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Soul Expressive Art ~ Letting Your Inner Child Through


During last weekend’s private immersive retreat we spent a morning engaged in soul expressive painting outdoors with Faery music to guide and support us.

This was a time for us to channel the express inner child and just feel into how things wanted to come through without any focus on rights and wrongs, or how things “should” look.

It was all about feeling and it was so fun, as we sounded and sang along with the music and let the energy move through us.

In doing so we created personal windows or mandalas from the uninhibited, raw place within to symbolize and help us move into the next leg of our journeys, while also connecting our essence for what we want to create from here forth.

These paintings would become our activation windows to meditate and gaze upon, helping us to integrate the new, and remind us of who we are and what we are creating from here forth in our lives.


I helped Kathleen to receive her symbols through guided meditations and then she went within and saw how that wanted to be when tied in together. For her it created a window into this magickal realm, each piece expressing a message, and together telling a story.

I went within while listening to the music and received my symbols. For me, it was a personal mandala where my symbols came alive as I painted and saw the images reveal themselves to me. Some I knew from the get-go while listening in, and others I had to “see” in my paint strokes, so that came without forcing, but continuing to put the rest together and allow what wanted through to show up when it was ready.

And so we played.

We kept feeling into the colors and allowed the brushes and imagery to create themselves.

I encourage everyone to try this form of expression, which will evolve over time when you start listening to yourself more and get more comfortable with trying different things.

Just sit down or stand up and dance, while you put on some music, and then let it happen….let the energy move through you.

Your inner child will reveal the rest ❤ And you’ll feel freer and lighter….and more you.


The Canvas of Your Soul

Today marks the first day I return to my love – painting. I have been in an incubation process over the last 9 months (interestingly), with only sporadic bursts of creating, as I symbolically, and unknowingly, was getting ready for the birthing of much. Over that time period I have been processing, exploring, shifting, preparing, cultivating, and grounding. Today, with exciting trepidation I prepare to touch my soul more deeply and begin a new process of creative vulnerability, as my heart flows from brush to canvas. It will be a beautifully unfolding process to embrace unconditionally, as with each creation the layers are peeled on the way to the core. This allowing and channeling from essence through my heart is a most joyous and revealing process.

Cosmic Tree - Heart of Sky by Tania Marie ~ Mayan Cosmology of Creation

This will be a big year for creative expression and I have intentions to put out many paintings, among other things, in record time. New times and energy mean new processes, speeding up of time, greater ease and flow, and even more direct and clear access to that well of limitless creativity within. For those of you have been doing the work for what seems like forever, you will find that the biggest hurdle is not in the actual implementation, but is in nurturing loving courage to just “do it.” The rest will reveal itself and all the elements will come together magically once you take the plunge into the ocean of fun awaiting!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Dale Carnegie

Now is the time to reveal your soul’s authentic expression. What does it look, feel, sound, taste, or smell like? Understanding the essence of you will guide you to your greatest joys and will support integrative healing and balance. The canvas of your soul is the greatest work of art you, as the artist of your life, have the ability to create. What would you like it to be? The beauty is, you can continually change, alter, add to, or remove any colors and strokes, as mirrors you. Happy painting!

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