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Bimini Summer Solstice Gathering – Renewal & Reinvigoration Found

988489_10201217758593215_19Returned I have, from another magical sacred journey in Bimini, Bahamas – one of the places my heart and soul recognize as home. We spent a week in this enchanted and powerful energy center immersed in an array of body and soul nurturing experiences – things that may seem like dreams, but there they become realities.

And who is we? A very old and new soul family alike. To say that this trip was immensely effervescent, expansively opening, and nurturing in lightness and heart, would be an understatement. Personally, I found all of the ingredients to be a perfect and balanced cycling of IMG_5746giving and receiving all around, and that is a welcome experience I found myself deeply grateful for. I also found that the unique elements were all universally orchestrated for everything that was meant to unfold and perfectly presented in the exact way that each of us needed for our evolution and greatest potentials to come forth. It reminded me how purity and tranquility is a state of being that we can hold when moving in and out of anything.

There were so many new and amazing changes both literally and energetically that greeted us at The ARC too! Lots of new additions, expansion, and fine touches that really tied everything together beautifully. I got to have a new room IMG_5748(where I found a rose and tropical flower with sweet note welcoming me back) that was right across from the new ARC “Honesty” Shop, which made it fun to browse each morning all the new yoga apparel and jewelry creations now offered there (with more to come!). And I was really happy to share the back cottage with a beautiful couple and their amazing child, which lent to a really sublime energy we got to share in, come rising and setting sun, not to mention made for some cool dream time connecting.

But I get ahead of myself.

Several of you have been asking how the retreat was and excited to read about it and see photos, so here we go. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and thank you so much to everyone who was tuning in and IMG_5747holding the energy during our time away. It is greatly appreciated and was very much felt. I hope you experienced much the same from what we were sending out.

I was thinking on how I wanted to share the journey that our group experienced, and it came to me that more of a summary of symbolic highlights, rather than a day-by-day itinerary detailing, felt in alignment with the peaceful flow and ease of this retreat. That, coupled with a photo album storyline, of course, so you can soak in some of the magic too. (Remember to click on each for the “enlarged” experience).

I found it so amazing to review the photos from the last retreat 6 months ago and compare myself, Jenny, Philip and Brian in them to these, and saw that what I kept saying to them about how happy I was to feel the expansion and change within each of them and all of us, was totally accurate. There’s a huge energetic frequency shift that has taken place in just months. Simply beautiful to witness and experience what gets activated with each of our gatherings.

IMG_6242As many of you know, we set off to celebrate and work with the energies of the Summer Solstice, which also happened to be within a couple of days of the Capricorn Full Supermoon, so the experience was heightened by all of this powerful synergy of energy coming together. Pair that with the energy of bringing a cosmic soul family together and topping it off with magical icing comprised of layers of “lightness,” and you have yourself a piece of out-of-this-world cake bliss. (I’ve been craving cake so forgive the metaphor) 🙂

IMG_6227Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Retreat was the energetic focus and speaking for myself, which is all that I can do, aligning even more with that inner and outer rhythm and feeling renewed, is definitely what came through for me from the experience. And, on top of  that, a huge amount of growth and learning that took place and continues to unfold in exquisite design. The things that provide opportunity for me to draw deeper from my well and to never become complacent, are welcome experiences in my life.

Every sacred journey is so unique and equally so are the souls that are called to them. I find, particularly in the case of Bimini and the powerful Atlantean energy vortex there, that it is such a fine-tuned puzzle or board game where the pieces (specific soul energies) are moving in and out to create the most aligned dynamic that has both personal and collective ramifications in the highest way, until the perfect group is formed for the current energetic needs. That is why it is so interesting to me to sit back and observe the energetic dance that takes place leading up to embarkation. Truly fascinating and a work of cosmic art!

IMG_5733And the same balancing dance continues to unfold throughout the week, creating an energy signature that acts as a template for the group’s work and the collective’s experience in direct reflection of that ripple effect that takes place.

It really is pure alchemy. And I LOVE it!

