is what I love the most and find that that is truly the powerful key…to separate the two, while still honoring and loving the totality of the connection. Not every intense connection is meant to continue in that vein in the now, but it can help us to build a new relationship with these people, ourselves, and the bigger picture of our purpose here and how it has all woven and integrated together.

Thank you Dawn for sharing so vulnerably and for processing this so beautifully. A wonderful example for us all that may help others to navigate through these experiences with more grace too. I know I didn’t do so well with it in the past 🙂 And as a Pisces with no boundaries, boy did that make it more challenging!! It took me a while to see things for what they were and to make those boundaries, as you said, in the physical. It’s all a process and as we choose to be more conscious in our lives, we can become more discerning and act more responsibly, even if the other people involved don’t understand it in the way that we do. It can save a lot of heart ache and help to heal karmic ties, as we integrate this life as One.

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This post came about from an experience I recently had and worked through. I felt extremely compelled to share what I had learned and processed, to assist those who encounter this phenomenon. This was my first time experiencing something like this. But my sense says this is going to become rather common place as time unfolds. Although it can be extremely disorienting, confusing and challenging, as with everything there is a gift to be gleaned from it if you chose to and recognize that that is what it is.

Like many of you, I had experienced those deja vue moments. Feeling like either i know this place, I think I’ve been here, or wow I remember this happening before or that person is very familiar to me and here I just met them. Yes, I have experienced all of these. What I was not prepared for was meeting someone, realizing there was…

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  1. I had never thought of it like this…

  2. Dear Tania. Thank you so much for the share on your blog. I’m honored. I so appreciate your comments and feedback on this subject. Looking forward to seeing the comments by your readers on their experiences. It feels that this is so helpful to us all. Love you my very sweet friend. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • you’re welcome! it’s a great share and the way you expressed your process was beautiful. i feel it to be very timely for everyone who is really going through integration lives and calling up so many of these types of experiences through that process. will be interested to see if anyone shares about their experiences too. love you too! thank you again! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. As is my way, I avoid sharing too much, but let’s just say, I’m struggling with just this very thing, and have done in the past. I believe I’m on the path to sifting out what can happen and what cannot, with this one, and recognizing what I don’t want to get tangled up in, but it was dicey for awhile there. Like Dawn says, it is about limit-setting. Good share! Makes me feel a little safer knowing the process *can* be navigated.

    • whatever is your way is perfect ❤ sounds like you've got a handle on things too! glad you enjoyed dawn's share of her experiences and that you are feeling more at peace with things and safer through the navigation. i had a feeling it would be helpful.

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