Collective Pause to Create Alignment ~ Frequency Holders Building Momentum for the New


I was just communicating with a dear and we were sharing about recent non-motivated feelings to which I intuited as a necessary collective pause for some of us to create greater alignment. In fact, he was the inspiration for this blog post and its title. Remember that there is much at work in the undercurrents, including planetary retrogrades that support this “hold please” for effective use of energy. Not to mention, there are our individual undercurrents running the marathon alongside the collective ones. So, it really is a great opportunity to use momentum in those inner realms so that you will later propel forward with greater ease in the outer world.

In reality that means you aren’t actually doing nothing, it’s just that the brain and ego assign progress to tangible and visible things.

You’re actually doing a huge amount of stuff if you are in fact exploring core patterning that has run its course and you and the world have had enough with. These things will appear in subtle ways at first until the possible new shifts anchor in an alternate course.

In any event, it’s okay if you aren’t seeing a ton of results right now even though we’re in full Summer blossom season. The inner world is going through a new growth pattern mirroring nature, so that life on all levels will be more fertile.

You may in fact be overlooking some rich and wonderful things happening, nonetheless, because you’re more focused on the progress of projects, intents, and goals you were working on before or that you are receiving inspiration on wanting to engage in next.

I bet you have a lot of changes taking place, despite them not being the ones you thought or wanted to see.

In order for things to have long term effect, creating strong foundations will be a spring board to greater success and that comes with strengthening and embodying your personal frequency.

It feels as though many of us simply don’t want to do it the same old way anymore, nor do we just want temporary relief or satisfaction. We’re looking for something more that can grab hold of shifting the frequency on the whole playing field.

Today on social media I was guided to share about this “home frequency” energy and it seemed to resonate deeply for many. It spoke to being in that harmony of your home frequency and how vital this is more than ever now.

This is what I shared:

In times like these we need those of you who are the frequency holders to keep strong within that personal embodiment of pure energy you are here to emanate, regardless of what is going on all around, and yet transmuting it as you walk through it.

I feel purpose is about the presence you bring to anything you do, and for some within the collective that is simply, but importantly, about being present with your frequency and song that you sing, above all else, and carrying this through anything you choose to be engaged in along your path.

For these people, life is about doing everything as a sacred and seamless act – there is no separation as to what defines sacredness.

These souls are helping to anchor the new and may not live life out loud in the sense of being famous, but quietly do their most important work from behind-the-scenes and remain somewhat just under the radar.

Much is tearing apart at the seams and being tugged to extremes right now, which all has its purpose and will create a mirroring reality of individual choosing.

These frequency holders will embody new realities within the creatively unlimited potentialities of a middle way.

Stay strong. Your energy is much needed and your courage is much honored.

I’ve shared before how I’ve been very focused on the inner realms for a while now, abandoning a lot of what I was doing in order to create greater embodied resonance to how I proceed next.

This I knew could very well result in returning to the projects I had begun, but before progressing further, there has been a much needed inner world shift on deeper levels so that however I moved forward would then be strongly rooted.

During this time I’ve had many inspirations circulating through and I’ve allowed them to do so, simply riding their currents out in the energetic realm alone. In this way, feeling for the resonance and aligning with timing.

I discovered quite a few ideas that really inspired me by allowing myself to explore them in my imagination.

Some of what I found was that, as often is the case for me, they were future potentials and like my boundless enthusiasm always does, it feels like I can go there now.

Yet, when I feel out the energies collectively and my place in them, they in fact are ahead of current alignment.

So, I focus on grounding and of course lots of time hiking and being in nature helps me with this process of being here and now, especially when I’m climbing in elevation and can only take a determined step at a time to get to the destination at hand.

It can seem like things slow down so much from the easier downhills or even more flat terrains. At times times it can also feel like you’re temporarily falling backwards or have to readjust your center of gravity when the terrain gets so steep and the steps forward more challenging.

This helps to redirect, slow down, and rewind back to the process and individual steps of momentum that will move me forward and eventually to the visions I foresee. Sometimes you have to be open to what might seem like a detour where you’re trailblazing, but in fact is a rerouting onto an even better trail than you were hiking before.

Currently this has created “now” clarity and what was most important for me to focus on first. It has also let me see how much energy and time I have available and what interwoven parts would be the best compliments for both personal and collective alignment.

And this has led me to open sessions again, alongside working on my book.

I stepped back to focus on anchoring the new energy in my own life, which gave me the opportunity to build the foundations for my writing and to redefine the scope of my work – knowing my strengths and how best to harness them for the highest good.

While I’m still not returning to most of the other work I’ve done in the past, because of both the changes in my own personal path and their intersecting with what I am seeing reflected in collective challenges, I’ve honed in on these two meeting in alignment.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of reflections for this in the encounters and conversations with others and experiences I’ve been having recently at gatherings I don’t normally go to.

This, along with internal messaging, has guided me that I needed to open up this channel, even if just energetically and not necessarily long term.

So, with that, you’ll be able to check out the session options at the new Intuitive Energy Guide link on this web/blog.

I’m not sure how long it will be up and available, but “navigating the inner landscapes,” as I call this, to empower more frequency holders feels important right now.

These are different than what I’ve offered in the past, as now you can do these as one-time sessions or as needed, rather than the five week program I used to offer.

I am also focusing on my specialty and strengths to get to the root and help build new foundations with clarity from past hindrances, which includes what I feel to be the essential inner child work and patterning.

You can read more here:

Navigating the Inner Landscapes 

Wishing everyone a clarifying week, as we all keep moving forward together.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  2. Interesting perspective Tania. Maybe I’ll adopt the idea of holding a sacred space in all I do and be as my purpose and focus since nothing else has captured my fancy. 🙂

  3. Tania…So much of this resonates with me… it’s like you’re holding up a mirror in front of my soul! I notice this happens quite often- you will post reflections and insights that are exactly about the energy and feelings/processes I’m experiencing and moving through- a lot of times it is just what I need to keep moving forward, and always it’s a sweet reassurance and validation of the inner work and growth/expansion I’m going through! That said… I just need you to know Tania, how powerful and potent the timing of your offering these sessions are! Talk about perfect divine alignment…. it’s absolutely incredible Tania!! This week I felt deeply moved to seek for someone who could assist/support me in the major life shifts (etc;etc; there’s a lot happenin’!!) I am moving through…. and K-POW!! Here you are! 🙏🏻 There is no doubt that Divine Source has opened this opportunity for me…. it’s like a dream come true!! xx

    • hello desiree ❤ thank you so much for sharing your feelings and how you experience what i post. it's so wonderful that we have channels like this for connection and reflection. thank you also for explaining how my offering showed up in divine alignment for what you are going through. i am grateful you feel that kind of resonance and would be honored if it unfolds for me to walk your path with you in deeper ways ❤ big hugs

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