There’s always an instant connection that takes place before the retreats begin, with each of the souls that join, if in fact it is a first connecting in “this life”. And when we connect in person, it is just a reiteration of that feeling first established by the initial contact. This was huge for this last retreat. And how that energy translated through was amazing to say the least.

IMG_5744I was so excited to pick everyone up in the van to get our early morning charter flight to our island home for the week. I was immediately struck by the sweetness of energy these strong women embodied, then was touched when a few of them shared surprise thinking I was something like 26, rather than 40. This was endearing to me, not merely for the very sweet compliment of age, but because of its reiteration that we’ve come to a time in our experience where value on what a person projects energetically and has to offer, overrides the old stigmas of definitions whether age or other signifying aspects. And, I too, found each person to be timeless, finding value in seeing the heart of each through the windows of their souls, recognizing the strengths in their vulnerabilities and the core that drives them.

kristen-tristan-azeza-meI also enjoyed the instant recognition of a soul brother, Tristan (waiting in the charter office with his beautiful wife/soul sister and son, Kristen and Azeza), without ever having seen him or spoken to him. The magic had begun and a star family reunited. And it also started a special connection with Azeza, that was like an instant electric bonding. While I’ve known I am not myself meant to have human children in this life, part of that has been due to the way I feel that all of the children and creatures of the Earth are my family, children, brothers, sisters…there has never been a void in that area for me. I really enjoyed the sweet connection on this trip with their son and having his child-like exuberance, innocence and purity, shadow mirror, soul-full wisdom, and star-presence as part of the group dynamics – extremely powerful.

IMG_5815I was grateful for the individual beauty each person had and for the sister and brotherhood that was created. Each person had a beautiful gift to bring to the group and each received a gift from us all. Gifts can come in unidentified perplexing packages (UPP instead of OPP – lol!), sometimes seeming completely “not” like a gift at all, and yet every single part of an experience, whether massaging your heart or challenging it, is a very valuable hidden treasure. I saw a lot of that during this trip and so much opportunity for integration. It was really beautiful to see the processing and embracing taking place.

IMG_5863It was also SUCH a peaceful journey, in my opinion. Jenny, Philip and Brian (The ARC team) and myself all commented on this. And it was especially noticeable while we did our Deep Quantum Light Breathwork Meditation on one of the days. Jenny and I both remarked that the energy was SO gentle and light in the room, like no other with this particular mediation that either of us had experienced (Philip chimed in too), as the meditation goes very deep and it can bring up and release a lot that later leaves you renewed, but during may feel more intense. Couple that with others going through the same, and you understand what I mean. But this wasn’t the case this time, and there was this 999881_503811509690822_2032synergy of connection created too, so much so that we were showing up in each other’s meditations and when we talked about it after, it all reiterated what others were experiencing in their meditation. And one person who experienced some very deep and transformative releasing said it was such a gentle process and left her also feeling very free. The energy was so light that a few of us were off-planet and found ourselves completely immersed in that lightness to the extent it was a challenge to stay present with the meditation and breathwork and could easily have wandered off. 🙂

at-front-of-boatNeedless to say, we DID all return, and that “light” quality remains with me.

There were so many cool aspects to this retreat (as there always is), it truly is hard to summarize because there’s so much I could share. So, rather than do a daily journal recount, here’s a breakdown of highlights that stand out to me:

