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Celtic Butterfly and Tree of Life Sacred Tattoo Design

Celtic Butterfly & Tree of Life Sacred Tattoo DesignAs mentioned, I’ve been in flowing with the beautiful Celtic energy this week in the most recent wave of new sacred tattoo designs. I had a lot of fun working with this current piece and the essences of things my clients wanted to see embodied in this design.

Each piece I design is so unique because they embody the energy of each individual soul and so they take me on these limitless journeys that not only creatively challenge me to draw from the limitless source of the Universe, but beautifully fill me with the honor of experiencing such brilliant lights along the way.

This sacred design combines the symbolism of Butterfly medicine, the Tree of Life, Spiral and Heart energy, and the Trinity Knot. Interestingly, this pieces is ALSO going on my client’s inner left forearm. Quite the synchronicities flowing energetically with these!

The image that first came to me in right away was a butterfly for this client. Butterfly medicine symbolizes transformation, celebration, transition, lightness, soul, time, grace, elegance, freedom, joy and bliss, miracles, flexibility, cycles of life, creativity, gentleness, preciousness of life, as well as the medicine the ability and clarity of mind needed before self-transformation.

I felt to create a more abstract butterfly, as is mirroring of her unique style, with beautifully Celtic-inspired wing designs that held symbolism in them as well. I included Spiral and Trinity Knot designs that it unveils with spreaded wings. A Spiral, signifying growth, spins into a Trinity Knot, symbol of eternity – therefore symbolizing a spirit journeying into the infinite.

This Butterfly also represents the more feminine aspects with her gracefulness and curved wings and design, and that connection with understanding both the strength and fragility simultaneously in life.

I set it off with a stylized Tree of Life that blends the Spiral energy throughout and merges the top Spirals into Hearts. The Tree of Life captures the essence of Celtic belief in the interconnectedness of all things – earth and sky, plants, animals and all beings – in the cycle of life. This Tree of Life depicts a tree, leaves opening in the new Spiral cycles of life into eternal journeys that lead to abundant of heart expansion in the process. The trees roots grounding in the earth and the limbs reaching in different directions of where the path will lead on the continuous journey of enlightened awareness.

There is a vulnerability of Heart (hence the addition of the Spirals creating Hearts at top – also to represent the deepening and opening of my client’s own heart to embrace unconditional love and compassion for self and others always through the journey) and strength present. There is also a focused energy in creating the very clear and asymmetrical design with symbols that have both Triangular points and Circular energy (which we learned in the last Celtic design post are both symbols that represent clarity). The Circle symbolizing also your self-awareness within the construct of the universe and cosmic consciousness and of course, eternity. The Trianglular shapes of the Trinity Knot pointing upright is a visual symbol of ascension and brings the concept of duality to a third position of integration and harmony. The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, unity consciousness. In this way it helps to focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice.

The Butterfly and Tree of Life merge at center and share the same body from which their energy unfurls into individual beautiful through the growth cycles. This shared body creates a strong foundation that is grounded and focused, yet from this center of groundedness, has the freedom to take flight and flow  – the root wholeness and sum of the individual paths taken along the soul journey.

These symbols felt very empowering in terms of the energy intents to embody – those of enhanced feminine power, sweetness, yet strength, tenderness, awareness, gentleness, clarity of mind, and a time of honesty within self.

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