Merging & Creating New Realities


Things have been becoming more and more like my inner experience and outer one are merging…the imagination and physical becoming one…my Cosmic essence and Earthly existence integrating…the surreal reality I know of as where I live/experience mostly, manifesting in tangible reflection. And the vivid expression of different versions of reality we each create, showing itself clearly. This is happening now and the magick is palpable and available to us all. What will we choose? seems to be the running question.


This was the view yesterday morning, which as you can see is out of this world and as if I woke up on another planet.

The environment all around us would shift between full white out, as cloud veils fully immersed us at 7500 elevation, making it as if we’re up in the heavens or floating in the Cosmos.

Everything created a new world and reality, mirroring the surface of another planet, New Earth, or perhaps a portal to the beyond.

This continues to reflect in so much around me right now including a couple of new crystal beings that have become part of the family, including this crystal and orgone dragon that mirrors the essence of the view above.


She was birthed in the Netherlands as an Angelic Crystal Protection Dragon created by another Pisces artist I instantly was connected with.

Almost full of selenite, azeztulite, golden rutilated quartz, citrine, amazonite, serpentine, rose quartz, emerald and metal, she holds the perfect frequency for so much in my life right now.



I especially love this photo I captured of her in the snow, as I took her out to absorb the sun and magick of the crystalline essence outside.


So amazing how the environment and light draws forth different qualities, not to mention the varying layers of the crystals’ embodiment. This even completely shifts their coloring to light and dark, mirroring the light and shadow aspects within all.

Especially apparent in the crystal sister my dragon has, as you can see between the photos above and here below.


And speaking of selenite, this golden ray selenite cosmic blossom, which is a replica of what I’d seen in a dream of a crystal coming to me to work with has become inseparable from my dragon (whose name I know she will be revealing to me soon once we have time to deepen into one another).

My other cherished golden ray selenite blossom, as you may remember, had exploded when I made a big life shift and hit the reset button on my life, leaving me with three smaller, equally beautiful, blossoms and some shards I’ll be integrating into a creation, but knew it meant another crystal was on the way. When the dream took place, I knew it was one very similar to this and in fact was.

Although the one in my dream was a larger crystal, I believe it foreshadowed the “largeness” of her energy, rather than literally a large crystal. And also about stepping up our own energy into being bigger than we ever have been and no longer shying away from who we really are or the gifts and power we have.

Combined in partnership with my dragon, they are quite the cosmic power duo….Neverending Story, Narnia, the music of Narsilion (all N’s, including Netherlands, the magickal faery place my dragon birthed) all come to mind.

But mostly they remind me of my origins and essence.

How much I feel in my “element” these days and yesterday was clearly a reflection of that and the reality I see and am grateful to be able to share with others to help bring the love, beauty, harmony, and magick to all.

Yes, there are other realities we can choose. This is the one I choose to experience and create.

Where in your own life do you feel like shifts are happening and asking of you to align more with your essence?

How might you take different steps in your life toward creating the reality you desire, rather than focusing energy, fight, or defiant denial against the ones you don’t want?

And how might you love all of these parts of you more so that you can become empowered and experience greater compassion reflected back?

I hope you enjoy a little “peace” of this reality I captured to share. What a glorious day it was from start to end, including our time snow shoeing, as seen here, scaling along the powdered mountain edges at 8500 elevation.

Couldn’t have concluded more cosmically than with a shooting star last night.

And of course I made some more intentions of the reality I want to continue to create.

Presence within your center and embracing softer versions of your responses and gaze upon life can shift you into new realities of your choosing.


About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. So gorgeous! I love seeing the extra photos in different lighting. Reality feels eerily fluid here. I had just finished doing four Reiki Healing Attunements before seeing your post and was noticing just how much energy moved with each one. Like massive amounts and then a strong sense of the door closing and no going back. It was really cool.

    As much of the country gets pulled left and right, it’s so lovely to surf and ride the waves as we create the New of our dreams and more. Love you, magical one!

    • yes, very fun to see the fluid shifts in energy within each moment, yet still part of the same wholeness. very cool about experiencing the shifts instantly with the r.h.a.’s. must have been some good ones! they ARE powerful! that’s very true about how there’s that ability amidst it all to ride those currents much differently than being pushed around or struggling in them. i really wish for more and more people to embrace and experience this. love you too elven one! 😉

  2. Wow! As a relatively amateur orgonite maker, myself (only 2 years in), this one gave me the characteristic wave of coolness I associate with a strong piece. It can happen even when viewing it remotely. It’s not unlike getting chills, except this doesn’t give me goosebumps, just feels cool in my upper body the way a cucumber does on a hot day. I’m really curious what resin was used to cast the metal and stones. Do you happen to know? If the maker is in Europe, then the materials are likely different than I would find in the US. Too cold here to make any right now, anyhow. 😦

    • oh cool! i didn’t know you made orgonite too. awesome! thank you for sharing your feelings and impressions of this special dragon (she hasn’t revealed her name yet). yes, i agree!! one can receive so much remotely from a strong energy field that just emanates regardless of being on a flat screen. i love how you described the cool cucumber feeling…made me giggle too 🙂 i am not sure what resin she uses, but yes, she is in the netherlands, so like you said, it could be different materials. look forward to seeing your creations!!

      • Yes, T, he made the really cool orgonite pucks I have with the flowers in them that you saw when you visited. They are black eyed Susan’s. I also have three more pyramid shaped ones from him. Super cool all around. Orgonite makes a huge difference!

      • ohhhhh! super awesome all around! i remember seeing/mentioning but don’t remember what they look like anymore. magick connections for everyone ❤ my dragon has taken the place raja seraphina used to have right by my bed/head lol for dreamtime right now, but being lighter and smaller she'll likely move around a lot. raja is in the sunlight and center of area where i work so she can take in the lake energies and also do our last work/prep before moving on

  3. What a magnificent being this dragon is! I felt the wave of coolness that Kieron mentioned very strongly in my third eye…kind of like being on the receiving end of a fire hose for me, though. Not much gentle about it, but very, very forceful, although not in a harmful way. Just…emphatic. I am totally in love with all the photos and so grateful to you for sharing them. What a magical place ❤

    • thank you linette…i sure love her. fell in love right away when i saw her and loved the synchronicity of so much tied in with things in my life and current channels of energy coming through. very interesting you felt the similar to what kieron did, but with a pow. yes, in many ways she is similar to raja seraphina, my skull and yet different. i’m excited to know her name…she’s not ready yet to reveal. i did put my third eye to hers for a while and when i stopped and went to sit and work it was like everything was crystallized and brighter. almost like surreal stainglass effect a bit. anyway, love sharing energies with others, as it’s not to hoard for ourselves i believe. i’m glad you have enjoyed the magickal little journey with the environment here too…it’s really a special place ❤ you're most welcome and thank you too!

  4. I’d be happy to send you a photo of a set of four that I made recently. I began to feel uneasy about using live flowers in them, like the Black-eyed Susans, so I decided to make flowers out of stone arrangements instead and it feels much better to me overall.

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