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Whimsical Wednesdays ~ The Artist’s Corner: Nature’s Art Reflects Living Life Beyond the Veil – Beltane Peace & Heart Potential


I don’t post blogs as often these days, and mostly stick to themes when I do, but now and then I feel to share something that nudges me and today is one of those days with the energy in these photos coinciding with Beltane today.

Two days ago I went on a short evening hike out back by myself to take a break from manuscript work to connect with nature. The weather was lovely and warm and the air held something different in it. I took these photos, as the light called me.

Each time I looked at the sunlight peeking through the trees I would see tiny, fast shooting gold filaments, but the photos later revealed the unusual feelings I had.

I didn’t pay attention to Beltane approaching, but it was obvious the thinning of veils had already begun.



You can feel the dance of faery and sprite energy in the water, light, and forest. Faces and beings staring back at me all around.


But you can also actually see the light revealing what appears as a separation of dimensions – a veil parting ways.


The light this day was glowing differently and illuminating in unusual ways or radiating like an arrow.



You can see a golden ray shooting out in this one that then shifts into rainbow light that splits in two strands into the water.


After the couple of weeks of warming here, yesterday brought a cold day on in the middle of it with temperatures dropping to the 40’s after 60’s and sometimes even 70 degrees here in the mountains. Clouds moved in and out, winds blew in, and at the end of the day a very light veil of tiny snow flurries came down. Just barely enough to see with the naked eye, but did not settle. It appeared like an armada of faeries surrounding the house and created that separation effect of dimensions.

Today we are back to warm sunshine, as if the cold never was.


An interesting intermingling of Sacred Masculine and Feminine energies dancing back and forth, as the veils lift and harmony is revealed.


I’ve always loved this image of Cosmo out back in our yard where we used to live. To me, it is a beautiful reflection of his Sacred Male energy in total harmony and embrace of the Sacred Female embodied in our Earth Mother, Terra. The epitome of this precious dance of life and creation in its fertile abundance and purity.

spring blooms.jpg

Beltane is about honoring life at this peak period of Spring unfolding into Summer when everything is blossoming with potent and abundant fertility and the conception of ideas, intents, and dreams are ripe with potential. We become pregnant with opportunity for renewal, growth, vitality, passion, and joy that offer a chance to bring hopes, dreams, and ideas into active fruition.

The faeries remind us to have fun with it all and not to forget that a time for play is much needed too.

Look around you at the landscape of sprouts and buds vigorously reaching for the Sun and dancing in the breeze. They remind us to bring forth the depths of our hearts into the light even when we think there’s no reason to ever shine that again.

If even just to feel the sunlight dance on your skin and dreams, so be it.

Nature reminds us that everything has a cycle and now is a time to take up that joyful part of your secret world you keep only to yourself and nurture it a little bit more.

Today is opportune to set forth intentions and promises to yourself and ask for assistance, as you take an active step toward what ever it is you would like to see more of in your life.

I plan to do another little hike out back today and spend some sunshine time to ground in my own peace and clarity.

I have to giggle, although had slightly gasped, as a spider again just scurried along the edge of my desk by my arm as I typed, making his way for my keyboard. I scared him with my quick pull away of my arm and as I just wrote that he was running down my tapestry in front of me. 😉

You might enjoy Lee’s Energy Update for May to kick off this month and help you to hone in on the intentions you’d like to focus on more and even ask nature, the elementals and faeries to assist with.

Lee talks about both a continued acceleration and grounded peace and heart energy that are dancing together right now. He speaks to a new wave of people awakening to greater awareness than they have before in different ways and will be more ready for conversations they weren’t open to in the past.

Heartfelt conversations are more possible with the willingness to allow your heart to find different ways to engage others.

He also talks about “happiness as peace” which speaks to finding more ways to bring through your joy into life as a means of creating peacefulness. Any little thing that brings that to you is valuable even if something small like sitting outside listening to the birds, cleaning, shutting off electronics for a bit, reading a book, taking a walk, doodling or painting, laying down to day dream….bringing forth more stillness and self-care creates peace, grounding, and greater fulfillment.

Fertilizing Your Dreams This 5/5 – Happy Bealtaine & Bimini

dream tree of lifeToday is May Day or Bealtaine – the Gaelic May Day festival, usually seen as a Pagan fertility festival for encouraging growth and celebrating the fertile lands, crops and animals to thrive in abundance, as well as a time to celebrate bringing fertility to hopes and dreams. So while you may or may not be Pagan, it seems like a perfect way to fertilize the dreams you have through actions that bring you closer to your goals.

Bealtaine is halfway between the two Quarter Sun Celebrations, Spring Equinox (Ostara) and Summer Solstice (Litha), and exactly opposite November 1 (Samhain). This year the actual Cross Quarter between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice is on May 5th (5/5), but Bealtaine is always traditionally celebrated on May 1st.

I wasn’t aware that 5/5 was the actual Cross-Quarter day, until this morning when Laura Bruno posted her lovely Bealtaine wishes with a beautiful video to immerse yourself in the freshness of the Earth, from one of my favorite sacred places visited – Ireland. However, if you remember me posting about the extension to the Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat until 5/5, then you’ll come to see some of the synchronous connections I was picking up on.

The post subtitle was: Opportunity to Create the Dream. And in the post I shared about being guided to provide more time for people to move through things holding them back from their dreams, feeling that many are feeling challenged with fears, blocks, unclarity, and frustration right now, and talked about taking steps to address this. This synchronously goes along with the “fertilization of dreams through actions to bring yourself closer to your goals.” Coincidence?

I also mentioned that it was interesting this date had come up to extend the discount time until, as it also was a special day for me in other ways too, including the synchronicity that I would be teaching a Reiki 3 Master Teacher class for 4 of the beautiful friends that had gone through Reiki 1 and 2 training with me on the Winter Solstice 12/21/12 Bimini Retreat, as well as happens to be my Russian Tortoise’s 10th birthday, and is the 5 year anniversary of my receiving my beloved Nestor’s ashes home with me.

A lot of celebration, honoring, and powerful transformational experiences and opportunities all culminating on this Cross-Quarter day.

I love to see how things I’m guided to do, unfold in “serendipitous” flow.

So, if you are one of the people that has this dream to go to Bimini, swim with your wild dolphin brothers and sisters, visit one of the most powerful sacred spots – the Atlantis Vortex, and experience the potentialities available on such a life-enhancing journey, then perhaps this is your time to “fertilize” your dream into being.

The season in Bimini at The ARC has already kicked off with great energy – the Atlantis Vortex is open and this week’s first group of the season had amazing and powerful experiences there, as well as shared several magical dolphin swims. I can’t wait!

As mentioned, the extension on the up to $200 off special for this retreat is now good until Sunday 5/5/13.

So, if you register on or before Sunday 5/5/13 you will receive $100 off your retreat package price.

If you bring a friend or loved one with you, you’ll each receive $100 off your retreat package price (whether you register before 5/5/13 or not).


If you register by 5/5/13 AND bring a guest along, you’ll each receive $200 off your retreat package price!

A deposit holds your space at the discounted price. 

Saying yes to the journey is how things happen. I’ve experienced it myself and I’ve seen others experience it too. Everything is possible and where there is a will, you’ll create the way.

See link for details about the trip: Summer Solstice Bimini Retreat and contact me at with questions and to register.

Happy Bealtaine!

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