  • The people were all perfect puzzle pieces to the group dynamics and I continue to find deeper layers to the gifts that were present, as things unfold and integrate. I’m also continuing to learn a lot, which to me is invaluable, finding pearls in the allowing and acknowledging. Our willingness to be vulnerable and admit we may not have all the answers, is the door to discovery and true strength. It was a very intimate gathering and experience that allowed for deep connections and work to take place with each other and within each of us. It also was a very cosmic star family reunion on a whole other level.
  • The food was spectacular and perfectly supportive and balanced. Jenny and I specifically had worked out a very light, simple, half cooked and half raw vegan meal plan idea for the week that showcased my cosmic sister, Jenny’s amazing raw culinary skills and my ancient brother Philip’s alchemical cooked vegan brilliance. It perfectly mirrored the energy of this retreat IMG_5992and each of our personal needs, given we all have high sensitivities to particular things and none of us can stomach the heavy stuff. We enjoyed raw vegan breakfasts, juices and smoothies in the morning, raw vegan lunches, fruit snacks on the boat, and cooked vegan dinners that took us around the world with an eclectic global palette of exotic dishes, topped off with raw vegan desserts. Everything gluten-free, very light spices, and almost nut-free with mostly using seeds and only a few very occasional nuts. None of that heavier gourmet, but still beautifully gourmet. My preferred way of eating and my stomach always was cover1happy. I told Jenny and Philip they may now have a permanent new title to their names – well, for sure on any of my retreats there with them, as it was personally, the best and most aligned for my personal tastes and needs and seems people agreed, as a few commented it outdid Cafe Gratitude’s food!
  • The two most incredible dolphin communing I’ve experienced to date, took place on this trip, both times with quite large pods. And WOW is all I can say. There just aren’t words. We spent what seemed like eternity dancing and connecting with the dolphins in the water on both of these occasions, one of them being a welcome home greeting from them on our very first day – yay! Time literally stood still and we literally were actually in the water for a VERY long time with the dolphins very eager to play, communicate, and activate. These dolphins6young dolphins were within a couple of inches away, twirling, circling, diving, gliding, scanning, deep-eye-soul connecting…it was also on this first day that started off with a film crew that were in Bimini filming the dolphins for the movie, The Last Reef and so we got to swim with them while the dolphins played up to the camera, which seems to get them also extra interactive because of the frequencies coming from the equipment. And on the other spectacular dolphin day, again they were so close and playfully mesmerized, that it soon became evident that there was no distinction dolphins3between us and them. So much so that three of us were touched by the dolphins, as they seemed intent on rubbing up closely. My particular experience was having two around me at once very close and one went right over my head and its tail gently knocked my crown chakra. weeeeeee! Yeppers, activation in action. For those of you have swam with dolphins in this way, you know what I mean when I say, it’s just pure magic, unparalleled. And for anyone who hasn’t yet, I truly hope one day that you will, as it is extremely life-changing and heart-opening.
  • 5912_502227759849197_907190188_nTons of shark energy!!! Love it! Here’s a great link on shark symbolism from Avia Venefica: Shark Totem Meanings. It was so perfect that this energy was abound. We came upon two Nurse Sharks (one of which Shari discovered and was so composed and calm despite her not knowing what kind it was), several baby Lemon Sharks, and one 10-foot Bull Shark (many consider the most dangerous in the world) that Brian came face to face with, as he and I were snorkeling ahead of the group and he calmly (as he always is) turned to me saying, “there’s a 10-foot shark right there,” establishing it was not a Nurse Shark. 🙂 LOL! All 184553_502227686515871_666193236_nbuilding up in that order from start until very last day with the big boy! 🙂 Shark energy is so potent, primordial, and ancient, speaking to your being able to master energy, work with the shadow, and go deep. Sharks also represent the primal life force energy and root of Kundalini rising into meeting life full on and fast forward. The most shark energy I’ve had all at once, building up in the way it came this time, although I’ve had a few experiences with them in the past. None of us were familiar with Lemon Sharks so our experience (that 4 of us took on the eve of Catharine’s 50th birthday celebration) at the Healing Hole with them felt to be like an initiation 1001170_502227353182571_1797058127_nthat reminded Tristan and I of those initiations in Ancient Egypt with the Crocodiles that initiates would go through. It felt very sacred, as we journeyed through the Mangroves and very narrow, up-to-our-wastes, murky, muddy, buggy, water pathway to get to the Hole and the Healing Mud that is high in lithium – bring on the laughter! The two and a half foot baby Lemon Sharks led the way in to the Hole (in front of our fearless and stoic leader Brian), disappeared and then again led us out via my turn at the helm. They seemed like guardians, as well as light holders and on the way out, they played, as much as sharks can play, between our legs, between each of us, and darting at our hands and quickly gliding away. It was quite a powerful experience and not one I’ll forget for its alchemical potency.
