May 2014 Energy Forecast – Lee Harris on the Extraordinary Heart Within Your Higher Mind

Lee speaks to several key aspects that are moving through energetically this month, which include:

  • The need for regular and consistent creation of sacred space and solitude, whatever that means to you – nature is one great way. These being so key to bringing you back to who you really are and to keeping you balanced and in tune with your personal frequency when so much intensity is going on all around.
  • Height of being, higher mind, and heart are at the forefront.
  • Choices are important, as to what you decide now. And you get to choose everything…from who you want to engage with and how you want to play this game of life. And none of them are wrong. They are just choices of experience. And each of us are different as to what we choose to experience this go around.
  • Heart-led communication with your higher mind, from your heart intelligence is what you’re being asked to speak more from.

These things are definitely like reading my own mind, as they are some of the same things I’ve been keying into and especially where choices are concerned and how Lee speaks about us not being responsible for how someone else feels when we speak our truth:

“So, yes, maybe you are going to upset your friend slightly because you are going to say X,Y or Z to them. But remember, the only reason you probably know you’re going to upset them is your third eye senses about this person tell you so. And your knowledge of how their patterns run tell you that they don’t like being told that they did something that upset you. But that’s their issue. That’s something they’re carrying. They need to learn to let go of that. Because all of us can learn to be ok with feedback from each other about how we’re doing. So ask yourself where you are making yourself a slave to the emotions you fear you will catalyze in others. Emotions in them that aren’t your responsibility to help them stay trapped in.”

I’ve experienced this in relating where someone doesn’t want to hear what I’m sharing as my feelings, even when they come from my heart’s truth. They remain stuck in their own story and perceptions and then create a completely different scenario to feed what they are feeling or perhaps have created in illusion to feed a need, rather than listening and truly hearing.

And guess what? That’s not my responsibility if I have spoken my truth.

And guess what? It’s not for me to try and make the person understand or to make them wrong. Nor is it for them to try and make me come to their way of believing or to make me wrong or feel bad for how they feel. Nor is it for me to feel guilt about things that I know not to be my truth, as people can try to pull you down into their well when they are feeling low – misery likes company. It DOES take a strong sense of knowing yourself, to not be affected by that and go into victim mode.

We COULD choose to do those things, or we COULD choose to go within and do our own personal work with the gifts the experience show us, and then choose to engage differently, or not at all. But one must do the work. You can’t just ignore.

I feel experiences are gifts to provide the opportunity to let go, integrate, and rise out of it ourselves. Gifts to let us choose and decide to be more of who we are authentically, or to go into another story temporarily until we DO learn who we really are and consistently are able to stand in that, or rebalance back quickly into it.

Choose your battles, as they say, but do so by standing in your truth and wholeness with an open heart that lovingly is able to fully release and unconditionally detach, not seeing the temporary story they are exuding, but the truth of who they really are too. This way the other person can make their own decisions as to how they want to proceed with things, but they aren’t riding on your energy that you give away to them and you aren’t feeding any temporary illusions.

So while I could continue to choose to voice myself in proof of who I am (ego), I can also choose to own who I know myself to be.

Stating myself clearly provides the catalyst energy that each person can choose what to do with. And after that, I may see that it’s a waste of energy to continue to feed the false energy they are projecting, if in fact they continue the same story. I can then decide to disengage until, or unless they would like to really “hear” me, or they decide to make different personal choices.

I don’t owe anyone anything, especially if they want to keep wallowing in the same energy they brought to the table upon engaging.

So I just send love and accept however that person chooses to experience things, but choose my own heart’s truth and experience, which may naturally come to mean that the two paths no longer have reason to merge.

It’s time to choose to let go, look within, and be free, or to try to continue to fight something and keep yourself trapped.

We all get to decide what we would like to experience. Heart communication is important to have with ourselves, as well as others. True heart communication doesn’t have an agenda, however, and it really hears the messages that are hidden between the words that are meant for our highest good.

These are some of the points Lee makes about the energy available to us in this month’s forecast.

Wishing you all greater ease and flow with all that you are choosing and experiencing.

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  1. Beautiful – thank you for this blog post!! Very helpful, heart warming… *

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