Hitting the Reset Button

Woo! The last 10 days have been quite the journey. As mentioned, I’ve been on a fast/cleanse since the first full day Astrid came home and right as Summer kicked in. Today is actually my 10th and final day of the process itself, but I won’t be returning to regular food until Tuesday (coincidentally the 4th of July!), as there’s a 3 day ease-in process to prepare the body and stomach for food again. So it’s really like a 13 day cleanse – or nearly 2 weeks. However, in some ways I feel I’ve been cleansing longer, as being in Austin, Texas for a week in the high heat and humidity, had me sweating out toxins too. And in general, have just felt like an energetic purge has been taking place.

I wrote before that I in fact had no intention of doing any kind of a cleanse, as I’ve really just not felt called to it anymore, having done so many in the past. However, I got the hit that it would be of benefit energetically at this time with all the new things coming, which is the only reason I followed the guidance.

Some people cleanse for health reasons, to lose weight, fast for longevity and spiritual benefits, but I simply did it for a complete energetic reset to shift my frequency and on all levels, remove any old, to start anew.

That said, of course all of the other reasons people do this for would still end up happening during the experience, but they were not my focus, nor goal.

Since it wasn’t my intention to do a cleanse, and literally was spiritual guidance, I wanted something easy in terms of not needing to buy a kit, nor buy a bunch of things and maintain a regime of preparations. I wanted low maintenance and low effort – other than commitment.

So I ended up doing the Master Cleanse (very effective especially for my personal goal), which I’d only done once before, about 6-7 years ago. However, that time I had to stop at 8 days because my hypo-glycemia was kicking in and I don’t play around with that. Always listen to your body!

This time I made it through the 10 days yay! And quite extraordinarily too.

Never do a fast or cleanse without consulting your doctor, if in fact you have other health conditions and are taking medications. I’m not a doctor, nor health expert, I just do things I feel guided to do and know only my own personal experience of them. But we are all different and need different things, precautions, and protocol.

I also don’t personally recommend this particularly cleanse for everyone, as it is really challenging. It takes a commitment, tempered with listening to your body, and will put you to the test for sure.

My experience was this.

The first 4 days were great. I loved the drink, felt good, and was active everyday doing hiking 3 of the days (3-5 miles) and kayaking 1 of the days. All of which was incredible, but I had the energy to do it.

Then the next 3 days became challenging in terms of waking in the morning feeling ultra weak, until I got going and started intaking the liquids I was supposed to, which then got me back on track and feeling fine. I also started thinking about all the food I wanted to eat when it was done and collecting recipes – living vicariously through the imagination. But while I’ve heard of people who fast getting lower back aches and pains, likely due to toxins from the kidneys and organs they’re cleansing, I instead had mild aches right above my knees, which was interesting, but uncomfortable and odd. This would happen at night before bed, making it challenging to find a comfortable position until I finally fell asleep and then it was gone when I woke. I wonder if symbolically this had to do with moving forward in life in a new direction and the increased flexibility needed for the next “leg” of the journey. I also wasn’t able to do the level of outdoor exercise/activities I was, and decreased it to just short walks and beach/swimming time to relax, but still get some good vitamin D and nature. Considering, these were pretty mild challenges since I know people can go through some crazy stuff.

But the last 3 days were back to being great. No more weak mornings, aches went away, and energy rose. I was able to do short 2 mile mild hikes and generally felt energized. I was able to work with prepping the wood for some of the Magick Crystal Wands, which took energy sanding and sealing. I wasn’t thinking about food anymore either, but instead what I also found in these last few days was that my body now was not really interested in intaking anything, yet had lots of energy. I felt more like a breatharian and light being, having a hard time consuming the amounts they say to drink, and so I listened to my body instead.

And here I am now completing the course today, feeling clear, light, and definitely in a different state of mind and being. I had made it over the hump and the detox period and got myself to the other end, or the “light at the end of the tunnel.”