  • Alongside the amazing dolphin and shark energies, we also experienced incredible snorkeling at a couple of shipwrecks, The Three Sisters, and a new area I had not 11455_502813413123965_10276snorkeled before that all provided an array of stunning fish in every color and variety, gorgeous sea fans, coral, and even a surprise visit by a large Moray Eel that not only peeked his head out but came out in his full glory, gracefully gliding along the bottom of the ocean like an enchanted sea snake making his way to another hiding spot. Perfect timing to catch his dance performance for a few of us. We also twice visited the Bimini Road, or Atlantis Stones, where I kept feeling pulled further and further away from the boat by the energy 998888_502813539790619_1418673936_nguiding me to follow the path and it is then when I was a bit out and on my own that I saw what was like a vortex over the road under the water (apparently I didn’t need to get to the vortex this time, as it came to me lol!). It was like two different merging dimensions, one on either side, that folded together at center where they merged and created a dimensional doorway of intermingling blurred energy at center, layered in water prisms. As quickly as it appeared, it then disappeared when I looked away. We also saw stingrays from the boat and on the last day, we had good fortune of a sea turtle saying hello, which appeared in direct answer to IMG_6256something I was asking and I found out later, also for someone else who had similarly been tuning in with her own question. For me, the sea turtles are always connected to my dear tortoise, Gaia.
  • We all spent tons of time both in the morning and near sunset at the beach playing in the water and taking walks at sunrise and sunset. The first day I found an amazing large white conch that reminds me of an angel with extended wing and on the last day I found TWO Helmet Conches, which are IMG_6257rare to find (my first time ever). At first, we thought they were Queen Conches, but my dear friend Sean (who’s a deep water shark research and marine biology expert) shared with me upon return that they were in fact Helmet Conches and that the Helmet Conch is not seen as often as the Queen Conch. So that made it even more magical to have discovered them both, one after the other, immersed in the sand on my walk with Brian down the beach before leaving. Needless to say, the energy of this felt very powerful and synchronous and I intuited one was for Catharine and one I kept. Tristan, Kristen and Azeza also had found a twin conch to my white angel, but the male version, so I now have twinsies with both to connect through. Brian and Kristen found surf boards abandoned on the beach too, so we adopted them and had tons of fun IMG_5930playing and balancing on them with Tristan and Azeza (all caught on film by Philip from the beach). One in particular was super cool with the name “ARK” at the top of it! Very synchronous to us staying at The ARC and my painting series called Universal ARKitecture.
  • We celebrated Catharine’s 50th birthday, as I shared, and the trip to the Healing Hole came together last minute for that. Brian got the HMS 1017268_502228013182505_1168450286_nYemaya small motor boat ready and we lifted it up and onto the water and took the long journey out – myself, Brian, Catharine, and Tristan. It was a magical trip and Catharine made note that she felt it reminded her of traveling to Avalon, which 6006_502227893182517_1653648613_nindeed it did, not just in feeling, but in visual! It was a perfect trip for her birthday renewal and we giggled a ton in the brief time (only about 5 minutes in comparison to the eventful and long way there) we stayed in the dark muddy 5924_502227989849174_353917053_nHole, clamoring on the tied ropes in the water that act as guides and getting tangled in the tree branches. It was the journey indeed, not the destination, that held all the meaning.
