Symphony of Flowers ~ The Field of Dreams is Infinitely Fertile


As our time in Colorado draws to closure, for now, we continue to explore the great outdoors and each city’s offerings to take in the experiences perfect for our evolution, while listening to the energies that call and align us to our ultimate grounding destination when we decide this adventure feels fulfilled. This last week felt like a ripe new beginning, reflected in the symphony of flowers, lushness, and flowing water we discovered and were led to everywhere.


Being still in a meadow of flowers one can hear the music of life resounding in one’s heart and soul.


There were fields upon fields of wild flowers blooming everywhere and I couldn’t help but lay, roll, and “be” in them…fields of dreams indeed.


Everywhere I turned were vibrant blooms of different colors and varieties, reminding me of our unique soul signatures and reflecting the infinite potentials and dreams we can seed, cultivate, nurture, and manifest into reality.


It’s such a beautiful time of year and the animals continue to also show up in abundance, everywhere I turn….especially my little rabbit familiars – many of which just want to hang out, edge in closer, and listen to me intently when I talk to them. I feel the alignment with them increasing and how they are working alongside me to birth the Cosmic Egg of creation they so embody.


But we also have had many encounters this past week with Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, Chipmunks and Squirrels, tons of beautiful Magpies, Robins, Steller’s Jay, Hawks, met some amazing raptor rescues up close and intimately at the Boulder Festival including a Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, and Screech Owl, and even came across a strikingly beautiful and enchanting Smooth Green Snake on our last hike on Red Rock Trail!

20160530_145433_resized.jpg20160602_132519_resized.jpggolden eagle.jpgperegrine falcon.jpgscreech owl.jpg20160602_104925_resized.jpg

Red Rock Trail offered a variety of flowing water, lush vegetation, red rock outcroppings, and beautiful meadows of more flower varieties.


I LOVE having so much wildlife and amazing Nature around me daily.

It is the food to my soul.

smelling the blossoms.jpg

We did our exploring from our centered base in Golden, which allowed us to explore outlying areas of Denver and Boulder as well.

We even got out to Silverthorne and Frisco before landing in Golden…all places that had potentials to our ultimate goal.

silverthorne colorado

Being near larger cities we got to take in both Nature’s offerings, as well as what the cities had to share – only doing what calls to our hearts.

And as always I will share our discoveries and vegan restaurants we enjoyed, along with hikes and things we found fun to do, in case you find yourself drawn to these areas too.

So we explored several vegan restaurants including our very own Native Foods from back home, which we found in Boulder.

But we also sampled some vegan comfort food at WaterCourse Foods in Denver on our evening of exploring the gorgeous Denver Botanic Gardens.


The astounding variety of irises were intoxicating and consumed me with their beauty…we just so happened to also arrive, unbeknownst to us, on their special Thursday evening half off day and during the Stories in Sculpture: Selections from the Walker Art Center Collection exhibit of 13 masterworks in the gardens.

After wandering the gorgeous grounds, we enjoyed the Plantain Tamal with jackfruit, Biscuits and Gravy with barley sausage patty, and Southern Plate with breaded cauliflower, along with WaterCourse Foods’ locally brewed lemon ginger kombucha… All delish and definitely filling so we took home a Ho Ho Cupcake to enjoy later.

20160602_193129_resized.jpgho ho

We also tried the all vegan gourmet lunch buffet at Jill’s Restaurant & Bistro in the St. Julien Hotel hosted every Friday in Boulder. For $13.95 which includes a glass of wine for those that drink, or yummy grapefruit mint juice – my choice! – you can get some really wonderful food like tofu stroganoff, ratatouille, variety of pizzas, antipastos, salads, bruschetta with choices of white bean, hummus, olive tapanade spreads, fruit, and desserts like key lime pie, berry crumble and fondue.


We celebrated our last day and evening before heading off to our new base in Estes Park – more on that upcoming! enjoying more gourmet vegan deliciousness at Leaf in Boulder – amazing!