I did in fact lose likely about 10 + pounds (I don’t own a scale, but I can vividly tell by the dramatic change in my body – Dave noticed too), which again was not my goal, but just happens of course if you’re not eating anything and flushing everything out during the process. You do have a special lemonade drink you intake, which is composed of water, maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne, but other than that you are taking a senna tea (which helps bowel movements since you’re not intaking any solid food) at night and a salt water flush in the morning (don’t leave home until that flush out is done or you’ll have accidents!), which is helping to eliminate everything and move out toxins, as well as clean out your colon and digestive system, inducing forced bowel movements.

I will likely gain all or at least some of this back, as I get back into a normal routine again, but the key is to keep on a healthy momentum, otherwise cleanses are a waste of time if you jump back into junk food and unhealthy food, in general, and the benefits will be temporary only. It’s a good opportunity to make those lifestyle and dietary changes you’ve been feeling called to do.

I don’t plan on another cleanse, unless something strikes me like this one to be essential for my evolution. But I did find this one to be perfect in timing with Astrid’s arrival, the onset of Summer, New Moon Supermoon, some things shifting in our lives, and a new path about to happen for me.

Again, I don’t recommend this for everyone and don’t even recommend it to anyone who hasn’t thoroughly been advised or looked into it themselves, as it is NOT a piece of cake. To me it’s like fasting, with the benefits of cleansing. But like with any cleanse or fast, you’ll bring up a lot of stuff on many levels, including emotional, that may be tough to handle. Not to mention, you’ll go through some physical adjustments while those toxins move out! Yet, there is opportunity to refresh and revitalize, as well as take your life to another level and feel more alive, clear, and light.

For me it’s been great, despite the middle challenge I had to go through to get to the other side, which is like anything in life worth having and experiencing.

I would never force myself, if I thought my body couldn’t handle it or was starting to show signs of deterioration and inability to move forward for its own good. I checked in and it was simply about embracing the uncomfortable for a bit because it was just part of the cleanse/detox that if flowed with and not fought, would get me to the side of ease and grace.

It also made me look at things in my life again, in review, which has been powerful, affirming, and grounding, and even my relationship with food, which has both deepened and expanded as well.

Getting to where I am now I know that I don’t “need” food, but I do love and appreciate that part and choice of being human and being able to enjoy the sensuality of life and nature’s goodness. It makes you experience both sides of the coin (our Cosmic and Earthly selves) and integrate them in a balanced way that works perfectly and harmoniously for you.

And as I’ve been telling people a lot recently before this cleanse, it has anchored in the fact that I live for now and bringing forth everything possible that passionately lives in my heart and am not concerned about the future, nor of death. Nor do I strive for longevity. For me it’s about quality of life and as long as I feel I’m doing everything I can right now and living from the joy and peace of my spirit, then that’s more than enough for me.

I feel just so super charged with momentum of what’s in motion and ready for any new things that come my way. I also received some insights for my wands that will challenge my creative abilities. I also had future visions and heart ties that spoke through from the other side of their doorways. And lots of synchronicity and alignments showing up as fuel to my focus.

So overall, the nudge to do this in fact has been reiterated and I’m sure I’ll find out more of the benefits, as the days go on following full completion of this journey.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I truly honor you in your approach to this cleanse. I embrace your perspective and viewpoint where cleansing is concerned for you. Like everything in your life you only do things that enhance your life and journey. If it doesnt do that or things shift in the midst, your wonderful flexibility and internal gps guides you. There is no rigid structuring guiding you. Creates a free flowing and magickal existence. Love you T. Thank you for your share.

    • aw thank you sweet friend! ❀ it's been quite a journey to get to this way of living as the norm, but even all of that which came before helped to shape things that are here now. i know you understand that and are living your own magickal, flowing life guided by your heart. love you too! have a wonderful adventure kindred gypsy soul.

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