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Last Chance To Join Us in Bimini Plus This Months’ Moon and Grand Trine Energies Supporting the Journey

dolphin arc

Dolphin in Bimini from a recent trip

This is it! We’re now officially 8 days away from our magical Summer Solstice Rhythm of Renewal Bimini Retreat and actually just one week away until the group will be in air on our way to Florida to be there for the morning flight on the 16th to our island home for the week.

I am SO excited to be getting back. It’s kind of snuck up on me actually. I’ve been feeling the waters, dolphins, and energies calling me and also cannot wait to be reunited with my soul sister, Jenny, and soul brothers, Philip and Brian, at the ARC and the new family that will be joining us. It’s going to be such a lovely week and so much of it is being divinely guided by heart, so that the week’s focuses are creating itself by the energy of the people coming.

A few of you have been on the fence and waiting to make decisions. Unfortunately, this is now the time to finalize things, as we are putting in the final menu ideas for the week (very excited about our really “light” simple wholeness we are focusing on for the food to accompany this week, the energies, and the group’s needs) and placing the food order Monday morning for all the goodness to bring in to the island. I also have to put in my last charter reservations by then as well.

So Sunday is the last day to confirm any last minute registering. If you have any questions, specific needs, or would like assistance to make things happen, message me this weekend so we can make sure you don’t miss the plane.

Another cool aspect to add to this week’s energy, besides the Summer Solstice on the 21st we will be celebrating, is the fact that we are in the energy leading up to what astrologers call a super supermoon! I only became aware of this about a week ago. I always love surprises. 🙂


Portion of my painting, Once in a Blue Moon. You can see the full painting and order prints or original here:

There are three full moons in 2013 that fit the definition of a supermoon – one in May, June, and July. However, it is the June 22-23 full moon that is the most “super” of them. Super-duper even! LOL. June 23rd’s full moon is at 6:32 am CDT in the U.S., so for many the moon appears about equally full in the June 22nd sky, as it will on the 23rd.

We will be in Bimini June 16th – June 22nd. 😉 The 21st being the Solstice.

The crest of this full moon is both the closest and largest of the year and will take place within an hour of the time of perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth. This will not happen again until August 2014. So this supermoon (by astrologer’s definition) is also called a “perigee full moon” (by astronomers) and will be Earth’s closest encounter this year with the moon June 22-23. Therefore the moon will look larger than ever and will of course effect nature’s rhythms, tides, and the energetic frequencies we are feeling.

Wonder how this large moon is going to look in Bimini over the water?! And I love that we’ll be building up to so much amazingly supportive and potent energy again this week.

I also read that this month’s full moon is called the Full Strawberry Moon ( I love strawberries 🙂 ) by the Algonquin tribes who saw it as a time to gather ripening strawberries. It is also known as the Rose Moon and the Hot Moon.

It will also be a Capricorn Full Moon (get ready for tearing down and building new structures, crystallizing things into form, taking action, coming to terms with things, understanding the depth of emotions to move on, providing insights on how to ground, organize, and materialize things, accepting personal responsibility, dipping into your strength well to realize achieving inner peace is possible and necessary to your process, uncovering fears…all to help bring to culmination things on a personal level).

June also has a Grand Water Trine of the signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces flowing around. All about emotional sensitivity, creative flow, action born of faith, innate authenticity that has been hidden now revealed, reflection, intuition, deeper levels of awareness and alignment with your truth, connecting with things greater than ourselves, listening to divine guidance, lifting of veils and bringing visions and inspiration down to earth in practical ways that we can manifest the dreams now – simply put – tapping into the magick is ever-more accessible.

It’s no wonder people are feeling it lately! This is some powerful stuff we continue to move through this year, but so potently full of potential if you can harness the energy to your benefit! Wow! I’m ready to swim the seas, are you?

Sending you all peace and love to your hearts as you continue the journey of life this month into greater depths and intimacy with you and all of creation.

If you have questions or would like to register, don’t forget to do so today or tomorrow! You can email at to assist.




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