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Monday Musings – The Writer’s Corner: At Home With Beatrix Potter

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Today’s musings take us back to Beatrix Potter and her journey ignited with Peter Rabbit. Now and then I will share a few of my favorite authors and artists, as well as books and works that have been inspirational muses for me.

beatrix potter2

A few months ago I finished reading a very interesting book that immediately became a favorite titled, At Home With Beatrix Potter: The Creator of Peter Rabbit, and it was a fascinating story that took you inside her life through extracts of her letters and diaries, as well as revealed the intimate relationship between her work and the land and homes she acquired, as a result of her success. The most famous being her Hill Top home.

It journeys through her transition from writer and artist to environmentalist of the Lake District in England who transformed the interiors and exteriors with an eye for antiques and natural beauty – she was a botanist too.

You’ll get inside peaks at the intimate spaces she created, lived, and worked in, as well as looks at the gorgeous gardens and grounds she cultivated. I only took photos of a few images in the book to share, but left a lot for you to discover.

She was ahead of her time, demonstrated here with one of her rabbit companions whom she walked on a leash – turning many an eye then.

beatrix potter3

This is her with Benjamin Bouncer who accompanied her and family on holiday in Scotland. She also had Peter Piper who accompanied her everywhere.

I found myself swept away in her whimsical world and saw so many heart-warming intersections to my own life, processes, and journey that made me smile.

beatrix potter4.jpg

Most recently I’ve made some connections to why certain things are happening in my life and even point to the changes I’ve made and styles I find myself melting into with ease – all finally making me feel most at home in embodiment and at peace with my expression.

If you love Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit, and her work as much as I do I think you’ll find this book a wonderful and interesting bedside read. The book made me want to go back and start reading all of her children’s books again and get lost in the faery tales.

She is a woman of my heart the way she also creates life as art. It’s fascinating to see how the illustrations of her books mirrored the inside chambers of her beautifully decorated and charming homes.

beatrix potter5

I think you’ll also discover a side to her that you didn’t know. She was quite the character, had very strong opinions, and was both a very smart business woman and faery tale dreamer enraptured with the natural world around her and a desire to create beauty and preserve the old ways.

I happen to have faery tales woven throughout my office space. Each corner and shelf has its own theme. And part of the enchantment includes some Peter Rabbit fun alongside figurines of Blackberry from Watership Down – another favorite book for another time – and a bunch of children’s books.

Peter Rabbit Pop up

I also happen to have several articles of clothing that are Peter Rabbit themed, as you can see in this collage that includes a magickal Peter Rabbit muse who moves around my office as needed.

peter rabbit stuff.jpg

And most recently acquired a vintage looking Victorian Peter Rabbit coat dress. I’ll save it for another time.

Thank you for journeying with me into the world of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit for a moment. It’s a wonderful thing to find those inspirations that light your heart, especially as writers and artists. Connecting with what moves you and threading it into every part of your life brings the worlds you create in your minds alive.

Who are some of your favorite authors that inspire you? Are there any other Beatrix Potter fans out there?


A little heads up that I just finished updating this web and blog site over the weekend so the pages that were “coming soon” have arrived. 🙂 In them you’ll find some of my inspirations, passions, projects, resources, and even a bunch of fun facts in answer to many repeated questions over the years and some recent new ones. I hope you enjoy having a peek into my world and along the way I will look forward to continuing to get to know each of you more too, so please don’t be shy to share a comment or drop me a note.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Rabbit

And boy do I know the reality of that statement!

Having now had the honor of experiencing three magickal rabbits grace my life (well, four including little Twinkie who was only with me for a Summer when I was 12), I have seen first hand how these amazing beings can touch and change your life.

Not to mention have helped me to do all the things I do with greater power behind it, as together is more powerful than alone.

It’s almost not believable, the way my rabbits communicate with me and the things I’ve seen with my own eyes that were incredible. Nestor was a master Magician and was able to move objects and also relocate herself in her rabbit form.

