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Summer Solstice, Capricorn Full Supermoon & Repetitive Numbers – The Power Within Dance


Mystical and powerful Capricorn Full Supermoon

I just arrived back this weekend from being “off-time” and “off-world” for a while hosting the Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Bimini Retreat. I’ll be sharing more about that this week that took place on and around so much powerful energy, as I love to bring others into the experience on all levels, even though the energetics of what goes on on sacred journeys such as this, is collectively shared, nonetheless.

I hope you all have been able to embrace the energy streaming in astrologically, combined with the Summer Solstice and Super Supermoon/Capricorn Full Moon that were all literally layered within the same energy openings, alongside June’s Grand Water Trine of the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces flowing around. Woo! Potent, potent, potent! (And just finished writing that and an auto-draft saved at 11:11:44) 😉

The Summer Solstice brought in the celebration of the Divine dance, union, and balance of the Feminine (Earth, Mother, Moon) with the Masculine (Sky, Father, Sun) energies. A time of blossoming and recharging the mind, body, and spirit. A time that the Mayans believed to be for spiritual initiation and change, creating ceremony to balance the Earth’s energy…”balance” is definitely a focal point of the energies and times we are in. And what better way to mirror this than to create that integrative balance within each of us.

The Solstice heralded in a time to embody self-awareness and your Higher Self, to let go of ego being in the driving seat and to release old patterns of suppression, so that you can focus on what you wish to bring into your life. This is an opportune time where we have invited the Sun’s energy to connect with our Higher Self and to follow inspiration and dreams, while tuning inside and realizing the alchemy of “as within, so without”.

Balance is such a key element to everything and this Capricorn Full Moon we just had is really driving that home by forcing you to realize how you control your emotional landscape and that you really can’t afford not to take control of it, as it will determine your well being. So confronting internal imbalances head on is key and undeniably allowing things to surface and flow through so that you can start putting to practice your ability to consciously shift everything.

And, as mentioned before I left, the crest of this full moon was both the closest and largest of the year and took place within an hour of the time of perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth, which won’t happen again until August 2014. So this supermoon (by astrologer’s definition) is also called a “perigee full moon” (by astronomers) and was Earth’s closest encounter this year with the moon. The Capricorn Full Moon heralded in a time for tearing down and building new structures, crystallizing things into form, taking action, coming to terms with things, understanding the depth of emotions to move on, providing insights on how to ground, organize, and materialize things, accepting personal responsibility, dipping into your strength well to realize achieving inner peace is possible and necessary to your process, uncovering fears…all to help bring to culmination things on a personal level.

And the Grand Water Trine is all about emotional sensitivity, creative flow, action born of faith, innate authenticity that has been hidden now revealed, reflection, intuition, deeper levels of awareness and alignment with your truth, connecting with things greater than ourselves, listening to divine guidance, lifting of veils and bringing visions and inspiration down to earth in practical ways that we can manifest the dreams now – simply put – tapping into the magick is ever-more accessible.

With such a high amount of  both Water Element (the Trine) and Cardinal Mode (Capricorn Full Moon), you will be in a position of following your heart and doing everything in your power to bring into productive action the results of that, which will benefit your long term future.

Saturn was also ruling this Moon, which brought potentials for heavier energies to come forth, depressive, anxious, and negative thought patterns to surface and face so you can integrate them while accessing and utilizing the abundance of wise discernment, endurance, determined focus, and strength to create the progress and experiences you desire. At times things may seem to be going slowly, but be aware that you do continue to move forward more connectively and in ways that are setting up huge leaps to take form.

Think the Tortoise and her enduring ways that are both Earthly grounded and Cosmically in tune with the natural cycles of life…getting to the finish line in surprisingly focused and peaceful ways that produce big and enduring results. And partner this in balancing that out with the instinctual and mystical ways of the Rabbit who is able to quickly transmute thoughts and actions to support intuitional nudges that will birth forth the “Cosmic Egg”. We are working with all sides of the coin now to integrate the power of wholeness at its highest potentials.

As the message has been, yes trust and faith are increasingly becoming some of the important elements to keep fostering, as well as unconditional detachment, so you can come to see the truth of any given situation, unhindered by your expectations.


Supermoon revealed a holographic twin mirroring the balance of integrating partnership within that we are creating for harmonious wholeness without

Emotions have been and will be on high, coupled with a mental dance that can seem at times so confusing and counterproductive, but the opportunity here is to get the two in partnership with each other, rather than working against each other. Everything really is about creating inner harmony and balanced partnerships within and without and it is ever-more possible now when you embrace, release, and nurture openness. Patience is also important and being willing to accept the perfection of everything unfolding, balanced with heeding the guidance from your inner voice to keep you in check. Greater intimacy with your parts, self-nurturing, focusing on internal support, and releasing critical and judgmental energy towards self and others, so you can realize the Divinity of who you are, are important now, as well as melding all of the most productive aspects to all of your parts so you can be your best cheering squad and support system to the process you are embracing.

Meld your creative and emotional gifts with the wisdom of the heart and mind in dance with each other. Courage will be rewarded tenfold if you can simply show up and be ready for the opportunities that present themselves from all of your work. This is a time for very deep healing and this may make you feel either like fighting or running, but this is also an opportune time to access more productive ways of working with your feelings, especially frustrations, resentments, and angers. The scales will balance out as you honor each part and don’t try to run or hide from what comes up. Curiosity to explore, coupled with the power of Saturn’s discerning energy will assist you in creating and finding solutions and answers that will be rewarding in very substantial and long-term ways.

Whether you saw the moon, intentfully created a sacred time tuning in, or not, the energy is affecting and influencing you regardless. And as always, it really is (again word count so far 1114 lol) so much more empowering if you can consciously ride the currents with awareness, so that the journey is one of empowerment.

Speaking of repetitive number combinations, as I know so many of you also experience this with numbers like 11:11, 333, 444, 5:55, etc…all of these each symbolically have been known to share vibrational messages, as Doreen Virtue expresses in Number Sequences from the Angels. Yet, remember also that the power is within you and these magical and enchanting experiences of number partnering really help to demonstrate that you are awakening to Divine synchronicity and aligning yourself more harmoniously with the energetic frequencies of your wholeness.

supermoon2Number sequences can be nudges, acknowledgement, support, reiteration, codes…all from your Higher Self as you tune in more and more to the greater you. They are signs that you are spiritually awakening, that there is much more than meets the eye going on, helps you lift the veils of illusion and to expand, are reminders and hellos from other dimensions, help you realize there is magic always at work awaiting you to dance with it, brings synchronous awareness more consistently into your life, helps you connect with like-minded souls, are wake up calls to parts of yourself to reactivate, and are supportive reminders that guide you and remind you to commit to letting in the new and remembering who you are.

Again, the power is within each of us so these are just reminders to look inside and support your inner guidance of feelings, as the more you do, the more you will come to understand them and learn to accurately read them, which in turn will lead you back to you and to access that direct guidance that resides there awaiting.

This was reiterated to me on the retreat in Bimini this week, where I learned to trust myself ever-more so, amongst other things. It’s so amazing when you realize the limitlessness of depths and expanse we can continue to go with everything.

I hope you enjoy these images (you can click on them to enlarge) of the mystical Capricorn Full Supermoon I captured (which really speak to the essence of the energy abound), in case you missed seeing her. I wish you blessings on this alchemical journey of balance and empowerment that is unfolding rapidly. So much is happening so quickly and anything you desire truly is available to you now. Enjoy the dance.

1:33:33 as I close out. 😉

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