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The Journey Unknown

I had forgotten about this sound channeling and just found it yesterday while looking through my photos saved on my cell phone. The recording isn’t very clear, as it was captured while I was driving to pick up my rabbit Joy after coming through from her surgery and so it is filled with layers of emotions and speaks of the journey through challenge and going through waves of feelings that come along with that through inspired sound and musical language not of this realm. I felt a wave of energy surging through and so like always I hit record in the moment, despite driving, as I wanted to capture what was flowing. I apologize for the background driving noise, making it a bit unclear, but decided despite that and this one being different from others, to share it anyway. Playing it on high volume will assist a bit in listening.

Preparing the Way

This sound channeling came through on a very sacred day of supporting and guiding a precious soul in my life into the afterlife on the first day of Summer after the Solstice Full Moon. I went for a walk as a way to center and balance and checked in on my friend’s dog since everyone had gone hiking while I stayed with my beloved. I was sitting in a waterfront cabin on Lake Hebgen in West Yellowstone, facing the water as this moved through me. It was also a nurturing way to bring peace and healing to myself during a challenging time. It is dedicated to Joy.

Mirror of Nature ~ Narsilion

A little enchanting inspiration for your day. I love Narsilion’s music…a mainstream of my days.

Take a Musical & Visual Journey Today – Sky Sent by Anael & Bradfield

I guess I’m in music mode right now…well, actually, when am I not? lol! But being that I’m feeling a lot of introspection, picking up in the collective field that many are in the depths of transformation, and music is one of those things, along with visuals that just help to transcend things and integrate on many levels without having to understand them, I am sharing some of it with you when inspiration hits.

Anael’s voice is enchanting, angelic, and like a star faery across time. This is a little longer video at just over 11 minutes, but the visuals along with her pure and innocent voice make it an expansive, inner journey to get lost in. I think it will remind you of your origins, as well as activate an inner spark. I love its simplicity of heart.

For those of you who like words, here are the lyrics to “Sky Sent” by Anael and Bradfield:

Et miratur omnis terra
Benedictus qui venit
De celeste armonia

i. Destiny

How to begin such a disclosure?
So many years and over our heads
Led to assume there was no reason
Left in the dark to conjure instead

Search knows no end in hearts of believers
Faith inhabits the soul of mankind
Great men of the truth have uncovered answers
With this, our destiny will be defined

Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future
Guide our way, it’s a long road
Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent
Will we forge ahead?

ii. The Plan

All of your life you’ve been waiting
What you’ve known is alive
Carrying gifts that will change this world
Things that amaze and defy
An energy source for tomorrow
A model for clearing the air
And every country a partner free
Sharing and lending a hand for this plan

So into these unchartered waters
That one day to travel through time
Coping with damage inflicted
Needs some instant and radical strides
Beginning by sharing the knowledge
And openly admitting the lie
So every man who is fond of peace
Can consciously make up his mind
For this plan…

iii. Sanctuary

Seek your sanctuary in this place
It’s an allegory to embrace
Try your telepathy, send your grace
It’s all vibratory, you’ll engage…

iv. Crossing Time

Love is the key if skies are to welcome
Goodwill among men the only reply
Blessed, each of us here to witness this opening
Saught since the beginning of time…

Sky sent, crossing time to tell the future
Guide our way, it’s a long road
Sky sent, through the frosty winter of dissent
Will we forge ahead?
Will we form consent?

And here is the journey:

Until the Last Moment…Some Inspirational Music for the Day

The energy as of late feels like this song – one of my all time favorites of Yanni’s from his album, “In My Time”. That album was an integral part of my spiritual journey at a pivotal point in time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it.

And this song is one that I use in healing meditations where I journey to a sacred, special place and am met by my dear ones. Certain songs have a way with each individual. ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I’ve been listening to this cd and song the last couple of days, I thought I’d share it along with this beautifully made video that synchronously mirrors my special heart sanctuary.

Perhaps it will inspire and move you in ways that are supportive too.

Some Music to Inspire Depth of Experience: Soriah with Ashkleon Sain – Xopancuicatl

This song felt like the perfect transitioning piece to share upon my return home. It is one of my all time favorites listened to in meditation, channeling, and creating – anytime I desire depth of connection.

The ethereal yet ancient frequency of its deep healing resonance that needs not words, feels perfect to describe several things: the magical experiences on an energetic level that I had this past week and that continue to rapidly increase, the essence of unspoken alignments created from depth of feeling presence and heart courage, and a channel to help access deeper levels of connection, which are powerfully important at this time.

Perhaps you, too, will be moved experientially, as you listen to the music. I will be back tomorrow to share a bit about my journey and some feelings on the current energies before getting back into things fully. Until then, sending love from my heart to yours.

Soriah with Ashkleon Sain – Xopancuicatl

Inspiring Music for the Day

Always love to share some of my favorite music for inspiration. I hope you enjoy this one from one of my favorite musicians, Yanni, called Aria, as you view the beautifully inspiring vistas in the video. Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

โ€œMusic is well said to be the speech of angels; in fact, nothing among the utterances allowed to man is felt to be so divine. It brings us near to the infinite.โ€ Thomas Carlyle

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