Last Night’s Moon

Last night’s Full Supermoon in Gemini felt super potent…potent enough it woke me several times and I experienced Root Chakra integrative activations that kept me up for a bit with that shifting occurring at my tailbone. I worked with my black Tourmaline – an excellent partner for this and one of the power stones to support this Chakra – which did its magick. And although I was awake in intervals last night, I still woke up earlier than usual at 5:30 am feeling fully rested and amped up to go.

I watched the Moon for a bit during the night, as the whole room was illuminated by Her light since we have windows all around that we keep open since we are so high up.


She appeared both clear in the sky and then surrounded by clouds making Her appear like a blossoming eye peering through the veils.


Since I was up I decided to step out for a moment in the very chilly night air and at one time my camera capturing the Moon appearing to layer Herself with a smaller Moon in the background and larger in the foreground shooting off beams as if She was flying toward me on wings of light. Gemini twin energy in action?


As mentioned, I was wide awake very early at 5:30 am, feeling totally energized and the Moon remained present until 7:30 am just out front of our deck.


I find it interesting synchronicity that I’d been focused on the Moon energy and originations the last two days with my writing, which spread itself out in intervals all on its own and that portion completing on the day of the Full Moon.

I don’t plan these things, but sure do enjoy observing and then connecting the dots of how divine guidance plays out when we flow with what inspiration moves through us.

Needless to say, it felt like a lot of things shifted last night and I’m wondering if others felt it too?


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  1. The Full Moon here was amazing this morning! I opened the curtains, and it was perfectly situated behind the snow covered, otherwise bare branches, with a Blue Spruce to the right. It looked so much like that Full Moon/Owl painting in the room where you stayed. Truly mesmerizing. I called David in, but the Moon sank into a deep grey cloud before he could see it. Honestly, it was one of the most amazing visions I’ve seen anywhere. All greys and whites with just a hint of blue and green.

  2. On Wed, Dec 14, 2016 at 07:59 Tania Marie’s Blog wrote:

    Tania Marie’s Blog posted: “Last night’s Full Supermoon in Gemini felt super potent…potent enough it woke me several times and I experienced Root Chakra integrative activations that kept me up for a bit with that shifting occurring at my tailbone. I worked with my black Tourmaline”

  3. My sensitivity to moon energy is still so new, that I experienced it as much rougher. Insomnia, for sure (which is so far outside my normal experience as to be practically unheard of, except in the last 3 months or so), extreme expansion in the third eye and crown chakras (headachy and tremendous pressure), and also expansion in the throat chakra (first time practicing scream therapy this morning…not sure that is even a thing, but it sure felt good). It left me really off kilter and feeling depressed, even. Lots of remnants of old, negative energy bubbling up, I assume, to be released. I did ask for that, to be fair…lol. I did feel Her lovely energy, though, and She comforted me, as usual. I just have a lot of rough edges to smooth out, apparently. Thank you for the photos, Tania! They are gorgeous ❤

    • thank you so much for sharing how you experienced this full moon energy and its triggering/releasing effects on big shifts you are experiencing. hugely potent for you too! scream therapy sounds like a thing to me! 😉 i believe that sound and moving it through our voice can be a game changer. although a bit like a whammy with it all, it does indeed sound like you’ve powerfully manifested your desires to move through it and get ‘er done! and the moon nurtured the process at the same time. sounds like you’re doing beautifully and your courage is moving mountains for you with all the work you are processing and integrating. lots of love to you. happy you enjoyed the energy of the photos. ❤

      • I so appreciate the invitation to share! Your perspective shifted my own from “hot mess” to “master manifester” lol

      • you’re welcome. i always love to hear other’s perspectives and experiences because it’s very telling for us all and how things are evolving collectively. haha!! i love that!! aww, i’m glad it helped 😉 ❤

  4. It was quite bright here, too, both at rise and at set. With everything that’s going on, I’m going to bed quite early and rising around 4:30, so the setting Moon lights up my western windows these last 2 early mornings. I was going to say: despite it occurring in my first house Gemini, I didn’t notice any overt illuminations of my House of Self, but then I remembered I unwittingly scheduled a professional chart reading for the evening of Dec 12, the day before fullness. I’d say that qualifies as illuminating! Despite being very familiar with my own chart, I learned a lot about myself and absolutely met the right astrologer for what I need these days. 🙂

    • interesting about your changing schedule with the energies abound. i would definitely say things have been different with my own as well. very cool that you had your reading on the 12/12 portal in the rise to fullness of the moon…i’d say that was definitely illuminating and likely connected a lot of dots for you and where your path may be leading. so cool you synched up with the perfect astrologer. not surprised 😉

  5. Beautiful….I did my own reading on my Mayan cards that are out of print now…I work with a shadow card first deliberately as this gives me an idea of what I need to work on…the reading was so revealing and I think it has to do with the moon energy as well! I have seen what looked like a second moon you think that such a thing exist now in our changing of the frequencies and ascension?

    • sounds potent too! i have a deep connection and resonance with mayan energy and the mayan moon goddess ix chel. wonderful that you too had a revealing reading. i do believe that a second moon and much more indeed could exist…definitely more than one reality taking place so it makes sense to me.

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