  • We also enjoyed a lot of powerful sound healing, just as I had sensed and intended for this trip. One of these sacred IMG_6063ceremonies involved 6 of us (perfect Merkaba) one night, first singing with Gurunam leading that, then followed by chanting the Ganesh Mantra (Lord of Unity, Remover of Obstacles to help release the old and blocks, embrace blessings for the new, and uplift into the present) led by myself, and then Tristan led us into toning, which we then did by laying in a circle on our backs in the dark stillness, with crown chakras all connecting. WOO! And another night the entire group joined in on a sound toning session where everyone sat in a circle and toned, while I took one person at a time to the center, where they laid and received Reiki and 969200_501813929890580_1982235646_ntoning from myself and energetic heart support and toning from the group. This was really beautiful. All done in silence by lantern candlelight. I was extremely grateful at closure when the group then supported me with hands on healing from everyone with toning. I was extremely and deeply moved and honored by this, as I was not expecting such a beautiful gift.
  • Many times we remarked at the natural formations our late night groups would create without conscious effort. Merkabas of three female and three male, then perfectly balanced formations that mirrored the work we were doing, the energy being held, and what we were discussing, shifting as we did. IMG_5861So powerful!
  • I enjoyed sharing a few of my powerful Andaras and one special Tibetan Quartz, I was guided to bring, with the group, as it’s always a time for crystal fun and magic when we gather in these sacred settings.
  • And other fantastic, connective, fun, and powerful experiences included: late nights up until 1 am almost every night in deep conversations and work, 11-minute eye-gazing 5 of us participated in at the onset that Kristen and Tristan brilliantly suggested, which really set the tone of depth for the week and was followed by midnight bowls of spiced popcorn snacks – 430118_502813626457277_1809compliments of Philip, cosmic conversations, several UFO sightings, daily bike rides for half of the group (as we split some of the group on golf cart and some on bikes to and from the dolphin boat each day), watching Ralph and Benji (Jenny and Captain Kevin’s dogs take dips, swims and go boarding in the ocean with us), connecting with our new and extremely sweet Captain Kevin, his lovely and joyful wife, Kandy, and new boat mate friends for the week, beautiful Reiki 1 training that concluded with night initiation and healing attunements, several games – “The Wizzdom Game” that created growth opportunities and reignited passions, and some laughter exercises (both compliments of Barbara), card games, and our wonderful “The IMG_6001Compliment Game” one evening when we had 5 guests from the dolphin boat join us for dinner, serenading from Brian on his guitar by candlelight, a couple of people enjoyed journaling and jewelry making with Gurunam, we all had chance to relax and take personal time, group breathwork and individual or small gathering meditations, Kundalini yoga opportunities every day with Gurunam, and Solstice meditation that I led, which we 1043852_503521636386476_206concluded with pulling two tarot cards each from both the Atlantis and Mermaid/Dolphin decks, which were SO accurate for each of us upon conclusion of our week’s journey.
  • Some extra personal highlights for me to add are: being invited to read a bedtime story for Azeza, playing hide-and-seek with him as well, connecting with an amazing soul family, getting the chance to connect and spend quality time with Ralph (Jenny’s beloved dog companion, whom I was honored by his welcoming me into heart just as much as I did him), being able to see profound expansion and growth in people since last trip, feeling the sparkly magic and heart-opening of the amazing blessings that were and are abundant, 1010909_503522149719758_1608141402_ngetting a chance to deepen relationships with those I love, fantastic sharing and energetic exchanges within cosmic divinity that feels to be catapulting all of us as a result, having opportunity to integrate more of, and more deeply, my path, seeing the joy and renewal wash over each person in ways words fall short, deep gratitude for this magical life and the joy that increases each day through everything I experience, immense honor for the new Reiki practitioners and the beautiful strengths they each bring to their practice, marvel at the incredible vulnerability and reikicourage each person demonstrated in their own way, special magic and intimate moments with each person, thankfulness for the tons of laughs and fun (as playfulness is so important), alongside all of the love and opportunities that challenge me to grow more, opportunity to steer the boat and wear the cool “Atlantis” flippers I was given each day swimming, the honor of providing private session with Shari that truly revealed the magic of her, smiles at all the times synchronous thoughts, telepathy, experiences, dreams, wearing the same colors and rings took place, pendulums rocked the connection between a few of us, and when the same feelings were aligned and shared, and tickled IMG_6115that Jenny and I came away with new names of “TT” and “JJ” to add to “T” and “J”, which was anointed by sweet Azeza. What a blessing it was to be recognized as an aunt (sharing TT as the name of his special Aunt he has already) and to see him also find a “Grammie” substitute in Barbara on the trip as well. Indeed a family was recreated.

