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Inspiring Sunsets – Bimini, Bahamas July 2014

I love how synchronicity is always at work. I felt inspired to share these lovely sunset images from my times in Bimini and wanted to listen to music, while putting them together. I knew which song I wanted to listen to, but rather than look for my cd, I went on to YouTube and looked to see if it was on there. There was only one video available of it and it just so happened to feature a beautiful collection of ALL sunsets ONLY to accompany what is one of my all-time favorite pieces I love listening to.

bimini sunsetHow perfect is that?

So I hope you enjoying listening to this beautiful piece, as you explore the images and allow the resonance to integrate with your body, in the energy centers it awakens. I feel it a lot in my Throat and Heart Chakras, as well as Solar Plexus and drawing the energy very deep at center and down.

Both the images within the video and that I’m sharing, along with the music, take me on a journey in partnership with the nature within and without. I love the amazing array of nature’s beauty, and as all things are a reflection of us, it causes pause to recognize the miracle and beauty within us each.

IMG_5027How blessed are we to be able to experience the unique gifts Mother Earth has to offer? And how lucky are we to experience the sensuality of life through this integrated experience that is equally tangible and exquisitely visceral and ethereal all at once.

Every moment is opportunity to experience something unique, as each moment is different and all experiences are relative to the uniqueness we each embody.

I’m grateful to have the ability to experience and feel things on many levels and to enjoy the cyclical changes our Earth and seasons provide us, in mirror to our own transformations.

IMG_5065The enchantment is ever-giving on this beautiful Earth we share and co-create on.

Today I’ll likely being taking a stroll on the beach for an afternoon break, and will be envisioning how these same rich blue waters encircle the globe, connecting us all, and reflect on soon finding myself past the east coast of this country walking along the white sand shores where crystalline aqua waters will immerse my toes and body.

I’ve posted a lot of photos of the amazing crystal clear days in Bimini, but haven’t really focused on the magickal sunsets that vary from evening to evening (with some interesting orbs and shapes that emerge). I was inspired by this beautiful warm weather here and the extended sunny days, reminding me of Bimini, and so this little glimpse of just IMG_5143“some” of the sunset experiences I’ve had are shared for your own inspiration or meditative breaks you may be taking or needing right now.

And if you would like to experience the powerfully transformative and healing energy of Bimini this summer, perhaps you’ll feel called to join us for another heart-full journey in July for the upcoming “Accelerate Your Vibration” Bimini Retreat.

If you’re looking for a way to really plunge into the new, experience opening and greater expansion, as well as nurture greater well-being, balance, and come more fully into embrace of your authenticity and unique voice in this world, then this retreat may resonate with you.

There aren’t words to describe the experience you’ll have in this amazing energy vortex, not to mention when you look into the eyes of a dolphin out on one of our swims.

Don’t forget that if you register by 4/11/14 for this amazing week on the magickal island of Bimini, you can receive up to $200 off.

All participants of this week will also receive a free Brazilian Quartz Crystal that has specially chosen to work with each of you.

For more information and to reserve a place for you to join our group, please direct your inquiries and requests to

With love and creative magick always!!grid arcIMG_5266IMG_5028IMG_5031IMG_5096IMG_5036IMG_5030IMG_5139IMG_5192IMG_5234IMG_5134IMG_5196IMG_5242IMG_5243IMG_5245IMG_5295IMG_5301IMG_5311

Some Music to Inspire Depth of Experience: Soriah with Ashkleon Sain – Xopancuicatl

This song felt like the perfect transitioning piece to share upon my return home. It is one of my all time favorites listened to in meditation, channeling, and creating – anytime I desire depth of connection.

The ethereal yet ancient frequency of its deep healing resonance that needs not words, feels perfect to describe several things: the magical experiences on an energetic level that I had this past week and that continue to rapidly increase, the essence of unspoken alignments created from depth of feeling presence and heart courage, and a channel to help access deeper levels of connection, which are powerfully important at this time.

Perhaps you, too, will be moved experientially, as you listen to the music. I will be back tomorrow to share a bit about my journey and some feelings on the current energies before getting back into things fully. Until then, sending love from my heart to yours.

Soriah with Ashkleon Sain – Xopancuicatl

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