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Tortoise & Hare Lessons to Embrace

I have had both the honor and privilege of sharing love and connection with both “The Tortoise and the Hare” – singly and simultaneously through my soul connections with Nestor (lop eared rabbit), Gaia (Russian tortoise) and Joy (lop eared rabbit). And in doing so, this has enabled me to hear and embrace the gifted messages they each have to share; integrating their individual embodiment of agility and quick-thinking maneuvering (The Hare), as well as steadfast flowing (The Tortoise). Life is about balance and so at times there is a need to get in tune with both “The Tortoise and the Hare” aspects within. Both are equally grounding and teach us we do not have to be victims. By either turning within (The Tortoise) or listening to our instincts (The Hare), in times of fear, we can become empowered individuals. Each have much to share in their own unique way; both symbolizing a different kind of strength we can learn to embrace. There are times we will need to move with great speed through life in leaps and bounds, yet also take time to smell the roses and to breathe…..All of life is a melding of seeming opposites that create harmony, when we embrace the beauty of each.

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