I could go on and on, but truly it’s an experience that is best “experienced” in person to really understand. Hopefully, though, a little of the magic has transcended through the words and photos shared, so 7210_501813936557246_306794781_nthat you can see what was unfolding within our shared collective experience during this time period you were experiencing in your own way.

Key words that light up for me in terms of this experience are integration, harmony, love (heaps of it!), nurturing, playfulness, empowerment, clarity, renewal, expansion, cosmic alignment, and activation.

So much has shifted exponentially and continues to because of this experience. A lot being realized. IMG_6049A lot being embraced. And a lot of things I’ve felt and known for a long time, coming into actualization. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude for it all and for the very clear messages received and continuing to flow through, for the perfect unfoldings, for each person’s unique gifts shared, and for the beautiful blessings in abundance.

IMG_6196I hope you enjoyed a peek into this year’s retreat and I hope that the Solstice and Supermoon energy really supported a grand awakening and opening for things in your own experience.

Prior to my leaving on this trip a few incredible things started to manifest and upon return from my “unplugging” from the outside world, I was welcomed back by several more direct manifestations in terms of intentions I gently, but heart-fully put out and am seeing things continue to become clear, drop away, and take root for what is in highest alignment. Things are feeling really limitless and increasingly whole and I’m sensing this taking root for many others as well.

I’m personally experiencing a fullness of spirit with everything happening right now and how it’s all playing out. I’m also excited that my crystal skull, Raja Seraphina, along with my Andaras and crystals will be actively taking part in the journeys and work ahead, which was one of the messages received on this trip.

sun-and-orbsSo keep an eye out for the upcoming sacred journeys to include programs/workshop series, end of year and 2014.

As hints and energetic sneak-peaks on some of where we’ll be journeying, the energy of these sacred retreats will include Ancient Incan, Shaman, integrative Cosmic and Mother Earth energy, Lemurian energy, far-off ancient countryside and mystical forests, the teachings and way of the horse, and yes some more Atlantean and dolphin work. 😉 I’m super excited about these co-collaborations and look forward to sharing details with you soon.

IMG_6232And I’m keeping an energetic ear out for Universal nudges that ultimately guide how and when it is all aligning or what else I’m to say yes to! I’m on a need-to-know-basis now. I just need to be ready and willing when it shows up. Things are constantly shifting, so I find it most beneficial to sail on the flowing water until something takes anchor.

Also stay tuned for the announcement of art shows, workshops, and an upcoming event in Northern California I’ve been asked to guest lecture at. I look forward to connecting more IMG_5910deeply with each of you in person and having our lives merge into physical experience in divine timing.

There is nothing greater in experience to me than sharing from the heart, connecting with others, and supporting empowered awakening, authentic to each, in the way most authentic to me.

Everything is becoming more and more of a comprehensive and cohesive shared experience. I love seeing how things are lighting up and connecting in other’s lives as well, as nothing we do is isolated to us alone. It makes my heart ecstatic to see joy in other’s eyes. Every opening and growth step is an opening and growth step available to us all. Anything I can do to support that boost to assist your wings catching the wind in flight, is my greatest joy.

Thank you once again Jenny for this beautiful co-creative opportunity and for the strength you have in taking on this mission. I look forward to more. And thank you Philip and Brian for all of your dedicated, hard work and for embracing the vision that is being created. I love you guys. Thank you IMG_6106Gurunam for your unique gifts and teachings you extend to others. I’m grateful that universal timing allowed us to connect.

And thank you from my heart and soul to each of the beautiful soul brothers and sisters that heard and answered the call to join us on this incredible retreat. I recognize the beauty, power, and gifts you all embody and it is from that place of wholeness that I see you. I love you each dearly and am honored by your presence in my life and grateful for the light you each are shining on this shared experience.

IMG_6267I love the Open-To-Anything, Supportive Humor Magician.

I love the Shaman, Energy and Animal Healer.

