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Yellow Butterfly ~ Following Your Joy Will Set You Free

yellow butterfly


Yesterday we found this little joyous one at the helm of The Magick Bus, at the driver’s seat and window.

There was this sudden flutter of yellow that appeared out of nowhere inside the RV. Literally, nowhere.

She was just beautiful and sweet, as you can see in this photo I captured when she settled down on the driver’s side window.

Several things ran through my mind right away.

Miracles and magick can happen at any moment, out of nowhere, and both in and from unlikely places and sources. So remain open and flexible, as well as full of unyielding belief.

Support is around, as butterflies are often the divine form that faeries and angels use to message and guide us.

To pay attention the the subtle energies and inner voice, as the butterfly is a reminder to tune in to what’s going on in the inner realm.

Because it was yellow there was the instant connection to what that color signified to me – joy, freedom, and wonder of life. So the questions to ask were, what can I do to live with even more vibrant joy and freedom? What changes can I make to live in greater alignment with my truth? – Synchronous, since I’d received a repetitive message of raw honesty with myself when doing Tarot card readings recently and checking in with myself.

Since I am already experiencing huge shifts and changes in my life, the butterfly felt to be a reminder that everything would be ok with the “new life” path I was creating and that it signified – Again I didn’t need to know the how’s.  Just continue in the trust.

And then there was this…

I watched the butterfly flutter at the driver’s side window, trying to break free and get back outside now that its presence had been acknowledged. For me this felt symbolic of a few things.

One, that we are ready to leave and break free of everything here and the past and this journey is being “driven” by our joy and can only be traveled by taking the driver’s seat and navigating our own lives.

Two, that you can’t keep a butterfly under glass, as you break her spirit of which you admired her in the first place for – something is ready to break out from within me and be unleashed after this cocooning stage that I’ve been patiently awaiting alignments for.

And three, because it was by my hand that I freed her, opening the window and guiding her on to my hand so I could carry her to freedom, it is so that by my own hand, shall I be set free.

Does the yellow butterfly speak to you? And if so, how might you receive and embrace her message today in support of your own joy and freedom?

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