There we sampled Flatbread Pizza appetizer, Jamaican Jerk Tempeh, Zucchini Pad Thai, blackberry mint lemonade and Peanut Butter Cheesecake to go, which was enjoyed at the outdoor Shakespeare Festival opening night of A Comedy of Errors.


On our first day in Boulder we hit the Boulder Creek Festival over Memorial Weekend along the creek itself, which was a fun venue of over 500 vendors, including live music, food sampling and more. We ran into some vegan organizers of the VegFest where Dave had spoken at on his book, Meatonomics and got to try vegan ice creams, yogurts, and protein bars, as well as get free samples we enjoyed on our hikes.

boulder creek festival.jpg20160529_170105_resized.jpg

Our home base was in the lovely downtown area of Golden, which had a fun street of shops and restaurants, but also situated us right on Clear Water Creek with a view of it and access to daily walks up and down, enjoying the flowing water and visiting the historic buildings and beautiful chickens on the land.


We also had access to hikes directly from our door taking us up Chimney Gulch and Beaver Brook Trails…seven miles and 2000 elevation incline climbing through lovely vistas that mirror South Africa – as the climate and environment is compared to here – we learned that in the science area of the Botanic Gardens in Denver. 🙂


We’ve enjoyed the array of outdoor and city things here very much and we’ve also spent time looking at land since we liked a lot in this area of what it had to offer, to see if any spots called to us for later.

But although beautiful and a good blend of things here, we aren’t settled on this being for us. We haven’t yet had that huge click and specific energetic infusion of heart and soul connection that we are waiting to feel. We don’t want to settle for anything, so even if it’s 90% there, we feel to wait for that full-on alignment and soul-wowing factor to run through us.

We have the time and ability to explore and so we continue on.


We can have everything we desire and I believe in manifesting all of the elements and divinely aligned home that will nurture all that I need and desire, and that can support me into being all that I can be, while reflecting that for the collective as well.

I am not in any place in my life where I need to settle and I don’t have any reason to give up on what I want to create as my new reality.

I’ve continued to fine tune my dreams and desires, the more we explore and I’m able to feel what works for me and doesn’t…what is me and what isn’t.

I reflect on these things while we are out in Nature hiking and I continue to hone in on the essence of the new reality I/we are creating.

It was perfect to do all of this out in the beautiful blossoming fields and gardens of flowers over the New Moon.

smelling the blossoms2.jpg

I hope you, too, reflected on the things you’re wanting to create and utilized the energies to create the reality you want to welcome in.

The New Moon provides you a portal to begin anew and to help you ease into the alchemy of surrender to flow with those shifts.


And so our journey continues, as I live each day as fully as possible and listen to the music within my heart that is singing a new reality into creation.

I hope these fragrant images intoxicate your creativity and inspire the blossoming of dreams into reality for you.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. And you say your cell phone is the camera for all these pictures? Wow!

    The artificial stream and gentle waterfall about halfway through is one of those expensive dreams I mentioned earlier, that I have been waffling on for a few years now. About a day ago, a white balloon from someone’s party or rite of passage celebration blew into the precise space where I’d like this to manifest, and remained there until a thorn or something deflated it. It occurred to me that it’s like a white flag dropping– Aaaaaaaaand they’re off! And I thought again, “if not now, then when?” So I did a search for some professional installers, and put a few feelers out. We’ll see. 🙂

    • yep! my cell phone is the easiest thing to take along with me. I LOVE that!! what a cool sign with the white balloon…and what a beautiful dream! one i would have too if i don’t have natural water flowing through my property…actually talked about the very thing this past week. so we share that one! so cool you started looking into it…you just never know…might not be as expensive as you thought, or it just will all work itself out and the money will flow like the waterfall, for it. ❤ keep me posted

  2. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful!! thank you

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