I love the Gentle Earth Goddess and Intuitive.

I love the Sacred Geometry Wizard and Cosmic Heart-Opener.

I love the Wise Priestess and Ever-Giving Nurturer.

I love the Truth Seeker and Star Child.

I love the Muse and Peace Keeper.

I love the Musical Poet and Altruistic Pilgrim of the Stars.

I love the Ancient Sage and Alchemical Master.

I love the Cosmic Keeper of The Law of One and Manifestation Artist.

Yes, that makes 11 of us and what a magically masterful number it proved itself to be. I look forward to the continued journey and seeing the new that evolves in each of your lives, as it weaves into the tapestry of our collective experience.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in



































































































Summer Solstice, Capricorn Full Supermoon & Repetitive Numbers – The Power Within Dance


Mystical and powerful Capricorn Full Supermoon

I just arrived back this weekend from being “off-time” and “off-world” for a while hosting the Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Bimini Retreat. I’ll be sharing more about that this week that took place on and around so much powerful energy, as I love to bring others into the experience on all levels, even though the energetics of what goes on on sacred journeys such as this, is collectively shared, nonetheless.

I hope you all have been able to embrace the energy streaming in astrologically, combined with the Summer Solstice and Super Supermoon/Capricorn Full Moon that were all literally layered within the same energy openings, alongside June’s Grand Water Trine of the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces flowing around. Woo! Potent, potent, potent! (And just finished writing that and an auto-draft saved at 11:11:44) 😉

The Summer Solstice brought in the celebration of the Divine dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies. A time of blossoming and recharging the mind, body, and spirit. A time that the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to balance the Earth’s energy…”balance” is definitely a focal point of the energies and times we are in. And what better way to mirror this than to create that integrative balance within each of us.

The Solstice heralded in a time to embody self-awareness and your Higher Self, to let go of ego being in the driving seat and to release old patterns of suppression, so that you can focus on what you wish to bring into your life. This is an opportune time where we have invited the Sun’s energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams, while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of “as within, so without”.

Balance is such a key element to everything and this Capricorn Full Moon we just had is really driving that home by forcing you to realize how you control your emotional landscape and that you really can’t afford not to take control of it, as it will determine your well being. So confronting internal imbalances head on is key and undeniably allowing things to surface and flow through so that you can start putting to practice your ability to consciously shift everything.

And, as mentioned before I left, the crest of this full moon was both the closest and largest of the year and took place within an hour of the time of perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth, which won’t happen again until August 2014. So this supermoon (by astrologer’s definition) is also called a “perigee full moon” (by astronomers) and was Earth’s closest encounter this year with the moon. The Capricorn Full Moon heralded in a time for tearing down and building new structures, crystallizing things into form, taking action, coming to terms with things, understanding the depth of emotions to move on, providing insights on how to ground, organize, and materialize things, accepting personal responsibility, dipping into your strength well to realize achieving inner peace is possible and necessary to your process, uncovering fears…all to help bring to culmination things on a personal level.

And the Grand Water Trine is all about emotional sensitivity, creative flow, action born of faith, innate authenticity that has been hidden now revealed, reflection, intuition, deeper levels of awareness and alignment with your truth, connecting with things greater than ourselves, listening to divine guidance, lifting of veils and bringing visions and inspiration down to earth in practical ways that we can manifest the dreams now – simply put – tapping into the magick is ever-more accessible.

With such a high amount of  both Water Element (the Trine) and Cardinal Mode (Capricorn Full Moon), you will be in a position of following your heart and doing everything in your power to bring into productive action the results of that, which will benefit your long term future.

Saturn was also ruling this Moon, which brought potentials for heavier energies to come forth, depressive, anxious, and negative thought patterns to surface and face so you can integrate them while accessing and utilizing the abundance of wise discernment, endurance, determined focus, and strength to create the progress and experiences you desire. At times things may seem to be going slowly, but be aware that you do continue to move forward more connectively and in ways that are setting up huge leaps to take form.