Everything hugely magickal, including the major shifts into more of my essence and path in life, ALL took place when she arrived and has continued with Joy and Cosmo too. Each of them have infused a different kind of energy into my life and assisted me in opening aspects and depths of myself only they could help reach.

I’m not forgetting you Gaia – you incredible powerhouse! But we know how tortoises and rabbits are connected. 😉

If you remember, while I was in Iceland this past Winter for my birthday, I had a very synchronous and powerful connection happen while watching the Northern Lights.

Actually the lights appeared after I connected in with Nestor to assist in making it possible to see them, which happened directly after. And following that I got back on the bus to return to my apartment and a young woman sitting ahead of me who I didn’t notice before, just so happened to be wearing a sweatshirt that said,

“Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman With a Rabbit”

Needless to say, I now also own and wear my own sweatshirt like this, which I wore nearly every day while writing during my sabbatical.power of a rabbit

Somehow, and I can’t remember how, I then got led to this old blog post from 2012 by writer Kimberly A. Cook, at very opportune timing and it unraveled some very cool synchronicities and messages for me. You can imagine my eyes widening just at the title:

Never Underestimate the Power of a Rabbit

And widening more because she linked this statement, which when you read the short little post goes with the statement on my sweatshirt, but I had also recently had synchronous run-ins with Peter Rabbit myself.

Not only had I recently, while on sabbatical, purchased an inexpensive vintage – early 1960’s dress (my now fav) made with 1950’s material that is similar to bark cloth but probably calico cotton (as you see me wearing here), but I had also visited the Sherman Library and Gardens just less than five minutes from where we’re living right now.peter rabbit2

Why was that significant?

Well, they just so happened to have a display of original Peter Rabbit items from Beatrix Potter in the Library – actually a whole room of things!

I had never actually seen the 2006 movie, “Miss Potter,” but all of this synchronicity had me watching it during my time off. Again, lots of parallels in there on symbolic levels and stuff that had come through for me recently. (Loved this movie, btw – much fun and inspires the dreamer within)

Then to find Kimberly’s blog.

And, most recently I received a very cool holiday gift package in the mail from my Faery sis, Laura of some magickal things, but what do you know?

It included this amazingly awesome, awesome and enchanted protector statue of Peter Rabbit!20151208_101844_resized_120151208_101905_resized_1

He can either go in the house or in the garden (as he comes with a screw-in metal stake that helps his little buns become securely grounded in ground or pot! Will be great for where ever we’re stationed, to enchant a bubble around our tiny house on wheels, which so happens to be home to two bunnies and also watched out for by Nestor from the other realms.

I love what Laura said to me, “Every home needs a gnome, but the Magick Bus needs a rabbit!”20151208_084834_resized_1

And so it is that Peter Rabbit seems to be a prominent presence in my life.

It also just so happens that Joy just recently attuned Cosmo to Reiki Master Teacher and the three of them (Joy, Cosmo, and Nestor all worked together in helping another dog in need).  So I now have three magick bunny Reiki Master Teachers aiding mom.

I guess I need to change my sweatshirt to read,

“Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman With Three Magick Rabbits”

There’s a lot of bunny magick going around, helping mom with her projects and the things I’ve been working on manifesting.

I can’t tell you the difference it makes when we are working together and how literally Joy and Cosmo will tune in and come near me when I’m working on the things dearest to my heart.

They’ve been amazing at helping to channel my book as well and truly get excited to be a part of the process, which I always make sure to invite them into and prepare them to know I’ll be working on things soon, so get ready for fun time!

I merely allow what wants through and they are assisting the message.

I’ll share more about my projects and a potential long-term idea that has come into my field during my sabbatical, as they come together more.

For now, I’m enjoying having something that is just “my baby,” as I share so much of my life publicly, and incubating it all with these magickal beings.

But what I can say is that Kimberly is right.

Indeed a little rabbit CAN change the world!

Well, at least that’s so in my world x 3!

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