Think the Tortoise and her enduring ways that are both Earthly grounded and Cosmically in tune with the natural cycles of life…getting to the finish line in surprisingly focused and peaceful ways that produce big and enduring results. And partner this in balancing that out with the instinctual and mystical ways of the Rabbit who is able to quickly transmute thoughts and actions to support intuitional nudges that will birth forth the “Cosmic Egg”. We are working with all sides of the coin now to integrate the power of wholeness at its highest potentials.

As the message has been, yes trust and faith are increasingly becoming some of the important elements to keep fostering, as well as unconditional detachment, so you can come to see the truth of any given situation, unhindered by your expectations.


Supermoon revealed a holographic twin mirroring the balance of integrating partnership within that we are creating for harmonious wholeness without

Emotions have been and will be on high, coupled with a mental dance that can seem at times so confusing and counterproductive, but the opportunity here is to get the two in partnership with each other, rather than working against each other. Everything really is about creating inner harmony and balanced partnerships within and without and it is ever-more possible now when you embrace, release, and nurture openness. Patience is also important and being willing to accept the perfection of everything unfolding, balanced with heeding the guidance from your inner voice to keep you in check. Greater intimacy with your parts, self-nurturing, focusing on internal support, and releasing critical and judgmental energy towards self and others, so you can realize the Divinity of who you are, are important now, as well as melding all of the most productive aspects to all of your parts so you can be your best cheering squad and support system to the process you are embracing.

Meld your creative and emotional gifts with the wisdom of the heart and mind in dance with each other. Courage will be rewarded tenfold if you can simply show up and be ready for the opportunities that present themselves from all of your work. This is a time for very deep healing and this may make you feel either like fighting or running, but this is also an opportune time to access more productive ways of working with your feelings, especially frustrations, resentments, and angers. The scales will balance out as you honor each part and don’t try to run or hide from what comes up. Curiosity to explore, coupled with the power of Saturn’s discerning energy will assist you in creating and finding solutions and answers that will be rewarding in very substantial and long-term ways.

Whether you saw the moon, intentfully created a sacred time tuning in, or not, the energy is affecting and influencing you regardless. And as always, it really is (again word count so far 1114 lol) so much more empowering if you can consciously ride the currents with awareness, so that the journey is one of empowerment.

Speaking of repetitive number combinations, as I know so many of you also experience this with numbers like 11:11, 333, 444, 5:55, etc…all of these each symbolically have been known to share vibrational messages, as Doreen Virtue expresses in Number Sequences from the Angels. Yet, remember also that the power is within you and these magical and enchanting experiences of number partnering really help to demonstrate that you are awakening to Divine synchronicity and aligning yourself more harmoniously with the energetic frequencies of your wholeness.

supermoon2Number sequences can be nudges, acknowledgement, support, reiteration, codes…all from your Higher Self as you tune in more and more to the greater you. They are signs that you are spiritually awakening, that there is much more than meets the eye going on, helps you lift the veils of illusion and to expand, are reminders and hellos from other dimensions, help you realize there is magic always at work awaiting you to dance with it, brings synchronous awareness more consistently into your life, helps you connect with like-minded souls, are wake up calls to parts of yourself to reactivate, and are supportive reminders that guide you and remind you to commit to letting in the new and remembering who you are.

Again, the power is within each of us so these are just reminders to look inside and support your inner guidance of feelings, as the more you do, the more you will come to understand them and learn to accurately read them, which in turn will lead you back to you and to access that direct guidance that resides there awaiting.

This was reiterated to me on the retreat in Bimini this week, where I learned to trust myself ever-more so, amongst other things. It’s so amazing when you realize the limitlessness of depths and expanse we can continue to go with everything.

I hope you enjoy these images (you can click on them to enlarge) of the mystical Capricorn Full Supermoon I captured (which really speak to the essence of the energy abound), in case you missed seeing her. I wish you blessings on this alchemical journey of balance and empowerment that is unfolding rapidly. So much is happening so quickly and anything you desire truly is available to you now. Enjoy the dance.

1:33:33 as I close out. 😉

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